Color Sheep

Color Sheep blasts into the Windows Phone Store

Color Sheep, an interesting arcade game that has been available on iOS and Android, has just released on Windows Phone. You play as Sir Woolson, responsible for preventing vicious wolves from stealing life and color from the world. It’s an easy game at first, but don’t get too comfortable. It gets a lot harder.

Head past the break to watch our gameplay video.

Players change Woolson’s color to match oncoming wolves by mixing different intensities of red, green, and blue light. Tap on Woolson to blast out a laser.

There are over twenty color combinations to master. The main colors are red, green, and blue. If there’s a bright red wolf coming, hold the bright button on the right and the red color on the left. Sounds easy, but more complicated color get introduced in higher levels. For example, you need to hold the bright button on the right, while swiping red to blue on the left to get Magenta. For Orange, you need to combine bright red and dark green.

Color Sheep

The color combinations can be a little confusing because they’re not based on the three primary colors we learned in school: red, yellow, and blue. It’s already embedded in our heads than combining red and yellow creates orange. That’s not the case in Color Sheep. You get used to it after a few rounds, though.

Color Sheep

The wolves sometimes drop magical items. Tap to collect for use. Some these items slow down the wolves while some get rid of them quickly if they get too close. The visual effects look great.

Color Sheep

It only requires one wolf to hit Woolson to end the game. You have to start over from the beginning if you want to keep playing.

Color Sheep costs 99 cents at the Windows Phone Store. There’s no free trial available in the initial version, but we think it’s worth the price. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Color Sheep blasts into the Windows Phone Store


I think this colour system is fairly intuitive to most! Perhaps you're mixing up additive and subtractive colour? What we learned in primary school was subtractive (we started with white light and took away wavelengths by mixing colours). Here, since we're dealing with lasers, it's additive colour (we start with invidual wavelengths of light and add additional wavelengths to get the desired colour).

Thought it was weird that I needed to mix Red and Green to get Orange. It was embedded in my head that Yellow + Red = Orange. I'm getting used to the game, but it's definitely messing with what I think I learned.

Yep, it's additive colour (eg, mixing light together). Hence Red Green and Blue, like RGB colour pickers. So if you're familiar with PhotoShop or any other graphics program, or UI development, or even lighting, it will be second nature. Otherwise it doesn't take too long to get familiar with.

Tell her somwhere across few oceans a person shares her disappointment... I need candy crush, Stick cricket and miniclip 8 ball pool... These were my before sleep rituals when i was on droid...I am forced to play temple run 2 since coming to wp...

Unfortunately the update to Sweet Crush has turned it into another generic matching game. Maybe they got a warning or lawsuit? Too bad.

a lot of new high quality, 512mb supported games, i cant stop playing on my L625. <3


(but still waiting for the royal revolt 2 IAP servers to switch on :) )

Dude, c'mon! While people here are pissed at your comments sometimes, it takes a comment sometimes to realize Brazil isn't offshore to them (it is, but don't care for the technicalities).

Why no trail? I don't mind the 99 cents but it would be nice first to make absolutely sure I won't regret it.