Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 920 available for $39.99 through Walmart

Lumia 920

The last time we saw the Nokia Lumia 920 on sale at Walmart was back when it first went on sale for $49. The phone has been out for over half a year now, but it’s still one of the best Windows Phone devices you can get. Deal after the break!

Walmart 920

If you hit up Walmarts online store you’ll see the Lumia 920 going for $39.99 with a new account on AT&T. Not a bad price if you’re thinking of joining AT&T or upgrading your current phone. Read our review of the low-light monster if you’re curious.

Although you might want to wait to see what EOS is about since it's right around the corner. Did you see the leaks from this morning?

Source: Walmart; thanks for the tip ssapre!


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Deal Alert: Nokia Lumia 920 available for $39.99 through Walmart


Also bought mine outright from a guy on Craigslist a month after release, $450 with the wireless charger. Completely worth it because now I have an upgrade due in November which I plan to save for whichever high end Nokia gets released next year.

You are not saving money by buying $0 on-contract phones, the telecom companies factor-in the phone subsidy in their contract.

You are not saving money paying full price either-your monthly bill will still be the same. So who are you kidding? Are you getting a discount on your bill because you paid full price?

That's what I'm wondering.  I've always thought it was dumb to say you waste money buy buying on contract since the bill will be the same.  Unless you're just itching to jump to a different carrier at a whims notice or something I don't see the benefit.

I guess you were lol. I paid $200 for a fresh one in red, on may 10 and unlocked it for $4. The person I bought it off from is a reviewer and she didn't need the device. It was a steal. Using it no contract on t-mobile $30 100min unltd text and 5gb data.

Yeah I got it from a software developer who Microsoft commissioned to develop some voice controlled apps for the OS... Long story short, the guy had received it as a test device, but the project got canceled so he never used it and so he sold it to me on the cheap! I was stoked!!!

Hmm.. Traded my galaxy s3 for a 920 straight up.. Got it unlocked for $7 within 10 mins, then sold my 8x.

I paid $450. No regrets here. The camera kicks ass to such an extent I've been able to convince my wife to get a 928 now that she's up for a new phone in VZ.

I just picked mine up a month ago at my local WalMart for $.97 also. For some reason the WalMart by me doesn't have to charge you for the California state sales tax on the phones full value. Instead they only charge you the sales price. I was pretty pumped to get mine for a $1.04 out the door!

Got a refurb black 920 on an AT&T upgrade for $1.07 total. The thing is a beast, I love it. I feel like I got away with murder, what a steal.

Just switched to at&t from sprint a few weeks ago and negotiated a superb deal!! I got two Nokia 920's- a yellow one for myself and red for the wife both for free! They honored the at&t online store's price of free (right before mother's day) threw in 2 wireless chargers and gave me a $200 gift card for my two HTC arrive phones..what more could I ask for? The $200 covered the cost of my first bill and I also received a credit for a total of $84 for activation fees,taxes and service for a day before my billing cycle started. All in all, this was a $400 value (99e for phones+ $49e chargers+ activation +$70 + taxes).. this is a great start so far on this carrier and we love this phone!!