GlassUp augmented reality glasses to support Windows Phone


Technology project GlassUp plans to support Windows Phone. The idea is to turn a pair of glasses into a heads-up display, adding an extra display for smartphone owners. How does it work? The pair of glasses sports a projector to display information on the right lens at a resolution of 320x240. Facebook, Twitter, emails and SMS and more have been provided as examples. 

It's reported that augmented reality will also be on the cards, though it's still early days and we're holding off our judgement on the product for now. Two versions are believed to be in development, each supporting Bluetooth 4 and 3.1 respectively. €299 is the pre-order price with the expected shipping month of September later this year. 


It's stated that initially the products will only sport compatibility with iOS and Android products, but Windows Phone (as pictured above) will be targeted in due course. Competing with Google's concept, it'll be interesting to see if the cheaper option will prove popular enough to take off.

Source: Phoneseven.de, GlassUp; thanks, MBaumi, for the tip!


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GlassUp augmented reality glasses to support Windows Phone


I agree. New technologies get implemented faster with porn more than anything else. If they want to get a move on with that whole IPV6 thing, the network folks should start talking witht he top porn companies.

Cool, they actually even look more practical than the alternative; especially if they can pop prescription lenses in.

Yes, currently we can grant only iOS and Android, but we hope to make them compatible with Windows too.

On the website it says only Android: They work via a free Android app and a bluetooth connection. On the leaflet it says Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Have we gotten to where we really need something up in our faces at all times? Reminds me of the movie Wall-E with the people on the ship, riding around with a screen in their face.

Good question, we don't know ourselves who will really use them.  I guess bikers, joggers and the like will come first, but maybe anyone who is grabbing his mobile every two minutes will follow soon.

i am dubious about these. These work via bluetooth. Problem? Windows Phone has a very limited subset of supported profiles. Even the lumia 920 only supports some of your basic profiles. things like SMS and EMail over bluetooth wouldnt be able to be supported. Sure, email could be remedied by setting up your email sepperately within the app and sent over Object Push (OPP), same with facebook and twitter, but when you have so many apps that handle your Twitter, facebook, rss, email, etc..., wouldnt it be a hastle to set those up a second time within another app (i know that would annoy me. i disabled 2-step google verification just because if i had to re-log into an app, i had to enter the dang texted verification code)? And not to mention there is the fact that, unlike glass, you still have to take out your phone to do anything http://www.glassup.net/project/

"They are read only, we believe it would be messy to try and manage the messages: to respond to a message you’ll have to go back to your mobile, as usual."

overall, i am dubious of windows phone compatibility, and the concept over all seems like its a cheep knock-off glass. That, and the fact that theyve opened preorders despite not having a design yet:

"This image is just a concept, the real aspect will be presented as soon as finalized"

..."as soon as finalized." as in they havent even come up with a solid, "set-in-stone" design yet. only concepts.
It feels to me like the "Gnomio" Windows Phone smartwatch all over again. :P
(last i checked the gnomio watch project ended and i havent been able to find anything detailed about what happened)
tl;dr: These would take some working directly with Microsoft and for an update to the Bluetooth profiles to work, they don't even physically exist yet nor has a design been finalized(its a "concept image".), and they (even in theory) don't work like google glass.

It's his opinion from his point of view. It's his right to express his opinion. Even more when he has some good point on it.

Dustin, yes we confirm that Windows is an issue. We're working on it, and we hope we'll be able to solve the issues (actually, we also expect that Windows will improve in the next few months), but it's not sure, for the time being we grant only Android and iOS.

As for the controls, we will actually have some on the eyeglass itself, a touchpad, but I would never want to write a message fiddling with that.

As for the design, the one you see is already finalized (it is set in aluminum rather than in stone ...), I have now corrected that sentence. But we defintevely want to have more than one design.

Yes, the idea is to have a more basic version of Google Glass, receive only. We are preselling, and actually we'll launch a Kickstarter project in April, it's an expensive project.

okay, im no longer dubious of these, and it does seem cool. Ill give you that. I could easily see this coming to people who either cant afford glass or want something more simplistic.
Also, kudos for responding to my comment (its nice when companies and developers do that ^^)

i take it youre buying these then?
i was just pointing out some flaws which made me dubious.
though i admit i should of added a TL;DR at the end.

My only gripe about any of these glassware is that you'll have to use your phone to navigate, like google.glass, you'll need to use the scroll and buttons on the ear rest arm of the glass and/or speech.

Unfortunately, this tech is still so new, they haven't thought about using eye commands to control what you want.

Quin, the issue of how to control them is very interesting. We have thought out the options, but we don't want to wink or thalk to the glasses (actually, we're in talks with Tobii, for very particular versions). We plan to control them only via a touchpad for the time being, and to have the setup on the app on you mobile.

Hmmm, I'm not trying to sound negative in any manner. I just think that its a huge fail to.even use a touchpad.

I understand the whole concept, I believe that it would be a waste of resources to waste on a half way done tech when it could take on a rather mind blowing direction.

Look at how S. Hawlkins communicates with his pc. That tech isn't exclusive, why couldn't that be integrated? I mean, you'll be using Bluetooth connection to either WiFi or some sort of cell phone network, so why wouldn't such a program be ran through a cloud vs having a saved app?

I just wouldn't want this to be a laughing matter. Or be google's ugly step sister.

hate to spook the oositive attitude, but whar is the added value of this product in daily life? If I read this in comparison to Google class, this product is far less fuctional. I would rather read a Twitter or facebook feed binocular from a larger screen. I would suggest that investment was made in a more substantial peripheral accessory such as a thermometer, square card payment, GPS enhancer, quadricopter, weatherstaion, medicaldevicrs e.a. To be coupled with a Windows phone device.

I'm doubtful this will take off. Reminds me of the whole 3D concept with TVs and other devices. Really just a fad imo

thats the prototype "explorer" edition thats only available to glass developers that attended the Google I/O conference AND signed up for the explorer program. The consumer version Google has said will be less than 1.5k (no duh. Of course it is since the prototype is 1.5k and it wouldnt make sense to charge the consumer more than a prototype released to a select group of people a year earlier)

Google would never resort to bombarding its users with countless advertise...I'm sorry, I just could not complete that sentence without catching fire:)

Of course. Google is known for their advertisement-based marketing, an expected business technique for a multibillionaire internet search provider.

To me, Google Glass looks like a big fat bar along the side of someone's face with a tiny piece of acrylic at the end of it. That's sleek nowadays? Glad IDGAF about what other people tell me I should think is stylish.

It sounds like an awesome alternative to google glass but we will see in the long run how it holds up. Could use a face lift though. Why those frames?

meh...im gonna wait for the chip you can have installed in your parietal lobe....just ditch the eyeglass frames and have those ads beamed directly to my retina.