Homebrew Dynamic Background 2 guarantees fresh wallpaper for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Hacker as returned to an earlier project called Dynamic Background with some significant updates previewed in his latest video.

The app brings a feature that will be present in Windows Phone 8—the ability to automatically change and update the Lock Screen wallpaper via at least two sources: your own arsenal or Bing’s daily image. The new version now has an update interval selector and quite a nice UI, ensuring that users should get the most out of such an app.

Of course like all amazing homebrew efforts, this one requires root access, not just a developer unlocked phone. That means only a small set of hardcore users will ever get to experience this feature. On the other hand, come early November you could just pick up some new Windows Phone 8 hardware and get the Microsoft solution.

We also know that the HTC 8X/8S will feature HTC’s own wallpaper sources too. Natch.

Dynamic Background 2 should be out in a few days and we’ll follow up when it goes live.

Source: Windows Phone Hacker


Reader comments

Homebrew Dynamic Background 2 guarantees fresh wallpaper for Windows Phone


meh, putting those pesky images at the back of those tiles will destroy the simplicity and busy tiles of WP...

In wp8 there's no space available for background to see in live tiles tab,
But it will be great if any graphical background appears in the background in the right side (all apps)

Like stated above there is no space for background pictures. Only possible thing is background colors. Which is even now possible with an unlocked wp7/7.5/7.8

Actually it may work if done right. The image will be darkened (or lightened on a white theme, see: listening to a song on Zune) and then the image scrolls in the background, kinda like a vertical panorama. Which I just now realized wouldn't work because the new WP8 start screen provides 0 black space...

I think it's stupid. WPs are different why be like the other phones out there? I enjoy my white or black background. It would be too much of a distraction to have a picture in the background. It ruins the design.

thank you!! I've been waiting for an update to this. The current selection system they have doesn't work well.