EE extends 4G roaming to 14 new countries


EE has announced that it will be extending 4G roaming connectivity to 14 additional countries, following the rollout of the service to cover Spain and France earlier this year.

The UK carrier's roaming agreement will allow EE customers to enjoy 4G connectivity while travelling to Canada, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. Customers visiting South Korea will also be able to enjoy 4G roaming thanks to a new deal that is set to go into effect tomorrow.

Customers wanting to avail 4G roaming have to buy a data roaming bundle, and while the 1 GB bundle is no longer available, EE is offering 500 MB data for £25 to users roaming within the EU.

EE has stated that all consumer and small business cutovers will be eligible to enjoy 4G roaming in these territories starting today, and has mentioned that corporate customers will be able to follow suit soon.

EE users, are you excited about the carrier's move to bringing 4G roaming to additional territories? Which country do you want to see covered by the carrier?


Reader comments

EE extends 4G roaming to 14 new countries


It says it allows roaming, but my guess it's the same as 3G roaming..... costly! You are much better off buying a local sim.

Ah.. is it not the same as Three with the Roaming doesnt cost because it is calculated on your paid data volume? is it just the functionality to roam at all with a 4g network :O

three uk dont charge extra for abroad roaming, and they dont cap usage with roaming abroad either -  the other companies really need to get themselves in line with three on unlimited data bundles for UK & roaming!

Rip off. Data roaming is free in many countries on Three. And Vodafone allow you to use your actual data allowance when roaming for 2 pounds per day. This is typical EE nonsense pricing

Don't all EU networks have to permit normal use of home country contract allowances anywhere in the EU from next summer anyway? It looks like these companies are in the process of negotiating contracts with all the relevant operators and just trying to cash in on those already agreed before the new rules come into force.

More countries for free calls and texts... If you have a 4GEE Extra package that is... roaming is free in these countries (minus data).

Extremely helpful for myself.

What a rip off, £25...
My dad had some fraudulent calls made and put on his account, just on his third day on EE. Had to invoke his right to cancel with-in 14 days.

Just Eurostarred it to Brussels.£7.50 for 1mb from T Mobile. Outrageous. Have to make sure everything is blocked on my 520.

The eu rules for free roaming is a great idea but is only worth waiting for if it arrives when they say it will and does what it says it will do, so ill wait and see.