Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 920 for $270 and HTC 8X for $180

Two great deals on two great phones

Online retailer Dealfisher is serving up a couple of sweet deals on two high-end Windows phones. They have the unlocked AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 for $269.99 and the unlocked Verizon 16GB HTC 8X for $179.99. Both of these phones are factory refurbished and come with charger, cable and a 90-day warranty. Shipping is free on either one.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is available in black, red, or white (blue and yellow are sold out), while the HTC 8X comes red, black or blue.

Being that these are unlocked, they will work on other carriers besides AT&T. We always recommend checking with your provider to make sure.

Follow the respective links below if you are interested.

Source: Dealfisher (Lumia 920, HTC 8X); Thanks to Izzy and Walter1832 for the tips!


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Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 920 for $270 and HTC 8X for $180


For some reason when it isn't announced as a self-serving proclamation of "First!"...I'm okay with it.

In the UK right now, you can get an unlocked and unbranded Lumia 920 brand new from Tesco (biggest UK retailer, 3rd biggest in the world behind Walmart and Carrefour) for £230 (or less with promotions). With a full 2yr European warranty, and available in black, yellow, red or white. And DSA return policy because you buy online and have it delivered next day to your house or nearest Tesco store for collection. Pretty awesome deal imho, so the UK gets some lovin' too. Everyone else is selling them for £300+, usually nearer the £400 level. I'm assuming Tesco probably got ahold of Nokia's UK stockpiles for cheap when the 925 was released and the 920 was all but killed off. I'd prefer the 925 for its sleekness, but not at double the price of the 920. And if paying £450 for he 925, I'd rather pay £509 and get the 1020. not really sure the 925 fits in the market off-contract...

As for the 8X, the last time I saw that for sale was many months ago for approx £160.

That's a really good deal for 8X. Might have my brother get it. I do consider Lumia 920 slightly better, mostly due to Nokia support, but its certainly not 50% better.

If it's really unlocked it will work with t-mobile or at&t. The only problem might be the 4g last I heard and I could be wrong the verizon version works with at&t 4g. 

The Verizon 8X does work on T-Mobile, I think there is just an issue getting MMS working.  Check out the HTC 8X forum on the T-Mobile support site for more info.

Depends on how you look at it. Nokia has the better camera, double the memory (which alot of people cry about) consistent support, wireless charging,. But I suppose its all in what you want.

I've actually read and heard that its a bit of a wash between the cameras. I feel like this site said as much back when both of these came out. Memory isn't really and issue for me. And doesn't the Verizon version of the 8X have wireless charging? But like I said, if price was closer, I would go with 920.

Well I know with the camera my 920 takes better pictures than my brothers 8x on Verizon. Esp after these updates. Dunno maybe his is faulty. I didn't know this was the Verizon edition at time of posting my comment so it may have wireless charging. I know for me 32gb isn't enough. But in the end it is what it is. Gotta get what floats your boat.

The camera in the 8X is a piece of junk from based on my useage of it... Of course I find the spring loaded lense on the 920 to be annoying in it's own right with all the rattling it has
I'll wait until the 925 or 1020 come down in price.

That's interesting. I've read that before about the 920. But mine doesn't rattle heck even the phone doesn't creak when pressed on. I must be a lucky one.

Also it means no data sense, no 3g toggle switch, no SMS delivery notifications etc. AT&T loves getting rid of features

It is at&t branded and compatible with at&t bands. You can get LTE on at&t and tmobile you are only able to get edge speeds and in refarmed areas basic 3g

I don't think that I agree with your comment about EDGE on t-mobile. I recently got Lumia 900 and I checked internet speed and it was about 9Mb/sec and I didn't have full bars on my phone. So definitely its not EDGE.  I couldn't check twice because I have limited data. That was Lumia 900 ATT unlocked version. I bet you get either same or even better signal with Lumia 920.

That being said, I still think I'm going to pick up a Lumia 620 this weekend.  I can get it for about $150 CDN (plust the cost of an unlock code).  Not unless I see a better deal between now and Saturday.

$150 is the sweet spot for the 8x. Hopefully it will be that or cheaper by black Friday. Lack of Nokia apps really hurts the phone

I have an 8X and I installed Samsung App Folder and Video Trimmer through a proxy. The only Nokia app I use is HERE Drive, which is available to all anyway. Tbh I would use Pro Cam but certain features don't work on my phone. Right now there are other apps out there that offer the same functions as many Nokia apps. There will be more and more until Nokia loses all their exclusivity.

DON'T Get the Verizon 8x if you're not going to use it on Verizon. Verizon intentionally had HTC cripple WP8 and does not allow you to edit the mms apn for picture texting.

That, and you won't get 4g unless you're in a reframed T-Mobile area. But even then you'll only get 3.5g.

And don't get me started on using it on AT&T because then you won't even get a reframed "3.5"g network. You're stuck with 2g speeds and no mms.

Thanks for that info, was thinking about 8x for backup phone, or maybe for wife, no way knowing all that;)

Refurbished just means it was tested to be in fully working order and maybe cosmetically cleaned up a bit, perhaps due to a return/repair.
So yes, there might be some signs of usage.  No major hardware damage, but light/hair scratches are normal.

I can get the Tmo 810 for around $130 on Amazon. And though not quite as good as these phones, its a fantastic upgrade to my 521!

Question is, should I get a new 920 (mine is with a cracked screen right now), a 925 or wait for the newer models? I still feel like the 925 is fresh.

I would be all over a 925 to replace my 920, if the discount applied. Should happen eventually right?

That depends on how long you want to wait. I don't think we'll see an update of the 9XX or 10XX models until spring at the earliest. The whole Microsoft buying Nokia thing might delay that even more.

So if you want the latest and greatest from Nokia it's a Phablet 1520, Semi-Pro Camera 1020, Most recent iteration of the 92X (925/928). I'd make the jump from 8X to a 925. The only real reason to jump from the 920 to 925 is the AMOLED screen and lighter device.

You should be asking that at XDA. You would get a quicker answer there since its Deglorified on this site.


I was halfway through entering my CC info when I realized I don't need a new phone. Thank god for good sense!

8x is one of the best looking phone on the market......all they need is to up the specs up a little on camera, storage...

I have the HTC X8 Verizon Blue refurb. Don't get the blue one apprently it's prone to the soft touch wearing at the corners more than the others and is probably why it's returned.
It is pusedo unlocked and will connect to the AT&T/Straight talk cards however it will not have mms out of the box. If you are able to download the Access point app for Nokias though proxys you can set up the MMS so that it works though AT&T/Straight talk however you will be limited to 3g+ on that network.
Calls/sms work out of the box, 3g, but no mms unless you do the listed above. No 4g+ either or visual voicmail. I'm running straight talk and it works well enough for now; 3g+, calls, mms, and text.
My last carrier (Virgin/sprint) had spotty coverage, no data (Except spotty 2g unless I went to city centers where 3g worked great), bad voicmail (Changed constantly/unreliable), no MMS (It didn't work on my phone/even though native), spotty sms, etc.
Even though half the cost it seems worth it to upgrade. I might go to verizon soon with the $60 plan for the 4g LTE/Visual voicemail, etc but I'm not sure it's worth it to be honest. I use wifi about 90% of the time.
I got it in about a week, so I guess they are legit. I'd probably get the Lumnia if I did it again however it was cheaper for the phone and I like the built in amp (It's an actual mini amp, not just eq settings; only for headphones/audio jack).
While easier to get things working with GSM cards the market is still not flawless.

Lumia 920 is still one of the best flagship of Windows phone with elegant style. It can still run anything you throw at it.
And I am a proud owner of one.