Dark Lands goes free in special offer; download now to battle Goblins, Orcs and Ogres

Dark Lands

Nothing beats some Goblin, Orc and Ogre bashing on your Windows Phone, especially when you don't have to pay for it. Dark Lands is an interesting game from the AppCampus program, the venture backed by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University. If you've not heard of the title prior this article, think of Dark Lands as an infinite runner with some RPG elements to it

Released to the store only a few days ago, the developer has contacted us to alert a free deal period. Lasting only a handful of days, you can download Dark Lands from the Windows Phone Store for free.

Dark Lands

If you seek a Windows Phone game that will zap some time from your life, we strongly urge you to give this title a try. You can download Dark Lands from the Windows Phone Store for free over the next two days (usually $2.99). Available for both Windows Phone 7x and 8.

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Dark Lands goes free in special offer; download now to battle Goblins, Orcs and Ogres


I just love the art style. However, the menu should be revamped. Gameplay wise, it's not bad but the animation is not as good as the art style depicts, combat is rather frustrating, controls are wonky and the traps are too random. Also the blocking mechanic is broken. I don't get why I kinda hyped over this lol, still, a couple of patches could fix the game. Well, time will tell. For now, I will keep it on my phone.

I have a question and need some opinions about it.

I am in the process of selecting a WP8 device by end of December and I just found out that the latest WP8 flagship in my country (L925) is almost equal in price to the HTC One. And the HTC One Mini is actually cheaper than the L925.

So now..I be placed in a bewilderment. Which one should I opt for?

I just bought a Lumia 925 last week, I had a Lumia 800 before (WP7 device). The Lumia 925 is a really nice looking device with a great camera and a great display. But the same goes for the HTC One (except for the camera part). The difference really comes to WP vs Android, if you enjoy a uniform and consistent experience and you don't mind about Candy Crush (popular game in my country which isn't available for WP), I'd say choose L925 with WP8. But if you want to play a lot of games and have access to the file system, then you should probably go with the One.

I'm a very happy 925 owner. I have used the One and the hardware is nice, but it can't beat the feel of the 925 in you hand. It's just so refined and precise, I pick it up just to feel it in my hands again. And everyone who I show it to says it's a great piece of kit.

Point noted. Thanks. To me both devices look gorgeous..which makes it tougher to choose. But the "feel" doesn't affect my choice much. I can deal with a plastic device if it's better than the aluminium ONE..(< See what I did here..Aluminium ONE...ONE..Ok, I'll just stop now :P).
But maybe that's just because I never held the One (or the L925)..:(

Further info on my choice:
I want a good camera. Seriously..I think Nokia Pureview wins here. I expect to use my camera a lot.
I don't find plastic vs aluminium of affecting my choice too much.
I'm not an app junkie. I don't tweet, instagram and stuff..and I can work with 3rd party apps if needed. I mean..my current OS is Symbian S60v5. And I used to use "Facinate" to facebook..until it was taken down (still sad about that) instead of the official app. So I know the power of 3rd parties.
And..I like the WP UI.
And I like gaming but I don't think that's gonna stop me from getting WP.
Big plus point..I expect to get a W8.1 or 8.1RT (not sure yet) in the near future.
Personally..my choice was made: Lumia. But the fact that the HTC One is about the same price makes me wonder if I am not ignoring a better option.
But here's an interesting thing. If the L1020 drops in our stores here by end of December. It's Lumia all the way..:D
I guess my choice is made then: Lumia. Thanks guys. Sorry for long reply.

TLDR? I made my choice: Lumia. But feel free to reply if you think I need to re-consider my option. Thanks.

Hi, Both device are completely different .

I am the former owner of HTC One , but i have now sold it and got Nokia 1020 and Nokia 925.

What i observed it , Windows is for user who love to use the phone a lot with many background app syncing all time and battery goes for two days.

But if you do the same in android then battery will dry to fast. I said this becoz i am business guy and have email and Skype running all time .

And also for people who likes minimalistic .

Android for those who used to spend 12 hours a day with their phone by rooting , flashing , modding and try various shitty apps .

My vote is for windows if you like to have your phone clean. Btw in windows there are limitation which you have to bear.

In android you are fee to do,anything. Btw if you like to gofor Ndroid go with one.

Else 925 , it last 3 days

Seems like it's gonna be a L925 for me..:D Unless the L1020 comes in our stores on time. Fingers crossed. I just hope there won't be too much of a price difference between the L925 and L1020..because I am already dishing out my maximum of cash here..

Nice....i tried the game when it first came out and now I'm going to own it...thanks To the Developer...cool graphics and overall nice game!

Not all developers can justify spending $30,000+ just so you can get achievements. The certification process is brutal and expensive. You have to pay & go through the certification process for *every update* which is why a lot of xbox games (on all platforms) never get fixed. That's also why Rovio removed all the Live stuff from their games... So they can actually release & update all their games without going through a costly process. MS are currently scrambling to make it easier & cheaper, but I think we'll see less and less except for the AAA titles or titles where MS is footing the bill.

Developers like these deserve our support, we need more indie games on Windows Phone. And this game really feels like a labor of love. That said, the inexperience is evident.

Controls are responsive but awkard which speaks to some poor decisions. The jumping, for example, is way too high and doesn't cover enough forward distance. Even during the tutorial it was tough to get timing right over those spinning blades. Combat doesn't really offer enough fluidity or visual cues to really know what to do other than mash the screen until someone dies.

The differences are subtle. A lot of amateur developers fall into this trap of thinking they're making a game challenging when they're actually creating a frustrating experience. It's a subtle difference that makes a player feel like they're fighting the controls instead of fighting in-game enemies and obstacles. Rayman Jungle Run, for example, is arguably a lot more difficult but the game feels really natural. It's a matter of learning the courses and getting timing right, not trying to figure how to work with awkward controls. Of course, a lot of that also has to do is very carefully laying out each stage; that's something that Nintendo has always been amazing at with Super Mario Bros.

But Dark Lands is still good enough that it's addicting. So I'm hoping that they refine controls in future updates.

Good points. I haven't played this game yet (just downloaded it) but I've seen what you said in a lot of other games by inexperienced developers. E.g. The Machine came out fairly recently and while it looked nice it was brutally frustrating. I think it was level 3 or 4 where the difficulty was suddenly ramped up and the deaths went from 0-2 to around 30-40. I think they've updated it since, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth and I'm not keen to play it again.

I emailed the devs, they are currently working on an update but didn't specify the details. I just hope they fix the game soon.

Wow, someone was inspired by Outland! 

But that's a fantastic game, so I understand. Downloading now!

Fortunately,my recurrent problem with my microsoft account (hadn't synced since Tuesday) got fixed in time for me to download this.
As stated by Uselessrobot above,the gameplay does need more work,but the concept is great. Gotta say thank yous to Mingle Games for making it free and WPcentral for the tip.