Google releases official APIs for Windows Phone developers

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Here’s some potential good news for a handful of ambitious developers. Google has released over 50 Google APIs for .NET. Google quietly made the announcement last week on their developer blog. The release of the Google APIs Client Library for .NET should hopefully produce some nice Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps that tie into Google’s services.

Some services you can look forward to in the API library include Ad Exchange, Blogger, Google Compute Engine, Drive, Google+, Tasks, Translator, YouTube and many more. Just head on over to the Google APIs Client Library for .NET to get the full list. You can find the library hosted on NuGet. It’ll be an open-source effort and allow desktop or Windows Phone applications to integrate with Google’s services.

We might not see any more official Google apps on Windows Phone in the near future, but at least some entrepreneuring developers can potentially build something useful with official APIs.

Any developers out there have a chance to look into the APIs? Any plans to integrate or build apps with them? Sound off below.

Source: Google Developers Blog, Via: Neowin


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Google releases official APIs for Windows Phone developers



That is the perfect comment for Google. Its about time they stopped trying to own the Internet and recognize we all don't want Android phones. It won't sway me to utilize Google services more often but for those that do use Google services and want a Windows Phone this has to be good news

Yes it is good news. Thanks Google but stop the bullshit. There is millions of users at MSFT waiting for your services.
1. What happened to "Ten things we know to be true."
2. You first wrote these “10 things” when Google was just a few years old.
3. You are violating two of those (10) things that you swear by. Number (1) states: Focus on the user and all else will follow. ~ no longer true.
4. And number (2) also state: It’s best to do one thing really, really well. ~ no longer true.
What happened Google? Stop playing and rain your services on Windows Phone.

So can MS anytime from now re-release our youtube app? Or it's more complex than that? Cuz I don't see what's keeping them from releasing it like NOW!!!

You can not mirror the Youtube app to your TV with any WP youtube app. Only official Youtube can do that

You are mistaken on what we speak of. We are not talking about playing YouTube on a TV. We are talking about streaming YouTube from our smartphones to a TV. The YouTube app for android smartphones streams to a TV through chromecast, and the iOS App may or may not use Airplay. Honestly, I don't see why a third party client developer couldn't integrate PlayTo (DLNA) to stream to a compatible DLNA device (such as Smart TV's, Smart Player, XBOX, etc...).

You are mistaken. The android youtube app will cast to a SmartTV in the excact same it does to the chromecast. Same thing goes for netflix.

So your telling me I can pick up an Android phone, open youtube, play a video, and press a button to send it to my TV? Because i was unaware of that. However, this is all fairly irrelevant anyways since if you own a smart TV you likely have a YouTube app anyhow, or at least a HTML5 browser in the case of "dumb" smart TVs, and as such, it's pretty pointless to mirror a YouTube video on them from your phone in most cases. Only uses such a feature has is for mirroring devices like Chromecast that rely on content from your mobile device.

Theres already MetroTube. I'd say it does a damn good job, though, it could pick up some features that the Android version has.

I hate to break it to folks, but this means nothing in terms of Google's TOS, which is why the MSFT YouTube app was pulled.


All this is is a .NET wrapper library - these are not new APIs. It just makes it easier for a WP dev to write an app that taps into Google in the .NET languages, it doesn't mean the app itself is not subject to the same TOS as before.


You write an app with this libary that voilates the TOS, it is still likely to get pulled.


NOTHING has changed about that.

The thing is, they pulled Microsoft's app for violating terms that the other apps on WP are also violating (some of which Google's own apps also don't abide by). So yes, you're right, but the treatment Microsoft got was still illogical and unfair.

I'm not debating that. I'm pointing out the irrational exhuberance over a .NET wrapper for APIs that already existed, and the fact it doesn't get you around the TOS, however fairly/unfairly Google may apply it.

To be clear all that google have done here is provide .NET implementations of web APIs that developers could already use, we just had to write out own implementations. This makes it easier for Windows Phone developers both experienced and new, but doesn't open up any new functionality

Yup, I guess my comment should have been more clear not to confuse people. This is a dev friendly update, and is much appreciated.

A company that created the best search engine in the market, they also own the biggest streaming video service and develop the software powering 8 out of 10 smartphones.

Google made Bing? That's the best search engine. They own Netflix? That is the real largest streaming video service. And you really think Lumia owners give a toss a out marketshare?

Bing has a fairly poor search algorithm for some things (though, they're at the top of their game for porn!), Netflix still has less monthly visits than Youtube, and doesnt host user-generated content. I can guarantee most people do give a damn about being able to watch that panda sneeze for the 3 millionth time.

That's what I was wondering. It would be nice if I could have a YouTube app from Microsoft as it seems more official to me and I like official apps, makes me feel like the platform is succeeding

While I agree, Microsoft being able to have an "official" app looks good, and gives less ammo for Windows Phone nay-sayers. Remember Instagram?

The "common person" will search the store for YouTube and will see MetroTube and MyTube as the first two results.

I remember Instagram being the reason that "no one" came to WinPhone and the reason that Apple happy press would say we had "no apps". Well, we got Instagram and waves of users never came and the press never stopped their "no app", mantra. It is apparent that our rantings on these forums is not replicated in real life.

I know some non-techie, normal people who have moved to Windows Phone. They don't care what the name of the app is, if it works. The "cult of official" only exists around these geekdom havens.

If you want to support your favorite channels so they got the motivation to release new content, you need to watch ads.

Sane thing if you want to support devs: be willing to watch ads or pay up. You may be speaking to the wrong crowd. This is a bunch that feels entitled to everything being free, no ads and amazing it they throw their "useless" and "pointless"'tantrums. Haha

Yeah I prefer mytube too but Im just wondering if now everything is open between the two platforms to the point that that official app from Microsoft would be allowed and not violate any terms

What this guy said. The API is just for video information and could already be accessed over a web service (we use it in the videos section of the wpcentral app)

My guess is that any official app would be covered by googles t&c's, so downloading vids would not be allowed. So will stick to much better options already available, thanks.

Good. Let Rudy's work begin =P


(By the way, I've read around that Google may be preparing Chrome for WP)

The Google+ API is still read-only, so there is no point for any third party clients to try. Google has done this on purpose since the launch of the platform. I've been waiting to build an app myself but read-only isn't worth it.

It has APIs for all Google services, not just G+. Therefore this announcement has realistic applications for the entire C# user base (C# being one of the world's most popular languages, and not just limited to Windows Phone). But it's not adding any functionality. It means that developers don't have to build their own codebase to run the API calls; instead Google offers a very nice code structure that allows developers to almost forget about the API web requests going on behind it.

It's partly WP Central's fault for using a misleading headline. A more accurate one would be "Google releases official SDK for C# developers".

It's called "the power of money".
The more people there are on WP, the more appealing it becomes for Google to put apps on WP to make money.

If you think the absence of Google apps on WP was a matter of Google hating Microsoft...it wasn't. It never was. Google cares about making money. And that's it. ;)

Obviously not. They wouldnt have acted as such a b*tch if it was just about money. Im talking about refusing the Youtube app that Microsoft build for them. They could have gotten money from it without any investment. Google does hate MS but they love money just a little bit more.

Google demanded of Microsoft an HTML5 based YouTube app. Microsoft didn't comply. They shut it down. I don't see what's so surprising about that. Microsoft didn't met Google's demands, so... Also, if Google had anything against WP, they would shut down every single YouTube player app on WP. And they do nothing.

If I remember correctly, part of the problem with the Microsoft Youtube app was that it didn't display advertisments.  So, yeah, it was about the money... the money that Google wouldn't be making off the Microsoft Youtube app.


If they just took Skype and did what google has done with youtube the tech writers who support google's bitch-assness would lose their shit.

Exactly.  I still wish Microsoft would impede google now on chrome browsers running on Windows 7 and 8.  Just to let keep the honest.  They could keep it on XP.

And then Google would impede Microsoft's services on Android...which would basically destroy Microsoft's "mobile first, cloud first" strategy. Remember: Google makes most of its money out of Windows just like Microsoft makes a bucket load of it out of Android.

Not really. MS would make money from Android even if they don't have any apps for it. Their money comes from patents. Google on the other hand would make zero money if MS pulled all Google apps from Windows. But yeah MS would never do that since at least they are honest about their software ambitions.

Well, there's an app on a Samsung Smart TV and the Xbox One, yet Windows Phone has probably twice as much as those two combined, so I don't think it was simply about user base.

Well, Google wouldn't deny apps to Samsung even if for their TVs. And if Samsung cared enough about their WP line, I bet you Google would provide them with exclusive apps for their WP line. Samsung has Google by the balls. They're too scared the Koreans go with Tizen or drop Android to allow themselves to be hostile.


As for Xbox One...well, you also have all the Google stuff available for Windows (not "Metro" Windows but then again, if I were Google, I wouldn't bother creating "Metro" versions of things that can run on desktop). Let us not forget Google live off of Windows users. And even their Android users, probably half of them own an Xbox.

So you have Android users who, I bet over 95% use Windows on their PCs. Those Android users, probably half or a little less than half, use an Xbox (the others use the PS). Why on earth would Google not make an app available for them? Sure they use Xbox...but there's no "Android console". By providing apps for the Xbox they're just catering to their Android users who pick up an Xbox, while making money out of it.

And let us not forget neither Samsung TVs nor the Xbox have only <4% of the market. So there's more money to be made on those markets (TV and consoles) than there is to be made on the WP market.

None of the APIs or terms of service have changed. These aren't Windows Phone libraries, they're C# libraries. C# can be used anywhere from desktop apps to websites to Modern apps to Windows Phone. You can even build Linux, Android, OSX and iOS apps with it. C# is in the top three most used languages in the world. So the market share of WP has nothing to do with it compared to the market share of C# software.

Google is always after your data. It will always be where users are. As windows phone gains more traction, I expect google to launch quality looking apps to lure people in.

Yep...this whole thing about making it mandatory to have a Google + account to have a YouTube channel now stinks!

That's the reason I can't comment on youtube now, because I wont accept and create a G+ account.

Google is interested in everything you do. Never seen google ads on porn sites? I totally get it that this is the core of their business (getting data). It's just that I don't have to like it knowing so much about what I had for dinner last week.

I want to but my 'belief' is not thin air. Google and facebook make the majority of their revenues selling ads. Microsoft, on the other hand makes the biggest chunk selling windows and other software products. You do the math.

If you look at the product and services launches by google, you'll find everything they do gets them more info about you and your life. Glass - check. Watch - check.

Although, blaming only google is unfair, I admit. But I just mean that google will benefit a lot more from your data than probably microsoft. For more info, you can look over various companies' revenue division. Bing it!

Watch for Google to neuter this as soon as their interfering with the MS-Nokia deal is ended. This probably plays well with the Chinese Regulators they bought so Google can claim to 'fear' a loss of competition if MS closes access to Nokia's Patents.

while i hate google services with a passion ! this is a good thing  that means more people   that could one day buy a  windows phone beacuse of google services

Differences between google and MS: google care about the whole world but MS only about US(take eg. of Bing services).
This should be changed by Satya nadella as he is an indian.

AMEN! I can live with ads in my YouTube videos as long as there's an official app and people can still make their money.

Indeed. A must have for simple people who cant figure out how to find a good unofficial alternative. Personally I'll stick to MyTube, you wont find a more superb youtube app on any platform.

Because a platform that doesn't have an official YouTube app is hard for salespeople and potential customers to take seriously. The layperson doesn't care or often even know about third party apps, because they want to use what is familiar.

As long as they can say you can get YouTube on it, then it should be.....


Never gonna give you up,
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry,
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Thing is, to most people a third party app is not 'YouTube'; even if it can view YouTube videos, it's still not YouTube. You see YouTube as a service, whereas they see it as an app with an optional website. In their mind, if companies don't value a platform enough to build their apps for it, why should users? The average user doesn't consider Windows Phone to be a threat to YouTube/Google, so they don't understand some of the less-than-fair reasons.

I'm just being the devil's advocate here. I love WP, and I'm one of it and Microsoft's biggest objective fans. But I'm just speaking to it from a salesperson and customer perspective, seeing as I used to be a Vodafone sales rep and then later someone trying to train instore sales reps.

I hope they won't waste their time, google won't be pleased anyways and there's alternatives such as mytube and metrotube

It's listed as one of the new features for WP 8.1.  They must have caved and built a HTML5 version.

No, sorry, that's not a new feature. I keep pointing out to the writers here that it's not a new YouTube player, it's just a new HTML5 video UI that happened to be screencapped on the YouTube site. It has nothing to do with YouTube. However none of the writers have seen my comments, apparently.

Hangouts can go die for all I care. I have to use it for work but on WP I connect via IM+ or the ICQ app. But I'm taking over IT at work and will convert them to 365 before long ...

Go for it -), I wanted to do the same at work but the old farts are to set in their ways to change. They just upgraded to office 2010 because of the jupix migration from caldes... Which was haphazard at best. Plus 99.8% machines run on xp still. They are now considering going to windows 7 given the eol of xp but the IT manager is reluctant lol.

Exactly. The only Google service I miss for Windows Phone is Google+ with Hangouts. I've got MetroTube and I don't use other Google services often.

Well, the only Google service I will never leave is Youtube. I already dumped Google Drive for One Drive, Google Search for Bing and Gmail for Outlook

Some people like the real G-spot....I know I do and I don't mean Google.....totally unrelated : )

+1, since WP the only google things i use is Youtube(it's simply dominant) and google(because bing gives me shit, i hope it will improve so i can #switch)

So you do not live in us or uk. Just change your setting to that and you good to go.

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Wait. You guys bitched because Google wouldn't play ball and now that they do you tell them to piss off? Which is it?

These APIs were already accessible via a web service, check the comments from Jay Bennett and Nik Rolls.. Nothing new being released.

Thank you! Rudy has some nice apps, but he's not God, and I'm sure he doesn't want people thinking of him as the only decent developer ...

That's the thing with official APIs, they have to provide versioning and support. So they won't break them. Also remember that this C# has no new APIs, it's just an easier way for C# developers to access the existing ones.

Too late Google. Although I maintain my youtube channel, I have no more need or interest in Google services. Microsoft and Bing have provided excellent alternatives.

Nothing to do with Windows Phone market share. C# is one of the most widely used languages in the world.

I suppose being a bitch has its limits. Good for Google and good for Windows Phone platform. :) And now, offtopic, WHAT DID TOM WARREN MEAN when he said on Twitter less than an hour ago "what preview?", in response to someone's question about 8.1 next week? :/

Maybe Microsoft's gonna push 8.1 to devices immediately from -their- servers instead of relying on OEMs/Carriers?
My dreams... :3

Then they should stand out!! You can't blame the public for saying "Michael Jordan, MJ, MJ!❕❕... That's just how it is.

Sure, but when people say things like 'Rudy or I don't care' it doesn't really encourage them to stand out. That's just like the 'Android/iOS or I don't care' mentality.

If they need encouraging by us then they probably don't aspire to stand out in the first place... We don't have time to be encouraging developers to support the platform with all their might.. We're not talent scouts, and we have day jobs... That's MS/Nokias job.... We're just here to give credit where credit is due, and when it's finally due it gets rewarded gratefully.... Don't get it twisted, son.. Lol!

I didn't mean they needed to be encouraged, I mean that this one-sidedness is discouraging. Also don't discount introverts, often the best developers are introverted.

That's also what I'm saying – if people would stop raving about one person so much then maybe they'd open their eyes to others.

I can list a few:

- Message Across Studios (Readit)
- Liquid Daffodil (glƏƏk! and others)
- Ryken Apps (myTube)
- Gergely Orosz (Weather Flow, Cocktail Flow, etc)
- Lazyworm Apps (Metrotrube, Tweetro+, Weave)
- Marker Metro (Alpajax, Commonwealth Bank, 7digital, and many more)

I'm also a developer myself (What's Playing, NZ Radio), though I admit I've only released a couple because I run out of time to get the rest past the 90% point.

By "helping" Microsoft, doesn't that mean they are essentially (potentially) helping themselves through ad revenue from the WP fan base?

Yes, and you can even directly access their ad service and use it to display your ads...at least I assume that will be possible.

Willing to bet that its a trap. They're playing teasing stunt. I bet once WP developers use them, they're gonna ask them to pull off... Don't be fooled...

There are no new APIs here. Just an easier way for C# (which is much bigger than WP as one of the world's most popular programming languages) developers to access them.

Great! Regardless of what people here say, I love my Gmail. I would look into trying to using outlook, if anybody could tell me what needs to be done to sync things over.

Outlook.com is by far the best email service I've ever experienced. Just play with the settings there or Bing "use Gmail on outlook.com"

If you sign up with Outlook.com, there is an EASY transfer service that is included by Microsoft.  It will sync over all of your email, calendar items and contacts.  You can even chose to continue with GMail, and have new mail forwarded to Outlook.com while you try things out.  And if you love Outlook.com to make the switch perminant, it can even help you with notifying your contacts of the email change.  All you need to do is click on the Gear icon in the upp right next to your name, then under Inbox Options, choose Import Email Accounts.  Google is an option.

I'm sure i have more space on my gmail account, than my outlook account. Outlook is definitely inferior. Feature parity with Gmail would be nice!