How to speed dial on Windows Phone 8.1

Speed dial

Want to dial your momma fast? Then you're going to need to add her as a Speed dial contact. It's super easy and only takes a few taps. Here's how you do it on Windows Phone 8.1.

Windows Phone 8.1 introduced a new panel in the built-in Phone application. It's the Speed dial panel and allows you to place instantly call a contact. Add your family, best friends and boss to your speed dial list for instant contact.

Here's how to add a contact to Speed dial on Windows Phone 8.1

  • Launch the Phone application in Windows Phone 8.1
  • Swipe over to Speed dial
  • Click the 'add' button in the app menu
  • Select a contact (if multiple phone numbers exist, select the number you want as the option for speed dial)

Speed dial

Voila! You've just added a person as a speed dial contact. They'll now show up in your speed dial. Tapping their name will instantly dial and call their telephone number. It's the fastest, easiest way to quickly call your friends and family.

Who have you added to your Speed dial in Windows Phone? Let us know!


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How to speed dial on Windows Phone 8.1


What I'm looking and hoping for is the feature that was in Windows Mobile where I could dial someone from the number keys just typing in the letters of their name.  And as you say Voila! Rather than having to set up speed dials.  Oh well I can dream!  :)

Thanks!  That's the feature I want!  I only wish once the contact appears and once I hit on the contact it would automatically dial rather than having to do one more step to actually dial.  But I'll keep it!  Thx again!

Well this feature should be inbuilt in the OS dialer so that we don't need to use a 3rd party app. Wonder why there are characters mentioned on the WP dialer keys wherein we can't use it to enter characters in the dialer. Why does WP miss this kind of tiny features! :(

This was built into Windows Mobile. But Microsoft is King of the one step forward, two steps backwards dance. :) I agree 100% this should be built into the OS.

Wait..what part was ebonics? :)

I will say, Sam, that you mentioned adding "momma" and you don't have yours in your speed dial list.  Tsk, tsk, tsk...

I was refering to the internet sharing through bluetooth actually cause that was in my mind as I typed the comment(I read yesterday's titles all at once and this was the latest article hence my comment came here),,I know that it was there in WP 8.1 and I know all the settings of WP 8.1 Update 1 by heart and I found these new features(some already covered by WPC)--

1-Live Tiles   2-Alarm settings   3-In calls there is now an option to select multiple call history at once   4-Internet sharing via bluetooth   5-In settings there is a new 'accesory apps' options   6-Store Live Tile   7-Still Finding

I'm struggling with editing my contacts in the dialer without accidentally call them every-time!,
am I doing something wrong? whats the right way to find and view a number in my phonebook??

Since your question is unclear, I'll mention a couple things:
1. You can't edit the number of a speed dial entry. Once you make one for your mom for her cell, if you want to change it to her home number, you need to delete the current one and add a new one.
2. You can't open a contact card from speed dial... only call.
3. Tap targets for call history changed in 8.2: tapping the name now calls, while tapping the contact icon opens their contact card.

The People hub shows all contacts, regardless of whether or not they have a phone number.  It's a hub that has your "What's New" feed and access to all of your Rooms, in addition to the list of all your contacts.  That list of contacts can include contacts that have no phone number (maybe you just have an email address, or maybe it's a "Twitter" contact, etc...).  Opening a contact card from there has additional pivots including your communication history with that contact and integration with other apps (the "connect" pivot).

The "phone book" entry in the app bar for Call History/Speed Dial actually is a "contact picker."  The contacts displayed are limited to only the ones that have a phone number (and hence, are dialable).  There is no access to social integration in this contact picker (so, no "What's New" feed), and you can't even open the normal Contact Card from here.

This is a change in behavior for the Phone app from 8.0.  In 8.0, that AppBar button opened directly to the contacts list within the People hub.  In 8.1, the Phone app now uses the contact picker to make the primary task (dialing), faster and simpler.

By "we" you mean all of us?!! Because I certainly don't need smart dial since speed dial serves my purpose.

+1020000000000000 besides it's not speed dial anymore when you have to first swipe to the left and then scroll down to get your speed dial contact... Why isn't smart dialing enabled, again what is the big deal??!

Regarding how to video call? We need a video call. Do the same integrated applications such as Skype, Viber, etc.. While the person who contacted the application so it does not have.

Never used speed dial until I read this article. Never new it was THAT easy. That's one less thing Cortana has to do for me. Well... Maybe. ;)

LOL I wasn't aware it was there until I read the article so I'm glad Sam wrote about it - barring all comments that will say "Do we even need this article?".

Does this sync?
After all the updating and roll backing the last two days, I really wish inner circle, quiet hours, and nicknames synced.

And if you have several you want to add now there's always the Live Folders that you can include them in too.  :-)


Wasn't there supposed to be a feature in update 1 where you can add Cortana to the speed dial menu for cars that don't have a speech activating button? Can't seem to figure it out.

Is there no app or way to do this? In the car, every tap is one more second I'm not looking at the road. Sorely needed IMO.

Haven't come across one yet, I'm a driver for majority of my income and am still yet to find a really good dashboard app (well, one that suits my needs n e ways) Would be nice to have say, here drive running, with a row of four customizable tiles across the top, for speed dials and Bluetooth settings etc... And swiping the screen to change music tracks maybe? ...Cant wait for Cortana to wake on audio queues as well! ;)

people hub should return to old style where no Facebook or messenger apps pop out and everything is just in there! plus the phone app needs heaps of improvements

This isn't a real speed dial. Real speed dialing is where you hold a certain number on the dialer and it dials. And the dialer is pretty ordinary on WP. There should be smart dialing where you can SEARCH the contacts by typing in the dialer itself

Cortana doesn't work if I have contact named with Cyrillic letters. For that and only reason I have speed dial. Seem.. It's faster :)

That's the fastest way to call contacts? Pretty sure that's more clicks than having a contact pinned to your Start Screen, clicking on it and then call mobile/home. Now you can even create contact folders too.

Pin to start screen. Not sure how much faster it can get from that. Why can't we get smart dialing? Even my old RAZR did that.

Why don't you install DP and activate it. I have it on my 928 and got the update today. So far works fine

You can also Speed Dial Cortana from your car Bluetooth by adding her as a contact and dialing (555) 555-9876.

These articles on WPC are awesome. Next, can we have one that tells us how to turn our phone on?  Maybe how to swipe right to see our apps?  I know you need to run articles, but please let's keep them to ones that are less common-sense and/or deal with a new feature added in a recent update.  Please?

This site is not just for the seasoned windows phone user, it's also for those new to WP and to people for whom WP is also their first smartphone. Not many sites will do that and I, for one, am glad they do.

 I'm sure that new people find this website every day.  I'll bet that the people at WPCentral get pretty bored at times, having to repeat stuff, but it's necessary to help the newbies.

How about if MS also added "deep linking/pinning" for contacts? Pin your wife's work phone to your Start screen and with a single tap the dialer launches right into a phone call to the office. No need for additional scrolling or tapping.

No one because I avoid talking on the phone as much as possible. I have txt, email, twitter, Facebook, Xbox LIVE... a myriad ways to communicate without having to drop everything and sit on the phone wishing I wasn't on it.

It's NOT new to this latest update, been there since the update before. Should be a way of pinning speed dial, but what's the point, just pin your fav contacts and put them in a folder.

We can make call from contact list no big deal

But many things have to improve, and Ms is convent concentrating on these fuddu things

So you have every time:

1) Launch the phone app

2) Swipe over to the speed dial menu

3) Tap a contact


There are at least three steps. Is it really quickly? 

you can pute the Speed Dial Menu as the first one to open when lunching the app.

so thats make it 2 taps with no swipe

Would like the idea of typing in a business name and it finding that business from internet. Think Android does this very nice feature

Hold on.... Why can't they just do that with a tile? Wouldn't it save you those few precious seconds in an pinch to just tap a tile to automatically call a predesignated contact's number? Would seem much more straightforward than tap-swipe-tap.

I've always wondered what happened to "speed dial" when touch screens on smart phones became so prevalent.

This sounds like a stupid idea to me. Let me tell you why.

1. Speed dial on a full screen touch phone is a bad idea at first. Because unlike phones with hardware keys, you have to go inside something first then swipe and then comes the so called 'speed' dial. Seriously??

2. In Windows phone the best option to do speed dial is pin the tile of that person you want to call to the start screen. Thats the fastest.You can message or call or even check his FB updates.

3. If the person has two numbers in his profile, you get to add only one number at a time to speed dial list. But if you pin his/her tile to start screen you can easily choose the number which you wanna call.

4. Lumia 630 and 530 dual sim owners can forget about speed dial option, because if you create a speed dial list for sim card 1 it won't appear in the speed dial list of sim card 2. You have to make a list again.

So the fastest way to contact someone in windows phone is pinning their people tile to your start screen. Case closed.


#4 is not completely correct.  Dual Sim users have the choice for whether they have two separate Phone Tiles and two separate Messaging Tiles or if they want them "linked" into a single tile.  Dual Sim users can make that choice separately for the Phone app and the Messaging app.

When the Phone app is separated to two different tiles ("unlinked"), then yes, the speed dial lists will be separated based on which sim slot you assigned the speed dial entry to.  That behavior makes sense for users who are using dual sim phones to separate their lives (work vs home).

If you decide to merge/link the tiles (Phone app -> app bar menu -> "link tiles"), then the speed dial entries will be combined together (as will call history entries), and will dial out based on the line selected in the line switcher control at the top of the app.

Yup, you are absolutely right. That is one choice. But if some one is chosing the other way, pinning a person tile is their best bet.

How about a smart dialer? The first letter or two, on the swipe keyboard, or on the dial pad, hit dial. Voila. Surely that makes more sense than this malarky?

Easiest and quickest way to call anyone in your contact list is to use Cortana.  Cortana, please call ______, mobile on speakerphone.  She will call _______'s mobile number and place the call on speakerphone automatically.  If you don't want speakerphone, then just leave that part out.  Viola!

My Girlfriend will love it. For my nightmare hehe.

It's a joke honey, you were the first person that I've imagined.

And it allows for only 30 contact right? I have no idea... I've been waiting for data connection for long time but it seems Microsoft developers don't care about this. I was wondering if the developers happy with everything WP has to offer now

Wait.. so I can make phone calls on this thing?? I thought it was just a cool camera with a mobile computer built in! ;-p

I just got a Nokia with ATT & 8.1 and accidentally added 3 people to the speeddial that I cant find out how to remove them and have accidentally called them several times. I need to remove them so i can put in the ones i want to., Are there any specific instructions somewhere to help me to do this?