Deal Alert: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 for just $80 on HSN

Do you have $80 laying around and want to pick yourself up a backup phone? Maybe one for your grandkid or someone in your family? Look no further than HSN who once again have the Nokia Lumia 521, T-Mobile's variant of the Lumia 520, on sale for just $80, plus free shipping.

Mind you, that’s the full price for a no-strings attached Windows Phone.

The offer is actually listed as $99, which is still a great price but if you toss in the coupon code ‘135235’ during checkout, you can drop the cost by an extra $20. We confirmed the process ourselves and the only additional thing we would have to pay is a tax here in New York.

The Nokia Lumia 521 runs on T-Mobile’s network and features a 4-inch 800x480 LCD display, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage (optional microSD).

Although it only runs on a dual-core 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, combined with the latest GDR2 update it’s quite the slick little device. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from owners, making it quite the bargain. Don't forget it also has that awesome Wi-Fi calling feature for improved reception.

Head here to HSN to take advantage of the offer and check out our unboxing and full review of the device for more information.

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Deal Alert: T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 for just $80 on HSN


I wish I had 80cents lying around Dan lol. That's a sweet deal. I know many people that would have this as a daily driver

I just ordered my third Lumia 521. Using it as my main phone because I am waiting for something like the 1520 to come to T-Mobile. It works great, only thing I miss is the camera on my Lumia 920, but unfortunately it didn't work at all on T-Mobile's network.

I had this for a week and loved it...so much that I returned it and got a 925 ;) Perfectly capable device, I just wanted double tap to wake. For $80 it's a no brainer.

Lol! You couldn't have kept both? I mean its good to have upgraded to a 925 but the 521 is something cheap...

I thought about it, but I buy off contract, so the 925 cost me about $620. Add that to the $140 for the 521 (with tax) and we're approaching $800. I've already got a spare phone (Nexus 4), so I couldn't really justify keeping the 521 =/

If I'm not mistaken you have to have service with T-Mobile for 3 months before they'll give you the unlock code. Or you could always try your luck with those sketchy websites that offer the codes for ~$30

I've never personally used any of the sites, my assumption stems from visiting a few of them and reading that there are no guarantees that any of the codes provided will actually work.

They're fine, just use one of the major ones, I've unlocked two phones with them successfully.  Had a bad code and they automatically sent me another one that worked.

T-Mo will unolock as long as the following conditions are met:

1. Subscriber has been active for 40 days since the device was first used on the line
2. Must have $50.01 or more in accumulative refills since activation (true for prepaid, not sure about postpaid)
3. Must have device usage within the last 7 days by the mobile number requesting the unlock code

As for unlock code websites, a few of them seem sketchy, but don't let that bother you. I personally have used mobileunlocked (dot) com and have been satisfied (that is, the unlock codes worked).

Well, I think calling in and asking is probably a safe bet, as I think there are other factors they use that waive some of those requirements. As an example, I snagged an unlock code for my full purchase 925 about a week after I got it. Maybe cause I've been with T-Mobile for about 10 years and am on a legacy plan? I dunno, either way, I was happy to be able to use my 925 in the UK on Three :)

$80 is pretty cheap -- and I have an AT&T 520 in my drawer as a backup -- but the best Windows Phone deal around is to buy a Lumia 820 off of eBay. I bought one for $130 -- it was basically new and is an awesome all-around device.

I've honestly have had no issues with the battery in regards to the 820. Not saying there isn't an issue in general. Any battery drainage was a result of apps.

The only thing that sucks about this phone is the lack of color, the screen glare, and the lack of flash. Other than that, I love this phone

You've got a point, but at $100 (well, $80 in this case), it's really hard to complain. It's a stable devices that runs well, all for less than a tank of gas these days. What more could one want at such a low price point?

I am surprised either Nokia or a third party has not come out with different colored shells yet. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

The shell\cases you can find on ebay\amazon are pretty sleek. Bought a few for the gf and she's happy with them. They're not bulky at all and I've been witness to her dropping her phone a dozen times without a scratch(knock on wood). Just have to make sure you find 521 specific ones and not ones that claim to fit both the 520 and 521 as they aren't the same.

Was thinking of purchasing this for my son since he wants mobile gaming w/ Xbox Live. Do you have to activate it to just use it as a gaming & music player? I rather have him use it over WI-FI.

Reading info on the site that states "Customers must activate within 60 days of HSN order date" So does this mean if I don't activate the device I get charged the full price of the device. It's not showing specific details.

Okay everyone I just placed the order. Thanks for your help & info! My son will love this device & I'm sure once the MS gift cards get on board I don't have to worry about unwanted purchase.

Wow 80$ is nothing! This phone is really nice for music and a couple games. Plus the performance is amazing with the processor it has inside.

Hey folks...
Question on this deal.  
I am an existing TMO customer - want to get this phone for my daughter and use her existing number.  
She has an old feature phone with traditional SIM - can I buy this, then just go to TMO and get a new SIM for the device ?   

It comes with a microSIM. Just call the activation number from the phone number you want to move, enter the new SIM number in and then put it in the new phone and start it up.

Just go onto My T-Mobile and use the update SIM feature there.  You can migrate your old SIM card onto the included microSIM without ever having to talk to anyone.

Picked up one for a backup for my wife and kids.  Will make a great MP3 and game device until one needs their phone replaced.

Anyone know if Internet Sharing works in this phone without paying for Tmobile HotSpot? I know it works on my Radar and not my 925, but I don't know if it's a hardware thing or software thing...

That actually may be what I wanted to know. On my Lumia 925, it asks if I want to add it to my plan. If it does work for the 521, then I may get it as my "mobile hotspot" should I need it :P

Use tether-x... Works just fine... There is a free trial so you can see if its for you. Many ppl use it to tether and the developer keeps it up to date. I like it but I also pay for tethering since I pay the extra 20 for LTE its just with mobile it requires a certain connection speed or it seems to kick me off. I used tether-x and it was good.

Insanely cheap for such a great quality phone! I just let a friend know about it earlier today after she told me she'd thought of getting the 925 but was too loyal to Android. At only $80, she could get the 521 and test it out, though. I'm tempted to get one myself, but I already have a Rogers 920 and the 810.

I use this as my main and only phone. Only thing I feel like I'm missing is a front facing camera for Skype. For $80 it's a steal. I paid twice that and still feel like I got away with a crime. :)

This comes with a Tmobile Sim card, a regular charger, a usb cable, a screen protector and car charger also. What a steal for $80.

Just got this 521 for my fiancé. $80 is a no brainer. Love my Lumia 820. I don't by contract phones. I like to be free.

Before final checkoput it ask you about entering the code, then it knocks the additional $20 off. Final for me was $84.75 including taxes.

Thanks Dan for this great deal. Just bought one as a spare for my self. Can't wait for 1520 to T-Mobile.

Just got this in today and the screen would not boot up. Wrote Nokia support. Hopefully the will resolve this quickly as this was a gift for my fiance.

If you're near an MS Store, you can watch a "pen demo" of a Surface Pro and get a $25 MS Store gift card. I took part in one demo and used the "gift card" on three separate purchases: (1) 521, (1) 521 and (1) 925. That brought the cost of each 521 down to $74 each :) They had to ring up each purchase separately but more than worth the trouble/wait :)