Do you have a preferred nickname for Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana?

Microsoft is set to include a new virtual assistant in Windows Phone 8.1, named Cortana. The name itself comes from the popular video game series Halo, where Cortana is an artificial intelligence who accompanies the player throughout the story. While it's not yet known what the final name of the assistant will be, there have been new nicknames and suggestions published on our forums.

Each owner endeavors to make his (or her) Windows Phone their own, whether it be customizing every part of the operating system, or adding cases and covers to the hardware itself. So what about Cortana, or the virtual assistant which will be present in Windows Phone 8.1? Since consumers will be interacting using natural language, we're sure nicknames would come into play when referring to the mysterious, coded voice.

You may be a fan of Halo, but not everyone else is. There are many fantasies out there in the wild, not to mention folk who simply wish to add some humor to the overall experience. Then again, Cortana would integrated Halo further at Microsoft, bringing everything together across platforms and adding more meaning to the character. That said, there could be a setting to configure this.

So, what would you call Cortana, if not by her name? ​Head on over to our community forum and share your own nicknames for Cortana.


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Do you have a preferred nickname for Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana?



Cortana is a cheesy as name... I'd take anything but this... eg:

  • WP assist, set up an alarm
  • [your phone's name], whats the nearest chinese restaurant?
  • Windows Phone or WP, call John Doe.
  • Hello, alô, hola, Hi, anyon, ni hao what ever hello is in your language, Text Maria..

This is just me... but what ever floats your boat... the more customization the better :)

LOL. And it would work like this:

Me: Hodor, what is the weather like today?

Phone: "Hodor!"

Me: Hodor, remind me of a meeting at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Phone: HO-DOR!

Me: Arg!!!

That would be like calling it Groot... lol

Personally I would like to call it Jarvis... since that is what I'm using now. I've a voice recognition program created by Michael Wilson and it works really well. Actually understands me better than most of the other apps on my tech.

I want to know if I can change Cortana's voice to the default voice on my pc. I use the male UK voice and it works well with Jarvis. True Jarvis can only do what I program him to do, but that is a considerable amount. Though I hear that Cortana is going to be more "hands on" and intergrated into most everything.

The only thing is, I want to customize it to be a voice I want to hear and a name I'm comfortable with already. If the new system will let me do that, then I'll be sold.

Just as there are some that are not interested in Cortana, there are others not interested in a female assistant. It would be nice that they offer other AI personalities so that you can make a choice to personalize your experience. Choices are always a really good thing to offer customers. And gamers are some customers that like choices a lot.

What would be epic, and scary as f*** is if there was a special setting so that when you change the name to HAL9000 the circle becomes red and glowy in the centre

Sheila is perfect if you're a Red Vs. Blue fan. If it has Cortana's voice from the Halo games, then Cortana it shall stay for me. :-)

If we are able to rename it, I will do this as well. I think Cortana is great, but I would be so happy if this could happen:

Me: Javis, you awake?

Jarvis: For you, sir, always.


I read the whole comment section.. No one came up with Eve (Eva as Wall E calls her)
and what about VIKI ?? Virtual interactive kinetic intelligence.. I like both and if i m allowed i ll try both for a month.

Eve (or Eva) would be a great name for the Virtual Assistant!! I still like Cortana, but I may try Eve/Eva out for a while if I can.

I'll change voice to male(heard it'll be available,) name it Jesse and make it call me "Yo Bitch!"

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Best comment ever, brilliant. As a nokia phone, its a lot like jesse, it takes a beating keeps on going.

Can we call it Walt and have it cough everytime we talk to it?

Actually, this article got me really thinking about the name. What I would choose is Bing.

Already know its search+ and simple to say, less syllables. My humble choice.

I was going to post something like this. Amazing. And it can call me "Sorry, your Office 365 subscription has expired".

I'd not thought of that.  I hope they do a good job with whatever ME4 is going to be.....

Yep! Was scrolling through to see if anyone else thought of it. "Clippy, find..." this will only work well if the performance is great.

I have to admit, Cortana just fits. I have played Halo, but I'm not a diehard fan. But the basis of what Cortana is just makes a whole lot more sense, as it fits what AI should be: personable. ;)

I thought about that too.

The benefit? If a girl buggers you just say "shut up bitch", If she looks at you, Just say "What? I was talking to my phone" :P :P

Xbox has taken voice commands since the launch of Kinect. You can't customize the name on Xbox, I don't see why you would be able to on WP 8.1.

Lol it's the WPCentral comment page man, you're bound to find the know-it-all sans knowledge, eventually.

If you need to say the name to initiate the command, ie: Cortana, what is the weather forecast? Then I would prefer a shorter name. Although I am a Halo fan, it would be much more practical if this is the case

+920 though its hard for to me believe that each time you'll have to start it with the name..... Unless there is an always on(listening) function