Carphone Warehouse starting the Windows Phone 8 hype

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In a press release sent out today in the UK, the countries biggest independent phone retailer, Carphone Warehouse has confirmed their future support for Windows Phone 8 and they sounds pretty excited about it.

Graham Stapleton, Chief Operating Officer at Carphone Warehouse says, “What was once a battle of hardware between the manufacturers, has now become a battle of software. Both customers and developers can look forward to reaping the benefits in the coming months, as Windows Phone 8 brings some much needed variety and depth to the market.”

Graham adds, “We will definitely be supporting Windows Phone 8 in line with the key manufacturers. There are some very exciting devices due this Autumn sporting the new operating system, and they will be fundamental to its success.”

I realize that all the UK carriers and retailers will sell Windows Phone but it is nice to see the Carphone Warehouse with such positive statements.

Combined with them selling the Microsoft Surface the stores are going to be very Metro-ish. ( I think I made that word up!)


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Carphone Warehouse starting the Windows Phone 8 hype


Never would I think I read this.. Carphone warehouse is always the one trying to sell you their android phones. Phones 4 U in comparison is much better, at least even their reps use a lumia device. And they do actually give you an informative choice.

Wp8 doesn't bring something really amazing or ground breaking.. All this was always there on other platforms and are really basic features of a good os.. And don't think wp as a good future ahead at least with wp8..!! They need something amazing here.. IMHO yesterdays WP developers summit was nothing exciting..!!

Yeah, I was hoping they would have phones that would cook for you...oh well, big let down that was. Maybe next year.

I hope so.. Because i love the simplicity of wp.. Which they have taken away with the new start screen because as far as I've noticed they have removed the app list and cluttered the start screen.

Also, there is nothing groundbreaking as today summit was a preview and it was mainly targeted at developers. (native code, same core with windows, VoIP integrated, voice commands in third party app etc) end user features are revealed closer to launch.

I missed a point there.. WP does not have a real multitasking either.. Which is shame.. I had a lot of hopes from wp8 but now all that let down.. I'll be going back to android which I think is far more supiripr....

WP8 does. And please, go back to Android (as if you ever left) if you think it is far more "supirpr".

No, when U leave apps running in background they don't update themselves,for eg. If leave what's app running in background it won't update if I received any any msg.. It would update only after I open the app..

For Christ sake WP is in its 2.0! Android and iOS have been around for years and the only one really inovating here is WP. Everything android and iOS are adding now is pure gimik and misses the point of actually being useful. Apples biggest strategy is their stupid Siri and it hardly even works! I havent seen anyone actually being productive using siri! And android just keeps on pushing the specs war even though the system is not even optimized for it. Now all you saying "oh im gonna go back to android" please do! And keep away. Windows phone still has many features to demonstrate in the coming months and its gonna blow us away. Because if you haven't noticed yet, Microsoft are in their prime right now!

I bought the windows phone for dev. Am kind multi-platform. I started using my Titan to as my main phone since relegating my iPhone 3GS to the back. The HTC will be relegated back as a purely dev device till when WP8 comes out. It better have all the basic functionality I've been crying out for since I bought the titan.... If not I wait till WP8.5 ( one bitten twice shy :-) )

Metroate - To organize, group items in a clean concise manner; to make everyday tasks easier to accomplish without seeking assistance or having to search endlessly through a sea of static icons!!!