DEAL ALERT: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 for $280

Looking for an unlocked Lumia 920?

Online retailer Rakuten is serving up a refurbished, unlocked version of the Nokia Lumia 920 for $279.99 with free shipping. Choose from Black, Cyan, Red, White or Yellow. You will receive 280 Rakuten Points for ordering and an addition 42 points if you enter the promo code: AUTUMN.

You can earn some extra Rakuten points using promo code: AUTUMN

There have certainly been some better deals out there on the Lumia 920 recently, like getting a new one on AT&T for just a buck. But this gets you one free of being tied to a 2-year contract. Or say your phone gets run over by four cars and you are not eligible for an upgrade...there's another good reason to pull the trigger on this.

Not to mention, being that this is an unlocked Lumia 920, you can use it on some other GSM carriers, like T-Mobile. Just be sure to check with your current carrier to make sure it will work.

Source: Rakuten; Via: Dealsea


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DEAL ALERT: Unlocked Nokia Lumia 920 for $280


In Canada, all the "CDMA"* carriers switched to GSM in the lead-up to the Vancouver Olympics, afraid of losing roaming revenue from all those visitors. Well, that wasn't the only reason why they made the switch, but it helped dictate the timing. So instead of waiting for LTE to make the switch, the rolled out HSDPA and even 2G. As I read comments like this, I'm glad!

* CDMA is a misnomer in this context, as GSM is also CDMA these days. IS-95 for those who prefer to be technical (like me ;-) ).

Sorry, but this is OT....
Did you know that the search button act's as a calculator in WP❔ It's the fastest simple calculator on any device.. Just press the search button, type in the equation, and hit the enter key.. The results will quickly pop up at the top of Bing search... This is much faster than starting any calculator app for simple calculations.. I haven't tried this with more complex calculations, but seeing as how Bing has a calculator built in it may work..

Not rolled out globally. Siri will be able to handle complex calculations as it plugs into Wolfram|Alpha, and Google search had this kind of functionality before Bing.

Being able to calculate numbers on a search engine is old news.. That's besides the point.. The point is how quickly you can get simple calculations done on a WP device using the search button... It's more along the lines of something that might be seen in a smoked by WP challenge.. It's no big deal though, it's just a tip on my part..

Lol! I know it was random, but a lot of people read these comments that never visit forum's.. Play with it for awhile and see what it can do..

And then there are people like me, reading every single comment each morning.
Thanks man!!
PS. I fucking hate the fact that, just a month ago I bought a 720 and then wham, 920's price drops by around 200$. FFfffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!  
And Fuck, I'm broke!

It also does conversions. Try asking how many miles in 7 parsecs, or how many angstroms in a foot, or some other crazy thing.

I just learned yesterday that if you highlight a word and just tap on the search button, it immediately searches for that term! Makes so much sense, but never knew before. I'm beginning to love the search button

You can also type something into the app list search box or the store search and press the bing button to start a search with the same terms.

If this was for new and not refurbished, I'd probably get one for my brother. $280 is an awesome price for a phone that I think will remain relevant for at least another couple of years. While there are newer lumias, they pretty much share the same internal specs as 920.

Cheers ben, not quite as cheap as the USA one but for the hassle free of knowing it will def work over here its a bargain, :)

I don't think so man, just checked on flipkart, it costs around 24,000 INR. And just to think 820 used to cost that a month ago. Sucks. Was on a budget hence bought 720. :(

Be careful, the bands shown on the Rakuten page seem to be the pentaband version,  but the heading is for the At&t version which would work for 2g only on Tmobile, please correct me if wrong. Cause if I am, I'm in for one.

Wondering the same thing. If this is truly just the AT&T version unlocked, it shouldn't have the bands listed in the specs.

I believe that T-mo refarmed their network to get lte on the same bands as ATT. It was done as part of their "bring your own device" initiative they started last year to get the iPhone on their network. Last I heard they finished their nationwide lte roll out. I get it here in Los Angeles. If you get the lte where you live the phone should work perfectly.

I bought a yellow L920 on eBay for $230, about a month ago. Definitely an improvement over my L710 running WP 7.8. Feel very familiar, but different at the same time.

This RM-821 model won't work with 4G in US At&t and T-mobile, otherwise an ok deal for 32GB smartphone.

Just bought a black one for my wife to go with my red one.  We are all Nokia family now.  I debated waiting for one of the next generation phones to come along and just get something new for myself.  But the 920 is such a great piece of hardware, there really is nothing so amazing that I would run out and buy a new phone.  Too bad for Nokia that they make such a perfect piece of hardware that I have no reason to upgrade.

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