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Windows Phone Apps

Appy Weather is a popular Windows Phone weather app that presents weather forecasts in somewhat of a personal nature. With a minimalistic design, the weather app does offer the nuts and bolts of your forecast but also offers a comparison of upcoming weather conditions to what you are experiencing now (e.g. temperatures will be much colder than today, etc.)

Appy Weather received a significant update last month that delivered lockscreen support and the ability to use Bing images or custom photos as your lockscreen wallpaper. Since that update, the Windows Phone app has received six updates with the most recent update pushing out today taking the app to version 1.2.2.

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Folders Pro, Advanced File Manager is, as the title suggests, is a Windows Phone file manager. It is a feature riddled Windows Phone app that features password protected files and the ability to move, copy, paste, rename or delete folders or files on your Windows Phone. It will not tap into system files but instead give you one-stop access to all your media and document folders.

Folders Pro normally runs $1.49 but through the myAppFree deal, you can pick up the app for free. The deal will only last 24 hours so if you've been in the market for a file manager app for your Windows Phone, now might be the time to take the plunge.

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Monocle is a simple Windows Phone photography app that allows you to apply a handful of lens distortion effects to your photos. The app also has a small collection of basic editing tools, tonal effects and a vignette tool to further edit your photos with.

As far as Windows Phone photo editors are concerned, Monocle falls in with the more basic editing apps specializing in a particular effect. I'm not sure it could hold up as your main photo editor but Monocle might not be a bad supplemental editor for the lens effects it offers.

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Update: Sorry guys, looks like this is still the beta release. While the link appears to have been leaked, this version is not meant for the public and it should not be considered the big, official release for this app. Stay tuned for the official version, which should address many issues that people are experiencing.

Versatile media player VLC is now available publicly for Windows Phone. The app has been in private beta for some time now, but can now be downloaded by all users from the Windows Phone Store.

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Windows Central Roundup: Windows Phone Collection - New Year's Checklist

We have touched on several of the Windows Phone Store Collections over the past year and for those not familiar, these collections are an assemblage of Windows Phone apps and games from a particular theme or genre. Such as Disney games, shopping apps and children's games.

These collections are great for those just learning their way around the Windows Phone Store and for the more seasoned Windows Phone users who might need a few friendly suggestions on an app or gaming title.

With the New Year only being a few days old, for this week's roundup we are turning our sights on the New Year's Checklist collection for this week's Windows Phone roundup. This collection contains Windows Phone apps that might help your New Year's Resolution last a little while longer. The collection has apps to help you with your fitness, finance, organization and other goals that are popular themes for resolutions.

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Perfect Note is, as you would guess, a Windows Phone app for recording and managing notes or tasks. While the app has a clean and simple interface, Perfect Note doesn't skimp on features with OneDrive integration and three security modes to protect your notes.

Notes can be categorized, organized and can be pinned to your Start Screen. While there is some room for improvement, after using Perfect Note for a short time the Windows Phone app comes across as a very capable option worth considering for your note taking and task creation needs.

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Remember to Drink is a Windows Phone app designed to help you drink the right amount of water during the day. Staying hydrated is an important aspect of good health and this app will not only remind you to drink but will also track your water intake and adjust your intake needs based on your weight, gender, sports activity, outdoor temperature and more.

The interface is straightforward with Remember to Drink making it almost effortless to record what you drink and after using the app for the past few days, it comes across as a useful health and fitness app for your Windows Phone.

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If you are looking for a Windows Phone solution to access all your cloud services from one location, this week's myAppFree deal might be of interest. CloudMesh Pro is a Windows Phone app that pulls all your cloud services under one roof for easy access and management.

The app normally runs $2.49 but through the myAppFree Deal of the Week, you can pick up CloudMesh Pro free. There is a scaled back, free version of CloudMesh available in the Store but with the myAppFree deal, there is no reason not to go Pro.

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