Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 925 available at Newegg for $224

Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 is a unique Windows Phone. It sports a design which differentiates owners from others within the Lumia family. Opting for a mix of polycarbonate and aluminum, the Lumia 925 is a great Windows Phone with advanced optics and wireless charging. Should you be looking for a deal on the handset, you can pick one up from Newegg for just $224.

That's down from $279. Part of the Newegg Shell Shocker deals, this limited time offer covers the 4G LTE T-Mobile Lumia 925.

Nokia Lumia 925

We all love to save a buck here and there, and this is a sweet deal for anyone looking for a premium Windows Phone experience. Before you consider making the purchase, read through our in-depth review of the Lumia 925 for our thoughts on the smartphone.

Who's looking to pick one up? While you're on Newegg, you should also check the discounted Windows Store gift cards.

Source: Newegg; thanks, TheJoester09, for the tip!


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Deal alert: Nokia Lumia 925 available at Newegg for $224


I've had both. The 720 would easily last the workday with some juice left over. The 925 needed a charge as soon as I got home, sometimes before that. That's my "review".

Yeah, that might be reason I charge it every 10hrs. Jk, it lasts me for ~3days with battery saver

My 620 will last the entire week with battery saver. But I usually charge it when it gets below 50%, so about every three days or so. Disclaimer: I power it off when I'm sleeping.

Really? Well I had no idea. The lesson is that WP devices' retail value depreciates at a rate > EIP payments. Therefore, you are upside down on the phone 100% of the time. It makes way more sense to wait and buy 3rd party. This downward pressure and resulting consumer behavior is very discouraging to consumers and T-mobile alike.

@jgbstetson if you have the old jump at least when you do jump they wipe your eip balance so since WP values drop so much it doesn't matter you don't lose out

Yah, but you get to use it. If you wait around for lower prices/next best thing you'll wait forever. Be happy that you have a great phone that you could afford. :)

Don't get me wrong, I am happy to be in that position, but if I ask myself "was it worth $300 to have the 925 for 7 months instead of the old 720", it is difficult to say yes. The answer, of course, depends on who you ask.

Yeah, I understand. I was mostly being a smartass. ;) As someone said "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."

You also got to remeber, the new version will be out in the next few months, and I bet this is a refurbished model.  So yes you can always get the phone cheaper, just like any tech.

The price of electronics is just as much about when you buy them as they are about utility. Phones depreciate especially quickly as newer/better equipment is made available. Thankfully, as smartphones are getting more and more capable, the depreciation will slow down a bit in the next year or two.

Good point, there. My Lumia 810 is the first phone I've ever had for more than a year. I'm starting to feel the new phone itch but I'm not quite there yet.

That's why i gave up that EIP bit with them after my Lumia 810 experience. Better to buy it unlocked or troll for deals like these if you don't have to have a phone right away...

I agree. I don't think I'll do it again either. Lightly used off of CL, swappa, or wait for the price to plummet. I gave the 925 to my wife as a replacement for her shattered 8x. Grabbed an unlocked 1520 from an online seller.

It kills me that this only has 16GB model available. I'd buy it if it had an SD card slot... Especially knowing that WP8.1 will allow apps to be installed on the SD card.

I used to think like that until I found The Pandora App! :)

Anyway, I don't seem to need all that space coming from a Lumia 710. Ihave loaded it with a few games that take up close to a gig each and about 12 full albums of 320kbps audio but still have about 7GB of space available.

Expansys USA has it $409 unlocked at Expansys for the global LTE (no t-mobile LTE because I've owned that one in the past, you just get really fast H+)...not the t-mobile one. I wanted to grab one there too but for unlocked i still think that it is a little too high...

Well I have at least ten gigs of music alone. You can say that for 32gb maybe, but 16 is just too little for a flagship with no SD slot

I'm having problems with mines now. Speaker works when it wants to, can't even Skype with volume etc... Outside of that it's a great phone.

The only thing that will slow the depreciation of phones will be a reduction in new models and/or consumer interest in the latest and greatest. Incremental gains in functionality will have no impact on pricing.

It's a great deal for the following folks:

1) trying to get a new phone off contract

2) trying to get a replacement phone off contract

3) people starting out on WP8 and t-mobile with a little extra cash to spend

Let's hope they support this thing still. Either way, it is a nice buy.

This is a great handset and anyone looking for a great WP8 experience would be foolish to pass up that price. I paid $279 a few weeks ago and haven't thought twice about the decision. Kinda a bummer though that its went down twice in two weeks since I picked it up.

I also picked up a 925 from that same Shop HQ deal thanks to a timely "deal alert" from Windows Central. I had been using a Lumia 521 on a $30.00 a month Wal-Mart plan and thought it was an amazingly good device for the money. That said, I couldn't be happier with my new Lumia 925.  (With it's big, beautiful screen, sleek design and fantastic camera, it's like the 521's rock star rich uncle!) The only glitch was when I switched sim cards and the 925 didn't immediately recognize it. I thought I was headed for a more expensive T-Mo plan, but I was wrong. Within a few minutes, the 925 reconnected to my $30.00 a month T-Mo account and I was back in business. Thanks again, Windows Central, for your deal alerts!

Need the ATT version for use on the new cricket. I have been burned by t-mobile too much with WP over the years. I don't trust them.

<Rookie questions on>

I see the 925 is a supported phone w/ATT.  If one buys a 925 from Newegg (or where ever) can they or do they work on ATT's network?  Are some features missing?  Does ATT alter their 925s to make them unique?  Can this 925 be altered in the same way?  Does "unlocking" open all the doors of these devices?

And finally...

Can one take this Newegg 925 to an ATT store and have it added to, for example, their family plan?

<Rookie questions off>

Dave, it's best to ask this in the forums if you need a response. Search first to see if this has already been answered.

I'd be interested if it had an SD slot. I hope Nokia includes SD slots with their flagships in the future. 16GB doesn't leave enough room for a music collection and apps.

I have the 920 from BUILD but im tempted to get this because I can't get darn tethering to work on T-Mobile. But I keep wondering where the bottom is in the price? I mean I never thought the L521 could get cheaper than its initial price of $150 and now you can find that sucker as low as $50-60 depending on the deal.

Tether can work. There is a post on the 920 forum.

It worked on my Lumia 928. Interent sharing works. The verizon Lumias come unlocked but are wonky with settings and making them work with prepaid MVNO can be issues, mainly with receiving MMS.

I'd get this phone too just for Impulse buy. But gotta wait. I wanna get my hands on Lumia Icon or any newer models. Nokia has to make these phones unlocked, the way they did for their Symbian models. Hate that Microsoft owns them now.

Had to remove the link because it considered it spam, link from WPCentral forums

I know of the post you are talking about, where you use a foriegn SIM card, uninstal Access Point, and blah blah.  Apparently this won't work for my particular L920 because its not the AT&T version but is instead a special version from the BUILD conference.  For whatever reason, my Access Point app lacks a certain option.

You don't need case its ready to charge on plate
Update. My bad, just checked it I was wrong. Just remembered it has 3 dots on back for plate(cover)

What is the main difference between 925 & 928 expect design and xenon flash on 928? I went to tmo store once compared to my 928 its so small.

Never mind, that's the version with the portable speaker for $279. Phone alone is at cheaper price.

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Newegg is also offering an extra $30 off the 521, which brings it down to $59.99, with free shipping. Which is a pretty good deal, too.