Deal Alert: Grab the Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon for as low as $29.99

 Lumia 928

Mother always said life was like a box of chocolates. If you shop around you’ll find older, seasonal selections for a cheaper price. Giving you some extra money for the rest of the date. Or something like that. Same applies for smartphones, if you shop around you’ll get some sweet deals for a phone that isn’t old – the Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon.

Newegg - $29.99

The first deal, from Newegg, is most inexpensive way to get a Lumia 928 that we can find right now. You’ll need to be either starting a new account, be eligible for an upgrade, or add another line to snag the Xenon packing 928. Doing that will only cost you $29.99 versus the $99 price you’ll find at most Verizon stores. Go to Newegg to get the Lumia 928 in either ebony or ivory.

RadioShack - $49.99

Why shop at The Shack for 20 dollars more compared to Newegg? Lots of reasons, you may be telling a relative to get the Lumia 928 and they just absolutely love shopping locally. Then tell them to go to RadioShack for a Lumia 928 that costs just $49.99, still half off compared to their local Verizon store. As usual, to get that price you’ll need to be starting a new account, upgrading a line, or starting a new line. RadioShack also gives the phone in either black or white.

Sam’s Club - $49.74

Sams Club Deal

What?! You can get the Lumia 928 for 25 cents cheaper through your local Sam’s Club than RadioShack? While we won’t be seeing Black Friday crowds trampling each other for the savings, Sam’s Club is also getting in on the game of saving you money on a Lumia 928. A Reddit user posted a picture showing an in-store promotion for the newest Lumia on Verizon. Head to your local store to take advantage of this deal.

Wirefly - $49.99

Another place to snag a Nokia Lumia 928 on the cheaper side is Wirefly. The online site has the device going for $49.99 with either a new contract, upgrade, or new line. You can get that deal right here.

Have you found any other deals we missed? Share them below! Who is planning on picking up the Lumia 928? Already have it? Discuss in the forums.

Thanks to James S and everyone who sent this in!


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Deal Alert: Grab the Nokia Lumia 928 on Verizon for as low as $29.99


Wonder how well its selling? as good as 920? First time Verizon had a top notch Windows phone, you would think it would draw some attention.

It should be selling great. I just bought one today. And am absolutely loving it. I am coming from a Galaxy Nexus. When I went in to the store to purchase all the sales reps were testing the 928 out and taking pictures with the Cinemagraph. I had to break them up just so I can purchase the phone.
So AFAIK it's off to a good start when sales reps are backing it. In fact the rep that was helping me had a GSIII and was waiting so she could get her hands on a Lumia 928. Go Nokia...

I spent all day looking for a black 928 every store said yes then I get there and its white. Grrrr I want a black one.

Didn't I see yesterday that the black won't be available until the 20th? Or maybe I just had too much to drink again...

I have already ordered my White 928! Got the clear shatter-proof plastic case and x3 screen protectors on ebay! they'll all be here about Saturday for me!

OH, and let me explain about the phone itself. I get paid Friday but my friend works at Verizon, he thinks this phone won't sell too well so he set me one aside in the back with his own name on it! I did play with the demo, and impressed him quite a bit! He might become a believer!

That's great to hear about the display. Its great that Nokia has a flagship in each major carrier now.

Don't they suck, they really need to make a new system. I guess you could always buy one off contract, Windows phones are pretty cheap, if you consider 2,3,4 hundred cheap

T-Mobile ftw! (seriously though, I wish all the carriers here in the US followed that model. I'd kill to have a contract free, upgrade any time I want, Verizon LTE experience)

Yes, but Verizon probably won't unlock these for at least six months. Kind of like what AT&T did with the Lumia 920. 

Actually, all Verizon LTE phones come factory unlocked out of the box. I think it had something to do with FCC terms when VZW bought their spectrum.

Don't if you ever use MMS. At least until someone reports it works on non-Verizon carriers.
It's impossible to get MMS working on the 822 and the 8X from Verizon on other carriers.

Hmmm... I never tried sending an mms from my Verizon 8x with my AT&T sim. I just tried a few calls and that was it. I just wanted to play with the 8x for a bit before I gave it to my girl.

I'm happy for Verizon customers and I hope the phone does well.  But I think you are crazy to go in on a 2 year contract at those prices.  Maybe I'm missing something, but the cheapest plan Newegg lets me pick is $80 for 300MB of data.

Actually, at Big Red for new customers the cheapest is $40 for the smartphone and $50 for 1 GB of data on their new Share Everything plan.  Can't really understand how they are attracting new customers at those prices.

I picked mine up this morning at a Verizon store. Kind of bummed I paid more, but super happy I have it now. I was well past my ability to wait anymore. I'm posting this comment from it in fact.

look in the fourms you can get a free one if you have a BOA bank account (free after rebate)...
i'm waiting for a deal off contract...I want to keep my unlimited data

This is going to burn some people up but ordered mine today and when everything is said and done it is going to be free!!... Went through Bank of America and they had a $50 promo so since Wirefly has it for 49.99... just paying for upgrade fee for Verizon.  Can't wait til it gets here!!!

Ok for all you people who say att needs to match this somehow just remember that the 920 pretty much matches the 928 in every aspect except a xenon flash its all preference just like how T-Mobile is getting the 925 with a sixth lens and slimmer body each phone has an advantage and the Lumia 920 has the best design overall plus the same phone you guys are buying and going to start enjoying now I have been enjoying for the past six months

While I don't disagree with anything you said, I think the more appropriate response is that AT&T will do better than "match" this when they pick up the exclusive on the upcoming EOS device.

Yea well I'll wait till the next major update before buying a new windows phone. Praying on a Nokia phablet with a 1080p screen and quad core processor. EOS isn't enough for me if it doesn't have all of that.

Lets face it, there are alot of Verizon customers and alot of em are coming off two year contracts from the horrible DROID offerings that ate battery, constantly bricked or needed battery pulls, and CPUs that became underpowered a month in, a flagship Nokia 928 is going to put WP on the map!! Mark my words.... Former android customers aren't looking at iPhones, there looking for something different, and its the real reason google is running scared. Long live Nokia and windows phone! - 920 owner

I'm one of those people.  Came from the disaster that was the Droid X2.  
Except I couldn't wait 2 months and just bought an 822 off-contract instead. :-D

Why's the full price of the Lumia 928 listed as $799 on these outside retailers when it's $499 on Verizon? Man that's a lot of additional sales tax.

Why can't Nokia make a generic case for every Lumia that way we can get accessories for that phone or this phone and still keep them. Like iPhones. Maybe that's why there's a ton of appliances and everything else for them. It's hard to make this or that for every type of phone. Who cares about Android. I was just throwing this our there.

It is possible to get a 2GB individual data tier when upgrading on the Verizon site? The only plan options now are Shared everything since I'm on a family plan. Can't I keep the 2GB individual plan??? If I upgrade on newegg, will that conflict?

You should be fine if you go through newegg. Not sure why the site isn't giving you the option to stay on existing family plan, but you definitely are allowed to keep the 2gb data plan.

So what's the forum to read how to get it without a contract and without paying full price. Also what is the BOA deal

There is this little tool called "search" it might help you in your quest...
Or just browse the 928 fourms..like everyone else did.

Will the 928 have the same issues with the front facing camera as the 920 does? Hopefully, Nokia has finally addressed that issue.

Since you are obviously telling the truth, im going to go ahead and avoid Nokia phones. As a matter a fact, let me avoid windows phones all together and go with something else :•p

Went to 2 verizon stores yesterday, in both cases the first rep I spoke to had NO idea what the hell I was talking about whtn I asked if they had the black Lumia 928 in stock.  They both needed to call in reinforcements to figure it out.  btw I was standing by the windows phone display that had the white one sitting pretty much right next to me.
Ended up having to order it online since stores don't seem to have black yet.  (even after I called and they told me they did).  Switching from an iPhone 5!  Can't wait!

Hello, never have had a windows device before...though this phone intrigues my wife and I to switch from Sprint/Android. Does anyone know where I can pick up a black 928?  I went to the verizon store yesterday and the guy wasn't very helpful, just told me they were sold out within a 500 mile radius and he had no idea when they would get some in, could be weeks/month.  Would Radio Shack have them in stock?  -I'll call later, but wondering if anyone has had any luck obtaining a black or have any suggestions.  Also - if I purchase online through Newegg or Radioshack, i'm sure I can't do the 12 month device payment plan or apply my company discount right?
-On a hunt in Colorado

Unfortunately the guy at the store was no help because we don't know when the black models will be in. Online it said it would ship by the 20th...so hopefully next week sometime.
The 12 month payment plans only apply if you buy the device at full price, and yes, that would have to be done at a VZW corporate store only. If you are going to be brand new to VZW, then Radio Shack cannot apply your corporate discount, but you can manually at VZW.com/discounts. Your corporate discount wouldn't apply to the price of the phone anyway, so that part wouldn't matter.

Thanks!  I'm still at a crossroad whether or not I want to buy the device at full price or not.  Have been so out of touch with phone services/plans/options because I've been on Sprint for so long that I don't know what will benefit me anymore.  I do know however, i'm ready for a new phone and will happily make the switch to 928.  

Ordered my 928 (Black) as a replacement for my HTC Trophy this morning from the New Egg link. Looking forward to having this early next week. I used a channel partner eval one for a few days and it's an awesome device.

Same here, ordered the white one on Saturday to replace my Trophy off of NewEgg. Hopefully it comes tomorrow. I recieved an e-mail saying the inventory had been depleted but I think it was just because it was one day shipping and it hadnt shipped. Which I knew it wasnt going to until Monday.

Played with one in the store today...seems pretty much the same speed as my L920. I didn't like the restyling--very square and the plastic seems cheaper than the 920. Yes, it's lighter, but that doesn't bother me. The side buttons are more difficult to find. Glad I don't need to worry about upgrading!

I can not thank you guys enough for the article :-D I have been waiting for about a year and a half for a flagship Nokia and your article saved me $140 on two phones thank you!!!!

Seems to be popular enough: Thank you for shopping with Newegg.com Wireless Store.
Response to our offer on the Nokia Lumia 928 White - 4G LTE this week was so great that we have depleted our inventory. Please don’t worry though, we have a shipment already en route to us. We just wanted to send you a courtesy email to let you know why your phone hasn’t shipped yet.

Dude this thing is flippety doo-dah sexy!!!! Picked one up tonight at Verizon. I've had an 8x for work for the last few months and this 928 by far blows it away with quality. You can just feel it when you pick it up. I can't put the thing down or even put it in my pocket when I'm walking. Got zero errands done at the mall. Take a bow Nokia/Microsoft!

Ok, long time Android user here, currently on a Samsung GS3 with Verizon. I've been following/considering WP for a while (actually bought my wife an HTC Trophy over a year ago and she loves it). I'm kind of getting board with Android and I don't think there are any apps at this point that are show stoppers to not have (some though that I would definitely miss like the Optimum app (my cable provider) and the Lexus app to interface with my car). There are however some specific things I do with Android that work really well. Also, I really like the Lumia hardware and with a 3 year old daughter the great camera/video are a huge plus. My questions to you WP8 veterans.
- Navigation and voice commands. Can you use voice commands on WP8 (or specifically the Lumia 928) to trigger navigation. For example, in Android I can say "Navigate to Joe's Crab Shack in Hollywood California" and it will find the address and start the navigation app. It works almost flawlessly (as just about all voice commands in Android).
- Can you install different keyboards other than stock?
- Any good Podcasting applications (that you can search and add channels and stream via LTE)?
- Any news applications similar to Pulse (which I understand used to be on WP but now isn't)?
Thanks all, and enjoy your new 928's :)

1) Voice Navigation - Not from outside the Navigation application until the next update.  There are third party Apps to store locations that allow what you request them.
2) No additional keyboards - this is major security risk and violates the App isolation model of WP (i.e. These rules are why WP doesn't crash, or have security issues like keyboard monitoring/malware input queue) like is OFTEN used to target Android devices. The largest round of Android malware 'attached' to Google updates was keyboard input mimicking software
3) Podcasting HAS BEEN BUILT in to WP7 and WP8, providing far richer features than 99.9% of 3rd party Apps, which is why there are FEW podcasting Apps. However, SlashDash and others will offer the features you want if the built in does not work.
4) Pulse has migrated to a Web Site Application.  www.pulse.com is equivalent to any native Application. CNN, NBC, and Apps like Weave - News360 fill any voids you might perceive with breaking news alerts and live tiles.
If you wife truly has an HTC Trophy you should know the answers to these questions.  My personal 'beef' is the lack of 'into App' Voice commands for Navigation, but opening the App and using Voice commands is not hard. However, as I said this is being added. As for Navigation suggestion, if you live in an Area with more than 1 Joe's crab Shack in Hollywood, your Android will not FLAWLESSLY provide you with hands free navigation.  (At least my S4 does not, requiring additional hands on to get the specific business when recognition works)   It is much easier to hit Search, Scout Button, click on Joe's Crab Shack then click Navigation.  Faster than Android with voice. (Can also be initiated from maps or Nokia specific Drive/Maps.

1) Hopefully this will be something they will build into the next update. To me, this is a very natural (and at this point almost basic) voice command for controlling navigation. It's really the main reason I use my phone for GPS most of the time over my car's built in Nav. Lately, the navigation on my Galaxy S3 has been having issues, thinking I'm slightly off course, not being accurate, etc. I think it's the phone though not sure.
2) Agreed that if implemented incorrectly allowing 3rd party keyboards could leave the platform open to numerous vulnerabilities, however these can be avoided with a proper implementation of the security model (and other controls). Not a show stopper though at some point WP will at least need to add some of the features that other keyboards have implemented (e.g., Switftkey on Android is fantastic and now includes Swype like funtionality). This isn't a show stopper for me as I've heard that the WP keyboard is quite nice.
3) When you say built-in, from what I can see from my wife's trophy the music+video app has a section for podcasts however when navigating to that screen it asks you to connect to a PC to sync. If this is the built-in capability you're referring to, this is very limiting compared to my current Android experience using BeyondPOD. I can search directly via 4G to find/add new poscasts, update their episodes, stream them, full control while playing, etc. with the ability to see/control what's playing right from the notification bar. As long as WP8 has a 3rd party application that gives the same or similar, that's fine (I'll check SlashDash).
4) pulse.me (not .com) is not equivalent to the application, I'd argue it's similar. The application offers some advantages (as many native vs. web apps do). It might be fine, I can probably live with it.
If I knew the answers here I wouldn't have posted originally :). The reason I am not relying on my wife's trophy because as you should know, it doesn't run WP8, it's on WP7.5 so I didn't want to assume things you couldn't do on it carried over to WP8 and vice versa. Agreed when there is more than one result of something when voice searching to start navigation you have to click once to start navigation (same on the S3) though when there is a single result (more often the case when I'm using it), it will find that result and automatically start the navigation application to it (ok, maybe not flawlessly, but almost flawlessly). I can live with doing a "find blah blah" then pressing to navigate to it on WP8 though you can admit this isn't as seamless an experience.
Now before I got pick up the Lumia 928 later today, I have to decide if I want to purchase full retail and keep my unlimited data plan and stay off contract or take advantage of the great subsidized price, hmmm??
Thanks for the information here, appreciate it!

Ordered the White Lumia 928 (Going to get a case for it anyways) on Saturday from NewEgg. The sooner it gets here the better! I love my HTC Trophy but I am so ready to upgrade.

I ordered mine Thursday from newegg. Everything went through fine, they said it would be shipping today, but so far they're just telling me they're awaiting inventory. At least I saved some dollar bills.

Looks like I am not alone in my quest for my $29.99 Lumia.  I bought two white ones... both "awaiting Inventory". This is such Bull Crap. Nothing like a little Fraudulent activity from an online retailer. I called and complained... they are sending me a "bluetooth".... wouldn't specify which kind. It kind of sucks that they are doing this.

The handset includes access to signature Lumia apps including the complete set of the feature-rich, intuitive and customizable HERE experiences. HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit** and HERE City Lens help people navigate their life every day.