Browse and install OEM apps from the Windows Phone web store

OEM Web Store

If you're not already aware of the online Windows Phone store, which is available over on the official Windows Phone website (www.windowsphone.com), it's useful way of checking out Windows Phone content when at a computer. As well as browsing apps from developers, consumers are also able to look through and install OEM apps that are listed in the Nokia Collection, Samsung Zone and HTC Apps.

Prior to this feature it was only possible to check out the latest content from each manufacturer on a device.

Simply choose the Windows Phone you wish to view OEM apps for from the menu (see above screenshot) and a new menu item will be present between "Games" and "Purchase history". Choosing a different Windows Phone from another manufacturer will load the respective app collection. It's a handy addition, and makes app management more of a convenience.

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Browse and install OEM apps from the Windows Phone web store


Thought the same first, but at least it helps if you want to compare oem apps and base your next wp purchase on that factor as well.

If you hard reset your phone or buy a new one, its very handy to install all your old apps (they are listed) this way. Just a click on the webpage and it installs on your phone.

Now if they would only put in the ability to sort by name and then select the first letter to jump to that location like you can on the apps section on the Windows Phone and Contacts at Outlook.com. It would also be nice to have the sort by name in the app store as well. ;)
Hint, hint.

HTC has so many to choose from!!! Wait, it's 9:40 in the morning and I haven't had my coffee yet. Carry on.

There is nothing great on HTC hub. Nokia on the other hand has such awesome apps.
Best app for 7.8 has got to be Bluetooth share. HTC is dead and gone in windows phone world. No app support at all -_-

This guy is out of his mind saying HTC is dead. Quit being such a Nokia fanboy. I myself have a Nokia coming from an HTC and I honestly can say I miss some things my HTC had that my Nokia doesn't.

I own the HTC Radar, and in HTC Hub the Featured tab isn't working at all for me. If your gonna compare the HTC Hub to the list of apps Nokia has released since 7.8 has gone live, and you say HTC Hub is better, then stop and think again. if only HTC could give us a Bluetooth share app it would mean alot to me. That would mean some real support.

I don't have any options below "Sign out" to choose other phones...how do you add them. Under "My Phone", it just lists my Lumia 920. I can remove that phone, but I can't add any (well without buying them) to look at their OEM apps.

The best thing about this is someone with all OEM phones can take screen shots to show how pathetic and shameful the support is other than Nokia.

If you search HTC you can install HTC Hub and clock on Lumias. Doesn't seem to do much but I have never played with it on an HTC phone.
Edit nevermind- they are aftermarket apps that have been there before......