Verizon Wireless HTC 8X

Deal alert: Verizon Wireless HTC 8X for only $250

If you’re a Verizon customer and want a new Windows Phone right now you can’t go wrong with the HTC 8X. Forget any upcoming Lumia 928, you want a new phone today. If so, check out this crazy awesome deal for the 8X in black.

With this $50 coupon, you can get the HTC 8X for Verizon Wireless for a cool $249.99 outright. A nice deal if you don’t’ want to mess with any unlimited data plan you’ve been grandfathered into. The coupon code is HTC50 and you’ll be applying that at checkout on CowBoom for that $50 you’ll be saving. They note you may need to try it a few times to get it to add to the cart successfully. If you're buy curious for the 8X, hit up the links below.


The Verizon 8X is unique to others because it is Qi-enabled so you can charge your device wirelessly.

Not on Verizon? Why not check out the on-sale LTE-enabled, international one right here.

Coupon source: Dealigg, Use the coupon at CowBoom

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Deal alert: Verizon Wireless HTC 8X for only $250


Yea.. but if you have ATT you might as well get the better phone, for instance the Nokia Lumia 920.
I'm seriously confused who'd actually pick an 8X over the 920 lol.

Yea getting any phone over the 920 is just a down grade plus the 920 is cheaper then the HTC 8x so u ask your self what company is fuckn over ther fans lmao

Those who want a smaller flagship-status device? (By flagship, I mean more of HTC's WP flagship device.)

I am a Nokia fan but I'm in no way trolling.. I simply don't see the logic in going with HTC over Nokia especially when ATT has the best Windows Phone on the market.

Someone might like the formfactor or style better. That would be more than enough reason to the 8x over the 920.

Maybe they would like a thin, sleek device. You can argue that the 8x is the best looking handset on the WP platform.

shouldn't they be trying to get rid of lumia 822s? this is a sign HTC is not selling wp8 devices which gives them little incentive on investing in high-end phones for the future.
This is bad for the platform no matter how anyone tries to spin it. It simply is.

According to the 822 accounted for 22% of US WP devices whilst available only on Verizon, compared to 20% for the 920 just on AT&T, and 16% for the 8X across three carriers. Verizon don't need to fire sale the 822, it's selling pretty damn well. The 8X on the other hand is doing pretty poorly considering its wider availability, most probably a result of its higher price, which in turn is a result of its non-exclusivity.

Retail does this all the time. Any product that may have sales affected by a new product then has the price reduced to encourage sales before the new product releases.

this isn't good. no matter how we try to spin it, this doesn't give HTC much confidence for wp8. $250 out the door after 5 months?? what other "signature" phone on android has dropped this much so quickly?? sales must be really low if they're dropping them this much. 
fanboys, please don't tell me that phones drop this much after 5 months. They simply don't. Do prices drop? HELL YES! not like this.

'we' don't need to spin it. Htc are really struggling. Despite receiving 70% of Microsoft's advertising spend, their net sales were pathetic. Now theyre struggling to maintain cashflow, switching to focussing on android so are disposing of all inventory. Bad for htc, not necessarily for WP

How is this necessarily not bad for WP? If HTC really is getting rid of all their WP inventory to focus on Android, that means only Nokia will be phone manufacturer who supports it. Only ONE!! THIS IS BAD.

It really is Microsoft's issue to be concerned with 'the platform' - it is their platform after all!
As for HTC- they were given a 'Signature' moniker by Microsoft, yet, there was nothing about the device that compelled the majority of WP8 users to buy it.
Frankly, I personally wouldn't mind if Nokia was the main oem; actually, they kinda already are.

You're going to call this "spin," but here's my perspective on it: the non-Nokia manufacturers haven't been doing all that much for the platform, other than offering a handful of other hardware options. Those other options have generally been rehashings of eight-month-old Android hardware, or have seen poor software support from the manufacturers.
Because Nokia is "all-in" with Windows Phone, they're busting their butts on support/updates, software offerings/exclusives, and hardware diversification. Samsung and HTC don't seem to have that focus, and it seems to show in the user satisfaction. I've got an HTC Trophy on Verizon, and I've loved using it for (almost exactly) two years. But I have never considered using my upgrade on the 8X or ATIV Odyssey because I know that a (flagship, I know about the 822) Lumia is around the corner.
I think that Windows Phone as a platform is still so young that I'd rather have fewer, better options, than give unwitting purchasers and wireless carrier reps an opportunity for criticism (with something like an ATIV Odyssey). If people are only buying Lumias, then this seems like the market doing quality control, and I think that it could be great to build Windows Phone. When the marketshare increases, maybe then the struggling HTC can afford to divert sufficient resources to release a compelling product (like the One).

Do not buy this for use on carriers other than Verizon if you want MMS to function. The "Add MMS APN" option was removed with the Portico update (and it was broken before the Portico update, it wouldn't save anything you eneterd). Also the HTC Connection Setup app doesn't work on the Verizon 8X, it just says SIM card not detected and closes. So it is IMPOSSIBLE to make MMS work on any GSM carrier.

Nowadays, most of the people have what'sapp, skype. What else do you need? 
What'sapp is present on most of the feature phones, at-least on Nokias.

This comes unlocked out of the box and works on at&t HSPA but I remember people having a hard time getting MMS to work

Just bought one to hold me over till the Lumia 928 is released. My Trophy has been a trooper but I've had the itch to upgrade for awhile now...

My upgrade isn't up until September, but I'm in the same boat as you with my Trophy. It's hard to resist the urge to just splurge and buy it because I've been craving some new hardware...ugh. But I want that Nokia WinPho experience.

I think HTC is facing serious problems in the windows market. The 8x is not bad. The current price sounds like , a give-away

I've been waiting for a Nokia 920 variant on Verizon so I got this one to start learning WP8. I've been and Android user for 5 years.

HTC is just unloading old devices before new devices arrive. Verizon is doing it also, reducing unsold inventory. Nothing wrong with that, considering that this year there will be new WP8 devices.

I pulled the trigger and bought one out of curiosity. I currently have the Lumia 822, which I love but I am curious about the 720p display on the HTC8x. 
If it doesn't work out, I am sure I can recoup, selling on clist or ebay. 

Is it just me or are they out of new ones? When I click on the HTC 8x New link, it takes me to the used page, and there is no option for new. 

This isn't an indication of HTC or Verizon nor even WP's standings. This phone is being sold through a third-party and it is REFURBED. There's is nothing in that equation that shows any sort of negative light on any of the three parties involved.