Dark Lands

Dark Lands, a 2D adventure game under development for Windows Phone

Dark Lands is an action/adventure game under development for Windows Phone that has you playing the role of a warrior tasked with running a gauntlet of sorts battling monsters and avoiding death traps.

Dark Lands is the creation of independent developer Mingle Games, who isn't a stranger to mobile gaming with several games available over on the iOS and Android platforms.The independent developer also has one title in the Windows Phone Store (Save the Birds) and is part of the Microsoft/Nokia sponsored AppCampus that is also bringing us Project Tripod.  

In contrast, Dark Lands is... well... a darker game than Save the Birds that, based on what little we've seen, makes a very nice first impression.

Dark Lands is a combination of an infinity running game, fighting game and RPG. While the main character finds himself running throughout the game and dodging traps, hurdles and other dangers he can also stop and fight the various monsters and bosses the game throws at him.

Dark Lands

Crystals are collected as the main character races from danger to danger that can be used to upgrade his abilities and purchase new weapons and armor.

The 2D graphics have a minimalistic feel and just from the snippets we've seen of the game look rather excellent. Dark Lands should stand out in a positive way on our Windows Phone gaming shelves.

It's our understanding that development is still about two months from being complete and as we hear more on Dark Lands, we'll pass it on.


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Dark Lands, a 2D adventure game under development for Windows Phone


Me too. That aspect combined with the seemingly interesting game play makes it a potential purchase for me.

Hey, lets talk, again, about how MS might allow XBL games on iDroid.. You think we can rack up 500 more comments❓❓❓LOL!!

I often find your comments ammusing, some are straight up funny.  Others, not so much... but I guess you take the good with the bad.  This one though is just stupid.  Seriously dude...

And while were talking...  since you wanted to talk...  you obviously find it funny to stir up trouble by fanning the flames of controversial topics on this site... That really does nothing to help WPCentral, Windows Phone or Mobile Nations as a whole.  While you may find it funny, it means that the rest of us have to deal with reading or trying to filter through the mass of comments that often results from people getting all bent out of shape over it and overreacting.  There is enough of that without you (and others) pushing the buttons of the more excitable readers here.  Bringing those controversial topics up in an unrelated post is also pretty lame.

I agree with Warren, lets not talk about it and stay on topic.  So would you please give it a rest once in a while and just let it be?  You're not the only one I see doing this so it's more of a blanket appeal to the community as a whole.  (even though I'm directing it at you in this instance)

I'll leave you with this quote as I think it's applicable...

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I'll let you have the last word though, if you care to, so fire away!   And by all means really let me have it this time.  ;)

My understanding was that was one game. I'm not interested in the series myself but my Windows Phone fanboy tendencies demand a Windows version first. Not happy to get sloppy seconds...

well, trust me wp8 users are already angry on slow updates from MS and when they get news like xbl games on iDroid they will find place to take their frustation out. So better not discuss it here.

LOL.. I seriously wasn't trying to discuss it again it was a joke. But, Mr. quotey pants up ⬆here got offended and blew it all out of proportion.. After 500 comments yesterday I think we had enough.. Lol❕❕

Same here lol. Man it was pathetic. All that over just a rumour too, one that turned out to not even be completely true.

Its coming to WP huh... That's why they were sitting in front of iMacs and demoed the game on an iPad?

Let me guess, first they make an iOS version, then an Android version, and then when they release Dark Land 2 for iPhone, then we get a WP version that costs more than the iPhone version...
Don't mean to be so negative, but after seeing how this has happened so many times before I don't want to get my hopes all worked up just to be disappointed again.
Anyway, the game looks god. Best wishes to the developers!

Or not at all like Skype.
As I posted in another thread, I think we should start a WPC based protest/spamfest against Microsoft demanding that product under their umbrella (i.e., Skype, Xbox games, etc.) support WP sooner or at the same time as other mobile OS'.
I'm talking twitter, support emails, community forums, etc.

It might look similar but these guys started to develop Dark Lands way before there was anything out and public about Badland. 

Yes they do indeed. 2D artwork can be incredibly beautiful (I'd call this game slightly pretty) and fits many styles of games better than 3D artwork.

Looks like a great game but one Xbox arcade game I've been clamoring for is if they bring Shank to Windows Phone that would be the epitome of freaking EPIC