Facebook rolling out 'missed call' ads to boost revenue from India

Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg

Looking to increase revenue from emerging markets like India, Facebook has announced that it rolling out a new "missed call" ad service that allows users to easily access information from brands and advertisers without incurring data or voice charges.

The new ad service allows users to place a "missed call" to an advertiser by clicking on the ad block from their mobile devices, which will initiate a return call containing pre-recorded messages. The messages can be anything from brand adverts, cricket scores, messages from Bollywood celebrities, information on product discounts, sales and much more.

Although the missed call model is followed by most carriers in the country, this is the first time a social network like Facebook has implemented the service. By allowing customers to register their interest by placing a missed call, Facebook has the potential to deliver ads to a much wider audience, at the same time ensuring that its users do not accrue any data and voice charges.

Even though Facebook has 100 million users in India, the amount of revenue it generates is significantly lesser when compared to countries like the United States, Canada and the UK. A likely reason for this is due to the slow proliferation of 3G services and the high tariffs involved therein.

A majority of Facebook's users in India use feature phones that lack touchscreens and the ability to access 3G networks. As such, the social network has optimised its ads to run on slow wireless connections, and worked with carriers in the country to bundle unlimited Facebook access to users who do not have a dedicated data connection.

Currently, Facebook is testing out the missed call service with a limited user-set, with intentions of rolling it out to a wider audience in the coming months.

Indian users, would you be interested in using this feature? Do you think Facebook will be successful in its endeavour?

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Facebook rolling out 'missed call' ads to boost revenue from India


A big no to these kind of sevices from FB ...i dont want them to annoy me by these telemarketing calls...

They won't annoy you. They will perform another secret experiment by controlling what sort of calls you get on your mobile. Facebook is what Google was.

This is first a mobile nation site. Related to mobile technology...ergo the fb mobile related news!

Lol I don't use facebook, I highly recommend it actually because I don't have to deal with their bullshit! :D

Most of the advertisers of FB in India are e-commerce sites. I don't understand how they are going to benefit through this Missed call and recorded message stuffs.

Sorry, but why the feck is this on WPCentral?
PLEASE start posting relevant news. Facebook news is aggravating.

I do agree, i use to read every single article on windows phone central, but these days I'm finding myself reading about one in every 5-6 articles because they simply aren't relevant to me and my windows phone...

I got flamed for saying that an Xbox 360 review was in no way relevant to WPCentral. Apparently, as long as there is a tenuous link back to Microsoft, then it's fair game (I personally don't see how a legacy games console has any relevance to WPCentral. I also can't see how an Amazon clearance sale for Sony micro SD cards is in any way related to Windows Phone! But the powers that be think they are relevant, and so do some of the readership!)

Sometimes i can understand the Xbox because it's in the windows phone ecosystem, but yeah i agree with the SD card, it's another example of an article i would skip... The editors are more than welcome to contact me also if they think I'm being unreasonable, but surely the majority of us are here for the sole purpose of reading about our windows phones and Microsoft.

I'm not here to read about Facebook, T-mobile or for that matter Xbox if it doesn't have a DIRECT link with windows phone.

The more I want to not see those annoying ads on my facebook page, the more they are pushing it now in my face! Wish I could discontinue using facebook but my friends and relatives are scattered all over the globe.

In India a former minster wanted to ban android coz it had porn apps and other malware app etc. Android was about to get banned in India. I was loving it but still the shit is there

I don't like Facebook and the way they manage the whole data and privacy thing. The way they treat Windows Phone users is another thing I really hate.
That's why I don't have a Facebook account, and I don't recommend it. Buuuut, I don't get why are whining about Facebook ads if you have an account. You signed up and accepted that in order to have a free service. You should say goodbye to it if you don't like it and use Skype, Line, or whatever to communicate instead of your Facebook account.