Facebook Windows 8.1

Facebook officially arrives for Windows 8.1

Facebook on Windows Phone has been a hit and miss experience since it first launch a few years ago. The early versions of the app were riddled with performance issues and an overall lack of features. However, the Facebook Beta and subsequent updates to the official Facebook app have improved it tremendously. For the past year, Windows 8 hasn’t had a Facebook app either. That’s all changing with Windows 8.1 as the official Facebook app has finally hit the Windows Store. Details below.

Windows 8.1 is just a few short hours away from being officially available to the general public. We’re going to be seeing a lot of new apps designed for Windows 8.1 hit the Windows Store. And it looks like Facebook for Windows is one of the first.

The links are still rolling out and we haven’t been able to download it yet, but The Verge did get a chance to play around. So far they’ve noticed the ability to status, photo, and check-in updates. You can manage friend requests, check your inbox, see notifications, and much more.

You’ll need Windows 8.1 RTM to find the app in the Windows Store. User on Windows 8 or the Windows 8.1 Preview won’t be able to install the app. Now if only Flipboard would show up soon in the Store...

Want Facebook for Windows 8.1? Head to the Windows Store to grab it. Tell us what you think of it below!

We’ll have a hands on and impressions of the app once the links work go live for us.

Source: Windows Store, Via/Image: The Verge

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Facebook officially arrives for Windows 8.1


WHAT?!? Why can't the Facebook team develop for WinPhone then? Anyway, great news. Hopefully Microsoft and Facebook could negotiate about the current version and had it over to the FB team. Is that possible?

It would rock to have a Facebook developped Facebook app that doesn't screw around with notifications and PMs ! Twitter managed to get it right a long time ago, why Facebook can't ?

Oh, ok, I though downpack meant something like downgraded... I wasn't sure what you were meaning. The twitter app is really good.

Yeah, the Twitter app on WP is really good. On RT not so much. I mean, it's good feature-wise but it's buggy.

The old Facebook for windows phone was simply awesome.. I hope fb team develop a similar one for wp 8.1 too...

Same, i liked the random pictures from my photo album appering at the top of the newsfeed; I don't ever look thorugh my pictures so it was rather nestaligic to see lol.

Exactly... That had given it a premium look.. The current fb is mere mobile edition. Nothing special..

This had made my day! Only 2 days ago I nearly threw my surface at the wall using facebook though IE, messaging everything is a nightmare! Found a good app but this looks better, saves my frustrations. Bring on flipboard! Flipboard looks like it was made for WIndows 8!

I feel you man.. even I almost threw my Lumia 920 for using facebook original/beta app and even mobile website.. when can we even have a decent FB wp app..

Well I guess facebook just hates android tabs. Now if only windows 8.1 update was officially available like right now... hate waiting.

What time is 8.1 released? I'm going to have to go round my uncle's house to use his interwebs - it would be quicker to order it from Amazon and have it delivered that it would be to download at my house :(

Pocket-lint say this: "It said that it will go live at 12am on 18 October in New Zealand, so that means 12pm in the UK, 7am on the east coast of America and 4am on the west."
Another hour then... The hard part is going to be finding a download link for offline installation, I think!

If you are running Windows 8.1 RTM already, you can find it just by searching for it in the Store. The link in the article doesn't work just yet.
The App works pretty sweet. On my Surface RT it is a breeze compared to the full Website version.

Actually plain old Windows 8 can find all the new apps for 8.1, the Store just doesn't allow you to install them. I tested it. :)

I have 8.1 RTM, have had it for a while, and it's not available to me yet. It's going to be a while before it's avaiable everywhere.

The most wanted app on Windows 8 is here. And the most wanted app on Windows Phone is coming soon!

I guess i have to wait :)

Sorry, we can't find this page. The address might have changed or been removed.

For those who can't download the app,
Change the region to Australia & just open / restart Store app in windows 8.1.
Facebook app will appear on frontpage.

For those who can't download the app,
Change the region to Australia & just open / restart Store app in windows 8.1.
Facebook app will appear on frontpage.

I don't like it at all, the news feed is to small, and the sides are taking to much space. 

Might be the same problem that MS have with the WP fb-app? I hope not. Looks like its impossible for MS to get working notifications from fb. :/

Yeah.! I just noticed both Notifications & Live tile are working in almost real-time!
Messaging also working perfect with real-time notifications!
Finally this is happening in Windows Platform.! Now they should fix the same on WP!
btw, I noticed Store app also has live tile now.!!

I really don't understand the point and demand for a Facebook app. Windows doesn't have a crappy mobile browser. We get the full, real Facebook experience on the web.

That full experience is pretty bad, to be fair, on any browser. Even on desktop. And you also miss out on all the OS integration, share, notifications, potential persistent chat windows, etc.

Touch devices need the easier touch targets of an app. All devices would benefit from notifications and live tiles. If you don't need either of those you'd be fine.

Yeah, this made me shake my head. I'm glad I'm not running a website. You now have to develop for various versions of 4 browsers and 4 mobile OS's? What a colossal waste of manpower. All so others can see what you ate for dinner or hear about the latest exploits of your borderline retarded children. We are doomed as a species! Lol...

Finally! Using Facebook on my surface in IE has been an awful experience with scroll and lag. Does anyone know why that is? It happens on all our RT machines. I wondered if it was a JavaScript issue. Any ideas?

Facebook website is repeatedly sending refresh requests to the Facebook server network, for the plain reason of showing the newest posts on your feed. Not enough horsepower will result in lag lag lag. x86 > ARM

The only reason why i want THE official FB for wp8 is the notifications. The fb beta is giving me delayed notifications.

Yeah, and not only are they delayed but it sends notifications for stuff I've seen on my computer an hour ago. It can't even tell the difference between something new and something I've already seen. Grrr.

Just use Facebook Beta. It's kinda official because MS creates it and not some 3rd party dev with spare time (no,offence,though).

You don't need to have 8.1 rtm to find it. Shows up under w8 if I search for it, but doesn' allow me to install due to OS version

To me the main thing I want from a FB app in Windows 8.1 is sharing from the share charm to work...normally it would just share trough the people app and would only be a SkyDrive link...

Seems like news page doesn't auto refresh / or refresh when it has the focus. I kept the app running in the background, but it is still showing the same news until I do a manual refresh. I'm running Windows 8.1 on a notebook.

I wish Windows 8 was like Windows Phone, where I can go on the website on any device and login, then "send" to my Windows 8 computer....
Now If 81. will actually download, that would be great...

I mean xD the facebook.com website wont have bugs or lags or whatever apps usually have xD (or at least it wont have a lot of it)

My Surface RT would like to have a word with you. Facebook is barely useable on it via the browser while the app is smoooooth.

Some people have tablet/hybrid devices where the website isn't exactly a good experience

I have to say that nearly 100% of my FB time is spent looking at People Hub on my WP8 920 but I am glad that there is an "app for that (Facebook)"  it will placate people.  I ran the beta 8.1 but uninstalled it when I had problems with SkyDrive (turns out that the behavior really was by design).  So now I'm ready for the real thing.  FB on top of all this makes for a nice Thursday.  Good day to all my WP8 enthusiast brethren!

Anyway to get rid of the chat bar in the right? Seems be running well in my Surface RT, but I don't see an icon in the desktop. I had to search for the app to run it

This version is nice, fast, easy to use, clean and everything works as it should. The Windows Phone version is again getting worse and worse. Previously the "old" metro style one was loading instantly on my lumia 820, the current WP version takes a couple of seconds to load, sending messages in chat is slow, its just slow and laggy overall.
It needs another complete overheul by the Facebook team.