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Best Movie Apps for Windows 10

If you are a movie aficionado, the Windows Store has a nice selection of apps that can help you catch your favorite motion picture or check in on your favorite television series. These apps are great for entertaining friends, passing the time or to transform into a couch potato.

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Choosing a cloud storage provider is like choosing a car: There's something out there for everyone's different needs. One of those needs is getting the most value for the least money. Here we break down what it'll cost you on the major providers, how much you get and what they'll offer you for free.

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Best Timer Apps for Windows 10

Timer apps for Windows 10 are handy utilities and maybe one of the more underrated apps in the Store. They can help you pace a workout, avoid burning a roast or any other event that requires you to watch the clock. Here are the best timer apps available for Windows 10.

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Lighten up your day with Perfect 9Gag

Perfect 9Gag is a third party client app for the popular social media site 9Gag. Available for Windows 10 Mobile and PC, the app delivers tons of funny Memes, GIFs and videos from 9Gag contributors. Perfect 9Gag is a simple app to use and an easy way to lighten up your day with a little humor.

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