Cash in your Bing Rewards Points and go ad-free on Outlook.com

Bing Rewards

If you are a Bing Rewards member and have a few hundred points laying around collecting dust, you can use them to remove the ads on your Outlook.com screen.

For those not familiar, Bing Rewards points are earned as search for items using the Bing search engine. You can even earn points by using Bing on your Windows Phone. Points earned can then be redeemed for gift cards, contest chances and other services. One of which is to buy ad-free time for Outlook.com.

The Ad-Free Outlook.com offer is currently running 300 points. If you are a Gold Level Member, you get a slight discount that brings the cost down to 270 points. Once purchased, a code will be emailed to you for your ad-free period.

Ad-free Outlook.com Offer

The ad-free period is only for three months and while you can buy multiple codes, they cannot be stacked. While you can redeem a new code once the first three-month period expires, all codes must be redeemed by December 31, 2014.

It's not the best of situations but six months of ad-free Outlook.com is better than nothing. The alternative is paying $19.95 per year. You can find all the details on the Bing Rewards offer through the link below.

Source: WindowsObserver.com


Reader comments

Cash in your Bing Rewards Points and go ad-free on Outlook.com


I reached my goal & won the Microsoft Gift Card ... But can't claim it because I don't have a US phone number lol.

Actually , you can enter any number as long as it has a US format , I tried it myslelf earlier , the only number that matters is the one linked to your MS account found in outlook.com ; and it's best done via a VPN , the best combination is hotspotshield + firefox+adblock , for me .


I got it to work, but I don't know how ... Unfortunately its kinda useless, because you must enter a valid US phone number in order to redeem the gifts

Google Voice doesn't work, at least not for me.   So, I have to use either my actual cell number or landline phone #.

VPN (Hotspot shield, afreevpn or vpnaccount) but like IceDree said after you reach your target you won't get the reward unless you have vailed mailing and number in the US

Silly ads. I never see them thanks to that program. (I'm not going to pay for ads while on my metered internet, though wpcentral is whitelisted ;)

No. A little square jpeg with a lease on a car in the margin of an article, while I've been searching leases isn't a problem. Now fake download links, and pop overs, that's a no go on my patience.

Aren't to obtrusive? Lol hilarious. Although it will always be a fighting game with ads for most people. The day we let cable rape us so companies can advertise to us is when the consumer lost the game. So I block ads where I can. Hate ads. So apps like wpc paid or adblock.

Dont use the one from the adblock page ;) Just use the tracking lists inside IE !they work like charm :)

Omgosh....how cool! I had no idea this existed! I'm going to download that tonight when I get home. Thanks! *reminder set for Cortana*

I managed to make it work, but I don't know how ... Unfortunately its kinda useless, because you must enter a valid US phone number & address in order to redeem the gifts.

Buy it three times for the 300, and you will get 100 GB for three years. Now that's a much better deal.

They should include ad-free as a feature of Office365 subscriptions. Then add a platinum sub for $200 a year that includes Xbox music and gold for all 5 named users.

Agreed!   Offer packages of services that are more affordable for families and reflect that people living within the same home share products within a home.

As a gift to my WPCentral buds, here is a single use code for 5% off at the Microsoft Store. Reply once redeemed so that others know if it has been used please!


You know you can sign up for RedBox text messages and they'll text you free rentals, rogo frees and discounts. My girlfriend and I both do it and see who gets the better deal. We also get emails from them with discount codes in them as well. Just saying.

i just cashed $20 worth of amazon gift certificate few days ago. Despite that i still have alot of points left.

Just redeemed 100GB for three years and $5 card for buying W8.2 and WP8.1 apps. I have previously bought multiple gift cards as well.

Off topic will we get another bug fix update or its done. Wp8.1 still has many bugs to be fixed. Like visual glitches, notification centre lag and automatic closing of it when swiped down from the top

I was thinking the same thing. I've never noticed any ads. Either they aren't there outside the US, they're really unobtrusive or I'm just a pro at mentally filtering them out :P

I cashed in for my code a month or more ago. I'm waiting till the end of the month just like you. Why not get the most out of it?

Cash them in for Microsoft merchandise. Support Windows Phone by wearing it. I cashed mine in and have an awesome Cortana shirt for it.

I have a Lumia 2520, so I just use the actual Microsoft Office Outlook program. I very rarely use the website. On the other hand, I was definitely sure to take advantage of that 100 GB of OneDrive storage for 100 points.

I personally am perfectly fine with the ad-supported version, although I do hope the ads would look as nice as Yahoo's.

I just use the apps on my phone and Surface. I rarely visit the Outlook webpage and even then: The ads are really subtle and unobtrusive. Not worth it to me, I'll save my points for gift cards.

No point of discussing Bing rewards when they only work in the US.
If they worked outside I would've earned a lot ;) :P

When the apps crash or closing an apps that consume lot of RAM memory, the tile screen loading or resuming up to 1 ,2,4 minutes. That's the only thing I've noticed on windows phone operating system.

After uk, and canada, and big parts of europe, and africa, and you and me and the rest of The World will get it. Go to america, do a hack or die while waiting. Or just go work, earn money and you will get money faster, not like 125 dollars in 4 years. (see the comment up)

It's coming. There was an article posted taking about Microsoft looking to hire someone for just that job.

Us who? You and who? Hah, after this joke, I know a faster but a little bit harder way to earn money, it gives x480 more money: Get. A. God. Damn. JOB!

Bing, nyuchi and Google nyuchi,then tell me what nyuchi is! This should at least in humble opinion show how useless one of them is useless.

And the loser is.......! Why should I use the loser, it beats me?

Does anyone know how much ad-free outlook costs in the UK? For some reason they don't tell you how much it is before you enter your card details and I don't want to risk it.

Earning money for giving money? Really? They are already losing money for this, why would they want to lose more money?!

I've never seen an ad on outlook. Besides, even if I did, I don't spend enough time on the site to care about them. I'll use my points for something useful. Like amazon gift cards or free starbucks. :D

We should make an infographic for everyone who works at Microsoft that highlights where all their users are. Basically most of them are living OUTSIDE of the US. How do they not get this?

Not yet worked out why a) MS don't roll out the rewards programme outside the US, and b) why I have to pay to go ad-free when I already pay for my Office 365 subscription.

Lets face it. Outside US very few people are using Bing. For us, without rewards system and without regional and contextual search is just a... search engine. And Google gives superior results.

Honestly, the ads on outlook aren't annoying enough to use my points to remove them. So I guess I'll use my points elsewhere