Force Mango update early through Zune software and avoid frostbite

Sure, Mango has started rolling out today, but only 10% of eligible customers are actually scheduled to receive the update on day one. The entire process may take up to four weeks. That’s practically a month. I don’t know about you, but my go-go lifestyle doesn’t allow for that kind of waiting.

Thankfully there is a solution. No, I don’t mean to bury yourself under the snow and ask a friend to thaw you out after four weeks are up. That could totally backfire! Instead, why not trick Zune into giving you the update right away? The process has worked our staff and many of our readers, even European ones.

Find out how after the break.

Before we begin, keep in mind that a total of three updates must be installed on the path to Mango: 7392, 7403, and 7720, which is Mango itself. The process will take a while. Some people may already have 7392, in which case things will move a bit faster. I also recommend removing any music and unessential apps from the phone beforehand, as that can significantly cut down on the time it takes to backup and restore the phone's data.

Steps to force a Mango update on phones for which Mango has started rolling out:

  1. Connect your Windows Phone to a PC and launch the Zune software
  2. Click on Phone > Settings > Update. Allow the software to tell you whether an update is available. If so, skip this guide. If not continue to the next step.
  3. Time to force the update. Click another button (any of the options above or below the word Update). Then click the Update button again, and this time disconnect your computer from the internet after 1-2 seconds. Do this by pulling out the Ethernet cable, disabling Wi-Fi, etc. If it says your phone is already up to date, you didn't disconnect quickly enough and need to try this step again.
  4. Wait 30 seconds or so and Zune should display a notification that an update is available. This is 7392, the first Mango pre-update.
  5. Now reconnect to the internet and continue with the update process through the Zune software.
  6. After 7392 is fully installed, you may receive a notification that another update is available. If so, install it now. If not, proceed to the next step.
  7. If the second update isn't popping up on its own, repeat steps 3-5, causing the 7403 update to appear.
  8. Install 7403, brave reader. Speeding right along, isn't it? ;)
  9. Mango time! At this point, Zune should automatically start installing the last update, 7720, aka Mango. If it doesn't happen automatically, force it like we did in previous steps.
  10. This last step is very important! Celebrate your phone’s new found Mango status by purchasing a mango smoothie at your nearest Smoothie King, Jamba Juice, Baskin Robbins, or similar establishment.

That’s it! Let us know how this works out for you.

Want to discuss your new Mango-fied phone even more? Need help? Head over into our forums where there is endless, enlightening and informing discussion going right this minute. Join the biggest Windows Phone community around!

Thanks to reader Paul Gomez for the tip!


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Force Mango update early through Zune software and avoid frostbite



Indeed. Updating as we speak...er, type!Go Paul Gomez (BTW, how in the heck did anyone figure this out!?!?)

To those forcing the update with a Samsung Omnia 7: are you sure the Samsung specific updates are installed ? It's supposed to install firmware version 2424.11.8.5.

For people who can't get it to work. Do this. After going to Phone > Settings in zune software do the following.1. Press on update and start counting the no. of seconds till "Your phone is up to date" message appears.Suppose it takes 13 secs for example.2. Click on any link above or below update in sidebar and click update again. Disconnect net just 2 secs before the no. of secs it takes to get the "Your phone is up to date" message. Like in the above example if it takes 13 secs , you should disconnect net at say 11th second.In my case it took me around 21 secs to get "Your phone is up to date". So when i clicked on update for the second time I disconnected the net on the 18th second and VOILA!Have fun guys! Updating now! :)

Works awesome!!!!I did exactly how u said it. and For the second time when i disconnected i just left it off for like 40 sec and then i got new msg to update and i plugged it back it and its done. I am installing my final update as we speak. Its a big update so it will take a while!! :))Good luck everyone!!!!

hey there,
please spare sometime and help me. I have an htc 7 trophy that am trying to update but all in vain. when I connect to zune software via my laptop, it searches for updates, gets them, then I start installing them, all the steps continue swiftly but when its almost done and restarting the phone, it gives me error 80070070, which implies I don't have ebough space on my phone or computer, yet the phone is empty and my laptop has over 100GB, what could the problem be, I will be glad if u help me solve this problem, thanx 

I finally got it to work on my HTC Surround. The key for me was something I read on another site. "Completely shut the Zune software down before step 3 (check task manager...Zune likes to linger after the window is closed)". In your task manager, under processes click "image name" to get the process list in alphabetical order. Find all the Zune related processes. Click each one to end the process. Once this is completed, open the software again. Once I did that and voila' Mango update was ready to install. ***Be sure to enable your wireless connection and connect to the internet before clicking the "install now" button!!!*****

Tried this trick with the NODO update a few years back, but it never worked. Went to try this, and it worked first time! Sweetness.HTC Mozart - Teltra Australia

Thumbs up in Germany, on a LG e900. It took a couple of tries, but finally zune found the major update 7720 on it own. Great work! Thx!

It doesn't seem to work for my Focus flash...... I've tried a bunch of times trying to hit the "sweet" spot and no timing works... might be that I have W8 running on my laptop idk. any advice?

I just may head out for a mango smoothie in celebration...especially since this update seems like its taking years to install. i guess 500 new features take their sweet time making their magical journey onto my htc trophy.

That means you are disconnecting your internet to soon. You have to disconnect in the sweet spot, after its checked the phones model for update, but before it can see if your IEMI is elligeable. Try leaving it in a bit longer. On my wife's desktop it was a count to "two-one thousand" on an aging laptop I had lying around it took a 3 count (wasn't sure if this would work on WP Connector for Mac and we have two HD7s).

for those curious...mango is now officially working on my htc trophy! and MAN it feels slick! even the animations when scrolling through the alphabetical app list look awesome! good luck everyone!

yes it works on the Verizon HTC trophy but i do have to tell you it was hard at first. Once i did all the update i lost DATA connection. Only Data could not sent mms or get on the internet, but after a few days of fooling around with the update and calling Verizon (without any help from them) i found that the HTC App call Connective help or something like that was the problem. So if you have this app installed, uninstall it first before the update and forget about it after you finished. If you have installed mango and having this problem then restore your phone back to its original state and uninstall it and begin with the update...... JUST FYI for all you Verizon Wireless HTC Trophy owners. By the thanks WPcentral for early update. MANGO rocks now if only we could get a quaility built phone like iPhone then i would move over.... this is my wifes phone by the way...

Woah! That worked!!! I'm installing it right now! Thanks for the tip!!Edit: Samsung Focus v1.3 is now on Mango!!! Thanks a TON to WPCentral and Paul Gomez! You guys rock!!!

you disconnect the network, have zune check for update, when it say there is an update available, then enable your network again.

Still a nope. I disconnected the ethernet, even disabled the entire connection. Nope it says my phone is up to date because it cant find an update.

I couldn't get this trick to work either. I eventually rebooted my machine and then it worked.Might have had something to do with my Verizon Trophy installing the 3982 (or whatever) update earlier this morning. Not sure why this update wasn't available BEFORE. In any case, rebooting my machine after going through the 3982 update did the trick

This trick was available for NODO update. I believe someone stated the "disconnect" from internet trick is to actually prevent Zune from checking MS/Carrier for allowance. i.e. The initial update check already identified the update - but didn't show it to you. The second update check Zune knows its there but cant check rules until its too late. Thats why its called a trick. Yey.

You have to disconnect the internet connection between 1-2 seconds after you click on Update... not before, and it may take several times. What happens is that the software first checks to see what the latest version is and then checks to see if you're one of the lucky few (10%) to be authorized to receive it. If it can't find a "no go" at this stage, the software will return the "An update is available for your phone", at which time, reconnect the internet connection and continue with the update.

Yes, it does work, but Zune says that I can update my phone to a strange OS versione (7.0.4307 or something like that). Is it safe?

mine did that as well. it installs that and then does a second installation to get you to 7720. in fact, my verizon htc trophy had to install 7392 first as well because it apparently never installed the numerous times i connected it after i bought it...

Quick question - does this trick also install all the other manufacturer-specific updates? Or are those packaged within the Mango install?Edit: Figured out that it does install manufacturer specific updates, too!

Nope, doesn't work for me either.. Sad :/Edit: Aah.. might be because I'm not from the states and use an Omnia 7..

Well, it didn't work for me either. I live in the US (Iowa) on the Sprint network with the HTC Arrive. Tried restarting my computer and phone as well. Did immediate disconnect from internet after selecting update as well as waiting 1-2 seconds. Even selected update after disconnecting, it just says my phone is already up to date. :(

It took me a lot of work. Make sure you try on Windows, and keep trying, I have the Arrive and it's updating. It is easier to have a laptop where you can tap a wife off button because you really have to do it in one or two seconds after the update check. Good luck!!

I also have the Arrive and I'm updating it right now. This is what I did: *click update and count the seconds that it takes to check if any update is available (EX 7secs) *click update again and disconnect the internet 2 secs before the time you counted (5secs) *connect the internet and install mango

I have just updated my UK Orange Omnia 7...immense! It does work but it took me a good few attempts to get the timing right on switching off my wifi...

do we get all the updates (firmware and mango) ? and like the chevron tool does this method stray us away from the official updates in the future?

Is this legit? as in do we get all the updates (firmware and mango) ? For example those samsung specific updates that comes with mango?

Excellent. Telus. Nice to know I am not alone on the network. I have a HTC Surround. Gonna try to update after work.

I've the same phone with Telus and it worked fine for me. When you disconnect the internet don't do it immediately, take a good second or two like WhippedKream said.

Hey man, that's weird, it's working for me and I have an LG Optimus 7 with Telus as well, right now im doing the update after 7392, it jsut took awhile because I had to disconnect at a certain time, I don't know if it's the same for you but try it out! Don't do it too soon, nor too late, be like right in between and it should work :)

AWESOME SAUCE! IT'S WORKIIIING! I'm a Sprint HTC Arrive owner, and was kinda disappointed when I saw that other Arrive owners were receiving their updates and I wasn't. I started checking for updates, and then immediately disabled my laptop's wi-fi. Seconds later, I was finally being told I had an update!As soon as it's done, I'm heading out to Jamba Juice for a nice Mango smoothie! Thanks for the tip Paul Gomez, you're a life saver!

I am having a mango extravaganza today. Had a mango smoothie from Jamba Juice this morning, then had frozen yogurt with chopped mango, a mango beverage for lunch, and for dinner am thinking of a mango margarita/martini and mango sushi :-)

That is just because apparently you don't have 7392 yet. It has to go in order. When you get to the end you'll get mango.

ok so i got the notice. the version available is 7.0.7403.0. I thought mango is at minimum 7.0.7720.0. TMO HD7 here. What versions are you guys getting??

This trick was the same with the NoDo update! And it works again! :D. Thank you soooo much for this, will be testing it right away and reporting.

Updating right now! First the 7403, them goes Mango live :). Again, thank you sooo much. To all of you, enjoy the pretty much anticipated Mango! :D

I just read the comment and tried it, and YaY! I am updating to MANGO. Finally! Been coming here for weeks to read up on any Mango bites and crumps, but here it is. I have the whole Mango. thanks

im on the surround too, and i've been waiting all day to get home from work to do this. Too a couple of tries but it finally worked. Thankss sooo much.

Interesting. I just plugged in the phone and got Mango straight off the bat. Guess I'm lucky.What is interesting though is my phone did it the opposite of what I was expecting. I got mango first (was a little hesitant to put that on before "friends and family") and THEN I got a beta clean up update.

I did not need the shortcut process. I connected through Zune and selected updates and am now updating as I type this.I have a Samsung Focus v. 1.3 through AT&T

Is this legit? as in do we get all the updates (firmware and mango) ? For example those samsung specific updates that comes with mango?

Yes, it does install the Samsung specific updates. I'm installing 7720 right now (via this trick), and the description talks about Windows Phone 7.5, and at the very end it says "Samsung update for Windows Phone".Edit: Here's the screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/RG5nO.png

I just would like to confirm, that the same happens to HTC. I have Mango (7720) for a while and now, when I checked the updates I was offered "HTC update for Windows Phone". I'm in the middle of the update, but I do hope there is the ability to connect to a hidden wifi :)

Still not working. Maybe related - when I open Zune or connect the phone with Zune open, I get "Connection Error: We can't create a connection from your phone to the internet. You can still sync content between your computer and your phone. [ OK ]"Anyone else get that? I pretty much always get that, at least here at work.

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2468384OK - ran the FixIt tool, which fixed the Windows Phone driver. Currently installing 7.0.7403.0!It is, however, considering this a "Guest" phone and saying that Music, Pictures and Video will not be backed up, so a restore would lose those items. (I already have them sync'ed so I'm not terribly concerned.)

I got that message the first time I tried on the TMO DVP and after several attempts I am now installing step 7 of 7720 yayy!!!

Well for those of you on a custom rom like myself (DFT's rtm 7720) this doesn't work. I had to quickly revert back to dft's older 7714 build. connected my device to zune and bam! updating to legit mango goodness.

Si funciona en México, lo acabo de probar, haz el truco de arriba y si te sale pues chido... :) Yo tengo un HTC HD7 de T-Mobile y estoy actualizando :)

I have a Telcel LG Optimus 7 and the forced update procedure works fine. I'm updating my phone as I write this.Si funciona, Saludos!

Did you have the unresponsive lockscreen issue before you updated? If so, has the Mango update fixed it?

This worked great!! First time I checked for an update Zune told me it had the latest version... Then I checked again and immediately hit my WiFi switch and KABLAM!! UPDATE AVAILABLE!Thanks WP CENTRAL!USING HTC SURROUND on AT&T

Update: my phone actually told me there was an update before the pc did. Updating now to 7403 then i guess 7790 when it comes up.

I, too, had to install 7403. Once it's done, it will automatically pick up 7720 and install it (it did that for me at least!). Good luck!

Thanks. Have fun picking mangos. This backup is taking forever. Will we lose save games on xbox live games like Plants vs Zomnies. I got it beat and dont want to lose my game.

Heck yeah, I remember you guys figuring out something like this for NODO, and mine is updating now. you guys rock so much. 7.0.7403.

Is it working for anyone who has T-Mobile? I can't get it to work.Edit: I finally got it to work! You guys rock!!!

Just to clarify, you're saying go to Settings > Phone > Update?There is no "Check for Update" button. After you get "Your phone is up to date." you can click OK or Cancel, but that takes you back to the Zune home, with the black background. So you still can't click "Check for Update" because that's not a real button.

Correct. When you go to Settings > Phone > Update and it begins to look is when you DC yourself for about 30 secs until it shows an update available.

On top of seeing my girlfriend, getting a new book by my favorite author, having some amazing sushi for lunch, and putting good work on my college application, I got my personal biggest update for anything this year thanks to you guys. Thank you so, so much; the trick worked like a charm, and it's installing right now. Gonna head out to smoothie king later in celebration! WOOT!

Thank you, could live without Ya!!! Doing step 10 on my Samsung Focus rev 1.3!!!I hope it works.Thanks again!!!

omg yay!!! this totally works..i had to do it twice but now my att lg quantum is udating as we speak to mango!!! AWESOMNESS!! todays gonna be a great day ^_^

Just in case anyone else is as dense as me and struggling to get this to work, it's not the "Check Update" in the Zune software tab but the "Update" in the phone tab.(And, yes, it's working for me and my Samsung Focus. Downloading now... *grin*)

You have to disconnect your internet connection pretty much immediately after clicking the "Update" link in Zune. Good luck!

Ive tried disconnecting right away, Ive tried waiting a second or two and Ive done at least 50 times... I am saddened

this is what i did straight away after it told me my phone was upto date. Im currently on stage 7 - backing the phone up. HTC HD7 O2 UK

I was in the process of installing the leaked Mango ISV Beta version, so when I connected, I finished that process. When it finished installing 7720 ISV Beta, it found and ran "Mango ISV beta Bundle: Cleanup." After than, another update became avaliable, "HTC Update for Windows Phone." What I found different with this update is there are 10 steps instead of 9. I'm istalling as we speak. I tried the above steps to "force update" but I can't say for sure if it worked. I'm on the Telus network in Canada. (I have screen shots if anyone is interested.)

That's what I got too for my HD7 on T-Mobile. Is that gonna be all for the Mango update? Or should I expect another update?I tried doing the trick, but as soon as I disconnect my Wi-Fi, the Zune tells me that my phone software is up to date.

Worked for me as well after a few tries! Just a tip, don't unplug your network connection as soon as you click on "Update" button, just wait a few seconds and than.

Does anyone know if this also works for those who have the Beta version of Mango? There were supposedly some cleanup updates to load that enable Beta versions to NOT have to drop back to NoDo.

Updating now without needed to force the software!! I'm stoked!! My Verizon Trophy will be full of Mango goodness soon!!!

This trick is working for me, although 7403 on my phone equates to 7.0.7403, not Mango. Zune is now downloading a 2nd update to install. The software is saying that it is installing Windows Phone 7.5, but it said that on the first update.Curious that it seems to do this in multiple stages ... but good that it is possible to trick Zune into getting the update early.

Doesn't appear to work from UK - not HD7 anyway :( all I get it "Couldn't connect to the update service" etc.. I'm jealous now .. guess I'll have to wait a little longer..

Repeat the steps man, i was thiking the same way as you, and now im updating, try it 10 times, when the " Searching for updates logo loads, Wait for it to complete and disconnect the phone " ... Tell me if it works :D HD7 T-Mobile México

Just noticed a post of someone actually getting it to work in the UK (HD7) .. Should I persevere a little more?

Well it is on step 7 of 9 using the forced update for the past 30 mins. So yes the steps worked. Ahh and just as I typed this it finished step seven.SCORE!Verizon HTC Trophy

I was a little scared after the 7392 update, because I was getting errors trying to get the 7403 update. After disconnecting my phone, closing Zune, and reconnecting my phone the above steps worked for 7403, though.Thanks! I'm sharing all I can over twitter. :)

o2 germany hd7 here, didnt get an update from msft. thanks to your awesome tip, im updating right now! thanks! i hope there wont be consequences to you, considering that this got pretty popular so fast.

Try turning on and of Zune then retry. Click the updates button and after 2sec. disconnect from Internet

TY Very much for this info. I had had the RTM on my phone and rolled back last Thursday to get ready for this and I was going crazy after losing all the awesome features of Mango. Now I can enjoy the bliss that comes from such sweet fruit again! :D

You have to do the same trick again, and it will install 7403. Once that's done, it will automatically download 7720 and install it. Good luck! Just a word of caution - after installing 7720 the reboot takes FOREVER! It stayed on the "SAMSUNG" screen for a while and I got worried. But it eventually moves on and completes the install.

i have the lg optimus quantum and also on bell the "trick" is not working are you able to help me out

Ive got it working now .. it does work in the UK (HD7 O2), just needs a little peristence .. Make sure you wait a second before disconnecting network :)

Well this was amazing, and to celebrate when i go get the groceries for my parents im gonna buy a mango and put it on the kitchen table, and only my dad will probs figure it out lol.

Just installing the second part of Mango on my HTC 7 Pro with O2 Germany, thanks for the instructions. :-DYou don't have to disconnect from the internet immediately, it worked fine for me waiting about two seconds. And an HTC update is included BTW.

Just plugged my Verizon HTC Trophy into my MAC and opened Windows Phone 7 connector, clicked update and...tada! Go Verizon! It is installing presently!

My God unbelievable it worked. I am right now just after the preMango update and all is well. I LOVE you guys. Omnia 7 16GB, Cosmote (carrier) in Greece.

When i disable "use my celluar data connection to check for updates" it wont find the update server and when i enable it, it wont find a new update... can any1 help`?

I had wifi on on the phone and both boxes ticked. It worked then. Don't know if it was because of the wifi but before I had that on it didn't work.

When the box "use my celluar data connection to check for updates" is checked, its always your phone is up to date, if it is NOT checked, it cant find the update server... Data connection is on, wifi is off.

Thank you, ultrateen!!!After dozens of attempts, followed your suggestion and unchecked the "use my celluar data connection to check for updates" box on the phone, followed the steps again, BINGO! - it found 7392.Had to repeat the steps for 7403, but Zune found 7720 by itself.ATT Samsung Focus Mangoing as I speak!!and wpcentral ROCKS!!


Have been updating my phone for one and a half hour, I'm glad we haven't been rolling out WP7 for our users at work, it would have taking ages for updating all phones...Almost done now, I'm so excited! :)

On the other hand, it would be hilarious seeing a bunch of people scrambling to disconnect their computers in order to get the update!! :)

This works on my TELUS LG Optimus 7, I am updating right now. I hit update and immediately pulled my ethernet cable. Updating to 7403 at the moment.

update 2: with the first update to 7392, pulling the cable quickly made it happen. Getting to 7403 required the 1-1000, 2-1000, pull cord which then gave me the udpate! woo hoo!update: spoke too soon. this only got me to 7392. I'll keep trying for Mango!! For those not getting this to work, here is what worked for me with my Focus (v1.3) after failing with the above instructions numerous times. 1. Completely disconnect the phone from the computer and close the Zune software. 2. Reconnect the phone to the computer and relaunch Zune.3. Go to phone/settings/update and let it tell you no update available. 4. Then DO NOT click the "OK" button. Instead, click one of the links under "update" in the side nav. 5. Then click "update" again and immediately remove the network cable.6. Follow the rest of the directions (starting with step 5) in this article once you get the update available notification.