Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion

Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion

Google's YouTube is reportedly going to acquire popular video game streaming service, Twitch for more than $1 billion. Twitch lets Xbox and Playstation gamers share and watch live gameplay footage, and they claim more than 45 million visitors a month. According to Variety:

The deal, in an all-cash offer, is expected to be announced imminently, sources said. If completed the acquisition would be the most significant in the history of YouTube, which Google acquired in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The impending acquisition comes after longtime Google ad exec Susan Wojcicki was named CEO of YouTube earlier this year.

Depending if and how the deal ultimately shakes out, the price of Twitch could be almost two-thirds of what Google paid for YouTube itself. It would also give YouTube even greater reach in the online video space, something that will no doubt be looked at closely by federal regulators.

If you use Twitch, how would you feel about Google and YouTube taking over the service? Love the idea or hate it enough to consider switching over to Major League Gaming?


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Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion



No. I would say Google is smart, and Microsoft is SLOOOOOOOOW..... Slow with phones, tablets, game consoles, OSes, etc etc etc....

Of course it's a smart move for Google, and ONLY for Google; NOT for the USERS or anyone else, nor for innovation that comes through competition between different service providers.

This is an incredibly bad idea and I hope there are some independant regulators left that will closely scrutinize this deal. Google already has a dominant position in the online video platform service, getting Twitch will only make them more dominant, and with that come abuses like restricting access to the service for competing platforms like Windows Phone, like Google already does with Youtube.

No one company should have such dominance in a particular market that billions of people use.


In this business world, no one will bother about innovation anymore once the company reaches the highest peak. All they need to do is to make sure that they can continue to hold up to that position. And to do that, they will buy over other potential companies before MS make its move. That's smart of Google.

Bill Gates wrote in his book, The Road Ahead, that doing that doesn't work....

Could you imagine if we all had Windows 95 still?

Slow with game consoles and operating systems? Microsoft wipes their ass with Google when it comes to those areas. Google is simply a shitty company that buys up smaller companies with large userbases so they can mine their data for ads. The only good Google is a dead Google.

They aren't slow with phones or tablets, considering they had phones and tablets on the market long before anyone ever heard of the iPhone or Android.

This!^. A thousand times, THIS!!

People who live in the moment, or blog-to-blog are impressed and amazed by the moves google makes. There are no financial analysts here who can say this is even a wise deal to begin with.

And you know what, is all those buying of smaller companies which makes Google has advantages over MS. Yes, MS can keep on struggling with itself, while Google has all other ventures and businesses and making a name there. Shitty company u may say google, but do you think consumers care?? As long as they enjoy what they want from Google, they are happy.

MS ain't slow with tablets? How much sales Surfaces is doing? iPad alone already outsell Surface. Not to mention that Android tablets are selling even much better. No one ever bothers who had tablets or phones anymore because gone were the days of Windows Mobiles. In this era, now 2014, WP has yet pick up any good sales, and it is still in a far distance number 3.

You can continue to live high up there in your ivory tower hoping that MS will catch up with its tablets and mobile phones. But truths always hurts.

Msft has 16 billion businesses. Google has two or three at most. Yeah google is surely more diverified. A

And before you say legacy, sql server, office 365, bing, surface, sharepoint, dynamics, those are new business, young star.

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I'm a customer of Google through my YouTube and I (like most of their customers) am not happy with the service, which has gone downhill since the acquisition. Your comments come off a little trollish to be honest. I don't pop into Android Central and badmouth Android (even though it would be vastly easier for me to do so than for someone to talk about MS in the same light). Android is terrible because Google made it that way. The only negatives around WP are ones which others (including Google) have created for them.

Wise up.

Absolutely Google is evil. Can't anyone make a video hosting site to rival YouTube? They need some competition and Microsoft has too other things going. Maybe Facebook

Agh, I'm so effing mad about this! I've been begging Microsoft to buy Twitch for months for fear this would happen. I hope the Justice Department blocks it. If not, I guess I'll never be uttering the words "Xbox, broadcast" ever again on my Xbox One. My Twitch account will promptly be deleted and the Twitch app will subsequently be uninstalled from my Xbox One.

So, what are our other options now? Twitch is the only videogame streaming service? What about Machinima?

I don't think your account will be deleted but you can bet you will be required to integrate with Google+ or YouTube.

You misunderstood. I'm the one who will be deleting my Twitch account if this turns out to be true. I will have nothing to do with Google.

That's not what its about. Its about being forced to create a social profile page that some people find unnecessary. The funny thing is MS and Yahoo actually tried this and both gave up on it. I dont have a problem creating a login and registering... I don't even care if they wanna track my browsing habits. I just don't want another social profile I have to manage. We're all getting to the point where you have a profile page for every company, just to use a device or app or service. Even freaking Nokia has a social site... At least theirs is optional. But enough is enough.

I set up a dummy google account I never use. I do not have the account set up anywhere and only use it to register with these sites I use that require it. It's the perfect spamcatcher.

That won't work with Twitch on Xbox One. Twitch on Xbox One requires you to 1. have a Twitch account and 2. have an Xbox Live account, and 3. connect the two. Unless you want to completely throw away all the work you've put into developing your Xbox Live account (Gamerscore accumulation, friends accumulated, digital games purchased, etc.), it is impossible for an Xbox One Twitch user to anonymize himself from Twitch, and this is extremely problematic if Twitch becomes Google.

You can stream at azubu.tv and hitbox.tv and soon own3d.tv (again) don't know about console support but most streamers are pc users so console might be a problem

Oh. Yes I surely did misunderstand. Just wait it out and see what happens. Maybe it will be like instagram and Facebook where they remain largely separate. But I get where you are coming from.

I also understand your desire to have nothing to do with Google. I'm still upset that I used my Gmail account to setup my Zune pass that I still get 10 song downloads per month from.

Machinima? The only thing they have left is Youtube and they stream on twitch as well. Plus Machinima is dying anyways. People are leaving or getting laid off left and right.

I just wish we can do what Twitch can do through Skype :-)

May be; Microsoft might just be brewing the same behind the woods now. May be not. But Skype as de facto standard for communication between people/devices will be really cool and incredibly awesome :-)

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft did try to buy Twitch but Twitch gave them the cold shoulder. Looks like we're going to need some alternative apps on Xbox One really soon. I'm done with Twitch if Google gets its evil paws on it.

Great vision.  I wanted MS to buy Nest. Google snatched them.  I wanted MS to buy Waze, and Google bought them.  Google will be faster than MS in buying anything that's cool.  Don't count on them (disappointed)

Sounds to me like Google is tracking what you say. Just as a test, tell MS to buy atlassian or unity and see what the Goog does.

What if Google buys Microsoft? :O I can already imagine all the hate... Lol. I may have jinxed it xD

-- Bam --

You might be missing the point.  I don't wish MS buys these companies because I would like for MS to snatch the world, but because I'm subscribed to their ecosystem and would like to integrate things I like into this system.  Nest never developed a Windows Phone App for example and I thought that it would integrated well with xBox for example. No hate.

My point is that MS is slow buying things that the masses think are cool. Not that Google is tracking what I say.  They might have a bit more accurate resources dominating the world's search engine :)

"Xbox, PS, mobile, AND PC", twitch isn't only on consoles, you can stream on any device, minus Mobile, you can only watch from mobile.

Yes, twitch is the spinoff of Justin.TV which started as a life casting type site but was getting over run by gamers wanted a proper service to stream.

Who cares? After all everything will be same just owner different!
We want WhatsApp on high priority!!!!!!!

The irony!
Whatsapp were bought out by Facebook...a company utterly uncommitted to the Windows ecosystem. What has happened since? Whatsapp has become even worse!!
If Google buy Twitch, you can see Microsoft getting burned again.
The software world really isn't working in Microsoft's favour right now!

Microsoft makes a whole lot of money for a screwed company. I wish I owned 13 different divisions that made over $1 Billion.

It's a joke... MS is too smart to buy everything they see.. That's why Google is going to reap the consequences of buying everything up.. It's going to catch up to them.. While MS hums along standing the test of time..

But...Facebook has good relationships with Microsoft. FYI, Facebook map is powered by Bing not Google Map...
So... Don't worry about Whatsapp

Well watsapp has more than 500million downloads on android with 12million reviews. On wp it has 6000 reviews and 150, 000 on ios. So it not that popular on wp anyways.

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6000 reviews in your region of the store. You have to count the Reviews of all WP store regions to get the exact number I can assure you that it is much more than 80.000 Reviews globally. PS the Playstore shows Global Review figures, so its 12 Million gobal reviews.

Well my region is north america

And second i saw this on the web, not through the app store. Go bing or google whatsapp and you see what i mean.

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I highly doubt it, reason whatsapp got more or less left behind was user base on that platform. Recent numbers for xboxone for twitch was near 30% of twitch service (mainly titanfall), as long as people keep streaming from the device which they will, (the 10 people who are threatening to not stream will not hurt Google/twitch because let's be honest their 2 viewers are nothing in comparison to the millions of extra viewing that will come from a Google backed company). Money is money no matter where it comes from.

WhatsApp can crash and burn for all I care. Still unable to believe they bought it for almost $20 Billion. Only for it to get pulled from the store.

I guess Facebook prefer to have just two mobile ecosystems....
Whatsapp - for all its faults - is still far and away the most popular app of its kind. They added 50 million users in 2 months!! (Now at 450 million users).
Facebook knew what they were buying. They were getting themselves a heavily entrenched messaging service that is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon.

Now that WhatsApp is complete crap on Windows Phone, I tried telegram clients. They are way better than WhatsApp and a whole lot faster too.
And Google will scroogle Twitch up for Xbox users. They just make everything wrong.

Don't tell me you haven't notice all the ads all over Youtube now. You barely see the content anymore. Oh, and don't even try to comment without agreeing to Google's Perpetual Life Snooping contract.

Google ruined youtube

Not needed is don't think twitch is such a profit making business. In few years technology gets upgraded and in sure google will repent buying that. I think microsft should buy twitter

C'mon, wake up Microsoft! THESE are the kinds of deals you guys should be making!

This. I'm sure Google sees it as an opportunity for their ads to reach more people. Sucks that they don't care how much people hate ads.

I hate all types of ads. Its everywhere you look inside, outside, online, cable. Its never-ending. There's just way to much advertising anymore. Ruins my experience.

One day in the future I may even just get rid my phone service. Lol. Regain back my imagination and enjoy nature more lol. That's how strongly I hate ads.

I was pretty shocked when I visited Miami to see just how overrun with adverts America seems to be. I guess I am spoilt where I live (Britain). Advert free public television and radio (BBC), along with a maximum of 15 minutes of adverts for every hour of television in the commercial sectors. Combine that with adblock plus, and I have a fairly ad free life :)

If you consider how much videogame play content is uploaded to YouTube, it makes sense from Google's standpoint.

Why didn't Nokia buy them❔Oh, I forgot.. Microsoft owns Nokia now.. MS won't let Nokia buy anything until Nokia can show MS that they can be profitable with services.... I don't understand why MS didn't just change Nokia's name to MS.. That's weird.❕❕❕

Yes❕ They could make it to where you could listen to game play over the phone!!.. That would be awesome❕❕❕❕
You know, for those time you don't want to see it.

Hahaha, So you have to imagine the levels/worlds everything with your eyes closed. Hey TADAAA, a new game genre has been discovered. Or does it excist already :S

It does, but you're also talking about uploading a video versus the ability to stream live video content (I know Twitch has both uploading and streaming capabilities). With as many complaints as people have about YouTube now (versus before Google bought it), I don't want to know how many will pop up if they buy Twitch.

I think the major complaint people have against YouTube, apart from the constant freaking redesigns, it's the Google+ deal. But that's on its way out the door. I think Google may want this service to actually be able to profit from the tons of videogame play content that exists on YouTube. You just need to think that one of the most popular channels is a Swedish guy playing games and making silly comments. Given the fact that often those videos can't generate profits for the YouTuber (and obviously for Google) because of copyrights, getting Twitch and creating a platform that rewards also the game producers may not be a bad idea at all.

Or then Google can just buy them for no reason at all. But I doubt Google's that stupid to spend millions on something without a purpose.

It should be opposed on anti-trust grounds. But if the feds are paid off and it goes through, I'll stop using it.

Anti trust? Lol! Google has gotten away with almost everything. All they have to do is say "free" and no one can do anything to them.

MS twitch and turn into a game YouTube video upload competitor. But you know MS. They like to play catch up.

They will update glitch because many hours of video is streamed from Xbox, so they won't cut themselves in half. Same thing with YouTube they know people watch videos on the couch. But when it comes to WP its a market share mind share thing, why give WP a shot against android ??? In closing google and is a lunt .. A.k.a...

This is absolutely bad. Twitch is an awesome service, and YouTube will destroy it with ads. Not to mention, that will kill any support for non-Google platforms.

It's a rumor. Just wait for the official announcement. If it happens it happens. major league gaming will take over. Or Microsoft and Sony will make something happen. Like I would say to Microsoft and Sony. Make your own damn twitch like service!

What I thought as well. Except, there were rumors this week that Google+ may be revamped. Rather than a social profile, it will just turn into your personal one-stop login/aggregate for all things google, similar to how Live is now. If that's the case, then not so bad. However, if it turns into another 'to use this service you need to have a google+ profile page', then I'd want nothing to do with it either.

Lol I only have a YouTube account (forced google plus) but I use a hotmail email as I have no Gmail account and never will!!! Hahaha. Sorry don't remember where I was going with this.

Shit, there goes any support Xbox support. We all know Google has a death wish for Microsoft.

And only one official app for Window Phone users and one for Windows 8.1, specifically for RT users. Not to mention that the YouTube app for the Xbox has always been kind of meh, not counting the time that they removed all official Google apps from all Microsoft stores.

Btw, like cutting of a way from Xbox and PS and PC will be a good thing for poofster google. No one will use it anymore. Twitch won't let that happen either.

As far as Xbox goes, Google would have to honor any existing support deemed as part of said contract between Twitch and Microsoft. So as long as Microsoft locked down a long term contract, there should be no affect short term for Xbox support. Unless of course Google breaches the contract and then would more than likely have to face huge penalties.

Ouch.....Google is gonna outspend Microsoft into irrelevance.
Especially when Microsoft is content on buying "old horses" like Skype and Nokia (a failing Phone Manufacturer).
I'm loving my Nokia Lumia 1520 but if Windows Phone doesn't make some serious in-roads within a two-year period (how long I'm keeping my Lumia 1520) then I'm heading back to greener pastures. I don't owe Microsoft Nothing.
I really hope I'm wrong.

You own a 1520 and you think an oversized S4 is competition? What can't you do on your 1520 that the Note 3 can? I'm not talking hypothetical, I mean what do you actually use it for? People continuously upgrade to newer and newer Android devices for the specs but use them for the same things over and over again.
Nevermind that they are practically guaranteed to lag within a year. I've had my 8X since November 2012 and its holding on pretty well.
Keep that 1520 brother.

Really???? My brother's Note 3 has access to Flipboard, Comcast Xfinity App (to watch movies & pay bills), Watch ESPN App, HBO to Go, Slacker Radio (more features on Android & I subscribe for $3.99), Google Play (way more features than Xbox Music)....shall I continue?!
Everyone of those apps I have used in the past and miss them today.
So I love my Lumia 1520 but I had to purchase it unlocked from NewEgg.com for use on T-Mobile since only AT&T carries it. However you can purchase the Note 3 from all 4 Major Carriers. Which Flagship Windows Phone was ever available on all 4 Major Carrier??? None.....ever! I rest my case.

Outspending into irrelevance, good one. You mean bing is daily taking shares from google.com. and once you are on bing(even change region to us) you not go back to google.com.

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That probably was the intention of the headline. To raise your hopes for a moment just to have them crashing soon after.

MS, is such a fat boy. Fat means they have all the richness, and they're BIG too. But yes, just like a fat boy, they're slow in running! (no offense for fat boy^^)

I dont want this to happen. YouTube has stupid policies that they inherited from Scroogle. Why is Microsoft sitting back and letting all the valuable companies get gobbled up by their competition.

They let Facebook acquire whatsapp. They let Apple acquire beats music now Scroogle will acquire Twitch

They have skype, they have xbox music. Improvements wanted, but do remember skype has more than half million active users and is king on the desktop with more than billion of them out there with nearly 300 million to be added this year.

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MS is letting happen because it's not their core business. Google's core business is advertising. These purchase make sense if your revenue depends viewership.

if the service was ruined by alot of decisions... this would obviously make it worse. imagine forcing people using google accounts for the sign up, just that would be a reason to ruin the service.
I don't even like Twitch, since a while it started to act like youtube and thet delay in chat when it works, and just pretty much putting alot of useless "features" had made the site worse. but with google, I can't see it getting better but worse.
hope this doesn't happen, but apparently some business don't care about users but money, so if they get a good offer, they just jump and sell, instead of staying independent and showing they can survive and be good.

Lol..... Wow. "A corporation is a person... It is a person..." Stop with the human trafficking of corporations! Er.. Companies.. And whatnot.

My friend was actually working on a new app for all gamers to use... I won't go into the details of it. He might still work on it. Sadly... He just got an epic job.. So he has put off this project.

Google Plays Pokemon... Now that I think about it, it will probably still be called Twitch Plays Pokemon, just with a Google logo on every page.

Sorry guys, its all over the web. (web = internet) It's a done deal. Some sites say, nothing will be affected after the deal is complete. And I really can't believe that. MLG here I come.

Finally. This is something google can actually make better since twitch is the most horrible website right now.

Why does Microsoft miss these Things & PLEASE let this stay a rumor. I dont want everything I use to be a Google product any more than I want everything I own to say made in china