Bing now has over 100 cities with Streetside imagery and 3D maps


Bing has just updated their Streetside and 3D city database. You'll now find over 100 new cities with new Streetside images and 3D map support.

Fire up either the Bing Maps app or the Bing Maps Preview app on Windows 8.1 to see the new Streetside imagery. Over 100 cities now offer close-up views so you'll never be lost when travelling.

Inside the Windows 8.1 Bing Maps Preview app, you'll now find over 125 highly detailed 3D cities. You can use the app on a device like your Surface Pro 3 to explore destinations like The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida or the Las Vegas Strip.

For the globe, you can also now look forward to refreshed aerial imagery. Over 150 countries now offer new high-resolution imagery that came from either a drone or satellite.

Hit up the Bing blog below for a full list of all the cities that have new 3D and Streetside support.

Source: Bing Via: WinBeta


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Bing now has over 100 cities with Streetside imagery and 3D maps


I'm using Bing purely because i despise google, but truthfully, in South Africa, google is the better search engine. BUT i have heard that Bing U.S. is light-years ahead of the international version

It is, which I why, from my perspective, I'm not sure suffering on search results quality just for the sake of spiting Google is worth it. It's up to you, of course, but I still personally want quality search results.

In the US, I get that of course, so I can happily spend my days Google free (aside from YouTube), but if I were to travel or live elsewhere, after hearing what Bing's quality is outside the US, if it doesn't live up to my standards, then I'd probably switch.

Hopefully Microsoft improves this with time, so people fleeing from Google have high-quality refuge! :)

I won't say that I'm suffering. But what you say is true.i know the type of results that i will be getting with both search engines so what I've done is set Bing as my homepage and set the URL bar to google search. I did that because of i want translations or conversions google gives me the answer immediately with cards as where Bing only gives me search results (in South Africa). But for normal searches, research and what not, Bing isn't bad at all and that's when i use Bing. So as you said, it's kind of a live hate relationship I've got going on here =)

P.S. Wpc please add the ability for us to insert emoji's into our comments ;)

i live in jamaica and use the us version. it is more consistant across different device as there is always a desktop option, but google man that is inconsistent. it totally suck on wiiu. and the us version gives me the same result for jamaica as google. so i think its time for to flip the switch and make bing their full sercet weapon. 

Bing is better than Google here in China.  The world's biggest market.  That's because China is a Google-free zone.  Don't miss them a bit.

Bing has improved a lot here in Brazil.  It is still not in the same level as the US version, but I use it all time instead of Google and there are rare occasions in which I need to go to Google.

Image search with Bing is much easier than with Google. But Google has the option to send an images  stored on your computer and do search for similar ones. Other then that, there is nothing that I miss.

I also have a general feeling that Bing translator produces better results for long texts. But Google translator has some advantages: it suggests alternative translations, indicates if some word is mistyped and shows lists of synonyms.

Different laws in each country to deal with. Different bandwidth issues to be researched/optimized, server capacity... S usual, on this scale, nothing is simple as it would seem. That said, it's a question of MS dedicating the necessary cash and resources to get it done.

Good points...

They have to invest big time and that's what they are doing.. Look, it's market is very important worldwi(s)de to be big in the US, that's just a fact. Us first. If that doubled in a year or so we are fine...

You., me, wpc, and all the contributers here are part of making WP a succes. Our community grew like crazy the past year or two...

The funny part is that other parts of the world grew bigger and faster but they are getting there slowly...rules of every country aside ... We are getting there

HTC brought a fine phone to the market for example :-)

Don't know where you are from but in the US Bing is full if search options, maybe you did not find them yet?

Hmm, didn't know of this function until now, thanks. It is Enabled in Norway, but renamed, (Bildetreff).

I am also confused why this is such a pain and problem to just enable these functions for all. Atleast, just incorporate the US or even the Norwegian versions for everyone that is not localized.

It might of course be a back-end issue, and that they are still adding servers to the Bing service.

bing international is an F while bing US is a C. Google is an A and an A. Sadly you're looking at the Ballmer/Nadella Manifesto: we don't care about maps.

or 3D. This is MSFT own service on their own hardware on their own phone. How a company can flunk so badly...is beyond me.

I mean, how many does google have ... Because i have to rely on google maps and i hate it... because google has more updated info and i can search more specific here in my country (Honduras) and with Bing is a little more complicated

I would love to agree with you....bit seriously!! Here Maps via the internet browser or the the Windows 8 app is a fairly painful experience. The satellite imagery is also woeful in comparison to Google...
I really want Nokia/Microsoft to provide a high quality alternative - I'm not sure either of them are quite there yet.

It's the same with everything we demand to much to fast we want everything NOW. W8, XBOX ONE, WP8 and the surface fabulets are all fairly new to the market. We all have to admit Microsoft is running on all cylinders, just look at all the updates we are getting for all products. I understand the"rush" but we have to be fair. Microsoft is fighting an uphill battle and as far as I am concerned I am pretty comfortable with all accomplished till now.

Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Microsoft (and their OEMS) are in this for the long run. They have to if they want to survive. All of their products are getting better by the week and Bing is one of them......

Oh sorry i jumped the gun there and assumed we were talking about nav.... As for the pure maps only experience, yeah gmaps might just be ahead. But Bing maps really isn't all that bad as you make it sound. I truly cannot remember the last time i opened my browser to use gmaps because my WP's maps are perfect. And if you use maps as a profession you'll be better off using GARMIN software or something similar anyway. Except for the UI, i don't believe google maps are better for the average user.

I actually just gave Google Maps a try for the first time in a long time on the strength of this discussion.
What is with the stupid update that has the maps go full screen - and which leaves just one search box?! The tiles also takes ages to load...
So I take it all back! Bing Maps takes the win on the desktop, and Here maps does everything I need on my phone.
Good ole Google - reinventing stuff that doesn't need reinventing....and breaking it in the process!

For me Google maps is a painful experience since the interface was updated, especially with slow connections. While Google is still loading the map (before even doing a search) I am browsing the results using Here maps. It is much better and faster, also for finding public transport routes (it works perfect here in Rio de Janeiro). Bing maps uses the Here maps, but I don't know why it does not give me options for public transport routes.

Yeah. The nice thing is they are destroying themselves, so it's even easier to pass over. I two days ago switched all my Gmail to my hotmail account with the outlook importer. Gmail become so bad and slow. It works right only on chrome.

Only on the internet would an idiot declare Google Maps as "pathetic". It (and others like Here, Bing and Apple) is an astounding service.

I would have agreed with you. Then I fired up Google Maps and saw the terrible new interface. Slow, unintuitive - a huge backwards step.
& yes, for a company of Google's size, a pathetic effort...

while I absolutely dislike google maps, their data is far superior because they seem to care. Something I can't say about bing maps. Bing maps is all about gimmics while google maps is all about data. I have seen stuff in google maps which baffles me as to how they entered it. bing maps is one giant empty square in most of the world.

Ok, so once universal apps become really real... (like from Xbox to phone to desktop) these Bing maps really has to start getting feature parity on Microsoft platforms.

Seeing as how the Nokia HERE CEO resigned today, I'm willing to bet Windows threshold will be including Bing Maps.

However, I could be mistaken. Satya Nadella has continued to stress partnerships for several facets of technology, so perhaps Bing maps might get spun off or axed in favor of an exclusive partnership with Nokia. Wishful thinking but doubtful though. MS has been in mapping since the 90s with Streets and Trips.

I expect Bing Maps to take center stage in Threshold...

I wish Bing Maps would make their lines for the roads & railroads more transparent on the satellite view so you could actually see the image when zoomed in. I mean..... How can I tell if that's my car or not?

I use Bing maps almost exclusively except when I need a street side view.  Bing is very lacking in that respect.  I would rather have full street side coverage than 3D coverage.

Yeah what you are looking for is Birds Eyeview. That is what Microsoft calls their "street side view" but no info when it will come to Maps app in Windows Phone :|

If you wanna test it out, go to bing maps on your browser and check it out I've only seen it get really low to the street here in Miami, FL

I use Google (search and map) when I need to find something very important (it gives more results) but for the rest I have changed default search engine to Bing on PC and phone

My problem is Lumia defaults to using Here maps and they are all but non existent here in Japan. Microsoft needs to allow us full choices of which mapping service, as it is disheartening to see the thumbnail nice representation in Cortana, Bing, only to click it and get the Lego version, Here.

Bing needs to support more international locations. In my city map traffic information practically non existent. Have to rely on google map.

agreed. They need to crowdsource it. MSFT and apple have both larger revenues and profits than google but it is google you see collecting as much data from both crowrsourcing and 3rd and first party mapping efforts. MSFT/Apple just don't seem to realize location services are key to the augmented reality and wereable tech future. Google investing on the data is a wise decision because without it, devices are nothing more than paper weights, and that is what windows phone with bing maps is: a big fat paperweight.

You need to respond to Navteq Reporter. Navteq is the source of the maps on Bing and many others. Navteq is still a Nokia company and has a history of crowd sourcing and buying crowd sourcing companies such as traffic.com. I don't know why this isn't common knowledge and why Bing doesn't point us to Navteq Reporter. Just like the "oogle" doesn't point us toward TomTom, the provider of their maps (not satellite or photo imagery or poi data, or ...).

I've been using bing maps for a while now and have only had one problem. It said there was a KFC but it wasn't there anymore because it closed down. Besides that, Bing maps has been rocking it for me for the past couple years... and I love that I can download the full maps on my phone all at once. I've tried to Google maps just because and I just end back up with Bing. I will have to say that Google Earth is pretty cool, but doesn't really serve much of a purpose for me personally.

Can we put an end to street view for non tourist places??? I don't want people looking into my backyard. Seriously.

Do not worry, the mapping cars don't go around at midnight on stormy days, when you usually bury the corpses of your victims :-P

Seriously, they see nothing else than anybody going around your street would see. I think traditional satelite mapping  is far more invasive, as it allows to see things that maybe could not be seen normally from the street. In some places the government uses satelital images to find illegal swimming pools, for example :-D

When is street side going to be on windows phone?

For me, mapping is the biggest thing that is lacking on wp compared to android at the moment. Mostly the lack of poi's such as shops, restaurants etc. I mostly have to use gmaps to find what I'm looking for.

When will support for Streetside come to Windows Phone app? Even third party knock offs of Google Maps support Street view.

I recently visited Oslo and... Maps as well as Nokia maps simply would not plan a walking route to the hotel that was right in the middle of the city.

Come on... It's OSLO!

Can confirm a Bing maps outfitted Toyota Rav4 in silver driving through neighborhoods recently.  Was surprised to see it! 



That's awesome and all but I'd really be impressed if Bing maps would update and actually include the subdivision I live in that has been in existance since 2008. I've sent numerous requests to bing Maps support to bring this ommision to their attention, with no results or feedback. Unfortunately, Google still surpasses Bing in keeping their maps current.

Navteq has a website called Navteq Reporter to report improvements. They are the map data provider for Bing and many others. The "oogle" uses maps from Tom Tom. Map data is different from satellite or image data.

this is cute and all but who gives a rat about 3D maps in crowded cities when for most of america and the world bing is nothing but an empty square? Just yesterday I was planning a getaway to a national park and bing was missing even huge lakes from the map while google even had the names of trails and rivers that feed those lakes. Why is Nadella spending so much time and effort on a 3D model of some building nobody really cares about while neglecting basically all the basics. Let's not even talk about cities and urban areas where google has 10X the map density of bing even without the 3D gimmicks. If google has basically mapped everything and now is focusing on streams and lakes when is bing going to catch up to even just roads?

Nadella is rapidly approaching the threshold where his novelty is wearing off and nothing seems to have gotten any better.

So you're seriously going to argue that because he doesn't do most of the work he's not responsible for the direction? lol are you serious? I don't blame the person making these useless 3D buildings. I blame the CEO who is wasting time and money enblaing such practice while not directing resources towards oh wait: ACTUAL MAPPING. what a concept for a maps app wouldn't you say?

Re neonspark,
Microsoft did not purchase Navteq. Navteq is arguably the best source of mapping data in the world and is still owned by Nokia. Bing uses Navteq maps plus other sources too. As you would say, LOL. Bing must need to work on integration of the data? I wish Bing would have a link to Navteq Reporter, to make it easier to improve the maps.

Here's Japan data is a joke. Tokyo is a gray splotch with a couple lines on it. I travel there enough that I considered ditching WP just because Here was so terrible with Japan.

Still no Kansas City for either?  Really???

Considering some of the other cities on there, that is quite surprising.