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We kept emphasizing at MIX11 that the information revealed there was geared for developers, not so much consumers and that we expected more details to come forward over time. Combined with the fact that Mango/WP7.5 is not yet finished nor finalized, it's feature-set is still in motion but becoming more solid as we get closer to it going 'Gold'.

On the Windows Phone Developer Podcast, a plethora of new features were announced that will really bring Windows Phone up to par with the competition:

  • Bing Audio: Think Shazam, but built into Bing and we bet of course Zune Marketplace. Country support is initially limited to the U.S., Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Germany.
  • Bing Vision: A full blown image scanner using your camera. It can detect, identify and search using barcodes, Microsoft Tags, QR Codes, CD’s, DVDs, Books, and text using OCR (see here for history)
  • Turn-by-turn navigation: “voice guidance during driving directions” (we heard about this awhile ago)
  • SMS Dictation: Using Microsoft's TellMe service, you can use voice-to-text for SMS messages by tapping a microphone near the bottom

According to Paul Thurrott, who detailed the above, there's a lot more to the podcast, so take a listen. And your thoughts in comments: does this change things?

Update: See info regarding Windows Live Messenger, Skydrive & more in WP7.5 here

Source: Windows Phone Dev Podcast; via Windows Phone Secrets

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File this all under unconfirmed/you've heard this all before/we like to torture thee:

From the above Tweet, word has it Verizon employees are starting to receive training on Windows Phone 7--which makes sense as their next step with their forums being cleaned out and the Best Buy listing. So we wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing a bit more about such events over the next few days...

The other thing is we're hearing about a May 12th date. Once again, we've had many, many dates in the past and we really have nothing to show you that this is real this time, but if you believe the stars are aligning for a launch, Thursday May 12th may be your day. Or it might not.

You may now all remount your tin-foil hats. Thanks, @ThePhilFletcher and anonymous, for the info

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If you don't pay attention to Reddit (see 'Alien News' for WP7 here), well, you're lame. But if you do, you've probably been following the whole PBS back and forth between the two entities, usually with hilarious discussions in comments. In the latest post, some folks at PBS took a group shot with the Reddit Alien logo in the background as a "thank you" to the Reddit community. Developer Justin Angel managed to look past all the humans and became fixated on the dry-erase board.

Looking more closely, we see screen resolutions of various types and even an 'ipad' mention. But in the upper left, (enhanced at the top) you can see "Win Phone 7" clearly written.

Okay, while an official PBS app might not be the biggest thing to hit the market, we happen to like PBS and more so, that Justin is so geeky to have found this--it's like a CSI: Programmer edition....enhance!

Source: Reddit; via @JustinAngel

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We don't want to get your hopes up too much but it's starting to look like Verizon is gearing up to really, really (for reals) launch the HTC Trophy.

Earlier today we saw a hidden listing at Best Buy for the Trophy and now Verizon Wireless has removed the previous, generic "smartphone/pda" section on their help forum with a...wait for it... a cleaned up Windows Phone area.

As Morpheus said "I do not see coincidence, I see providence. I see purpose. I believe it our fate to be here. It is our destiny.". Or perhaps we're just being over geeky and dramatic. Nah....

Source: Verizon Wireless; big thanks to Jay for the tip!

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Pocketnow is reporting that the long awaited Verizon HTC Trophy has showed up on Best Buy's website, though not available/in stock. Usually this would be an indication of a near-launch. When we looked though, we were unable to find the device on the site, meaning the URL may still be hidden (or we're consistently spelling 'Trophy' wrong).

The price, out of contract, is listed as $600, but that's probably just a placeholder figure and nothing official. In addition, the model number MWP6985 is also confirmed for Verizon's first Windows Phone, which is as mythical as the unicorn at this point.

So, does this mean Verizon folk will be able to pick up their phone shortly? With this device's track record, we're going with 'no'. Still, hope spring eternal that Verizon will someday launch this device and complete the Windows Phone presence in the U.S. Seriously Verizon, this looks just sad now.

Source: Best Buy; via Pocketnow

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One thing we tried to push at MIX11, despite all the awesome news, was all that info was for developers, not consumers (though we tried to show why it mattered). The point being that Microsoft still has tricks up their sleeves for Mango/7.5 that we have yet to see and we're sure there will be plenty.

Evidently one of those is a built-in, native check-in system analogous to Foursquare or Google's latest addition to Latitude. This will be done via your Live account, which makes sense since you use that to "log onto" the phone.

All of this comes way of one @KADacey, who is testing said system with the Twitter source '(WindowsLive)INT', which when clicked links back to the Windows Phone site (curiously, he has since deleted the above Tweet, ahem). To make it more interesting, Manan Kakkar points out that '(WindowsLive)INT' is the Live Messenger Facebook app. So take that for what it's worth, which we think is a lot.

Big thanks to clubdirthill for finding the original tweet and Manan Kakkar for digging deeper

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Both of these rumors today are on the weak end and use a bit if induction to get to their conclusion, but we'll throw 'em out anyways.

First, is reporting that the Trophy device used during the MIX11 demo (the one that puts its browser up against the iPhone and Nexus S) is not just the Trophy but the HTC Mazaa. What makes that interesting is during the rest of the MIX11 talks, whenever the gyroscope function was demonstrated it was on this Trophy/Mazza device. Nanapho gets the info via a Microsoft rep who evidently informed them.

Of course this still leaves open who the Mazaa is for and whether or not it will have the gyroscope on launch (we were under the impression that these were just modified Trophies for Microsoft for testing purposes).

The other rumor comes via Pocketnow who strung together a few pieces of info that suggests that Verizon is game for the HTC 7 Pro aka Sprint Arrive. The process is a bit of a math/transitive relation solving. In essence, we know there is a device being used with the ID MWP6885 (see our earlier coverage of new devices). There is also an FCC device that was approved called PC93100 which is a 7 Pro (confidentiality has expired). What links them together is a user agent profile called PC93-1.0.xml which, dun dun dun, IDs the MWP6885.

So if MWP6885=PC93 and PC93=7Pro (PC93100) then MWP6885=7 Pro.

Sure, it's a bit of a stretch but technically the logic works. Of course can Verizon actually get this out by the time anyone cares? That remains to be seen.

Update: This may or may not be the Mazza but they are new engineering prototypes that Microsoft is using in house i.e. Asus devices are out. Furthermore, these have Snapdragon and Adreno GPU with gyro sensors. Thanks to our source for the info.

via; Thanks, tezawaly; Pocketnow

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During the MIX11 sessions, we came across a slide that referred to the next update of Windows Phone i.e. 'Mango' as version 7.5. At the same time, the presenter played it off as a 'mistake' even though the slides are vetted before presentation.

Now, on the Microsoft Partner Network, we can see a new section trumpeting the new version of Windows Phone which they are clearly referring to as "Windows Phone OS 7.5". (Note: latest builds of the OS pin it at version 7.1, which means MS is still a bit off from having a completed Mango build--this makes sense being six months out).

Why is this interesting? Microsoft has been in a flux over what to call Windows Phone. For the last few years, it was Windows Mobile with the version number after it. Then came the general "Windows Phone" and we were told personally that they were moving away from the version number thing. Then came "Windows Phone 7 Series", later amended by removing "Series".

Now it looks like Microsoft is going down the road of 0.5 upgrades and labeling, calling Windows Phone 7 'Mango' version 7.5, which we guess is less odd than saying 'Mango' all the time. We'll see how this pans out by the fall as we wouldn't be shocked if they change it yet again.

Update: Brandon Watson is sticking with the "no version number has officially been announced" line.

Source: Microsoft Partner Network; Thanks, @Avi_Franchise, for the heads up

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HTC ad suggests 16MP camera, a WP7 device? [Rumor]

This is filed under rumour (rumor for those who dislike the British usage of the English language), so take it with a pinch of salt. The above advert (published by PocketNow) shows what appears to be a HTC advert covering a device that will feature a 16 megapixel camera with 2 LED flashes. We're not sure what device will sport these features (if this rumour holds true) but let's hope it's another addition to the Windows Phone 7 family of products.

Although this could be all well and dandy, I -- like many others -- would prefer to see better lenses as opposed to doubling pixels, I prefer my Samsung Omnia's camera over a comparable HTC for example and I don't believe doubling the MP will make a whopping difference. What do you make of the video and rumour of 16 megapixels maybe coming to WP7?

Edit: Daniel Rubino says: "I just want HTC figure out getting 5MP to look decent,  then we can worry about 16" (zing!)

Update: If you squint, it almost looks like the rumored HTC Ignite, no? Almost.

Source: PocketNow

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Call it a strong rumor. One that many would like to see com true.

A leaked AT&T email to support personnel is indicating that AT&T will finally push out the Windows Phone 7 Nodo update on April 19th for the Quantum and Focus. The HTC Surround should receive the update in mid-May.

Quoting from the leaked email,

"Effective April 19, 2011, new Microsoft maintenance release updates will be available to AT&T customers with existing LG Quantum and Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 devices. Approved updates for the HTC Surround are scheduled for availability in mid-May and will be communicated once approved."

The memo also indicates that this will involve the release of two new Maintenance Release updates (7008 and 73390). The 7390 update is being referred to as NoDo that adds copy/paste as well as additional functionality that is unique to AT&T.  There is no mention as to why the Surround's update is being delayed.

Sounds promising and fortunately it won't be long before we can tell if this rumor is a good one.  Oddly, the Microsoft Update page still shows AT&T's update as "Testing". Then again, Microsoft hasn't updated the update page since April 6th.  We'll keep you posted if we hear anything more on this.

Source: winrumors Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!

Update: We just checked in on Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Update Page and, as PugetChowder notes in the comments, it has been updated.  The Quantum and Focus are listed as "Scheduling" which typically means the update will be distributed within the next ten days.  The Surround update, unfortunately, is still listed as "Testing".

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Leaked images of a new Windows Phone have surfaced. The HTC Mazaa appears to be sporting a 3.7" screen and, according to unconfirmed reports, will be headed to Sprint in the next six or so months.

The Mazaa resembles the HTC Trophy and is rumored to use DDR2 memory to improve overall speed. The tipster makes not of what appears to be an IMEI number on the phone which could mean the Mazaa has GSM capabilities. Could Sprint be poised to launch a Windows Phone 7 world phone?

All of which leads us to the inevitable question, which will hit the market first, the Sprint Mazaa or Verizon Trophy?

Edit: The red under the speaker grill is exactly like Verizon's "Red" accented Trophy. We find it a bit difficult that Sprint would opt for the same color scheme and at least I'm a bit skeptical. Even AT&T changed the color accent on their HD7 versus T-Mobile's. D. Rubino

Source: XDA Developers via: Pocketnow

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Nokia W7 and W8 to be first WP7 devices? [Rumor]

Nokia made a short appearance at MIX'11 yesterday and with the increased enthusiasm Marco Argenti (head of developer experience at Nokia) showed, it would seem that Nokia are really steaming ahead with the planning and early development stages of their WP7 adoption.

Eldar Murtazin, a dude with inside Nokia knowledge, has claimed to be in the know how with Nokia's WP7 device plans while getting his hands on a prototype. What's interesting is the naming scheme given to the two devices Eldar mentioned - the W7 and W8. He goes on to explain that the W7 is built on similar grounds of the X7 and the W8 (packing an 8 MP camera) is a variant of the N8, Nokia's current flagship device.

Imagine the current N8 running WP7 Mango, would be quite an experience. The prototypes are all being built on Qualcomm chipsets and the W7 is currently being handled in-house for development purposes, which will likely be the first device from Nokia to market, according to Eldar. Should neither appeal to you don't cut all hope as Mr Murtazin also says that Nokia has a dozen WP7 devices planned for 2012 - which could all change depending on the W7 and W8 releases (if this rumour holds true of course).

What do you make of these roumors, and do the above Nokia devices sound appealing to you?

Source: Harahabr, via: Engadget

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Is Windows Phone 'Mango' 7.5 or not?

Read into that slide what you will, but it sure looks to us like Microsoft is calling 'Mango' Windows Phone 7.5, at least internally.

However, when we asked Andrew Clinick from Microsoft, he said that it was a "mistake" calling it 7.5 in that slide and that they haven't decided on what they are calling it yet. So backtrack/covering or legit position? We have no idea, but figured it was worth mentioning, at the very least.

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Looks like Microsoft may be retooling the Xbox LIVE hub a bit for Mango as well, though they are mum on the details at the moment.

The image to the left was taken by us during a MIX11 session today. Denoting Xbox LIVE Gold Status, the change is quite significant from the current version. Our guess is that if you have a Gold account, it will now reflect on the tile. When we asked Microsoft's Andrew Clinick about it, he was very coy giving us a "I have no idea what you're talking about!" with a grin. Real frunny guys!

The second shot to the right, comes courtesy of Long Zheng/iStartedSomething of ChevronWP7 fame and was taken during the keynote (from his Flickr stream). It shows what the nex Xbox Hub may look like, with a smaller list view being shown. What other changes are there? We'll try to find out, but MS seems to not be revealing too much here.

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Tipped off by Chris Walsh, we noticed a few Kinect sensors on stage for the MIX11 keynote talks. Three of them can be seen in the above photo and we're told that there are five in total (we think they're in front, near a speaker).

How are these Kinects being used? We're not too sure, but it's kind of neat knowing that these things have like a billion uses. Oh and we hear from WPSauce (Rahul Mathur) that the Kinect SDK gets released tomorrow. Stay tuned for more on that as it happens.

Edit: There's actually six Kinects, maybe even seven Seems Microsoft has some big Kinect news for tomorrow.

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According to reports over at WinRumors, Microsoft may be planning to announce a more flexible hardware specification allowance for manufacturers of Windows Phone 7 at MIX11. 

"According to sources familiar with the company’s plans, the new hardware specifications will allow device manufacturers such as Nokia to create cheaper Windows Phone devices. The announcement may be made as early as the company’s MIX11 conference this week. The new flexibility will offer device makers the option to use cheaper components to bring the overall cost of a Windows Phone down. Microsoft is understood to be open to flexible specifications in order to gain smartphone market share and eat into Google’s Android efforts."

We also received this info from @WindosPhone8 (still rumour guys!): "New flexible spec #Wp7 chasis requires no wi fi, bluetooth, 3g, camera, fm, compass, gyro. Must have wvga 3.5"+, gps, accelerometer, 2g+"

While this would tie in nicely with Nokia bringing devices to the platform and would certainly appeal to many with a really tight budget, I don't see this happening simply because there are already fairly cheap options already on the platform - namely the HTC 7 Trophy which is available at Amazon (UK) for £299.99 (just under $500US), not to mention previous deals on the Samsung Focus. As well as that, lower-end hardware would introduce concerns from users that the devices may not be able to run the software (and applications) smoothly to ensure a user experience found on top-end models.

With the current line of WP7 devices packing a single-core processor, I'm not entirely sure how low we could go before performance begins to become an issue, especially with multitasking coming around the corner later this year in Mango. Microsoft themselves stated numerous times they're in the smartphone race for the long run, why would they begin to go back on the WP7 foundations that features strict platform hardware requirements? WP7 would also run the risk of mild fragmentation, something that made many of us leave Android.

Let's see if anything is announced at MIX this week, what do you think about the rumor? Do you think it's nonsense and Microsoft will stick to the fantastic strict specification requirements, or do you believe they're starting to get impatient about marketshare?

Source: WinRumors

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(See that big ol' rumor tag? Heed it. What we have here are some rumors from a new source, who, to be honest, is not completely verified. Having said that, what they say will be announced this week at MIX11 is in line with other things we've been hearing officially and unofficially--meaning this is all very plausible. So lets get to it...)

This coming week, Microsoft is hosting their developer conference in Las Vegas, NV, aptly called MIX. They usually announce new tools for developers and roadmaps for features there as well, so it's kind of a big deal as we get a look into what is coming next. Here are a couple of things developers can expect, we're told:

  • Interoperability: devs can now use both Silverlight and XNA inside a single app
  • Bundled SQL CE on the device
  • Full camera API access e.g. for augmented reality apps
  • Live tiles and push notifications will be improved and easier for developers to use
  • Sensor framework and controls - easier access
  • Silverlight 4 for Windows Phone
  • Full network / sockets access (we've heard this before)
  • More on 'Mango'

Like we said, none of the above is exactly crazy and we can totally see Microsoft giving Windows Phone developers these tools, which would really advance the platform. Of course, there's only one way to find out and we'll be there all week covering the event to see if any of this pans out. Fingers crossed.

Source: @WindowsPhone8 (personal communication) 

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File this under rumor (one that can be easily faked) but there are now two reports of a later build of Windows Phone 7 floating around, specifically with build 7753 (as opposed to the "latest" NoDo at 7389). The only prominent difference noted is the appearance of a "search icon" near the Apps arrow which presumably lets you search your apps for a specific program.

The first instance of this build made its appearance with DFT--the same group who brought you WP7 on the HD2. They somehow either made a really good fake or got their hands on a later build of the OS, meaning HD2 owners may see this sooner than later. Now, a secondary user by the name of huggye over at Windows Phone Italy has posted a screen shot of LG Optimus 7 supposedly running 7753 as well. Reportedly this version was "pushed" to his device, perhaps in error.

While we have no doubt that like Windows Mobile, the Windows Phone dev team has multiple branches of the OS in progress (see WM6.5.x series), we're not 100% sure of these stories either as they can be easily faked. But like we said, it wouldn't necessarily surprise us either. Is this an early build of 'Mango'? Seems to be semantics to us as 'Mango' has a lot of things involved, so we think this is just one branch of the future 'Mango' update.

We have an idea: we'll just ask some people at Microsoft at MIX11 next week, fair?

Source: Windows Phone Italy (1), (2); Picture via 'huggye'; via Pocketnow

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The Bank of America Windows Phone 7 app was first mentioned during Steve Ballmer's CES 2011 keynote address. We are now getting indications that the app is in the final stages of testing and should be available over at the Marketplace soon.

Not sure if this will be how the final product looks but based on the screen shots we've received, it appears the app will give you access to a wide range of banking information. Features appear to include checking account balances, paying bills, transferring funds and finding local branches.  Branch searches will pull up Bing Maps and map the nearest branches to your current location.  We're not sure if turn-by-turn directions will be a part of the search results.  The app looks nice and should be well received by Bank of America customers.  

It's a nice looking app and hopefully other financial institutions will follow Bank of America's lead and bring more banking apps to the Windows Phone.

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Information is a bit murky, but it looks like there could be a problem with the recently released ChevronWP7.Updater that was posted a few days ago by Chris Walsh. The updater as of now has been pulled offline with no explanation given. Based on Microsoft's own tools for fixing NoDo installation errors, Walsh was able to modify it so that it forced a NoDo update for any device queued for the ROM upgrade without any "hacking" to the phone itself.

Adding fire to the mix is a report, unconfirmed, from the::unwired who said this:

According to Microsoft, the use of ChevronWP7.Updater could possibly put the updated Windows Phone 7 device into a state where it cannot receive future regular updates to the OS anymore and the only fix will be re-flashing the device with an original stock ROM. At the end of the day if could mean that such Windows Phone 7 devices have to be send to the manufacturers or carriers service centers because unlike for Windows Mobile, stock ROMs are officially not available as a public download for end-users.

However, before we all start panicking, the man himself, Chris Walsh, has chimed in on Twitter saying "Don't believe everything you read" in response from numerous people mentioning the potential issues.

Pure speculation here, but we imagine Microsoft asked Walsh to pull the update till they could test all the ramifications of the hack. In the process, some premature dire warnings made it out to the 'net without 100% confidence behind them e.g. better to be cautious than not. In short, if you haven't done this update yet, your best bet is to wait a few days for the dust to settle as we're sure Walsh and Microsoft will have something to announce on the matter when something definitive can be said.

Source: the:unwired, My Coding Adventures, Twitter 1, Twitter 2

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