Firmware rolling out for Lumia handsets on Verizon and AT&T, no Lumia Black yet

Lumia 822

Lumia Black officially started rolling out a few weeks ago. Since then we’ve seen devices globally pick up the update. Today we’re seeing some updates for the Lumia 822 and Lumia 928 on Verizon, in addition to the Lumia 520 on AT&T. Is it Lumia Black?

Nope. The updates for the above devices appear to just carrier firmware specific updates. No Lumia Black yet for those devices on those particular networks.

We just tried two of the updates (AT&T Lumia 520 / Verizon Lumia 928) and still see the Amber firmware after these updates. Folks in the forums are still seeing Amber on their Lumia 822 with Verizon post-update.

Sorry, no Lumia Black today. But we’ll keep you posted when it does decide to go live. In the meantime, hit up the forums to see if these firmware changes are giving you any network related improvements.

Lumia 822 Forums

Lumia 928 Forums

Lumia 520 Forums

Thanks for the tips Atif and everyone else!


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Firmware rolling out for Lumia handsets on Verizon and AT&T, no Lumia Black yet


Just checked my 928 updates, no updates for me...I'm also on Dev GDR3... Hmmm... If it's a firmware update that fixes network issues, I dont have much but, a every once and a while dead spot..

T-Mobile told me this on Twitter the other day... @montpbm The “Lumia Black” software is not currently available for T-Mobile devices. We apologize for any inconvenience.

It's free and very simple (basically sign up on a MS site and then install an app). Just Bing it and follow instructions.

T-Mobile is ridiculous. I bet if there was an update for an HTC android phone that's also available on the other three networks they released an update, T-Mobile would roll it out at the same time, but when out comes to us 925 owners, they want to lie and take their sweet time. Enough is enough! I had it with these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday through Friday plane!

No they didn't the batch on L925 that the had came with the update because I did three phone exchange and they were all updated when it first came out.

Thanks for the info. Just posted in the forum that I received an update today but didn't get the black update and was wondering what the hell updated on my phone since I didn't see any changes. :)

Would that affect anything? I hope not because I have an AT&T Lumia 920 running Dev Preview. I hope that won't affect me getting black update eventually.

No. Others that have dev update 3 got black no prob. I'm just trying to understand if having that will affect this Verizon firmware.

No.  All of those are GDR3 updates.  Black is from  Nokia.  GDR3 is from MS.  You can have one without the other...  (for example, my HTC 8x has all those new features and no Black...)

Wpcentral didn't know what this was, so it could've been a GDR2 enhancement update, or maybe a gdr3 update. Yes, I DO know that I can run one without the other, like I have Amber, yet running gdr3. And I know Black is Nokia, GDR3 is Microsoft, lol.

I wasn't responding to you, unstoppable.  Not sure why it showed up like I was...sorry.

I was responding to this line from drokssilva:

That's lumia black.

What you posted are features from gdr3, as you know...

Exactemondo. Such BS. The 920 is like over a year old now and is the effin' last one to get the updates.

So sick of this M$ crap. And don't say it's AT&T cos M$ can bypass the carriers with updates just like Apple does if they had wanted to. Gonna watch the developments after the M$ borg eats what's left of Nokia Device Div and make my final decision on weather to move to Android.

Microsoft or Nokia doesn't block updates unless the handset maker (Nokia) specifically said they're not updating this phone.  It's the carrier branded phones that gets delayed or no updates.  It happened back when I got my Lumia 710 Asia version and my wife got the 710 T-Mobile version.  I got 7.8 pushed down to the phone 2 - 5 days after Microsoft/Nokia made the announcement for update availablity where as my wife's T-Mobile version got stuck forever in 7.5 land.

With that mind, when I upgraded to my 920, I made sure I bought the International verison of 920 instead of AT&T or T-Mobile version.  Sure enough, my 920 got the Black update 2 weeks ago where as the AT&T / T-Mobile versions still hasn't got theirs.

Apple is in a totally different camp b/c all updates comes from Apple.  The carrier has no say when/if Apple devices get updates.

Also keep in mind that Android faces similar problems, if the carrier or the hand set maker decides that they don't want to update, you're not going to get any.   (Had the first Samsung Galaxy Tab, T-Mobile branded.  big mistake because T-Mobile refuse to update that thing.  You have to flash the thing yourself.)

No kidding.  I thought part of the idea with WP was to be able to push out updates to everyone and not have to wait for carriers, etc. to get it done.  


Time to step their game up in this regard.  

The 925 for AT&T got updated last week to Lumia Black. Here Maps now has advertising banners across the top! I'm now going to smash my phone.

And here I am, with my blood boiling, while holding my unbranded Lumia 920, one of the ones they gave out in build. Still no sign of Lumia Black for me.

Your blood is boiling because your phone hasn't received the latest (minor) update? It's time to reassess your priorities.

I tipped this but don't know what the update was. It was on my son's L520, and he had already started it before I could see any notes/version info.

according to my new OS number, it is still "Update 2". I have noticed no new features so far, so I'm guessing it's just the typical "bug fixes and improvements under the hood". but I'm the type of guy that likes to know what changes im getting in app/OS update haha. I wish they'd publish it

Now I know...
Yesterday's update on Lumia 520 now allows Nokia Camera installation. You could only install the beta before.

In addition, the Nokia Lumia 810 update today was supposedly pushed out back in August 2013...

I checked the TMo and WP update pages and this looks like an old update.

The update I received is OS version: 8.0.10328.78     AKA Firmware revision: 3043.0000.1326.0017

@montpbm The “Lumia Black” software is not currently available for T-Mobile devices. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Just checked my 928 and 822 (both Verizon) and no dice :(

I, too, am running Preview for Developers... wonder if this is impeding the update

Probably not quite the place for it here, but I'll add that the Black update is running smoothly on my Lumia 625 here in New Zealand. If anyone cares, its the Vodafone variant.

Desperately need the Black update. My 822 has been freezing constantly the last few days and I have to do soft resets. I did a hard reset, but I reinstalled most of the same apps from my backup. I uninstalled the App Folder, but that hasn't help. Maybe this firmware update will help. I don't want to do a fresh install and start all over again. I have the developer preview for update 3, but I didn't have problems until recently. Anyone else having issues?

Had to reset the phone, but it is working like new again. I didn't reinstall the App Folder or Dev Preview, although Update 3 is still installed. I might try the App Folder again after installing Black. Not sure what the problem was, it might have been a game that I installed. At this point, I haven't installed any games. I thought it might be a hardware issue, but clearly it was a software issue.

After running fine for a few days, my phone is now bricked!  Very disappointed.  I tried not to install too much after having issues and waiting for Black, but I installed the Windows Phone Daily app from Microsoft and after that, the phone started to wig out again.  I had to keep soft resetting it and was getting to a point where I could input my passcode, but then it would freeze.  Now, it is stuck on one of the start splash screen.  I tried to hard reset it by holding the "volume down-power-camera" button combo, but that hasn't worked and it only soft resets it.  The worse part of this right now is that I have to use my old iPhone 4 for a couple of days.  It is painfully slow, but is still works after 3 years.  Can't say that about my Lumia 822.  Anyway, a new Lumia 928 (white) is on its way.  My wife is actually taking that, and I am taking the Lumia 928 (black) that I had bought off of eBay and that she has been using for the last month to try out WP.  I have convinced her not to get the iPhone 5s.  She is still getting used to WP, but she does love the larger screen.  I hope I have better luck with the 928.  It is a great phone, but it needs to last longer than my 822.  I was hoping the 822 would be my backup phone.  Microsoft has a lot riding on the WP8.1 update.  It better be great!

I'm running out of patience with my year old phone being treated like a bastard. Microsoft promised no more having to wait for the carrier bullshit. If Apple can pull it off, you can. Get this done or get ready to see many of us walk. Not worth coming back after such a loyal costumer and begging to have my phone kept up to date only a year after its release.

AT&T sells truck-loads of iPhones while they only sell trickles of MS Windows Phones. By virtue of this, Apple can dictate to AT&T while MS can't. I'm sure MS really want to push updates as much as you, maybe more, but they're powerless in the face of those trickles as against the deluge from Apple. Hope you stay but you're always free to do what you want.

And yes u are trolling and missing my point, this wp8 user is merely supporting an emerging platform so apple cult members don't need to spend 2k or 4k for their dear devises, nothing like good old competition to up the Ente, eh?

I un-enrolled and uninstalled the Preview for Developers on my 822, rebooted, and checked for updates again. Still nothing. It's possible folks w/ PfD on their phones are already past this point. Says in the notes for PfD that you can't "roll back" ...

Sorry to say its not coming just got this reply from a tweet is sent asking what's going on there reply was: "@TMobileHelp: For
T-Mobile, the “Lumia Black” Software is not available and there are no plans at this time for a future release. ^AC" I told them I'm returning the phone and buy fully unlock phone put it on straight talk I'm on WiFi 95% of the time so LTE is not a big deal.

Pulled this update down this afternoon. Was on GDR2/Amber, can't really tell what's been changed.
Other than it seems faster.


L620 please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please pleaseplease please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please

Just installed on my 928. I don't want to be that guy, but it honestly seems smoother and faster. Hopefully its an update to ready the devices for Black and Update 3.

i just wanted to ask if anyone noticed a difference on 520 since the update.i have not gotten any update but i got one a month back on l520.did anyone else ?

928 updated here. No notable changes beyond the red tiles seem to be a slightly different shade of red.

Very anti-climatic :(

Restart your phone, I got green tiles and Had same "issue" with color. After restart it fixed

Well, I think it had to do with Nokia's cole profile in Settings>Display. Mine wasn't Vivid like it was before.

I noticed this too. Colors are "softer" for lack of a better word. I kind of like it actually and hope I don't lose it after restarting. I'm also hoping it fixes screen freeze issue, though that is fairly rare for me thankfully. I have a 928 by the way.

I have trouble getting photo SMS from anyone that doesn't have a Windows Phone. Android or iPhone is a 50/50 potshot. Anyone know if this update helps with that?

Got it on my 928. I assume this is a small precursor to Black/GDR3. Here's hoping we see it by the end of the week.

Highly unlikely given all the politics and money that has to be exchanged before Verizon will give permission to move a single bean across the table. Pathetic US Carriers.

I am running dev preview so I could get GDR3 on my 928. My wife also has a 928 but she has no clue about this phone update stuff, so I just leave her phone as is. My phone said it was up to s
date, but when I checked on my wife's phone it said 8.0.1328.78 was available. I took a screen capture of the about screen and it was running 8.0.13277.77 before the update. Based on MS support page both of these updates are the same thing, they're just suppose to differ based on phone type and carrier. Not really sure what is going on here with VZW only pushing out this minor update, if we can even call it that.

Is anyone having an issue with the never ending gears?  l928 on verizon.  The gears have been going for about 90 minutes on mine and this is a small update.

For some reason, pressing "Submit Comment" here caused the gears to go away and the phone to restart.  Now it says "Migrating your data (Step 2 of 5)".

After 5 months 80% of Apple Devices are running ios7. After one quarter only 15% of WP devices have the GDR3 update. Has fail written all over it.

We've had a number of problems with VZW after we upgraded our Office 365 tenant to 2013 - VZW won't go into detail about what the issue is, but it has to do with how they handle WP phones and IP6. My VZW rep had informed me that there was an update being rolled out to correct WP error code 80072EFD by the end of February, but that no exact timeline was available - maybe this is part of the update (one can only hope)....if anyone was having the same issue call your rep and attach your account to VZW ticket: NRB000006325651 and keep the pressue on them to fix this issue after 6+ months.

There shouldn't be any buzz at all over this very minor update. 8.1 is the update everyone should be looking for. Black isn't even noticeable.

Took forever but it did update.  About an hour start to finish over cellular. VZW 928,  Lots of apps and data!


Just got mine and it seems to be a ploy to use more of your data?

After the gears, it restarted without Wi-Fi and is now migrating my data.  Over Cellular, or internally?  Not sure...


Updated my Lumia 928 but most of my apps are broken. Hit a tile and it comes right back to the start screen. Some MS apps are working but some are broken, like bing sports. is there a way to re update or revert to the earlier version?

a-men to that. Though it doesn't seem to be helping us out w/ whatever this update is... i suppose there's a chance that we already have whatever's baked inside this + more, but who knows.

I'm about to install the update on the 822, the version is listed as "Microsoft Update 8.0.10328.78" .  I do not have the dev preview installed, so we'll see what happens.

Perhaps my mind is playing tricks on me, but my 822 seems to be a bit snappier after this update. I checked most of my apps and they all work perfect.

My 928 seems the same way. I'm not complaining. Lol. My green start screen doesn't seem as vivid though

I think you're exactly right. There's probably been enough comments to VZW over twitter, facebook, etc. that somebody in Verizon customer service sent a note down to Verizon tech support and said "Hey a lot of chatter on our social media about some update for Windows Phone can you look into it?" The tech support monkey probably went on to the update server and saw there was this incremental non significant update from MS and said to himself "Oh this must be the update everyone wants." and then clicked the button to dispatch it to users.

Now everyone gets the update, realizes it did nothing and was not GDR3/Black and will go back to VZW social media sites and complain about it. VZW customer service will respond back "We just dispatched an update for your phone, go to Settings -> Phone Update and download the new update available for your phone." They will completely ignore the fact that users will state they already downloaded the update and is not the latest available... 

MS should update OS through the Xbox (feature) platform on WP so carriers don't get to rule over release dates.
wishful thinking though.

Same with me, although its all apps, Bing apps, Nokia apps, etc.  I have found that reinstalling the apps fixes them, but who wants to do that?

Had to delete and replace ALL third party apps on my L810 after update loaded - which included Nokia/Here apps as well. Can I have 2 hours of my life back?

I will advise you NOT TO INSTALL THE UPDATE. I installed mine, I can't download any apps. "We can't connect to the Store right now. Check your data connection or try again later." I would advise everyone to wait until the Black Update is officially released.

hey sam did Coloud make the comaptibel headphones for windows phones yet, i havnt read anywhere its available unless i missed the anouncement.

  I was able to get my update this morning on my 928. Took 5-10 minutes to download and install. So far, no noticeable changes and no ill-effects. I can still access the store and get data.

After talking to Tmo, I had to hard reset my phone to get the apps to work. I now have an apps folder in the apps screen. I also had 17 download apps or updates that had error code 8000ffff. I cancelled the downloads and updated the ones I could figure out from the Store.

Update not showing up on my AT&T Lumia 520.... Wonder if i have to be on cellular data for this type of update or something??