The Converge app returns to Windows Phone as a high-quality tech newsreader

Converge is a popular newsreader that used to go by the name of the Verge app. We will skip wading into the circumstances that lead to the name change, but even as 'Converge,' the developer behind the app, Anand Prakash, faced some obstacles in keeping his creation on the Store. Now, Converge is back with version 4.0 and with it a new mission as a general tech newsreader, but with the familiar – and beautiful – UI and smooth transitions.

Converge 4.0 still features articles from the Verge, but additionally it now also supports feeds from WinBeta and Windows Phone Central (with our blessing and consent). The decision as to which newsfeeds to use is left to the user during the initial setup.

Prakash only moonlights as a Window Phone developer as his day job has him in Redmond at some company called Microsoft (check out his developer blog anand-prakash.net). Due to his background, he may know a thing or two about proper Windows Phone development. We suppose there is a reason many covet this app, and it no doubt has to do with the gorgeous Modern design.

With version 4.0 of the app, the features and benefits include:

  • MULITPLE NEWS SOURCES: Get the latest in consumer technology news, reviews, features, videos and exclusives.
  • DISCUSS: Read comments, sign-in, post new comments and reply to comments posted by other readers when supported.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Dark and light theme, adjustable text size, style and live tiles.

From the Live Tile, to the themes to the integration of Pocket and even text style, Converge makes an excellent choice for keeping up to date through the sites that matter. Did we also mention it is free?

If you missed the original Verge app from Prakash, or lost it during its hiatus, now is your chance to grab 4.0 and start anew!

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Reader comments

The Converge app returns to Windows Phone as a high-quality tech newsreader


Belive me, you have found it! it will lack sorces since the dev wants to add more to the list but needs to work on the user interface of each source so you can read and do coments and that kind of things. I'm a user from the "the verge app" times and it's always been really clean, and now you can have different sources :D

I've always enjoyed this app, even all the way back when it was just The Verge (The Verge's quality of editorial not withstanding). Was always a well done app. Glad to see it back, was wondering where it went.

Looking forward to checking the new app out and hopefully more sources will be added often.

I've loved this app since I first tried it. Lost it during cyan update and was fiending to get it back. Was so happy to see it available last night. Converge and WPCentral are my two most used apps.

It's been available for ages. Like, I'm talking forever. It never disappeared. I was getting app updates consistently over the past year. The only thing that happened is the name was changed.

Only reason I wouldn't hard reset from Dev Preview to get Cyan on my 1520 was because I didn't want to lose this app.

I hard reset months ago and the app still installed. The app ID was the same. It wasn't removed from the store

Honestly, and this is in no way trying to depreciate Jay's work, but WPCentral articles look so much cleaner in the Converge app than WPCentral Windows Phone itself. Animations seems to be moderate too.

Unfortunately though, it doesn't have the many cool, neat features found in WPC WP app.

Damn..i never thought it was bad looking. Guess its just my personal taste, but IMO, it strikes a good balance between accessibility and visual appeal

On the contrary. I love it. They've packed so much functionality into it, and it has a very clean UI that adheres to WP UI philosophy. One of the best apps out there and a model for others to follow.

Jay has done a great job with WPC app and I'm a big fan.

Converge is NOT a replacement for WPC app, rather a better solution for folks who are using RSS reader apps. RSS is limiting in many ways, another reason why there is no option to add any random feed in converge. I do understand the ask from many folks to support RSS though and would think of a solution. All this would make even more sense after a few more updates for converge.

Thanks to everyone for all the support.

Does it now feature in-app video playback?
I found that to be the only negative, ever since its inception. Apart from that, its amazing!

Been using this to read The Verge for a while, didn't know it had disappeared before? ANyway, downloaded the new version yesterday and it's even more awesome now. One of the best apps there are of its kind, IMO.

If we could get RSS feeds into it somehow, I'd dump Magnify.

The Verge Editor-in-chief has publicly mocked Windows as poison lol, so expecting any unbiased article, reviews or any other move is just daydreaming :)

No...The guy that called it poison is now editor in chief of the verge his twitter handle is @reckless. It's a shame the verge is so biased against Windows. Their articles are generally good if you look past it.

Don't read Computerworld at all anymore (except for Shark Tank) because of Preston Gralla's blog. I think he wants Windows to die, in all its forms.

I'm cool with him totally changing the design of the app if he wanted to make it look less like the verge. The app has been amazing since I started to use it. The verge sucks idk I read their stuff sometimes

Checking it out. I hope this makes me forget about getting Flipboard on my WP.  Since I don't expect to ever see it.

I have always wondered as to why The Verge does not make a WP app. Is it so hard for them? Or is it the compulsions that also entail the giant Samsung Galaxy logo on the splash screen of the Android app?
The Verge calling itself a tech site is a joke if it can not do its bit in embracing and popularising the third platform.

Supposedly they are doing away with all apps in the future and going to a "nice mobile interface" because time and money to great and upkeep isn't worth it to them.

I do not doubt what you say, and that is a load of bs from The Verge, a website which I do really like, if not for their disdain of WP.

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Still prefer the official WPC app for WPC stuff, but Converge is great as a Verge app. I just wish Anand could get the keyboard issues worked out-- it hasn't wanted to capitalize first words in sentences in quite some time, and I haven't had that problem with any other app.

Thanks, I know exactly what you are talking about. This is because I had to hide emoji's in the keyboard (their API wasn't handling those properly) and the only way to do that is setting keyboard input mode to "search". That in turn creates the issues you are explaining here.

All that said, it's a bad compromise which I made to save time for other features. Should get better in future release. :-)

Great App. Added to my Start arsenal.

The only thing I could say is about the category page, where I didn't find a way (maybe there isn't) to change the tiles placement.
I mean... I hate seeing the APPLE tile at the upper left corner as the first, and scrolling a bit to go to Microsoft...

Amazing reader. This is definitely the best one yet.. Some other readers just links you to the mobile website and launches IE..

Great app! Thanks to the developer!

The Verge can try to keep WP down, but we keep coming back!

I need a new general tech site though.  They've gone downhill in a lot of different ways astounishly fast in the past 2 and a half months.

and please don't add sources like Pocketnow. they have very little good to say about Windows Phone. I also stopped reading their articles and watching their YT channels.

I really want to see more apps and games in the windows store! But start with the popular ones like Clash Of Clans, Magister (for dutch schools), etc...

@anprak,hi developer you showed others the power and unique features of windows phone os.I have send emails to lot of developer to develop or redesign their app by considering your app as a model.Expecting a lot of apps from you in future.. :)

@anprak,hi developer you showed others the power and unique features of windows phone os.I have send emails to lot of developer to develop or redesign their app by considering your app as a model.Expecting a lot of apps from you in future.. :)

Nice app, but I'm confused. There's a "Save in Pocket" feature, but there's no Pocket app for Windows Phone. How about adding a "Save in Readability" for which there IS an Windows Phone app.