Deal Alert: AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 available for just $365

Lumia 1020

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is a solid Windows Phone with a beast of a camera. Sporting Windows Phone 8 (and soon to be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1), it's always worth noting when such a premium smartphone goes on sale. The device is currently listed on Deal Fisher for just $364.99 with AT&T.

Lumia 1020 Deal Fisher

We recently looked at another sweet deal for the Lumia 1020 on AT&T over on Amazon. The Windows Phone sports a 41-megapixel PureView camera, 4.5-inch AMOLED screen, 32GB of internal memory, 2GB of RAM, and a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor.

This listing has black, white and yellow variants and are refurbished units.

Source: Deal Fisher; thanks, micallan_17, for the heads up!


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Deal Alert: AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 available for just $365


Wow! That's an excellent price for an excellent phone. I would had easily bought this today if I didn't have the 1520. Damn

Agreed, I'm on T-Mobile with an international 920 that works like a champ... But the camera just calls to me. Damn AT&T and their not-so-friendly unlock process.

I disagree. I got the 1020 last August outright at the MS store. I called att and told them I paid full price and wanted it unlocked. Even though im not a fan of att's customer service, they were very nice and helpful. All they did was verify that it wasn't under contract. They offered to email it to me, but I asked if I could get the code right away. They put me on hold, came back with the code and offered to stay on the line while I unlocked it. I know the 920 was more tough and no idea about the 1520, so ymmv. But the 1020 is an easy free unlock as long as its not under contract. Not to mention it works well with tmobile.

Are AT&T phones really that hard to unlock?  I've bought 5 AT&T phones (four 820 and one 1020) and got all of them unlocked rather easily.  The 820s were used off ebay, the 1020 was bought brand new.  I used cellunlocker.net.  Is it really that hard to unlock?

I was a long time customer and bought the 1020 outright at att but it was EASY unlocking it. I just called and asked. I've been on T-Mobile since before they announced Jump.
I do think there is a problem with sending a text to multiple people. But T-Mobile is great with the 1020!

"...soon to be upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1" - I don't think anyone is holding their breath on this happening soon with AT&T.

I got mine for -30 on contract at the MS Store since they didn't charge me sales tax. Now that's a goddam steal!

It has T-Mobile LTE and you get the refarmed 1900mhz as well.

If you call ATT even as a non-customer, you just basically say you bought the phone "outright" and you need it unlocked.  Its what I did when I bought my L920.  I got the unlock code on the phone within 15 mins tops.

I kept the rep online while I restarted the phone and input the unlock code and boom...many months later and I am still rockign that beauty.

I had no problem getting my 1020 unlocked a few weeks after I bought it. I just emailed att customer service, mentioned an upcoming overseas trip, and they replied with the code, no pushback at all. (And, of course, once the phone was unlocked, it ran much faster.)

Why it's locked and Verizon's phones are unlocked? I would love to get this phone just for the camera, but I have sweet 928 and maybe I'll get Icon

Stay the heck away from Deal Fisher, I bought a Lumia 928 from them and it came with chips out of it. They never responded to my emails until I said I was filing a PayPal dispute. There is a 15 page thread on slickdeals of people who went through their RMA process who never got their money back so I requested a $10 credit for the damaged phone placed back on my PayPal account and they refused.

Strange, because I just opened up a box with the Lumia 928 and placed it to charge. It seems fine thus far as I have already downloaded OS updates but it needs to charge in order to complete the installation.

Debating doing this. Not really a fan of refurbished phones, but I've wanted a 1020 (currently have a 920) for a while now, and I'd love to have a newer phone while I wait for Nokia's new flagship.

My company is with T-Mobile, and I am currently using Lumia 810.  If I get this phone and get it unlocked, I assume the following:

1. I can simply plug in my T-Mobile SIM card and use the phone

2. I would have no trouble accessing T-Mobile LTE and other bands for data connection

3. I can do internet sharing

4. I would be able to receive new phone updates

Thanks everyonr in advance with your helpful answers.


A Huge Yes for all of your questions. Make sure the Sim card you have is compatible with LTE. old ones are not. Internet sharing is only blocked on At&t network if you have a different network there is no way they can block it. I share internet on my unlocked At&t network with no issues. Updates are not related to the carrier you are using at any given time but it depends on the ID of the phone, whenever at&t or MS release WP 8.1 you'll get the update via Wi-Fi.


Please let me know how DealFisher treats you. I still feel kinda scared of buy refurbished phones from them.

Thanks for your response.  In the past I have purchased many items from Deal Fisher with no issue, so I am hopeful this time it would work as well.  I got a HTC 8x (unlocked Verizonwireless) from them and it worked fine.  I don't use it as a phone right now as it is mainly a backup for me.

I am really tempted to get one now with the positive answers.


1. If you get an AT&T 1020, you'll obviously have to get it unlocked first because it's locked to AT&T.

2. You WILL get T-Mobile LTE once it is unlocked. It should also work on EDGE and 4G.

3. Internet sharing might work, but it can be tricky if you need to use Access Point to get all the APN info in and working.

4. You would have to rely on AT&T for new phone updates because it's still an AT&T branded phone.

Hope that helps, John! :)

Thanks for the detailed explanation.  I did invest and bought the phone last night before the deal expired. 

On point 3, fingers crossed that it will work when I need internet access on my computer/tablet. 

On point 4, does that mean I need to put in an AT&T SIM card to get the updates downloaded?