Deal alert: Save big on these Nokia wireless charging accessories

Nokia Wireless Charging Accesories

What’s better than getting some new gear for your smartphone, but not quite as good as getting it for free? Saving money on that very gear! Here are some deals for you smart readers who might want to get in on the wireless charging game or add to your ever growing quiver. Because there’s nothing wrong at all with having a wireless charging plate in every room in your house.

Head on over to PayDeals to save anywhere from 24% to 55% off some Nokia wireless charging accessories. Make sure you read the details of them item you’re interested in. Some of them are listed in varying conditions like refurbished or new, so double check before hitting that purchase button.

Here are the Nokia items up on their home page at the time of this writing.

  • Nokia DT-901 Fatboy Charging Pillow
  • Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charging Stand
  • Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate
  • Wireless charging shells for the Nokia Lumia 820

See anything you want? Sound off below. Don’t forget to let your fellow commenters know which device you already own and if you recommend it.

Thanks for the tip Dinesh!

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Deal alert: Save big on these Nokia wireless charging accessories


Guess they would sell better if nokia build in wireless charging in more phones than the 920 and 928 :) But Elop already mentioned something about that yesterday. seems like other people are annoyed by that too

he said that on the 1020 the people wanted thin phones and also ATT had something to say here. But for the future devices they will have Qi build in again. Was in that Q&A part just before someone mentioned how shitty ATT treated WP so far

Agreed, I'd rather have a slightly thicker 1020 with built in wireless charging than to have to add a case to my phone if I don't want one...I'm glad my 920 has wireless built in...Maybe Version 2 of the 1020 will get built in wireless charging *fingers crossed*

So you can buy it - place it on a charing plate and it works? or do you have to buy additional equipment in order to make it work? because that also counts for a variety of other phones where wireless charging is possible - but not build in

I bet att told them to get rid of the wireless charger because they plan on supporting the other wireless charging platform in the future. Why else would att care?

The charging stand for $31 seems like a sweet deal, even if it's refurbished. Already bought two charging plates, though, so I should be good.

I bought a wireless charging plate from them about a month ago. Everything went smoothly. Got my plate after less than a week!

These discounts would be great as long as the charger stands work. Lately, my 920 is not charging wirelessly with either the 900 flat charger or 910 stand. I wake up to a dead phone. Been using my USB cable lately to ensure it charges. Talking with others, it is a "hit and miss" issue. Seems to me to be something software or firmware because I set the phone on the charger and it says it is charging.

My guess is that they are not building it into as many phones because different carriers have said they are going to support/require different standards (not everyone is onboard with Qi). This would give them the ability to easily switch between carriers (though with them having different phones for each of the US carriers, I don't see how this would be an issue, unless things are different overseas, or they are just keeping things flexible on the chance that Qi goes the way of Betamax, HD-DVD, etc.).

Well - could have been a year of shipping Qi so far - Noother standard got shipped build in on any other phone 

Doesn't mean they won't, the others have some big name/money backers.
Apple is reportedly looking into it for the next iPhone, a lot will depend on what type of wireless charging they choose.

following the market never gets you somewhere and by the way - just dont mention wireless charging and dont promote it if you are not commited to it. have to wireless charging plates here .. what a waste of money if i'd get another lumia 

Circular argument - standards become standards precisely BECAUSE companies align with them. I doubt this has anything to do with a standards war, and everything to do with thickness

I want a Nokia DT-900 in white, as I have one in black and I find it hard to see in a dark room (it's on a dark wood night stand). My nightstand in my bed room. I dont NEED it but, I want it.
I'm only willing to pay about $20-25 shipped for one. Still too much for me at $30-35 before shipping.
I'll have to keep an eye on the fourms or ebay... 
$23 for a black charger is a good deal but, only if it was in white.. :(

Why does NO ONE have charging covers for the Lumia 810?! How utterly ridiculous, they NEVER should have made it a feature if it was never to be supported... #Sabotage >=/

I had to get the back from the verizon 822 I think and tear it apart and put it in the back of my 810, works like a charm and took 10 minutes.

Refurished charging stand is sold out.  Good thing I bought 2 as soon as I saw this article!  $31 with free shipping is too good to pass up.

Has anyone ordered from India? I have a feeling if it comes in from the USA I will get charged customs duty.. Which is not a very pretty amount so a little help here!

anyone order this deal and received shipment yet?  ordered the dt900 and dt910 on July 12th, with an expected delivery of the 18th....tracking showed it just sitting somewhere in New Jersey on both units. UNTIL yesterday, July 23rd, and only one of my shipments changed departments but they are both still in Jersey. The one order of the Dt-900 now says expected delivery is July 25th, while my Dt-910 is still sitting in Jersey with an expected delivery of July 18th.....never dealing with paydeals again