Some users report earning Bing Rewards credits through Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Bing Rewards program is a stellar way to earn gifts using Bing. The Bing Rewards program was launched by Microsoft back in 2010 and has been really successful where available. You earn credits by doing Bing searches that can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes and other items. It does have two little faults: Bing Rewards isn’t available everywhere and you couldn’t earn points on Windows Phone. That’s how it was, but it looks like credits can now be earned through Windows Phone.

There’s a Microsoft page that talks about Bing Rewards for mobile. On Android and iOS there are dedicated Bing search apps that will now give you credit. The page says ‘coming soon to Windows Phone’.

It appears that Microsoft is rolling out Bing Rewards for mobile to Windows Phone right now. We’ve received multiple tips from users that doing searches with Cortana/Bing on Windows Phone 8.1 is now giving them credits.

You can head to Bing Rewards Dashboard to see your current status and the available number of credits. You’ll also notice a new ‘Mobile search’ section that helps you keep track of the Bing Rewards credits you earn on your phone. We haven’t been able to earn any credits yet on our phone, which makes us think that Microsoft is rolling this feature out.

Bing Rewards is only available to those in the United States. Rocking Windows Phone 8.1? Let us know if you’ve been able to earn credits on your phone!

Source: Bing Rewards (opens in new tab) Image credit: Reddit user ThisIsMyRedditAlias

Thanks for the tip everyone!

Sam Sabri
  • Really? Would love this.
  • It's true I have been getting points using my 1020!!!
  • Bing Rewards not available for your country
  • Using WP8.1, Cortana didn't give me reward point. Worse is on IE always refers to Cortana. I need to resort on UC browser.
  • +1520
  • Doesn't matter. Using Bing search in UC Browser will automatically redirect you to Cortana. I know,I don't like it either because the links direct you to IE by default which doesn't work for me on just a data connection, so it's a pain to copy and paste URLs back into UC Browser.
  • If you toggle location off, when you press the search button, it will go the old Bing search page.
  • Bing!!!
  • Ding!!!
  • Works for me, woohoo!
  • Don't you just love the support Microsoft gives to iOS & Droid platforms over Windows Phone? Why do we even bother? And they always have some lame excuse why this is happening. Remember Skype? Microsoft; STOP MY JERKING MY CHAIN! Those other platforms are laughing at you.
  • Don't you just love the support Microsoft gives to iOS & Droid over Windows Phone? Why do we even bother? And they always have some lame excuse why this is happening. Remember Skype? Microsoft; STOP MY JERKING MY CHAIN! Those other platforms are laughing at you.
  • why everything is US only.....damn Microsoft!!!!
  • Why I hate bing.
  • Move to the US :P
  • I will.
  • No free, tax supported hearth care, no deal
  • There's no such thing as "free healthcare" bud we have lower tax rates than 95% of the industrialized world for a good reason.
  • Is paying low taxes really good? In some countries in Europe we pay huge taxes but we get free health care, free schools, free universities, etc., etc... After all I think it is worth it paying higher taxes.
  • You are right
  • So by your logic the more taxes the better? Why not pay 100% taxes?
  • So we can get free water, gas, electricity, transport? I would. ;)
  • When you're paying 100% taxes, it isn't free. hth
  • Is paying low taxes good??? You tell me, would you rather use your money THAT YOU EARNED to purchase the goods and services that best suit YOUR needs. Or have it forcefully taken from you by the government where some bureaucrat decides how YOUR MONEY gets spent?
  • Yes, paying low taxes is better in many ways, the best by far is smaller government. More taxes, larger government who interject themselves into the free market to pass laws that mandate one to purchase a product subsidized by the tax payers which in turn just raises your taxes again. Would u rather a government take more taxes out of your paycheck to pay for these subsidies or as you say, "Free" healthcare, schools, etc., or have that money for yourself so that you may choose what to do with it, say invest that money in the free market to make more money to buy your own health insurance, choose to pay for a private school or just go to a public school, its all about individuals being able to choose what fits them better rather than government bureaucrats mandating what they believe is best for every one. Ive seen government housing, that alone is very telling of how government healthcare can/will become eventually when they have full control over the industry, plenty of countries exists today with this flawed strategy. But what the hell, its all for the greater good, right? Whatever the hell that means.
  • No I am not a pathetic lost soul without the government
  • I'm not sure if you are getting it. You know, getting all that free stuff in exchange of paying high taxes means that EVERYONE, even the poor will be able to get health care and any kind of higher education "FOR FREE"! There are poor people who could never afford a needed medical treatment or a university, but they are getting it, everyone is getting it because we all pay those taxes. Imagine that there are no taxes at all and you need to pay EVERYTHING with your budget. Do you think that everyone wold have the same opportunities? At least I don't.
  • @Kasparas - At least you understand. Selfie13 and Sir William Wiener want a world where only the rich and fortunate can have access to education and healthcare. "Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members -- the last, the least, the littlest".
  • @schlubadub Yes, you are correct somewhat, I want a world where the Rich and Fortunate are embraced because, you should know this, its the Rich and Fortunate who pay the majority in taxes so that you are able to access your "free" healthcare and education. In the free market, its all these horrible rich and fortunate people who invest their money into the economy, create millions of jobs for us middle class people to earn but still taxed at lower rates, and they also pay well over the majority of people in taxes to fund the government of the free market system, its basic economics, Reagan knew what to do with this type of system and for some reason most people dont won't to understand it, it would undermine their liberal agenda. As for your quote, how America treats the poorest of people, free housing, food, economic assistance, social security, medicare/medicaid, well these people live a damn good life when compared to other countries, be it 3rd world, or hell, Russia. This new healthcare law that Obama has passed has so many people fooled, this is by no means a "healthcare" law whatsoever, its an insurance law and its to bad that so many people are dooped into believing this, as most thought they were about to receive free healthcare period, its sad, it truly is.
  • and you still spend a higher percentage of gdp on healthcare than those countries. dont talk about it if you dont know about it, "bud"...
  • I never understand why Americans seek to justify their health system. It is ridiculously expensive, and allows the poorest in society to fall through the net.
    I'm not sure if the stat is still true - but Beijing has a higher under 5 survival rate than New York. Go figure that one out...
    Your society is built to be very dog eat dog. It has low social mobility, high crime rates & unaffordable healthcare.
    Give me the European model any day :)
  • Rather no free speech or freedom at all. US is a police state now, run by spy agencies spreading fear through police brutality and retarded media like FOX or CNN. Not to mention that constitution doesn't work there anymore, since most US lives around borders which are constitution free zones Oo US is no better than Russia or China. Not a country anyone sane would like to move to imo. And no, I'm not saying that US citizens are bad or something, but they just got fucked by government and corporations.
  • We're still doing better here than they are in austerity ridden socialist West Europe
  • just stop...
  • Don't beleive me just take a tour through Spain, Greece, Italy and ask the British why they never dumped the Pound for the Euro.
  • You could also ask the Polish why they never dumped the Złoty for the Euro. Even though the British and Polish never adpoted the "Single european currency" we still have to bail out those countries who were stupid enough to adopt the Euro.
  • Exactly, Margaret Thatcher summed it up pretty damn well "The problem with socialism is you soon run out of other people's money" [paraphrase]
  • The problem with Margaret Thatcher is that her own party kicked her out.
  • Sorry...go check out your economic data for the last couple of quarters. Britain and Germany are outperforming you.
    Germany also rates higher ob pretty much every key life metric. & Scandinavia pulls all of our pants down when it comes to quality of life.
    The US isn't even materially rich. It has an unaffordable deficit (I wonder when the next government shutdown will happen?)
  • No they're not outperforming anyone austerity is killing the EU.
  • Austerity is killing Germany?!
    You just keep believing that.
    In the real world, Germany is an economic powerhouse -and a pretty socially equitable one at that. I dare say there isn't a life metric you could give me where America outperforms Germany ! I am from Britain...but I would love for our country to emulate some of Germany's policies. & I WISH we had consensus politics rather than the confrontational cr*p that America and Britain currently have. It is so destructive & wasteful
  • Economic powerhouse relative to the other socialist states in Europe maybe... It's still not as large as the US economy
  • Germany has 1/3 America's argument required ;).
    You still haven't challenged my assertion that Germany beat America in pretty much every life metric...
  • Germany's upper and middle classes also aren't nearly as well off as America's.
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit's 'where to be born' index...
    (attempts to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life); 1. Switzerland
    2. Australia
    3. Norway
    4. Sweden
    5. Denmark
    6. Singapore
    7. New Zealand
    8. Netherlands
    9. Canada
    10. Hong Kong 16. United States Those damn socialist European countries ;).
  • Switzerland pays very low taxes
  • And Australia doesn't (0-50%), but we still have a great life. On my income I currently pay 33% tax.
  • So do the Swiss (Always ranked as one of the most liveable places yearly).  Also to be honest, I'm living a very good life here in the US as well. 
  • Sky News today; Britain has more billionaires per head of population than any other country, while London has more than any other city. Read and learn :D
  • I'm not sure if you are proud of this fact...?
    If you are, don't be. It isn't a good thing by any means
  • And when there is a disaster etc everyone calls on the USA for help!
  • Not always true. Usually America is the one who offers help, and for interests of course.
    How many times US fought for interests and justified it saying "US must bring democracy to other countries"?
    Fighting all the bad dictators for justice? Or else? Pay attenction what you reply, big brother is watching you by your iMac camera xD
  • Perhaps your view is incorrect as is your statement of being watched by my imac camera, as I don't have i anything! See the big picture not tiny parts of it twisted to negative propaganda.
  • Putin's tanks would be in Poland heading west by now if it weren't for the US.
  • No they wouldn't! Russia can ill afford this war...
    The only economic block capable of making sanctions bite is Europe. The majority of Russia's trade is with the European Union. America's trade with Russia is very small in comparison.
  • Putin could give two shits about the EU's economic sanctions. He only cares that NATO has become weaker because liberal Europe doesn't see the need for defense.
  • America f*ck yea ;)
  • This!
  • Maybe because Microsoft is an American company.
  • Why the hell are people talking about politics?
  • Because apparently Bing rewards is a very political subject duhhhh
  • It really is amazing how stupid some Americans can be thinking that they are the best at everything and help the most. Ask the people of Haiti how the Americans stoped the aid getting through to the people that needed it. Sometimes when I look at an American news program I find myself thinking what planet are they on. When you have a family member there on the ground telling you how it is and then you see something completely different on the news. It was a bit like growing up in Ireland and looking at the BBC news and thinking what a load of sh!t. I'm not saying that all Americans are like that but some of the stuff you believe is just mad. By the way my father was American and I don't have anything against you.
  • You sound mad
  • it works on my lumia 925
  • I noticed yesterday that the new Bing mobile rewards site redirects to Cortana, so I figured this was about to happen.
  • yup, just checked. its working. pretty cool  
  • In India ?
    Has anyone ever REDEEMED credits outside the usa ? If yes then how ? Please share. I am asking about redeeming some prize, not making an account and collecting points. I had done that but couldn't redeem credits.
  • Tried it....failed!
    I used Hotspot Shield to give me a US IP address. I then searched out for some addresses near that IP address and tried to update my address on the Bing rewards website. No beans.
    Hopefully the free 100GB of Skydrive will still be around when Bing finally (ever?) gets released outside the UK!
  • Hello.
    You have to use proxy again while adding the address. It took me an hour to figure it out when i tried. And guess what ? I had used a fake address, and they sent me a mail that my order has been cancelled within ten minutes :-P
  • You can do it.. redeem your points for windows store (windows 8.1 & wp8) apps eg.. say you redeem 310 points for $3 gift card, add a microsoft account in your wallet to redeem the coupon code your receive via email. You will be able to purchase apps from the store for the value.... your region & language should obviously be US & US English. In the past, I've redeemed my rewards to get 100GB skydrive and apps like Movie Maker, Melodia etc... I land in the US using my company VPN on my laptop.
  • Hello. I did buy that $3 gift card once. I had to add address and phone number too. I used fake ones. Then i redeemed it and they shut down my rewards account and sent a mail that my order has been cancelled. What address etc did you use ?
  • Ate you sure mate? It never worked for me.... in India.
  • if only Bing rewards was available in Canada :(
  • Fuck Obamacare
  • You're the lead retard bitch
  • No such thing as "free healthcare" government healthcare comes with higher taxes, and insurance premiums.
  • So it's not "free" then is it? It's cheaper to pay for your own private insurance plan here in the US and recieve superior care than be on any government ran health program.   Government = Incompetence
  • Yet hilariously an insurance company is able to drop you or refuse to insure you if you have a debilitating illness. The only time you ever hear about someone being financially ruined by illness is from the US.
  • Yet hilariously government plans have the highest premiums and least amount of doctors participating. Most private clinics and health providers in the US have opted out of Obamacare.  Need knee surgery on Obamacare?? Be ready to wait 8-12 months at best, whereas on a private plan you'd be in the OR by the end of the week.
  • Even in Canada ? I though "government=incompetence" was only true in India. Well, it cant be worse than in India, because many of India's government managed things are messed up, especially hospitals. Some things are good still, but not hospitals.
  • The bigger the government the more incompetent and tyranical it becomes whether it be India, USA, UK, Canada, China etc etc...
  • really have no idea :)!
    A simple question. Do you actually think US healthcare is superior to Germany for example?
    Once you've answered that, do you think US healthcare is cheaper than Germany to administer?
    The US system is expensive, and is designed around an insurance system that actively tries to limit payouts (often to the detriment of patients who frequently die waiting for their 'cheap insurance' to pay for their treatment).
    The British NHS is by no means perfect...but it is free at the point of access, has better health metrics than the US system, and crucially looks after those that would not otherwise be able to afford insurance. It also costs a fraction of what the American system costs per head.
  • Yes, if fallen deathly ill I would much rather be in an American hospital over a German one.
  • Haha...ignorance is bliss. Just don't look at any global health metrics. It doesn't paint a good picture of the US (Germany, France and Scandinavia spank America's health system - and in the first two examples, do it far more affordably).
    It may be an uncomfortable truth - but Germany is in far better health than America. A budget surplus, better education and healthcare...high rates or social mobility and low crime. It's an Eden compared to much of the US!
  • ACA isn't free.Most pay premiums to get this.  And those that cannot, get assistance with it. It is how a nation is supposed to protect its citizens. If not for ACA, taxpayers would end up paying for care when hospitals send us the bill. Which is a stupid way to go. Somehow, we are all "little businesses" and the people part of being an American is kicked aside like aluminum cans.
  • And this is a republican designed plan, (Heritage Foundation), Implemented by republican governor in Massachusetts (Mitt Romney) and upheld by a republican supreme court.(John Roberts). I think they are mad at the wrong people.  lol.
  • Obamacare resembles Romeny's plan about as much as Kate Upton resembles Honey Boo Boo's mom. Get Real. Romeny's plan actually was paid for, competently laid out and organized and done at a STATE LEVEL. Competence and cash flow management is not exaclty a hallmark of Obama's, as seen in the farce that is the current "Affordabale Care Act"  
  • Everything I said was factual, you can deflect all you want but it doesnt change the facts.
  • I'll try to remember that the next time we put the next two wars on credit card we still haven't paid for.
  • We haven't paid for these socialist programs either. For the record Obama has ran up a far larger debt than Bush...
  • And sending a nations surplus to deep deficit losing 750 thousand jobs a month is competent cash flow? Unemployment from 4 percent to 11 percent in just a few years. Stock market to less than 6,000, falling asleep at the wheel while the WTC is destroyed by our own aircraft. Then sending troops into Iraq UNPAID for and on CREDIT claiming to look for something inspectors already told us was not there. Spending so much money it dropped our credit rating for the first time in history. Wall street bailouts happening all in 8 short years under one administration and you want to sound self-righteous about Americans with health care?  Seriously, you need to quit.
  • True that. I would still love more Microsoft love out here though. I feel like I'm cheating if I use anything other than microsoft. Anything else is just... Wrong
  • ^This! :D
  • Healthcare isn't free in Canada...
  • Yes, but let's say you get cancer, need a heart transplant or whatever... it will cost you practically nothing in most western countries. In the US you hear of people selling their houses or being out fundraising for some operation or another, which is completely unheard of in other countries. I'd much rather pay a little bit more tax throughout my life than lose everything when I really need help.
  • My father had brain, colon, and lymphatic cancer about 7 years ago the insurance he had payed over a 600000 dollars and my family went bankrupt just trying to pay the leftover hospital bills at least it was worth it since my father is still here with us
  • I'm sorry you had to go through that man... it's completely shocking to people from other countries as it would only cost a few hundred dollars, maximum - someone might pay $200-300 for a few X-rays or CT scans through a local doctor but once diagnosed the hospital treatment would be entirely free. That's assuming you don't have any private health insurance at all, which would cost me something like $3000-4000 per year.
  • No Americans are beleivers in: I work hard then I am rewarded.   Simple really
  • Ya that's why America is home to the most billionaires and millionaires in the world. Now go find a wealthy Canadian and I guarantee they'll be right-wing conservatives.   You can't leave the rat race if your government  is your baby daddy.,
  • ... and a million homeless with rampant unemployment. That's the problem with the US, it's all set up to benefit the big guy and screw the little guy. Fair wages, free healthcare, & welfare for the unemployed would all help the little guy - but as soon as someone proposes the minimum wage be increased (above something only a 10 year old child should be earning) then the big businesses all jump up and down about how much it will affect them, while still earning billions. Free healthcare is subsided by those that can afford it - so yes, all your billionaires and millionaires would pay a bit more tax but it means that the person earning less than $20,000 / year doesn't have to worry about health bills.
  • If you're not physically or mentally disabled then what's your excuse for being homless or broke in America?     America is full of lazy assholes as much as it is rich assholes
  • I've heard countless stories of professionals (doctors, lawyers etc) who lose everything for one reason or another (divorce, medical bills etc) and end up living on the street or in their car. Quite simply bizarre (to other countries) that they aren't cared for (provided housing or financial assistance) by society.
  • You've heard hyperbolic exaggerated stories bud that aren't quite factual
  • Britain has more billionaires per head of population than any other country, while London has more than any other city. This has been reported today on Sky News.
  • Question - in the U. S., isn't there health Insurance where you pay a monthly fee, and then , when you get sick and need medical treatment,they pay the bill?
  • Yes and the premiums are lower than Obamacare's as it stands
  • Yes, but not everyone can afford it and then you're screwed. Also the insurance company can refuse to insure you or drop you if you get a serious disease (cancer etc) so you have to either fund your own treatment yourself or die.
  • That's false government healthcare programs have astronomical premiums and their income tax rates are much higher than in the US. They also have waiting lists for operations in Canada, unheard of in the US.
  • I've been to Canada, (Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver and Winnepeg), and the emergency rooms and doctors offices are attrocious and slow. Not to mention that Canada's "free" healthcare fallacy has broken their bank as well. Socialism doesnt work whether it's in Canada or America.
  • In most countries you have the option of free public healthcare or private healthcare. Don't want to wait? Buy private healthcare. Can't afford it? No worries, it's all free but you have to wait a few months unless it's critically life-threatening.
  • It's not free, there's these things called TAXES & PREMIUMS. Learn the definition to the word "free", go ask Cortana why don't you?
  • True, but in countires with "free" healthcare or rather healthcare paid for by taxes you won't go bankrupt if you need treatment for a life threatening illness like Cancer!!!
  • If you have low income then yes, it's completely free... they won't have paid a cent in taxes (as they don't need to pay tax), to the doctors, or to the hospitals at any stage. Obviously it's been paid by other people / taken out of the taxes collected, which isn't higher than other countries. It simply makes sense to provide basic health services to those that need it - it's simply bizarre that the US is one of the only countries not to have it, and cares so little about its less fortunate citizens. The US system leads to profiteering, as I've seen numerous times i.e. a 2-3 hour stay in a recovery room being charged out at $7,000.
  • That's exactly how it works in the UK. The NHS is probably one of, if not the best example of state run healthcare anywhere in the world. Sure the NHS has its fair share of issues and it's understaffed but it's free healthcare for all, yes that includes tourists!!!
  • I wouldn't trade the UK plan for my private healthcare plan even if a gun was to my head. It's good when compared to other socialist programs, in other words it's like being the smartest kid in Special Ed class.
  • Have a little sizzle on the following film; As of 2006, America was 37th in the world in terms of healthcare provision (ahead of Slovenia and Cuba - just). & the only place in your country that offered free universal healthcare....Guantanamo Bay ;)
  • Amen
  • Thank you
  • HIGH TAXES "free healthcare" is about as real as unicorns and the Chicago Cub's World Series title hopes.
  • Most of those countries would pay between 0-40% tax on a sliding scale... In my country if you earnt $20,000/year you'd pay absolutely no tax, on $50,000 you'd pay 16%, on $100,000 / year you'd pay 26%, $200,000 is 33% etc. It's hardly a burden and benefits everyone.
  • Assuming you're from some west european country you'd also be aware of austerity, the volitility of the Euro and EU, and massive NATO cuts that have embolden Putin in east europe.   For every action there's an equal and opposable reaction
  • I'm Australian actually... our economy is one of the few still thriving. The GFC basically didn't happen here and unemployment is currently at 5.8%
  • Well maybe because people actually hold jobs in Australia. Here in America we have 48 million lazy assholes who feel entitled.
  • No, you have huge wasteland areas that are absolutely devoid of work.
    Detroit, New Orleans...Jesus, how embarrassing that the second richest country on earth can leave areas so impoverished.
  • wow... all i did was post a comment yesterday saying I'd like Bing rewards to exist in Canada and it ended up turning into a huge flame war
  • Yes Detroit is a wasteland the democrats ran that place into the ground.
  • I don't know enough on that to comment. But your Republican President...George Dubya...ran your entire country into the ground. Great politician that one :)
  • So what you are saying is work and pay insurance or die. So what happens to people with disabilities ot mental illness who can't work, so cant pay insurance. Just let them die? That makes you a sad, sad human being.
  • I can with my WP 7.8, 10 searches per day. :)
  • I posted this on the comments yesterday. It doesn't work perfectly yet though.
  • I set this up today on my phone. I saw on the rewards dashboard that there was a separate l list of points for mobile. When I clicked on it, I found instructions to go to and from then on, I have been racking points on mobile searches.
  • I tried yesterday and it didn't work so I see UCBrowser to take advantage of the 10 extra credits. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!!!
  • What types of things have you guys in the U.S. redeemed? (a curious UK resident) :P
  • $5 Starbucks cards :-)
  • Wow, free coffee ain't bad at all!
  • I've done the Skype minutes and three dollar Microsoft gift card. Plus entered a bunch of contest.
  • i reedem Amazon gift cards and 1 month Xbox Live
  • Money to buy Bing gear(5$) and burger king gift card codes($5)
  • I usually redeem for Amazon gift cards which I would send to myself. They are as good as cash for me. When I search a lot, I can get 15 or more points a day which comes out to about $5/mo in Amazon gift cards. Got over $100 in the past couple years!
  • That's actually really good!
  • Glad is not just our company staff moaning about Microsoft's US only services/features, here in UK most computers are Windows based also there are more Windows Phone users compared to number of other countries and still we're last in seeing the Microsoft changes. Will be great if soon Microsoft does what Apple does and when something is announced it is made available on the same day in US and Europe. Regards, Another lloyal UK Microsoft user/admin feeling neglected
  • It has more to do with UK based companies working with MS to offer rewards. An Amazon card would be useless to you in the UK if they couldn't work out a deal with a shipping company to deliver the product to you. Blame Amazon and the shipping companies more than MS.
  • Until recently I was using them for movie rentals through Redbox, now that Redbox isn't on there I've been using them for Amazon gift cards and Microsoft Store credit.
  • 100 gigs of OneDrive storage for a year!  Just cost 100 rewards points.
  • I mostly redeem them for 60 minutes Skype credit, which is actually around 90 minutes if I call India. But I have used them for 100GB OneDrive storage, and $3 Microsoft Store Gift card a few times. This time I am gonna redeem them for Microsoft merchandize. They have some really cheap apparels.
  • $5 Microsoft. So I can buy shit on demondefence. Bought 3 already! Recruited 2 friends to get 500 points a pop
  • Just to buy apps
  • I use my points to download paid apps for free.
  • Works for me also. Nice!
  • Bing Rewards...hmm...interesting concept...let me Google it.
  • Lol Google is so old a million years ago haha. #SwitchToBing #TeamMicrosoft
  • I'll use Bing the day Microsoft stops treating Europe as a 2nd class market and actually brings us the same experience on Bing that they offer in the US. Since that day is probably coming around the 30th of February, I'll stick to the far superior offering by Google ;P #HashtagsDon'tWorkHere
  • +920
  • Yep I agree.
  • Pig that's different, sorry guys, at least you don't have A banned Xbox live account. What features of Bing do you not have?
  • Almost all of them are missing. Begining with Bing Rewards.   I have no idea what the hell did you mean by your first sentence.
  • I meant to say oh instead of pig lol. Sorry I'm not use to swipe. Write that sucks. I got banned from Bing rewards for having multiple accounts on the same IP.
  • Yeah I got banned too, I think its a bunch of crap, my wife and I have four kids so we have six accounts, my family and I would get redbox codes and Microsoft points and just because there is six of us in my household I'm banned for what seems like for life, this was like over a year ago and they still wont let me sign back up
  • I agree that Microsoft should offer the Bing (and other) services in other regions too, especially Europe and India, which are big markets. But since I'm in US now, I don't complain :)
  • Dreaming?
    I admit most of us are obviously Microsoft fans but the truth to be told is, bing is not even comparable with Google. Google is far far ahead in this respect. For instance, just compare some complicated search terms and realize why, ignore the filters that both engines provide as Google leads obviously.
    And I'm a MS fanboy too ;)
  • I've noticed it also that it doesn't work in Cortana our Bing on WP searching
  • Not working for me
  • I noticed this working for me last night. Pretty sweet.
  • I noticed few weeks ago, however my primary account is linked to Facebook...yet my windows phones only recognize my Microsoft account...and they two are not possible to be merged... Hope MS come up with something brilliant to solve this.
  • Same exact problem with me. I've been raging about this issue forever!
  • We seriously need to start a movement around this issue. It's a HUGE oversight because Bing Rewards considerably rewards/promotes linking a Facebook account, however, unless you're signed in to Facebook on every device (mind you, has to be a browser), then Bing Rewards credits your searches to some limbo Microsoft-only Bing Rewards account.
  • Exactly. People are asked to link their Facebook account to invite their friends to win some points. There is no need to separate the two. And merging the reward points accounts won't be a big trouble at all... I am gold member on Fb account...however only 22lifetime points on Bing account...
  • I think you have to go to Bing rewards through Cortana from search setting, view my Bing rewards info and on the webpage hit yes to try for free and sign in I needed for existing users
  • Not yet working for me. I still have WP 8, not 8.1. Is this only for 8.1?
  • Yes.
  • Hope so, as the majority of my Bing searches are actually on my phone. Now if only they world let us earn points when using Smart Search on Windows 8.1.
  • I've actually been doing my Bing Rewards on my 920 for over a year now...I've always just gone through internet explorer with my pinned Bing Rewards site on my start screen...Works like a charm...Actually, I've found it impossible to ever bring up the mobile Bing Rewards site on my phone...I tried to get mobile rewards a few dats ago and it wouldn't let me...LOL...The site is convinced that I'm using my computer....BTW....Where the freakin hell is our Bing Rewards app!!!!!!!!!!!
  • No app is needed if its being integrated into Cortana which seems to be the case.
  • WHY THE **** IS US-ONLY?
  • Coz Companies in USA support or work with MS. Most in UK support Apple or Google.
  • I wonder why. In the UK we're lucky to have Bing Maps, some countries don't even have that!!!
  • What a load of rubbish :). Most of the companies on the Bing Reward site have their European headquarters in London!
    Microsoft are just being stupid...and forgetting who (in the Windows Phone world) pays their wagea
  • This makes no sense.
  • Hmmm... Not for me yet
  • Yeah it notified me I was glad!
  • Yes Cortana activities seem to make my points go up. ROCK ON!
  • Why USA only? Isn't it must an incentive scheme to use Bing. Surely they need more numbers everywhere.
  • I agree. I don't use Bing.
  • Agree and that's what pulls me back from using bing. In my opinion no such offers should be made if not globally.
  • On my L920 with WP 8.1, I can see the link "View my Bing Rewards info" in the search settings page.
  • It's working for me too
  • I can confirm this, at first I was a little thrown off for hitting "Gold" status on my account, but figured it now must be connected through Windowsphone 8.1. Nice feature.
  • This has been working since windows phone 8
  • This had been going on for a while already now.
  • Works fine with 8.1 using UC Browser in mobile mode as well. You don't need to use Cortana at all if you don't want to.
    And Tuesdays are double points days for May. I earned 70 points yesterday between pc and my phone. Gotta love Microsoft.
  • "Only in the US"? use a proxy to set up your account, use a American Address, then ONLY REDEEM FOR GIFT CARDS! Gift cards are sent Via Email, anything else is sent via MAIL, meaning the PHYSICAL device you win will go to that random address in the US, they get a free device! So only redeem gift cards, working for me, I'm in Canada lol, though I have a home in the US, and im fully registered in the US. And get things sent to my home there.
  • I'm getting credit for PC search, not mobile
  • We're talking about the 10 mobile credits here, right?  If so, mine is not working yet.
  • I've done a few things with it in Canada. I've redeemed for the extra 100GB on OneDrive and it worked fine. I also redeemed the $3 MS gift card, but I couldn't do it since my full Xbox account is Canadian, so that was a waste of credits.
  • It never ceases to amaze me when all these features are only available for markets where WP suffers. Why not show these services in markets where WP is thriving? E.g. Latin America, Europe etc. Everything is locked down to the US. Steups. I've been a user of Bing since MS rebranded their search engine. I've got Bing rewards I can't use. So the system allows me to accumulate points but then denies me from cashing in.
  • Exactly this, if they rolled this out everywhere they would have killed two birds with one stone - increase in market share for search and windows phones. Also its not like Bing Rewards is new either...
  • You forgot India
  • Not working for me yet.
  • Not getting points for searche son my 1020 running WP 8.1
  • I have been waiting for this feature implementation......... and I am STILL WAITING!!! :'(
  • still not working for me. that's just my luck. it's about time WP has Bing rewards integrated though. I can't believe MS supports iOS and Android before their own OS.
  • +925
  • I have been getting rewards on my L521 for at least two months now.
  • Not here yet
  • I wrote a PowerShell script called the bing-rewardsinator that automates Internet Explorer and runs my 90 search per day quota in about 1 minute. Let me know if you're interested, I'll figure out a way to get you a copy. It's legit and about a dozen of my friends and colleges use it daily.
  • Would love it. Maybe put on dropbox
  • Dropbox? How about OneDrive instead? 
  • Download my Bing-Rewardsinator PowerShell script here - I'll upload new versions periodically at the same URL. Enjoy!
  • I think the daily eligible search quota is 30 searches (i.e. 15 point max daily, 1 point per 2 searches)?
  • It actually varies per person, but I'm not sure what the pattern is.  I've been in bing rewards for a long time, and I earn "1 credit per three bing searches up to 30 per day".  Some of my friends are 1 per 2 up to 15, etc.     
  • To those asking why this is not offered to other countries, I think part of that may be related to tax/legal and fraud complications. Also, they may not be able to offset the reward expense with search income in other parts of the world because ads are cheaper elsewhere. I do hope they find a way.
  • Then maybe Microsoft should be doing something about it then!!!
  • How do u get them
  • Don't worry. It's not available in India.
  • This is what I get: "Bing Rewards isn't available yet in your country or region."
  • Same here :(
  • used my phone for years to get 30 points a day from 1 account....if you have 10 accounts = 300 points a day....takes about 5-10 minutes..
    The best is to select images and click on links on top of images.
  • Not working for me yet....
  • Not working for me on WP 8.1 :(
  • Ugh not working for me :(
  • If you want to use Bing Rewards, then just use a proxy...
  • It doesnt work. You can earn points without issue...but actually trying to redeem them for anything is impossible at the mo (I live in the UK...used Hotspot Shield to give me a US IP - but cannot find a way to update my address to a US one. The Bing Rewards address page just goes in an infinite loop...and never successfully saves any address that is inputted. No address, no reward!)
  • Just tried on my phone. Doesn't work under 8.1. Even tried disabling Cortana and that didn't help.
  • I'm getting the credit...i think having Cortana activated links everything.
  • No, you just sign up for it.
  • No luck yet on my phone. Microsoft must be rolling it out in clumps, which explains why some users are getting credits and others aren't
  • Is it working for Windows Phone 8 too? Doesn't work for me yet. :-/
  • I'm on WP 8.0 and receiving points for Mobile Search.
  • Duh......
  • Yes. Even outside the U.S. I've been getting points for a couple of months here in Chile
  • Have you redeemed anything though? I've earned the points too....couldn't do anything with it though as the Reward site wouldn't successfully save any US address I inputted.
  • Nothing here yet.
  • Why would android and ios be the 1st to get BING rewards.... irony
  • API bullcrap
  • Not working yet. WP8.1
  • I tried several searches and the Bing Notification Mobile Search values didn't update.
  • Yup. It's working now with 8.1 for me. I just complained about this a couple weeks ago.
  • I've been able to earn rewards since I got the email yesterday. Lumia 1520 rocking 8.1
  • Um, Chrome? :-/
  • The mobile searches aren't counting towards my Bing Rewards. I tried logging in on multiple devices including the Lumia, searched using IE app and Bing search icon.
  • I don't seem to be able to recieve any credits.
  • Must be regional or they are only testing with a certain user base. Mine isn't counting mobile searches just yet.
  • Nor mine on my 1520, just says go to PC to earn rewards. Windows Phone coming soon. Can't wait :-)
  • Not available in your country, racist bastards
  • How is it "racist" to restrict a service to a specific country?
  • Nationalist is the word you're looking for.   I'd make a joke about education systems, but whatever.
  • Too bad not for me :(
  • I think I've been earning Bing Rewards credits since I installed the developer preview on my 1020.
  • I live in Sweden and everytime I hear about Bing Rewards, it's like I'm stabbed stabbed in the heart with a street pole.
  • Same exact reactions here (India). US-only sucks!
  • It's not free if your wages are wiped out with large taxes... If it takes money out of your pocket then by definition it's not free...
  • Would love this in UK!
  • I used to earn credits through WP, then one day it just stopped. I hope its back
  • Thanks for mentioning its available in US
  • If you do get rewards, you can donate them to your school. Your school can use them to buy Surface tablets for students. See
  • Not working for me
  • Deez comments.... WTF did I just read???? On topic I can't wait for for the update. Sucks I have to wait
  • In other words, they finally get around to supporting their own platform. Don't move so fast MSFT, you may just start to give people the illusion you care.
  • The legality of getting this to work in other nations could be the reason it isn't available yet outside the US.
  • Doesn't work for me. U.S., Lumia 920, on WP8 (not 8.1). First I go to the dashboard where I am clearly signed in. I click on the link for earning rewards via mobile device. It takes me to a page about how to earn points on mobile. I follow all the instructions, which eventually ends up taking me to the Bing app on WP8. Did several searches... no points!  
  • I used to get points on 8.0, but now I don't get any points with 8.1 when I search with Cortana.
  • Well I've been getting nothing...
  • 1020 att. I am not get credits....
  • I've always earned points when search with my 8x
  • Hey I just started searching on my lumia 925 by clicking on the search button and I got 10 out of 10 mobile search now
  • Nokia lumia 521  widows 8.1 dose not register with mobile search bing reward points. I tried the reward help page  I’m not earning credits when I search on my Windows Phone 8. What do I need to do? To earn Bing Rewards credits on your Windows Phone 8, turn on personalized suggestions. None of these settings are on this phone with cortana and normal bing search  i also tride destop version no luck. If any body has the aswer for this i would like to know?  Its to bad bing advertise alot to me that ill get reward points on my phone but it only works on PC. Oh well hair of the dog might as well have anotheir ice cream!!!