Deal Alert: Nokia wireless charging pad only $25 during the next 24 hours

Nokia DT 900

Update: SOLD OUT! You guys nabbed them all. 

There’s something magical about plopping your phone down and letting it charge wirelessly. The Lumia 920 and Verizon 8X led the way for wireless charging on Windows Phone last fall. And if you haven’t picked up a wireless charging with your compatible phone you’re missing out. So, why not grab the Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad for a whopping 75% off? Details after the break.

The Nokia DT-900 normally goes for $99 (errr, actually $50 through Verizon/ATT/Amazon), but if you look around you can get it for a discount. Earlier this month we saw it go for $29, but now here's a deal that for the next 24 hours you can grab it for only $25.

It’s worth picking up even if you don’t have a phone with the ability to wirelessly charge since any future phones with Qi inside would work with it. Or maybe you want to build it into a nightstand. You can pick between either black and white on the Daily Steals website.

Source: Daily Steals

Thanks for the tip Sean M!


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Deal Alert: Nokia wireless charging pad only $25 during the next 24 hours


Hmmmm sounds pretty tempting... Get this pretty cheap to have at work... Or wait for that Nokia wireless car dock... Hmmmm....

I already have one, plus the JBL PowerUp and a standing charger, but won't buy any more Qi witless chargers until at least a 2nd Gen Nokia Qi or Microsoft Qi device is released.

Mine charge almost as fast wirelessly and to be honest I can't tell the difference. Love my three Qi chargers.

I was wondering that. Even Verizon sells them for $49. Who sells them for $99? Sure know Nokia themselves don't sell anything within its site...

Just ordered two with my brother! Last time there was a deal like this he hesitated and by the time he decided he wanted another one they sold out. I woke him up and told him we are getting them!

I got one on eBay for this price. But yeah this is a deal. I might just grab another. Its so convenient. Or maybe Il save up for the JBL PowerUp speaker... Hmmm choices.

I couldn't look past this deal that I just ordered two more, one for the bedroom and the office. This is a hell of a deal!

Do you ship outside of the US?

We ship to all U.S. territories but we do not ship internationally. Please tell your pen pal in Belgium that we're very sorry.
Was that hard to include?

In that case, I would like you to personally hand deliver one of every Lumia 9XX device in every colour to my doorstep. Shouldn't be too difficult of a task, should it? :)

Just ordered two - a white one and a black one, so I won't regret not getting both later. Just do it! Now, only if I could find a deal for their charging stand...

And I just ordered a white one for the very reason you mentioned. Plus, I figure I can always sell the extra one if I don't find myself using it.

This may sound dumb, but it will work on a Lumia 900?
I heard they work on some phones like the S3.

Got mine. First time user, too. I understand why people prefer wireless than wired these days (minimizes USB abuse), but now I have another cable to deal with. :P Of course my case is the 822: buy that stupid backing the phone should've come with in the first place...

Man I need one im about to get a 720 and I wanted to buy a shell and charger but that's alot to buy all at once when ur on a budget

I hate when WPCentral is so unprofessional and forgets to mention that it is only some "US who cares offer"

If a U.S. based site identifying a U.S. based deal as not being avaibable internationally is a hallmark of professionalism, then I'd have to assume you must hate the entire internet.  

There is nothing on the main website that it is US only or US website. Of course it is *.com but loads of websites use it not being particularly US. And second thing this is one of the best websites ever about WP, and those guys know very well that thousands of people all over the world read them, specially from EU. They are writing about global OS and global brand like Nokia or Samsung therefore wouldn't heart them just to mention that offer is US only.

I have the wireless charging stand in office and the wireless charging plate at home. Couldn't imagine how useful they are. It's so convenient!

I've always thought these were horribly overpriced. $25, and free shipping, sounds about right. 

Most likely happening as Qi is losing out in the wireless charging space. PMA is going to win that race, poor Nokia they dont have much look, neither do MSFT to be honest I remember they backed HD-DVD!

Microsoft backed their VC1 codec which HD-DVD used at first, then after some shady deals blu ray won but soon adopted the VC1 codec as it was vastly superior. So in the end Microsoft did win.

I hate these specials... All they do is get me excited, only to have that excitement ripped away when I find out that they don't ship to South Africa. Yay.

Tnx guys for wasting my time. That backwards website is US only. What a frustraiting primitive limitations.

Believe it or not there are people from the US that follow this site :)
Hopefully you guys get deals too like this every now and then.

Primitive? You know it makes things a lot more complicated and expensive to ship outside the US, right?

This whole wireless charging is waste.You still need wired connection to charge your mobile to connect the charging plate.Waste don't buy.

No waste. The convenience of just picking up the phone without messing with a cable each time you start or stop charging is nice, plus no wear on the plug itself. And of course a wire is still needed for the plate, it is like someone complaining about needing a wire to plug into a wireless router for internet wireless signal generation...

Some crafty people have hidden these things in night stands and desks.  So that's pretty convenient.  Just put the phone down, presto-charge-o! :)

What, did you think it magically pulled electricity from the air? Of course you have to plug in the charging plate, the point is you don't have to plug in the phone. WOW

Anybody knows where I can get a car charger for it? I can't find one online and Nokia support chat was no help. I got 2 of these and would love to have them in our cars. I already have 2 stand up models and 2 JBL PowerUps so the house is covered already. :-)

Wow, great deal! I spent $50 on my red one, and that was after I was all set to buy a black one for $60 on Amazon. I just so happened to get lucky enough to see the one I ended up getting as an ad at the bottom of the page, but this is super cheap for only $25!

I would ask whether you even bother to check this garbage out before posting but I already know the answer.  Anyone stupid enough to buy from a company with that name and its track record (a ten second search would explain) really deserves what they probably will not get (i.e., the charger).  How about just a few minutes of responsibility before you next post such stuff?. 

Got a new one of eBay with packaging and plastic film still stuck to bottom two weeks ago. Two days ago it stopped charging my Lumia 920. Indicates it charging with plug symbol on battery indicator flashing it just doesn't give it any charge. Any ideas on this? Is it charging plate or phone? Charges fine with cord.

I ordered my Lumia 920 from Bestbuy and it didn't come with the wireless charger. I was pretty upset about it but I am super stoked now thanks to this deal. Ordered one as soon as I checked wpcentral last night. Thanks Sam

I'm worried about Qi charging platform. Need more phones. The lack of lately and these deals is worrying me about my investment.

Has anyone received any confirmation from this site? I placed an order but got nothing and it still shows as pending on my credit card?

They took my money on the 24th, still hasn't shipped... So far I am unimpressed with their level of service, but did you see their PC prices? Lol

Same here. They seem not to respond either, but they quickly took my money.. I might have to make a threat, maybe they'll wake up from Lala land and give my refund on a purchase that is probably on backorder.

aarrrhh i feel like im on another plannet, well New Zealand anyway, we NEVER get these deals or postage from USA on other nokia deals. IT SUCKS :(