Developers now have access to more GPU bandwidth on Xbox One

Developers now have access to more GPU bandwidth on Xbox One

Microsoft is giving Xbox One game developers some additional hardware resources to play with. The company's Xbox head Phil Spencer announced today on Twitter that the new Xbox One software development kit update for June will give developers access to more of the console's GPU.

Spencer wrote:

June #XboxOne software dev kit gives devs access to more GPU bandwidth. More performance, new tools and flexibility to make games better.

Exactly how much more graphics power will be made available for game development is currently unknown. However, Microsoft did increase both the GPU and CPU clock speeds on the Xbox One before the console was officially released in November.

This news comes on the heels of Microsoft sending out its latest system update for the Xbox One, which enables external hard drive support, real names for Xbox Live members and lots more improvements.

What do you think about Microsoft giving Xbox One game developers more access to the console's GPU and do you think it will have a noticeable effect on its games in the future?

Source: Phil Spencer on Twitter


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Developers now have access to more GPU bandwidth on Xbox One


My point is you have no clue how big or small this update is, we have zero details.  You're guessing here, and when people guess it'd be nice to not state things like they're facts.

And software updates can bring noticible improvements, be it game updates, or more so with driver updates.  I've seen it on the PC time and again with new drivers that bring a good chunk of performance improvements.  Look at AMDs newest 14.6 beta drivers, they have improvements in things from game specific, to MSAA specific performance boosts, and the MSAA stuff is 20%+.

If the problem with games not hitting performance marks is software to begin with, be it difficulty in managing esram then software updates and better tools will help.

Lolwhut? Maybe the white box he typed his message in. But eh... Forza horizon 2 devs stated thanks to this upgrade, they managed 1080p easier. So people can eat on that now.

my point is regardless of how substantial this update is, the hardware limitations prevent 1080p 60fps on AAA titles without a decrease in texture quality.
I just don't see it happening,

But not in all the titles that are for the PS4....Same game, both systems, PS4 1080p @ 60fps, Xbox one 900p at 30fps....or around that point.

If you ONLY cared about the best picture performance on a game system, by the numbers on AAA games, the PS4 is the better choice right now. Microsoft needs to fix this and I hope this update addresses this

What are you talking about? There is no multi platform game that has both a lower resolution and lower frame rate on the Xbox one.

True, it seems games are either lower res or lower fps (mostly lower res) but not both, although in the case of Tomb Raider being 30fps on the Xbox one vs 60fps on the PS4 it's locked at 30 on the xbox, it could do more but the devs purposely locked it at 30 for a smooth experiance, where as the ps4 version can hit 60fps but also drops as low as 30fps in some scenes.

The only reason Forza Horizon 2 isn't 1080p AND 60fps is on account the game is huge and the texture load driving 100plus is too much. We don't know what the future holds for 1080p 60fps titles on Xbox One. Could be the norm, or perhaps not- we'll see.

Sorry, but you are grossly misinformed. The human eye doesn't even work in FPS. That is your first mistake right there.

Also although based on the Forza 5 engine it's doing much more than FM5 was - open world with drivatar traffic and ai traffic,  day and night cycle, randomised weather patterns...

I can understand why they mde the decision to drop to 30fps rather than try adn hit 60 but compromise on features.

Maybe with the next forza engine all of that at 60fps is possible, look at how FM4 was much better (models, lighting, textures, handing) than FM2 on the same console after several engine itterations.

there is a lot more to a game engine than esRAM silly. You had John Carmak basically pour cold water on any advantage the PS4 may have by basically saying both systems are about the same the developer will matter more than the hadware.

the PS4 is no SLI titan based buddy. It is a low end PC at best.

The PS4 AND the xbox one are both low end PC's at best, what's your point? I'm not partial to the PS4, if that's what you're insinuating...

Im guessing games will be faster?
This should be good and hopefully we'll starts seeing more 1080p games as was promised.

No, slightly more than that.

It's well known that Kinect and the system reserves 10% of the Xbox One's GPU processing power. Games had no access to this. They could only use 90% of the GPU's power. It was said that Microsoft would be releasing an update that allows developers access to this reserved GPU power. 

I'm guessing this is that update. If the devs do actually have access to all of that remaining 10% then games could get a boost of atleast 5 FPS more. Or alternatively devs could increase a games resolution, so that a 900p game can possibly run at 1080p now.

So what does this mean for Kinect, which supposedly still needs juice because it is passively waiting for voice or gesture commands? Does this mean Kinect users and non-Kinect users will see different versions of the same game? What if I unplug my Kinect while playing? Wouldn't two versions fragment the development and piss off developers by giving them more to do? I don't understand what is going on here. Is this different than the article a few months ago saying they were going to try to drop Kinect resource usage from 10 to 2%? Also, Kinect is awesome.

Without knowing what happened, how much the boost is or what changes have been made you can't say anything.    You're assumption that we won't get 1080p and 60fps for games isn't set in stone anywhere.

It would be nice for MS to give dev better support for the esram. Many don't understand how big that is, you can literally run 1080p at 60fps using just the esram without using the 8gb of ddr3. Tile resource is the future of gaming.

They've had to manually mange the ESRAM it seems, so the part in the tweet that says bandwidth and tools has to, IMO, tie into the SDK better using the ESRAM with less work needed from the game developer to try and do it.  If MS has tools in the SDK that can do most of the work for them that'd be great.

Unfortunately, it still remains that there isn't enough ESRAM for 4x MSAA 1080p, so developers who are going for maximum cross-platform code (i.e. don't want to use lesser MSAA or code up a special FXAA for X1) may still choose to do a lesser resolution on X1.

4X MSAA isn't the only AA technique. Not all operations require the esRAM. 5 years from now when we've seen what they did, all these stupid esRAM monday experts will look silly.

I do not see how MSAA prevents tiling. Mind to elaborate?

Of course developers going multi-platform migh not use tiling at all.

Doesn't really matter how fast you move the data to the GPU if that is not the bottleneck. Not that there isn't more power to draw from both the XBone and PS4.

Wolfenstein is 1080p/60.  So is Forza 5.  Let's not act like the thing they're already doing is somehow impossible to do in the future.  Game developers will always make tradeoffs for the features they want in the game that sometimes affect resolution/framerate, but the system is perfectly capable of 1080p/60.

I still find it funny that people say the xbox one cant do 60fps and 1080p. Any console can do this Mario Kart 8 is 1080p 60fps and the wiiu is not as powerful. What people seem to be foregetting is that we are at the beginning of a new generation and alot of games that have come out on the new gen consoles were being made for the old gen consles too or at some point in its life and moved to the new gen console.

Do people remember what MS looked like on the PS3? and then the difference with MS2? Also this gen 3rd party developers look like they are using the PS4 as the main console because it is easer to program for so the Xbox one version will always not look as good in terms of fine detail like in last gen where the 360 games looked better than the PS3 games.

I am liking what microsoft are doing with the xbox one though. When I 1st got the consloe it felt unfinished and was lacking content I had on the 360 like extenal drive support, Chat, apps and more but it looks like once it has been on the market it will have everything the 360 had and more which is what I want to see.

Microsoft had a bad start with the xbox one but it looks like they are now putting all that right just like Nintendo have been doing with the WiiU which as a gamer is great for everyone.

Sorry but Forza now runs 1080p at 60fps and there is nothing wrong with that game.. COD was dropped to 720p and BF went to 900p but still 60... there is nothing stopping 1080p games running at 60fps, there will probably always be a difference between cross platform, just think of the poor old Wii U :P But considering I was/am fine with the 512Mb of system wide RAM on the 360, i'm not to worried about the XBO... It'll keep up... Just think... they made GTA5 on 512.... 8 gig..... 8.... gig..... yea its a bit slower but not so much as to make the XBO worthless? Hell ya can't hide a crap game in graphics, Ryse made that clear (though something has to be said for the sheer volume of ways to kill a person in that game)... I'm addicted to FTL at the moment and that looks like an 80s game... I'm more concerned about the open worlds that 8Gb will allow... that and just better looking GOOD games... dont have to look the best or i'd mod my pc...

yeah I don't care that much about Resolution or FPS, as long as the game looks good and is FUN.. THAT'S the main thing

This. Although the mainstream audience won't appeal to a good game with bad graphics. Apparently they weren't raised in the 80s where it never mattered..

Eventually... For now I'll keep using TriDef3D and 1080p for muh PC beauty.
>try Skyrim with the HD pack.

Won't be a noticeable difference but for some games it may mean that they can upgrade to 1080p or 60fps both of which I feel should have been standard with this generation, even if it meant lower in-game quality ambient occlusion, AA, AF etc.

Every ounce they can squeeze out is welcomed. Hopefully they will continue to optimize and I imagine future DirectX 12 support will play a big part.

Hard to tell without knowing how much more is available to the devs. I guess we will know if it is any good when devs talk about it.

A developer already hinted about future dev kit update(s) that will enable more 1080p games back in February.

Yep, saw that, but from dev to actual release many things could change. Don't get me wrong... I own an Xbox One myself and would love to play Titanfall with absolutely no screen tearing and better anti-aliasing as I play it on my 2yr old PC. I would really like the XB1 to succeed, and I'm sure developers will soon publish some details on the actual changes and what it means for real world scenarios.

Then again? I don't ur point as Sony has had more first and third party games come in at 1080p and better slightly visuals without doing much to persuade third party companies especially. I applaud Microsoft for chasing the game as they should have done in the beginning.

The important part of your statement is slightly better visuals. We have seen countless reviews of cross platform games running side by side. Even when the xbone game is 720p and ps4 900 or 1080p, you couldn't tell the difference unless you froze the scene and zoomed in to look at the details. During regular game play all of this stuff doesn't matter. You can't see that fine detail in the rock or leaf as you run past it at 30 or 60 fps. 

Has anyone else noticed that the Kinect gesture controls on the start screen now are really clunky after this update? When I try to move from section to section it really stutters now as it tries to render the tiles. It's also really hard to access the Store using Kinect now that they made the tiles so small and put them in the corner next to all the giant ads.

Peeps, again. Forza horizon 2 devs said their game hit 1080p easier and 30Fps. That's a big plus since that game is really massive with realistic weather. That was the point they hammered on. But I expect games like "The Crew" will get 1080p too. But that's up to U..Be..Soft.

Cant wait to see it in action to see there is a notable difference. I'm sort of doubtful, but clearly we can't judge until devs really start taking advantage of these changes.

agreed. the XB1 OS is a total piece of junk compared to the smooth 360 OS. only in multi-tasking due to its huge memory resources can it beat the 360. but I can almost count the lag when I do something in the controller and the xb1 gets around to responding.

The constant flow of stupid people bitching about 1080p on the xbox one just proves they don't understand how graphics really work 1080p dose not make the game any better not to mention im sure everyone has a top of the range LED LCD tv so they can see the massive difference between 720-1080p.

And which console has the highest number of 1080p games THE Wii U

Maybe they can finally get AAA games out in 1080p @ 60fps, on all of them going forward. This PS4 getting the same game @ 1080p....and we are lucky if we get 900P....this needs to end..

At least be matching the PS4's numbers on all games..

remember when the PS3 first shipped it could do 1080p while the xbox 360 only 720p? did this matter in the end? Let's say the XB1 even after this and DX12 only gets to 900p. nobody will care for that when PC gaming will be doing 4K.

in other words, you know how those people in eastern europe fight over a piece of land nobody gives a rat? well that's kind of how the whole 1080p vs 900p debate looks like in the perspetive of the gaming world of PC master race.

The reason the x1 is not as powerful as it could be is the fact it was designed to run over the cloud ☁ to boost performance and change the way games where meant to be played.. So if anyone should be complaining it should be all the people that don't like change.. MS will do what they wanted to do at first in time.. Just smarter and in due time..

No, sadly its hardware related. If the Xbone didn't run off ultrabook processors, Microsoft would have to make silly excuses for the lack of power.

Oh but wait... I'm sure it'll be on both systems since they are the same thing anyways. X1 is a receiver and thats it. We need better graphics.

Rockstar is releasing a new Red Dead Redemption game for the One. A GTA game for Xbox One is a long way off.

Had the June update for 3 weeks, console is noticeably snappier, and has system wide improvement in terms of load speed, controller and peripheral lag reduction. Also seeing and feeling an increase in the system utilizing its memory recalls better.

Well, you tend to have power problems when you put an ultrabook CPU/GPU in a desktop environment. Microsoft should have stuck to desktop chips rather than create this silent pos they call a successor to the glorious Xbox 360. All I want Microsoft is to give me an updated Xbox 360 with 8GB RAM, a AMD 68xx card, and keep the current CPU since everything else was a bottleneck. I bet that baby won't have trouble hitting 1080p at 60fps. The Xbox One is a bottleneck overall. More of a bottleneck than Tegra 3 in my Surface RT if you ask me...

Damn these consoles now they are raising the min req of pc's also.Can't play watchdogs and also maybe Creed UNITY but maybe i could play Arkham Knight!

Honestly the amount of people whinging the ps4 has more graphical grunt the x1, forget these are consoles made to enjoy games / play games, have fun with friends + family and not look at every single frame in freeze frame slo mo. Where is the fun in that?

Furthermore the better looking titles came at nearer to the end of previous Gen console's life cycle as better tools were released and devs gained more knowledge i.e. GTA4 compared to GTA5, Uncharted 1 compared to Uncharted 3. So we have a long way ahead, its a marathon not a sprint.