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Here is how the new Nav bar works on the HTC One M8 for Windows

The HTC One M8 for Windows brings many 'firsts' to the table, including support for the 801 chipset, duo camera and more. One of those originals is the ability to hide the Nav bar aka where the Start, Search and Back key reside. On previous Windows Phones these keys were part of the device, so that when the display is off they were still visible. Now with Windows Phone 8.1, manufacturers get the ability to use on-screen keys instead, cutting down costs and letting companies like HTC port over their Android phones with no change in the hardware.

Although phones like the Nokia Lumia 630 have on-screen keys, the HTC One for Windows adds a few options to the mix, including an auto-hide option. Here's how it all works.

Why hide the Nav bar?

By default, the HTC One M8 for Windows features a small down arrow to the left of the Nav bar. Users can tap this to hide the Nav bar, giving the ability to get a "full screen" experience. Of course, it is not so much as gaining more but rather matching previous 1080P displays. In other words, by default a Lumia Icon at 1080P shows more information than the HTC One for Windows with the Nav bar displayed. Both are 1080P, but the HTC One uses some of the screen real-estate to show the on-screen keys. By selectively hiding them, users get the same visual experience as the Lumia Icon.

Options are useful

The HTC One gives users a few options for the Nav bar that are not available on devices like the Lumia 630. Those configuration choices are:

  • Auto hide/show the Nav bar – Allows apps to automatically show or hide the Navigation bar
  • Swipe to hide the Nav bar – To hide the navigation bar, swipe up from the bottom of the screen

The first option lets programs take over the Nav bar, e.g. in the Photos Hub, where a full-screen experience would be preferred, likewise for games. To get the Nav bar back users just swipe up from the bottom of the display. If this option is not chosen, the Nav bar is always displayed, and it is left to the user to hide it when preferred by hitting the down arrow.

The second option is for gestures. Instead of the down arrow, you can swipe up from the bottom of the display to both show and hide the Nav bar. Enabling this gets rid of the arrow altogether, and instead you use the same gesture to hide or bring back the Nav bar, which is better since you do not have to tap a particular location, as you can swipe up anywhere along the bottom of the display.

Isn't it annoying?

You may be wondering if this Nav bar stuff is frustrating. Overall, so far I cannot say it is. It does take some getting used to, but I like the auto-hide feature and the swipe up option. Just like any other gesture system, eventually it becomes automatic, and you do it without thought. It can be strange at first, as you have to take a moment to realize that the Nav bar is 'gone', but it is more of an adjustment than anything.

Some apps, like today's CoPilot Premium, do not auto-hide the Nav bar. As a result, you get a weird situation where elements of the app are blocked by those controls. Of course, you can just swipe up to hide them, and you are good to go, but this is something app developers have to think about going forward as they design and test their apps. Overall, though, most apps run just fine, and this is the exception.

Make sure you watch the video above to see it all in action.

What do you think of the hide Nav bar feature? Does the loss of some screen space for those keys bother you and is this variation something that changes your mind about the HTC One? Sound off below!


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Here is how the new Nav bar works on the HTC One M8 for Windows



Hey guys welcome to the NEW charms bar. I bet this is what becomes of the charms in Windows 9. Basically the same idea, just a new location.

Daniel. You should've showed how the M8(W) works compared to the M8(A), using both devices in the video, and showing the features of both as well..
This is something that a lot of us have been asking for lately.. WPC needs to do MORE COMPARISONS between WP devices, and equivalent Android devices.. And, this is going to be even more interesting when more WP devices using Android hardware are released... We might actually come up with some great ideas to post to the WP uservoice page, so it actually does have its advantages... Please consider this. Thanks❗

Has any feature that Android had first ever turned WP into Android❓
Instead of being immaturely defense, and negatively biased, of other platforms, shouldn't we be honest about what they might have that could benefit WP as well? A good idea is a good idea, and we'd be cheating ourselves to not ask MS to do their version of it... This is nothing new.
And, it's not all about finding features WP can steal from Android.. For many of us it's just plain interesting.. I was just mentioning that as another benefit...

I can't shake the feeling that most of the audiance over here would give their right testicle if these features were Nokia features - screaming instabuy and posting all "+randomnumber" all over this place, but once one of the other OEMs does something out of the blue, this "TOO MUCH ANDROID" remark is almost screamed instantly.

Guess what Nokia fanboys; Noklia has dropped the ball and was slacking on a lot of things. Release phone X, release crippled version of phone x with too less ram and a worse screen, release phone X with better cam and better screen as flagship. Bring out phone X with bigger screen. Rince, repeat.

It was a matter of time before these things were bound to happen. Deal with it. Just like with the Samsung WP line up, coming on the market with Microsd slots. "THE DESIGN IS ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY!"  Who cares? Windows Phone as an ecosystem NEEDS different types of handsets, hardware and features to keep appealing to the general public. Not only recycling older hardware with minimal design and feature changes "because it doesn't need newer hardware because the OS is so fast".

Oh good grief. This has nothing to do with Nokia "fanboys". (1) Soft buttons stink. Nokia or otherwise. (2) the Nokia phones that have used them so far have extras screen height to allow for the nav bar. No need for hiding, and the apps probably couldn't even use the extra space if they could hide... WP supports only certain resolutions.

Well, we agree on one thing, softbuttons stink. But it's refreshing to see another oem/phonebrand getting some attention on this site aswell, since it's always Nokia. ;)

How do you turn a debate over buttons into an argument about OEM's?... This has nothing to do with that, and we're not trying to hear it.

Not sure what it has to do with the site... they cover whatever Windows Phone news is out there.  If HTC or Samsung are not releasing phones or making announcements or plans to release phones, then there's not much choice but to cover Nokia.  I've always found it very strange that people seem to think WPCentral is in some way biased because there are so many Nokia stories.  Nokia has been the only company supporting and releasing products for WP... what are they supposed to do, make up stories about other brands?

I don't want to support this argument, but the funny thing is that the past few days have been all about HTC, and this dude is still complaining.. Lol❗❗

Well, i do get that, and i actually think it's good that Wpcentral covers other oems too.. I should have phrased that differently. It's just that the general public seems 'kinda biased' against anything that's not Nokia coming out, running Windows Phone. A lot of times, under articles you can just skip half of the comments cause they are just plain hatred against other OEM's/brands.

Not WPcentrals fault at all, they should receive a medal for still posting news regarding phones by other brands, considering the replies to those news..

Come on, dude.. Please delete that comment.. It has nothing to do with what we're talking about.. We don't want to start that conversation....

Uhm. No. I won't. Freedom of speech and all. Discussion on a site. Besides, I wasn't the one who first used the a-droid word. Fact is that when Nokia introduces a novelty, the +number idiots all gather and circlejerk, and when another brand does it, it's cleary copied from Android. Because all other oems make Android phones aswell, so it can never be any good. It's all so cringy.

Hey idiot, freedom of speech has nothing to do with your comment on a website. If WPCentral wanted to they could delete your comment without notice.


That being said I agree with your overall point, this post just oozed Nokia all over the place. 

I can't say I agree with his point because I'm not trying to hear it... Lol❗ .. He's just trying to pick a fight with Nokia fans, and nobody is even talking about that... I just think he should've made that comment on his own without leaching off mine... I hate when people leach just to get their point near the top...

Hello fellow idiot.. Thanks for proving my point by calling other people idiot. Feel high and mighty now, calling other people names? Please continue your circlejerking.

Yeah, but this isn't about that.. It's about what Microsoft does for WP.. The entire OS.. It's not about a Lumia specific feature... Who said anything about Nokia, or Lumia devices?... My original comment was about suggestions to Uservoice for WP, and the dude asked if that would benefit WP... Nobody wants to argue whatever it is you're trying to stir up....
Its bad enough that my comment was slightly off topic, but yours is seriously for another conversation... Why❓

Contrary to common belief, freedom of speech does not extend to your posting on someone else's website(s).  The owner's of the websites and their agents (moderators, etc.) have the full right and authority to inhibit or ban your posting priveleges (which they grant, not the 1st Amendment).

That said:

1. rodneyej (unless he is an agent of this site) has no authority to control yours or anyone else's posts.

2. If you want to exercise your 1st Amendment rights to free speech, fire up your own website.  Since you would then be the owner, you can do whatever you want.

Right.. I can't make him do anything... But, I can call him out for "leaching", which is very annoying... That's all I'm doing..
But, I think what was more annoying about it this time was how attacking, and negative, he was.... He really has just ruined everyone's day. Lol❗❗

+1020 (after reading all that I felt this was appropriate)
I'm glad to see HTC making windows phone news and I am thinking of snatching the M8 once it's released on at&t.
A comparison video I would like to see is the camera/video recording. 1020/1520/930/Icon vs M8
I don't have the luxury to buy an M8 and compare the difference between my 1020. I'm fairly confident the Nokia's Lumia 1020 41mp will defeat the HTC One in pictures however how does it hold up in video recording?
Will I see a significant difference when posting to Instagram or Facebook?

I want to see the M8(W) camera compared to the M8(A) camera... That's what I'm talking about❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

Lol I know Rodneyej.
I wouldn't mind seeing that either.
Are you thinking about making a switch to the HTC M8 (w)?
I know you are extremely happy with your L1520 20mp Camera and Screen Size so I don't think you'd be willing to give that up right.

No.. I can't go any lower than 6" now.. I'm hooked.. And, I hate to admit that I'm closed mined to other OEMs besides Microkia right now... So, my next device is probably going to be the next 1520.

I felt the same way about my 1020. I have sometime to think about it since its probably going to be months before at&t get's it but looking at the overall phone the HTC One is beast (other than the camera).

I think this is great for the platform if it does well & I honestly don't think Microsoft wants to hurt the htc one's sales so they wont release a flagship phone for awhile. IMO.

Well, some people might think the layout of your posts... Is somewhat....... Annoying....... If you get........ Where i'm going at.......!!!!!

But who am i to tell you to....... take down........ your post cause they annoy me...... Would make me seems kinda silly and arrogant, no? !!!

It does annoy the frig outta me that the comment system is this severly broken on this site. Quoting and replying does not work AT ALL.

Also, leaching? I wasn't aware i was: "extracting minerals from a solid by dissolving them in a liquid". Lolwut?

I don't know.. His user name looks kinda familiar... He's annoying, but he's probably pretty cool... I'm not gonna be too rude to him.. I mean, he doesn't appear to be an all out fool like we've seen before... If I can be peaceful with DCJBS then I can make peace with anyone.. Lol!
And, I like DCJBS because he's a smart dude, it's just his negativity, and complete bias against MS, that gets annoying sometimes... Other than that I give him credit when I can. He's cool.

Lol!!!!!!!!!!! You wanna come with us❓❓❓
See.. I knew there was something I liked about you... You kinda remind me of NIST.

You're right. Did Action Centre or Cortana ruin Windows Phone? Nope. We need more ideas to improve Windows Phone so people using Android, iOS will make it easy to switch.

That's like saying Cortana turns WP into IOS because Apple came up with a natural language, always-on digital assistant first. It's called feature parity, and we're finally getting there. I would say we're past IOS in terms of feature set with the latest devices like the One for Windows. (that name, though... They should have just called it the One W8)

On-screen buttons are the worst.  Why do people put up with that?  It's bad enough Samsung hides their buttons on the galaxy series when not being pressed. 

It's a style decision that isn't necessary. 

I don't really see the conceptual difference between on-screen-keys and the more traditional soft-keys. As far as I understand, the traditional soft-keys were also part of the screen/digitizer but could simply not be used because there was obviously no display behind them. In regards to the topic: as long as having them permanently displayed or automatically hidden, I do not see an issue with that, in fact I think its neat.

Actually, I find it practical and beneficial.  Used to be, when operating the phone in landscape, part of my hand would inevetiably touch the windows or back key as I reached my thumb across the screen screwing up the game I was playing or the app I was working in.  This feature completely eliminates those mis-hits.

That is actually a huge potential benefit of the software keys! That used to drive me completely batty in the days of fruit ninja on my HD7...

I think that MS has deliberately made this change in WP8.1 so that the existing android phones can easily be converted to support WP phones.  It is a compromise but it is also a necessary strategy.  HTC One for Windows is the first fruit of the on-going effort.  Hopefully, we will see more high-end android phones that will come out with a Windows version.  I would like to see that LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy K Zoom will all come out with a Windows version.  They can just replace with WP firmware on the existing phone hardware as HTC has done.  They will have nothing to lose but everything to gain with a small investment in the software engineering.  I personally prefer physical buttons for the navigation and camera.  But I can also adapt to the soft buttons if I'm forced to do so.

No, this is from first PfD 8.1. Navigation bar with hide option could be easily enabled in Ativ S by registry edit. I was very disappointed, that Lumia 630 hasn't this feature.

The 630 has extra pixels to accomodate the navigation bar without interfering with apps, so it doesn't need this option.

Doesn't the 630 have a screen thats an extra 54 pixels tall relative to a "normal" screen so that it won't take up any usable space?

I just picked up the Windows M8, its a great device and the navigation bar is easy to get used to, but I think I'd prefer the extra pixels in situations where you need to click something at the bottom of the screen

It's not an option because the 630 has 54 extra pixels there for the sake of the nav bar. You're still getting the full Windows Phone experience. The One let's you hide it because it's using a regular 1080p display, making some of the content is being hidden.

The 630 does not have this problem, nothing is being 'covered' by the nav bar. As such, most (if not all) apps would still have that black bar there anyways.

If course, Microsoft could open this up with a future update to allow hiding the nav bar on devices like this, and allow developers to use that extra real estate on devices where the nav bar is hidden.

But as it stands now: The 630 has extra pixels dedicated to the nav bar that can't be used by the OS in its current state. Might as well always have the buttons.

I have the 630 and the navbar does definitely cover things up, even in Microsoft's Videos app! When I'm watching something I can see the content going underneath the navbar (a logo from a tv channel for example!)...


I'm pretty miffed the 630 can't hide it, because it's definitely covering up content that should otherwise be visible.

It is a very solid phone. Picked it up yesterday. Coming from a 1520, I believe 5" is the perfect size screen. My coworkers have all had good things to say about the design when comparing it to the Lumia devices.

They appear to have some quality issues though.  Exchanging my second One tonight for a third.  My first One, I didn't get out of the store.  The frame was bent near the volume button straight out of the box.  My second One, has dropped LTE and nothing will get it back, refuses to connect above 3G speed despite numerous reboots, pulling the SIM, and finally factory resetting, nothing works.  Yes, my coworkers on Verizon here all have LTE showing so it's not the network.  LTE radio failure on this One.
Update: My second HTC One was fine. Turns out, the SIM card was to blame.

Also not a fan. HTC already loves screwing up the screen centering with fat bottom lips, the least they could do is refrain from taking up screen real estate by using some of that bottom bar for capacitive buttons.

...not entirely a fan of capacitive buttons either though. I miss the good ol' days with my Focus Flash where we had a capacitive back/search button, then a hardware Start button that could wake the device. Much less accidents than the double-tap-waking we get with glance.

Oh, don't get me started. I wish we could have real buttons instead of capacitive for back, windows, search.


This phone does not even have a camera button. A big ouch for me. I rely on it a lot on my Lumias.

This is going to be one of the things that will keep me holding on to my Ativ S for a long time! Hardware start and camera buttons, back and search as softkeys but not part of the screen. Camera can be launched from lock screen which I use all the time and I never have issues accidentally waking up my phone. I'm hoping Samsung shows a decent flagship phone before year end as they seem to be the only company capable of checking off all my wants.

You don't have to be a fan, not having physical buttons is great. I like my 8x, I'd like the m8 but I can't afford it. The nav bar is cool.

Good reply... His reply was pointless.. IDK why people do that....
I mean obviously you don't have to be a fan.. It's not like HTC contacted you for your opinion... Lol!! Nevertheless, your opinion is welcome here.

The 630 doesn't cover the bottom of the screen with the bar, so no need to hide it. This is a necessity because HTC couldn't or at least didn't use a screen with extra pixel height for the bar.

Or maybe Microsoft couldn't or didn't register the on-screen keys as the cutoff point.
Never get info stuck under on-screen keys in Android. 1080p or otherwise.

I like this idea.  Now, if we could only get Charms bar swiping from the right and Open Apps swiping from the left, we'd be talking.  There could be a button/expand on the "Charms bar" to show full installed apps list.

Actually what would really be nice is swiping down to close apps. I was praying for that in the WP8 days. Now that WP8.1 is here it's impossible because of the notification center.

The thing is that I think that would be somewhat difficult.


We cannot swipe down from the top of the screen because that gesture is already taken by the notification center. And if we swipe doen from within the screen how does the phone know when you mean to close and when you mean to scroll down?

The problem with that is that apps use left and right swipes all the time. The only way that would work is if you had bezels on both sides of all phones that were touch sensitive so that your device could differentiate between moving around inside of apps and using gestures. I'm pretty sure no one wants more bezels taking up space on the front of their phone. I can't think of any way to make that work without having a big downside.

I see this as actually being the charms bar. To me this is their doorway to unifying that experience from Windows 8 to Windows Phone 8 with Windows 9. This mimics how the charms works in a lot of ways.

Have you somehow missed that this basically is the Charms bar?

It's a swipe gesture from outside the screen, which gives you a start and a search button.

Sure, there are no settings/share/devices charms, but WP implements them locally, anyway, and Windows 8's implementation isn't exactly the best. (Lacking indication of availability of charms - You need trial and error to find out if share works, for example - and frustratingly bad gesture when using mouse/keyboard, which has gotten worse once they introduced the corner delay)


I love the gestures on Win 8. Especially multitasking is perfectly implemented (Even if swipe down doesn't seem to work with 100% accuracy anymore).

However, they'd suck on a phone. You generally do random swipes from the outside already, due to the small screen, which would make side-swipe gestures quite annoying.

Basically, yes. But not in full functionality or in any other equivalence other than to access Start and Search/ Voice.  It's a good point. I guess, if we're looking at converging OS gestures, I'd prefer swiping from the right to access this charms bar than from the bottom.  This isn't a problem for hardware buttons, though. So there would be consistency issues with that.  Perhaps I should have said, "charms like commands" from the right such as those not available with the peek-a-bar for all phones, not just those that have software buttons.

Mainly due to restrictions set by Microsoft. But since easing those restrictions you can see how much easier it is for companies to save money while giving us better hardware options.

Personally I prefer a device built specifically for WP, that way wont be mistaken for using an android device. :D

I do have to ask, and I don't mean offensively, why do people care if a WP device resembles any other?  From a hardware perspective... as soon as one sees the screen it is instantly differentiated.  Right?  Just a curious phenomena I hope people can comment on. I don't buy into WP to get exclusive hardware. I am using WP because the OS itself satisfies my needs; particularly in the ecosystem, UI, and aesthetics departments.   Exclusive hardware is a barrier to entry into the WP platform - particularly one that is dwarfed by its competing OSs.  Options are good, that is why WP user want more carriers carrying more vendors and more models. But the reverse is also true... If vendors can innovate and differentiate on hardware, then they can let OS makers battle it out themselves while remaining agnostic.  They get to offer options on top of options with little extra investment.  Doesn't seem like a bad proposition to me particularly since some of those competing OSs are getting some interesting, albeit gimmicky, features/capabilities/specs.

Good. Someone who actually gets that the WP ecosystem needs phones likes this. And that it can't survive with only Nokia sales.

If you put this on AT&T right now you forgo your access to 4G LTE. I don't think that is worth it for most people, especially since it is coming to AT&T soon.

Technically we can get any Verizon LTE phone right now, but support for AT&T's LTE bands are not present. That's why we're waiting for it to come to AT&T.

this is an android inspired inferior solution but given MSFT's own failure to get windows phone to a decent level of usage they are going to have to follow up industry trends instead of setting them. If they don't like it then how about not lagging behind 2 years every time. Even now, windows phone feels incredibly outdated with its clunky UI designed for 480x800 low dpi days, so it is only fair that they have to mold to android's hardware standards. The home screen is finally caught up to the times but as soon as you swipe or tap into the OS you go back to the MS-DOS mode of windows phone UI.

I'm not a fanboy or anything, but the 'Hardware Standards' does not apply to different operating systems. iOS runs just fine on 1 GB ram, while Android lags sometimes even on 3 GB.

My Lumia 820 was faster than my sister's S4, and spec wise it should move at least twice as fast, but it didn't.

You must be one of those guys thinking that numbers are always relevant.

The HTC One is the only official Update 1 device, so I am not sure what "any" means.

Currently, the Lumia 530 and 630 do not have this as an option, which is why this is relevant.

It's nice that other high end WP8.1 devices are coming out. Now, let's see if others like samsung do the same.

I've always been against on screen buttons and always supported capacitive keys + dedicated camera button. And I wish MS wouldn't omit them in Nokia/MS phones.
That said, I understand the importance of on screen keys if they can help bring existing phones from HTC, Sony and LG all of whom use on screen keys in their recent android phones.
A question though. Does that mean this option of hiding navigation bar will come to all versions of windows phone? Or will it be exclusive to HTC?

Maybe. It's also a premium Android phone with no dedicated navigation buttons. This has never stopped Android phones from succeeding, not sure why it would be different from Windows Phone.

Each to his own I suppose. I have played with a kindle fire with virtual buttons and it felt cheap/tacky. I do love proper physical buttons. That's another reason why the Ativ S is a great WP.

This is why I think it could be a great idea. I can't stand playing a game and needing to be extra conscious of how close my hand or fingers are to the buttons, more so when I hand my phone to someone so they can watch a video or look at a picture. All too often by the time they have it situated the Start screen is back and they can't figure out how a back button works before panic sets in. If this alleviates that, great.

It's like just press the back button *cue panic* omg what's a back button, where is it.... Ummmm maybe its the arrow pointing back

when the N9 first came out it was like a dream come to true, a bottomless phone, completely symmetric, "perfect" but now that only looks like a cheap option to me, a phone with no identity, i got used to see my windows keys, and considering this only complicate things on the software side i would prefer to keep them, and they make the phone look cool when off

I accidentally hit capacitive buttons all the time. Hidden buttons can't be hit accidentally. Also these keys still have haptic feedback so they are the same as capacitive buttons that way.

Isn't the difference images are wrong? I mean they should be the opposite image... Lumia Icon with navbar, and HTC without navbar. or am I wrong?

Yes, you are wrong, and the comparison is correct. The Lumia Icon shows the entire display, and has the buttons BELOW the display. The M8 uses part of the display to show the buttons ON the display (unless you hide them). That is what the comparison shows.

As it says in the article: "In other words, by default a Lumia Icon at 1080P shows more information than the HTC One for Windows with the Nav bar displayed. Both are 1080P, but the HTC One uses some of the screen real-estate to show the on-screen keys."


This is cool for recycled Android handsets and maybe even future MS handsets, but getting rid of the camera key is pissing me off. I get that this is Android hardware so no big deal but the 635 doesn't have it and that worries me. The iPhone and Android both have ways to easily access the camera from the lock screen. Without a camera button we do not. Not smart MS.

Put the camera as one of the toggles in the action center (from the settings), which is accessible everywhere across the OS including the lock screen and voila, u have an instant camera access anytime. It's as fast as the camera button, I have tried it.

Picked up my M8 yesterday, coming from an icon. So far I'm loving it and all its features. The camera isn't going to blow you away as my 1020 would but it works as a point and shoot. The speakers and headphone jack output are amazing!!! Blows my Nokia phones away hands down. So I gave up wireless charging and a great camera but gained in design and sound plus SD card. I'm happy plus I still have my trusty Nokia phones as bench warmers ;)

I always wondered about the on screen buttons on my 525 as how irritating it will feel when I get the 8.1 update. But now somewhat relaxed as I hope this 'auto hide' or 'disable' feature will soon be available to all wp8.1 devices..

I like how this phone looks. If I didn't have the 1520 I may have considered this. My only issue with it is the camera isn't too good.

It already does. The buttons on the 630 and 635 have their own dedicated display space. Unless you mean to get even more space, I suppose.

So many people that can't take change. It's plain annoying now. On screen buttons are perfect. This makes it easy for phone manufacturers and Microsoft. The OEMs only have to think about keeping the internal hardware future proof. And MS has the opportunity to completely redesign whenever they want. And now if Windows Threshold for Phone is completely redesigned (navigation bar turns into charms bar of sort), only these phones would have a chance at getting it.

This would really come in handy to be able to hide the nav bar when recording a video in a darkened room.  The Lumia 920 leaves the bright navigation buttons lit the entire time you are recording a video.

I prefer the nav buttons on my 930, this auto-hiding lark looks awkward. Though I'd like the ability to dim them when watching or recording a video.

I'd actually prefer the buttons are hidden. Everytime I hand my phone to someone that doesn't have a WP (basically everyone) they hit the back home or Cortana button and they don't know what they did.

I will love to have it, I hate when accidentally I hit the keys while playing games or just taking a photo¬_¬u (+1520)

Sounds like it works pretty similar to the Android implementation. I can say I've had no issues at all with the nav bar on Android. Full screen things will hide it but it always comes back when you tap the screen. It seems like the swipe up gesture will give this a little more flexibility as it would allow it to stay hidden and allow you to completely interact with a full screen thing. On Android when hidden the user can only do swipe gestures, a tap will bring it back. 

We'll see which way works better in practice. 

I REALLY want this on my 630! I thought as soon as I started using it in landscape mode that it should behave like the charms bar. I like streaming 80's movies with Plex from my desktop while I'm chilling out, this would make for a much enhanced small-retro-movie-watching-while-reclining experience!

MS should give us these options at the top of the screen to hide the system tray/status bar. One of the nice things from 8.0 that's stupidly missing in 8.1.

While I prefer capacitive buttons, I wonder if this configuration will be more future-proof. If Threshold merges the nav bar into some hybrid with the charms bar, they can do that on-screen; you can't change capacitive buttons once you make the phone.

I can see this getting really annoying. I much rather prefer fixed physical keys buy if this is the way its gonna be in the future then so be it

I am definitely NOT COOL with adding an extra step to access the very basic and fundamental OS operations. My training as a UI specialist is making me facepalm.

I find it quite interesting. It looks way better on the lock screen without the nav bar for example. Maybe MS will expand the notification bar in a way that we can set a mobile data toggle. That's the most annoying flaw in windows phone at the moment to be honnest. I don't like to compare Os's because i think that every single OS is good on its base, but WP definitely kicks android api in the face.

This world be nicer for ask WP to allow for edge to edge display, the only conflict I can first is those apps where the store up feature shows the bottom nav keys, but the this specific to the edges (the ellipsis at the bottom right that is also emulated on the right edge) so I presume this feature would be restricted to the centre of the device screen

Nah, don't like it, looks like a company took a cheap way out

And if you want to keep it out always, you have a smaller screen.

That, no camera button, and it looks exactly like the Android M8, I have no interest in this phone..

I'll stick with my Icon till the next high end phone comes to Verizon, but that 32 GB with MicroSD would be sweet

I like it on this phone because of the dimensions/resolution.      Even with the navbar up you have more real estate than on my 920.   I wouldn't like it if the 5th row was getting cutoff even more than it already is on the 920. 

Thanks for the demo.  

The moment it drops on AT&T I'm on it.  Kinda tired of waiting on MS to drop another flagship phone for the US.  I won't settle for a 930 without LTE bands on AT&T as I need a good phone to replace my soldier of a phone in my L920.

I think microsoft should be completely loyal to its nokia line of windows phone.......just imagine if ios was there on htc would have been one hell of a laugh.........

I like how Google implemented this on the Nexus tablet/phones. The soft buttons reduce down to little dots when you're in an application. If you're in a full-screen mode the  nav-bar disappears altogether. If you tap the app, the reduced nav-bar appears(lttle dots). When you tap a dot it brings the full-nav bar back. Very elegant implementation.

Why should anyone buy a Windows Phone that's not a Nokia Lumia? For the half-hearted product support we've seen on Ativ S, 8S & 8X? Or for the vanishing nav bar?

Can you fire up the Cortana speech feature when you press and hold the search key? Like it does on the hardware search button?