Diptic is currently free at the Windows Phone Store

Diptic for Windows Phone

A few people complain whenever we talk about apps that aren’t free or apps that don’t include free trials. One of those apps is Diptic, a collage creator that has been available on Android and iOS devices, and just made its way to the Windows Phone Store. If you haven't already downloaded it, now is a good time to check it out because it just turned free!

Normally available for 99 cents without a trial at the Windows Phone Store, Diptic lets you easily create photo collages and share them with friends. It has up to 75 layouts for you to choose from. Those who want to do more with their collages can edit their photos or play around with the frame borders. You can watch our video walkthrough below for more details.

This is Diptic’s first version of their app for Windows Phone 8. Grab it now for free at the Windows Phone Store.

Is this going to be your preferred collage creator app for Windows Phone or do you have something else in mind? Let us know in the comments! 

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Reader comments

Diptic is currently free at the Windows Phone Store


Downloading on my 920.

But why 1GB requirement for an app? Seriously developers need to get their act right.

Why manufacture phones with 512 ram in the first place, how much would it cost to add an extra 512?
Why do app programmers limit apps to ram? Why not make it open to all phones and let the client decide whether to keep it if its slow or not? Why? Please someone answer.

Imagine 3mb app needs 1GB ram or more oh my God... They should work on that..so that the app can run on all windows phone

Downloaded and installed fine on my 822.  Maybe it your carrier with the issue.  If it is on AT&T, that would make sense!

All heavy size applications and games which runs on 512mb ram will be in coma due to uncontrollable laughing. Lamo :):D

I have no problem paying for apps, but I feel like the dev has no confidence in what he has made if he wont offer a trial. For that reason, I often dont look at apps or games that are buy outright.

"A few people complain whenever we talk about apps that aren’t free or apps that don’t include free trials." I knew the 512 posse wouldn't take this lying down. lol.

compared to iOS and Android, lack of great free apps is a legitimate issue. Sure developers want to get paid but it doesn't help for people who switched platforms. For me personally I've bought a few, but understand the complaints.

Dear people asking why a 3 MB program needs 1 GB of RAM to run,

the program's size has NOTHING to do with the resources needed to perform functions within the program itself. learn some programming basics before questioning the programmers, please. that is all.