Explore 3D and Yelp makes finding three dimensions easier in Bing Maps Preview on Windows 8.1

Bing Maps Explore 3D

Bing Maps for Windows 8.1 has introduced a whole slew of new features, ranging from user interface tweaks to tie-ins with popular services like Yelp and TripAdvisor, to expanded regional availability of transit and driving directions. The preview version of Bing Maps has added in the ability to find cities with 3D models on the map through an Explore 3D experience. You can also mark locations as favorites and have them sync across Windows Phone and PCs, and the search bar (which is now always visible) provides automatically suggested results as you type.

The Bing Maps Preview is obviously the flashier option between the two, but one way or the other, you'll enjoy tons of useful navigation, search, and discovery functions. As always, you can check traffic conditions, dig into rich data on local points of interest, and find operating hours and user reviews for nearby businesses.

You can find the updated version of Bing Maps in the Windows Store here, or you can take a look at Bing Maps Preview here. How often do you guys use Bing Maps? Are you digging the new features? Anything in particular you'd liketo see added?

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Explore 3D and Yelp makes finding three dimensions easier in Bing Maps Preview on Windows 8.1


That would be pretty sweet. Won't happen though as Nokia didn't want to give up Here Maps to Microsoft. :'(

I still find myself using google maps. Sorry to say, but as much as I hate google some of their products are pretty darn good.

looks so cool! reminds me of that old bing map desktop program that also do 3D

and no it's not US only they have 3D maps of europe and australia as well

I use Bing maps almost exclusively. For getting directions it's the best choice for me.

So they finally added my town, Las Vegas. Too bad most of it's still just flat and not in 3D :(

Bing maps preview is much better then the regular Bing maps. I really want them to update the one on windows phone. That's where I use maps most.

Public Transit options - a game changer would be Cortana integration where Cortana could advise you if car owners who prefer public transportation can make it to their bus/train stop parking lot in morning rush hour OR if traffic will not allow it and its best to just drive in to work.

Also, would help for commute estimates to allow for users to input whether they are carpooling to prompt HOV lane commute estimates.