Hate the word phablet? Well Nokia isn't too sure of it either

Lumia 1520

If you guys haven’t heard, Nokia is working on a new device for the release of GDR3. The Lumia 1520 will be a phone of many firsts on Windows Phone. It will come with a 1080p display, quad core processor, and much more when it launches sometime in the near horizon – possibly early November on AT&T.

The device will also be 6-inches, making it the largest Windows Phone ever. Devices in that range straddle the line between smartphones and tablets, so naturally the media attached the name “phablets” to machines like that. Most of you really dislike that word. And so might Nokia.

Like any good company, Nokia does their market research before making plans with new devices. Sometimes that market research comes in the form of surveys sent out. A handful of you have been sending in surveys that point to upcoming researching from Nokia. They’re focused on the name of new products that are larger screen smartphones. So something like the Lumia 1520.

Here are some of the questions being asked:

Nokia Phablet Survey

Pretty straightforward. Nokia isn’t sure quite sure how to market a smartphone with a larger screen. Something they’re going to be doing pretty soon.

So what do you guys think of the word phablet? Hate it? Love it? Sound off below.

Also, can you think of something better?

Thanks for the tips/screenshots Matt and everyone!


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Hate the word phablet? Well Nokia isn't too sure of it either



Phablet used to bother me, but not anymore. Also it's just not that important to me what people call them, I'll keep calling them phablets.

The word still bothers me, sounds like a Tablet with a Phallus. 
But maybe it's just my brains being corrupted. 

(sarcasm alert)  Yeah, why call a laptop a laptop?  I never use it on my lap.  Never.  It's a computer.  So just call it a computer.  Why refer to vehicles as trucks, semis, cars, etc?  They are all vehicles.  Just call'em vehicles.  Why call a mug a mug?  A pint glass a pint glass? A goblet a goblet?  They are all glasses.  Just call any of the differing form factor of glasses - glasses.  Make it simple.  Sure, it seems absolutely pointless to delineate products in the same family with a somewhat realistic name of how the product is actually being used.  Don't you think? A "phablet" is a phablet.  That's what it is.  The name doesn't bother me at all.  But the form factor does.  It is not to my liking one bit.  Those darn "Large Phones" are just too large.  :)  But to those who like'm more power to you.

I have to disagree!  A mug would only fit into the category of a "glass" if it were made of glass, otherwise it would be in the cup category.  Although thinking about it cups may or may not have handles, mugs always have handles, so maybe they are deserving of a separate category. 

:) A mug by any other name is still a mug. Lol! To Nokia and others. A Phablet is what it is, a phone in a tablet form. There are digital phones, there are satellite phones, there are cell phones, there are car phones, there are rotary phones. These are all specific genres of phones. But they're phones. And there's a reason why we refer to them by a specific description versus just - phone. The sooner we get use to the term phablet the better off we'll all be. :)

I don't really see the need for a unique name for a bigger smartphone. The name Nokia Lumia 1520 itself makes anyone see that it's a higher end phone.
When Nokia released the 920 they didn't put "new windowsphone, buy it." in the name. The glory that Nokia products have is that it's clear which one is better thanks to clear product names unlike "experia z" becase with that name you have to do research if it's actually better.
Nokia should market it as the new Nokia Lumia 1520 and from there use some fancy slogan like "WindowsPhone reimagined" but don't use that because Nokia are masters at marketing and i think they can comeup with something awesome :) 

It really is. I almost want to start using slab instead.

Slab - a phone with a screen smaller than 7 inches.

"The Lumia 1520. Time for a slender slab of your own."

... I'll show myself out.

"Phablet" sounds like something that should have VTech on the box. Don't worry though, Apple will "invent" one soon enough and name it.

Heh. I already doing this. I even call those Galaxy Notes smartphones (except for 7" or larger screen :p).

Yup. It's not like we have names for different size screen laptops. A 13" laptop or a 17" laptop. So this is just a 6" smartphone vs a 4" smartphone.

I can't stand it, and said so in the questionnaire...but I was unable to think of what I WOULD call it...other than just a large screen phone. Why confuse it all by making up a new word for the device based on one of its many features...? Every smartphone (which one would assume is unique in some way) cannot have an equally unique device name. No, like I say, it's better to just call it a smartphone, and if more specifics are needed, just describe it... It's a large screen phone.

People who own and use these as phones look ridiculous and should be mocked. Its like they are answering some comedy joke giant phone in a play school skit.

Times will change. Same could have been said about 4inch screen not long time ago.
There were 25 milloin phablets sold last year and sales doubled compared to last quarter. Phablets made 35% of all smartphones sold in India and takes over 20% of phones sold in world largest smartphone market, China. 

Maybe you're the ridiculous one for thinking they're ridiculous? My Note 2 works fine as a phone and I'll never go for anything smaller than 5" again.

What's your Bluetooth device? I tried many and couldn't be used with it... Nokia triangular is the worst I tried

No, Javier, only having one hand free while you're on the phone sucks. But then, I guess it depends on whether or not productivity is in your vocabulary.

The issue that I have with bluetooth hands-free headsets is that they are very impersonal and make for awkward social situations. Holding a phone up to your ear sends a message.
Having a headset on 24/7.... well it sends a message too, but it's usually not a nice one :)

I've got a Motorola H730. Looks like a mini-chainsaw, but I've had 12-hour convos using it... Flat speaker rests against ear instead of jammed into ear canal, so it's very comfortable. Best battery life of any BT I've seen.
Using it with my Lumia 920. Also works with my laptop for Skype.

If you're talking about sitting at your desk then a BT device is fine. If you're walking around with a douchebag identification device in your ear while you walk around talking to yourself then not only should you be mocked but you should be rounded up and dropped off on an island so you don't mess up the gene pool here.

+1 People holding the Note, & other phablets, up to their head look ridiculous. It's like taking photos with an iPad :P

I say Comp-U-Tab....computab seeing the functionality Microsoft gives its users with the ability to perform work with the inclusion of office, one note, and even SharePoint if you have a server & market it highlighting that functionality and while working, someone calls in using Skype pointing out it can always be used as a phone.

Tabletphone, phablet sounds the same in all the 10000 non-English languages out there spoken by 80% of the world population.

"Nokia isn't sure quite sure".. Gotta love proof reading. lol.. I don't really mind the name phablet.. At the end of the day, it explains what it is, just go with the flow

I really liked when Microsoft called their original tablets "slates." Could we repurpose "Slate" for these phones?

the iphone with a 3.5 inch screen was a smartphone.  the galaxy s4 with a 5 inch screen is a smartphone.  the galaxy note is still a smart phone.  i think as long as it can be used as a phone, it should be just a smartphone.  but they all have different screen sizes.  so what.  no 2 smart phones have the same screen size.  whats the big deal

Exactly, Megaphone. Its a word that is already familiar to people and would/could be quickly learned by the masses.

My daughter says that since it is a Nokia, it's indestructible. So maybe we should just call it a weapon. Or as the WowHead in the house says, BFS.

Dear Nokia... if rumors are correct... that it doesnt have a stylus or special applications to take advantage of large 6" screen... you should call it a phone/smartphone with 6" display and nothing else... because its nothing more than a big phone :)
SmartPad or LumiaPad or somehting else... But definitely not Phablet
However... whatever it may be called I am intersted in this device :)

Fine with every name as long as I get it ASAP. I would call it the LLumia... The first L for large :)

I never liked phablet. It not a tablet. It a phone albeit a large one. Find a name and call it a day.

It's a super phone. The size & specs proves it all. "super phone"... The Ad would go something like, "the windows phone super phone Nokia Lumia 1520"

Tricorder! Oh wait that's probably copyright protected.

Bunker Buster. Nah, too violent.

WTTW-Window To The World. Nickname-Whatwhat!

OMG - cuz that's what she said.

JIB - Jesus Its Big - cuz that's what she said.

CHOKER - cuz...oh, nevermind.

Seriously, its not just a phone anymore, but what phone is? Call them global or universal communication devices (unicomm? glocom?) or live with the damn phablet, though saying it feels stupid.

They should throw out the name 1520, and actually brand it the Nokia Phablet with Windows Phone 8...this way, whenever someone else calls their phone a "phablet", Nokia can cash in (or get notoriety, either way).

Lumina---- cause so many folks apparently think that is the current way to spell the Nokia line. This ain't 90's Detroit!

I would support a Lumia XL or Lumia +. Even a "Lumia One"
Nintendo have their DS and XL range, so it will sound acceptable.

Phablet is uninspiring and dumb (to me) but the unpunctuated contraction does convey its meaning just fine.

How about call it the Nokia Lumia Surface Phone 8? Nokia's being bought out by Microsoft anyway, wouldn't make a difference with the copyright. It makes sense since Windows tablets are called Surfaces, & basically it's a mini-tablet with a built-in phone. This can be the Surface Phone that never was.

I just filled out that survey. Told them I HATE the term phablet. Can't stand it and I hope they don't use it.

It is a smartphone... period... I just has a larger screen... No need from some bastard name that will not only confuse, but deter sells.. Let people know/think/believe they are getting a cellphone with a nice and large screen and not another product.
The Galaxy note is a phone.... These were aways phones no matte what trend.  There was a time when the smaller the phone the better... Now we are going large again... The only names that stuck, but I kinda hate is "smartphone"... Then they had to make "feature phone"... It is a cell phone.
Phones are not just for talking anymore, they are communication devices...  Just leave it smartphone and thats that... Or better yet, Windows Phone, PERIOD... The more companies try to create fancy names, especially long ones, they fail.
Iphone/ipad... Galaxy...  ipad mini.. Galaxy Note.. KISS: KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE

+1 Soon these big phones will become so mainstreamed that it will seem silly that we gave them a special name. Just please, please, please don't give any credence to 'phablet'. It's an immature name that shows how quick we are to bastardize the English language and it's probably unpronounceable in other countries.

Minitablet or minitab?

Come to think of it, in the nomenclature of mobile device designs, there are:
Clam shells,
Candy bars,

Slate would fit best.