Nokia “Fatboy” DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow

Deal alert: Nokia “Fatboy” DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow for just $35

We’ve seen the Nokia wireless charging pad go for as little as $25 in recently but so far, its fluffier cousin, the “Fatboy” has not had such a deal. Yesterday we reported an offer for $45 but today we can beat that. Truth be told, the Fatboy pillow is the very same wireless charging pad but with a wraparound bed for your precious Lumia.

That wireless downy combo used to cost upwards of $100 but now you can pick up both for $35 using the Daily Steals website. Even if you don’t like the bed, you can pull away the Velcro and slide out the wireless charging pad to use it naked.

Nokia “Fatboy” DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow

We’re actually big fans of the Fatboy because it allows you to lightly toss your Lumia on to it, with less chance of it sliding off. It also gives your Nokia device the royal charging treatment it deserves.

Pick up the Nokia “Fatboy” DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow here at Daily Steals, but remember, you only have 12 hours left.

Thanks, Daniel T. and aitt, for the tips!


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Deal alert: Nokia “Fatboy” DT-901 Wireless Charging Pillow for just $35


Now I know to always wait 6 months for any accessories, they will always go on sale lol. That is a great deal on the Fatboy.

You can check out our site (shantek accessories) for these in Australia - although not as cheap as this deal, still great prices :)

Nice deal. Picked one up a couple of days back and really like it. I'm thinking of picking up one of those dock ones for my desktop.

It's a standard charging pad with cloth over it. I guarantee that your phone doesn't need to be tucked in.

That why is not worth paying $70 for which is usually $20 more than a regular charger, but it does help keep the fone from falling off and not getting a full charge. I have a cat that likes my damn $35 is easier to swallow. I needed a second one anyway.

Hmm... Buy now, or wait until I snag a 925 on Wednesday to see what extras I might be able to score on the cheap from either TMo or the Microsoft store.

Do you even check out a site before recommending it to people? Have you even seen their laughable consumer ratings, or noticed they do not participate in the reselllerratings program?   

I tried to buy a couple but my credit card company blocked the charge as "attempted fraud", I called them to tell them it was ok and they said they removed the block but now after trying to go back to DS it still won't go through. So i called the credit card company back and they said there is no block and the charge should go through just fine (yes i have the credit available). I tried again and it stil wont go through even though credit card company claims they are not blocking it. I guess DS has blocked my account from ordering because they think it is fraud too? I dunno, oh well i dont even have a phone that supports wireless charging YET...
Just tried a totally seperate card from a totally different bank that has a zero balance and it too wont order. I guess DailySteals has my account blocked or something, UGGGGG!

I use PayPal whenever I can. It just charges my card so same difference, and I've ordered from a handful of times.

With all the bad reviews this place gets why would you advertise this on WPCenteral? people here trust what you say. These people seem like scam artists. Complaints all over the internet. I am kind of upset that you even put this sale through them on this web site. You are generating them business based of of the wpcentral brand and not their own merit while possibly in the process providing a huge diservice to some potentially unsatisfied customers.

For all of those who think the Fatboy wireless pillow is extremely expensive I can recommend a sleeve for the 6 inch Kindle . It has the exact same dimensions as the Fatboy ( 19x14 cm ) and holds the charging plate beautifully.