Boston Microsoft Store Grand Opening set for August 23rd

Microsoft Store Grand Opening in Boston

We first caught wind of a new Microsoft retail store heading to Boston, MA back in May and now we are finding out the Grand Opening is set for August 23, 2012.

Boston's store will be located at the Shops at Prudential Center. More specifically, the store will be located in the center's Boylston Arcade. Not sure if this was by chance or design but Boston's Apple Store is located across within stone's throw on Boylston Street as well.  Which should make for an interesting Grand Opening and healthy competition.

If you're going to be in the Boston area for the Grand Opening, we've got a discussion going on in the forums. It may be a great opportunity to meet up with your fellow Windows Phone Central readers.

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Boston Microsoft Store Grand Opening set for August 23rd


Microsoft always have great events when they open the store. While apple stores are always rotten apples lol

I will be there for sure. I took a picture of the boarded up spot where it will be.. I did notice the Apple store across the street.. I'm very excited. I took the day off from work to be there.. I'll be ready with my windows phone in hand to take pictures.

I will be there before 7am. I'm traveling from Worcester, Ma.. I hope to see WPcentral there. I can't express how good it feels to finally have a Microsoft in Boston. Ill be at the Natick Ma store when that opens too..

I'm so happy it made it to the news section!  I was shopping at the Prudential for tax free weekend, and saw the new opening date. I hope everyone shows their support.

The location of the store within the mall could not be better. Its literally at the convergence of four/every different entrances. The mall is connected to a major hotel not to mention at the base of the entrance to the prudential offices, which are probably the most well known in Boston. I think it's safe to say it's one of the top 10 retail spaces in the city.

Doesn't Microsoft usually put their stores near Apple stores, either on purpose or because they are in good locations?
The Toronto MS Store will be opening up in a mall two doors down from an Apple store, in a new expansion of that mall, so they'll probably be opening up at the same time.
(That Apple store isn't entirely new - the mall already has one, but they're moving to a larger store as they need more space.)

Because they are losing against Apple on the private market right now and they need to do something about their image to the public.

I suspect it might be about wanting to generate additional revenue. You know the same reason Apple copies Microsoft on some things.

Apple didn't invent "the store".  We've had Sony Stores for years before the Apple Store, which is just one example.  The Apple Store is a great idea, so why shouldn't Microsoft do something similar?

You bet your ass I'm going to be there... I wonder if they'll let us Windows phone/Windows 8 insiders in early?
Also, this is very PRIME spot for the store. This isn't your average mall, this is one of the highest rent places in Boston. The audience is guaranteed to be of the iPhone touting/ PC at home variety...

I live in Boston! I'll be there. :) I hope to see long lines on opening day and a successful store after that! The fact that it's in Prudential is pretty huge; they're definitely going to get a lot of foot traffic.