Deezer streams new life into Windows Phone client with major visual revamp


Deezer (www.deezer.com) is a music streaming and discovery service available in multiple markets. The company already has clients for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone, but the team has released a new version for the mobile platform. Version 2.0 completely revamps the UI to make it feel more clean and modern. Just like the recent update for ESPNcricinfo, you'll be greeted by a clear, white and simply gorgeous interface.

What's more is the development team behind the Deezer app has also addressed bugs and fixed stability issues that plagued the client and made it nigh impossible to enjoy music playback. The new UI, coupled with the improvements and problems addressed, really make it difficult to choose between the likes of Xbox Music, Nokia Music, Deezer and other solutions.


If you're with EE or Orange here in the UK, you'll be able to enjoy free access to the Deezer service (doesn't count towards data usage). For everyone else - you can listen to an unlimited number of tracks for 12-months at no cost with an ad-supported service (restricted to just 2 hours per month after the 12 months is up).

Should you wish to upgrade to the premium plans, the adverts are disabled and more features are introduced. It's a great way to trial the service out before looking to upgrade - there's also a 15 day free trial for both of the subscription options. As well as streaming, Deezer enables you to sync music to devices for offline playback, receive hand-picked recommendations from editors and tune into thousands of themed and artist radio channels.

There must be something in the air lately, or developers and companies are starting to realise just how beautiful Windows Phone apps can be when designed with the Modern UI in mind. You can download Deezer from the Windows Phone Store (available for both Windows Phone 7 and 8 - region restricted - Not Available in the U.S.). Thanks, Andy, for the tip!

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Deezer streams new life into Windows Phone client with major visual revamp


yeah, but on the bright-side, at least they're using their time wisely - producing and updating their wp8 and w8 apps.. :)

First Deezer app moves into Nokia Collection and a few days later...this. I was positively shocked when I saw an update. I figured it was a small one but when I launched it... WOW! It's an 1000% improvement over the old version! I've been using Deezer ever since it came to Croatia, a year and a something ago and I always hated that clumsy app. But now... It's beautiful, fast, stable... There's still work to be done, some tiny bugs to be corrected but WHAT a change!

Not all Orange customers get it free. Only the ones that are on Panther or a plan that allows to have "Swappables"
Also, Rich - how come your images are pixelated on a PC? It's just this particular article, the previous ones are sharp and fine. These ones are kind of blurred.
Disclaimer: No, I am not on anything.

Well, it's not in the U.S. so I can't try it out. Regardless, what's the benefit to this over the other plethora of streaming apps like Pandora, Last.FM, Spotify, Nokia Music, and so on?

I just signed up for the free ee addon now and it stated that date usage is taken into account. I didn't get a screen grab though. Also, is anyone having trouble connecting at all?

I can't find "high quality audio"  option. Thats ridiculous. Bitrate is something like ~128kb/s. But yes, interface is great now.

I wish Spotify was as good as this one... But I guess I'll have to stick to Spotify, since I'm on that one for more than 2 years and I do like the PC client.

This is exactly what Spotify should be like! But since they are zero committed to Windows Phone I just cancelled my subscription and switched to deezer instead. Should Spotify ever decide to care about Windows Phone I might sign up again.