HTC confirms 8X to get Windows Phone 8.1

Even though Microsoft has stated numerous times that all current Windows Phone 8 handsets should be eligible for ‘future OS upgrades’, referring presumably to Windows Phone 8.1, the question if OEMs are as committed is a concern. Specifically if HTC (or even Samsung) are still willing to support 8.1, expected to be announced in April.

Today, HTC took to Reddit for an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, where questions were fielded from the audience about Android. However, a member of the audience asked HTC directly if they were “done” with Windows Phone.

The USA Product Team for HTC were surprisingly forthright in their answer:

“To say "done with Windows Phone" is a pretty blanket statement. I don't think a company such as ourselves can ever say that point blank. As strong partners of Microsoft, we're working with Microsoft on the Blue update on Windows Phone 8X and will continue to take new products into consideration. Nothing concrete right now, but who knows!”

Of course there is no word about the forgotten – and less popular – HTC 8S, though users of the HTC 8X can take solace in knowing that HTC plans on bringing ‘Blue’ – AKA Windows Phone 8.1 – to users later this year.

The HTC 8X was heralded as the ‘premier’ Windows Phone 8 device, only to be overshadowed by Nokia and their Lumia 920. By the time Windows Phone 8.1 starts to hit hardware through updates, the 8X will be a year and half old. That shouldn’t impact the OS at all as 8.1 is optimized to run even on the Lumia 520.

HTC has been very quiet on the Windows Phone front and if there will be new hardware for 8.1

Users who don’t want to wait for HTC to deliver the update do have recourse to the Developer Preview program, which is expected to go live again during (or shortly after) the Build announcement. That program will allow users to update their OS to an early build of the 8.1 update, though any customized firmware from HTC will be omitted until the later update is finalized.

Source: Reddit; via Engadget


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HTC confirms 8X to get Windows Phone 8.1


That's good to know. I don't really hold HTC in high esteem but it's good that they aren't completely abandoning their devices. It's such a shame about the 8S though. I think that's one of the best-looking WP devices out there. I wonder if they'll still support the 8XT as well?

8XT will be heavily dependent on Sprint, who have to request and test new firmware that will go along with it. I honestly have no idea how that phone is doing on that carrier in terms of sales, which often translates into support.

My guess is that since it's so new, they will do 8.1. But if the phone flopped, then no guarantee. 

This is exactly why Microsoft should take the update process completely away from the carriers, like Apple does, it should not matter how well a phone does to receive updates; even if only one 8XT sold it should still receive full support same as if 5 million or more sold.


Wondered the same thing, but I think its pretty clear based on their support of the 8XT so far, that they'll support us too.

I have to give Sprint credit for fixing the problem with voicemail (although should have caught in testing) instead of just dumping windows phone. I really like my 8xt but would buy a HTC one max on windows phone in a heartbeat.

I don't love huge phones...but a WP HTC One v2 would be great.  

Still a few issues to fix with their Voicemail system, hopefully 8.1 gives them the api's they need to fix it, so they're movtivated to bring our device up to 8.1.  With how quickly GDR3 came out, and the device being 10 mos. old, let's hope that we'll still continue to be supported.  

I think we will.

I really love my 8X. Much better than the piece of trashed that was the HTC Trophy. Still miss my HTC Imagio, though. It just had so many little extras (stylus, zoom bar, kickstand antenna, customizable media button, etc) that put it over the top. Anyway, I think people need to realize that the 8X is the closest Windows Phone got to having one phone on all US carriers (sorry, Sprint users, although the 8XT was cool, albeit late). That didn't make it the success story that people keep concluding comes with one device on all carriers.

8S is indeed best looking WP device. To bad it only had the look going for it. 4GB of memory if I remember correctly.

I truly hope they make more handsets. There phones are rather nice. I just wish they were a little more into it all.

+1; I love the way the 8X looks, if HTC had better WP support and unique apps on the level of Nokia I would have gone with HTC instead of a Lumia, but as it stands Nokia has other OEMs beat and until they step up it does not matter how great their hardware might be if the support is not there as well.


8x design is awesome but exclusive apps & OS tweaks make me put Nokia in my top list next purchase whatever HTC releases. I'm considering 1520 for my wife and ICON for myself. Nothing better than having a phone from a company who cares alot about customers not abandoning them. I don't consider 8.1 upgrade confirmation as a good care to customers.

Of course, GDR 3 too. I am in the developer preview, but this does not matter. My 8X receives MS updates regularry (maybe carriers delayed some variants). I am missing too these exclusive Nokia apss but I am not so disappointed, in the Store there are some equivalents, also I got Nokia Drive without a hack so I am satisfied. So I will hope 8X to continue to be supported at least with fast firmware updates on every MS update (8.1 and next) from HTC.

(my 8X is unlocked but bought from the carrier - Vivacom Bulgaria and I am using it on MTel Bulgaria)

1 year and 2 months with my "Beats Windows Phone" 8X and stills runs like new, even with the 90% of my storage consumed and running with all updates still feels like a high end device.

Same here. It'll probably be the first time ever that I am passing over my upgrade because this phone is still up there with the best in speed and quality.

I feel the same way. My 8x is a champ. The only phone I would consider replacing it with would be a surface phone, if it ever exists.

I bought an 8X for my sister while I had the 920. I really liked the form factor and feel. I just already had the 920. Now with a 1520, it might feel like holding an iPhone. Im conflicted. :( I think a slightly smaller form factor would serve me best though I receive a lot of "you brought your tablet etc comments, people are surprised in a positive sense when they see it #thatswhathesaid

I remember when this phone was released it would sell much less compared to the 920 at that time. It was a cool phone that need support from HTC like NOKIA shows for their products. Anyone else in the audience when Ballmer gave one of these to the entire audience? I sold mine and bought a Surface with the money. :)

I was there and am still using mine
I got it unlocked and put it on TMobile and it is still a favorite. Even today people notice it and comment on how slim it is.

It's still a great device, and I'm glad to hear that it is to receive support. I actually prefer it's design over the nokia devices, just wish it's screen was just as vibrant.

I know what you mean about the vibrant screen. I ended up getting the Nokia 822 from Verizon instead. One of the reasons was the exceptionally clear screen. The other was the expandable memory which is going to come into play if (or when) we are able to load apps on the SD card.

Still rocking my 8X for over a year now and no problems at all. As for the updates...glad to get them within the first few weeks as opposed to 3 months.

Still have my 8x, glad to hear its coming. This is a great looking phone. I will be buying some replacement carbonate shells to change to give it a new look for wp8.1.

Still have my 8X as a backup phone. I'll definitely be sure to update it first chance so I have a good backup option should anything happen to my 920.

I hope HTC sticks with it.  I struggled with the choice between the L920 and the 8X and ultimately made the right choice for me by going with Nokia.  However, I like the look and feel of their One hardware and wish they would bring another competing product to WP. 

Least the 920 is supported. Ive had 925 and 1020. But i still prefer the quality build and feel of the 920 over them all

I used HTC when their phones were still generic, without logo. E.g. Wizard 100 sold under the name Cingular 8125. I owned both 100 and 110. I still have one of them. This later became Touch Pro, then Touch Pro2 and then 7 Pro.

I LOVE my HTC 8XT on Sprint! Unlimited data AND we were the first Windows Phone to get official GDR3! (So we should get 8.1 too...)

Real good news!! I was afraid HTC won't consider to upgrade the 8X to blue, but apparently they do.. I'm still thinking about switching to Lumia 1020 though looool

I'm surprised someone actually asked about it, I thought the entire session would be Raged One X\+ owners talking about kitkat . HTC Y U NO UPDATE ONE X ???

Anyway, HTC been doing well keeping the 8X up to date. I received 8 updates for my 8X since I got it a year ago. I also signed up for the Developer Preview to get GDR3 when Microsoft announced it, but I got the official one like a week later lol.

Regarding them releasing a new phone, isn't HTC WP cycle tied to the major WP update cycle ? Aside from carrier specific phones (HD7S, Titan II & 8XT) , they only release new phones with major Windows Phone updates (7, 7.5 & 8) & so far we didn't get any major Windows Phone update since 8.0 came out.

That is a good point my friend, if they do bring a new one out i hope they are developing new apps else i can see them still being left behind for Nokia for a lot of people.

I'm looking forward to it! I love the 8x despite it bricking on me 2 times in the past year. I hope HTC comes out with a HTC One type of windows phone.

attempted to switch to lumia soooo many times..but well my 8X is here to stay..thanks for the news.i really hope to get Glance-like feature from HTC as well.and equalizer coz beatsaudio means nothing ..it only amplifies the sound volume.

My ATIV S got the GDR3 update last night. I highly doubt Samsung will stop short of getting the update of ALL updates.

Congrats! I still haven't gotten it. When the 8.1 finally arrives, I might have to resort to CSC switch. Otherwise I would only get it 4 months later than everyone else.

The 8X was the nicest looking device of the WP8 bunch, but I've purchased enough HTC phones to know they abandon their young pretty quickly. The HTC ONE in my pocket is the only exception. Nokia basically killed HTC in courtroom and in the Windows phone market. My 1020 is pretty close to the ONE but that's more of an apples to oranges comparison because of the different hardware generations. I hope HTC is back with new hardware for 8.1 because they have the best designers hands down.

Glad because my 8X is still my daily driver until a better option is available on Mobile. My worse choice in my Mobile experience has been getting a financed 925, this thing is nothing compared to the 8X... People still comment on how slim and professional looking my 8X is!

Please, HTC, convince me away from Sony. May the best design win.

That said, I probably won't upgrade my 8X anyway. It's just too beautiful and fast, even with only 4.5 GB of storage left.

Not really surprised. The 8x has been getting updates before Nokia phones almost all the time, which is great.

Well that's good. Part of the reason I went with Windows Phone over an Android was because of the erratic updates across different devices, so I'm glad that perk about WP8 is still present.

Though I wouldn't mind seeing some new hardware from HTC. Nokia might be the iconic Windows Phone, but HTC is no slouch, to be sure, and if the 8X is any indication, their design acumen is in top form on Windows Phone.

Used to love my 8X but had to switch to Lumia 925 after waiting for WP version of HTC One - HTC totally disappointed me. Would have bought HTC in a heartbeat. Lumia exclusive apps are a killer proposition though.

Because of the popularity of the Lumia's, the 8x has seem to be forgotten but let me tell you this, the 8x is still a great windows phone.

The most underrated phone ever. I have an iphone4s, a galaxy note 3, a Nokia lumia 800 and an HTC 8x. This is the only phone that has never frozen, never shut down abruptly and never behaved unexpectedly. It even endured a 5 minute full tap shower from my 2 years old. Wish HTC could give more than six half baked apps for its wp customers.

Blame the OEM and the carrier not the ecosystem Microsoft updates all devices it's up to the OEM and carrier to push it to the device

ywah, i know. i'm very disappointed with HTC if this is true :\ i thought that wp will be different from android in meaning of updates

It doesn't matter if HTC don't push out the update, you'll still be able to get it via the Preview for Developers app. 

This is great news, finally! I just wish I didn't crack the top left of my screen. I only have like 30mb of space left but will upgrade to 8.1 and when my upgrade is due or before, will get a NL 1520. But I am overjoyed HTC still have plans for WP and have not forgotten about us 8Xers, I've had mine for about 8/9 months and its still an amazing high end phone. Switching to Lumia is inevitability in motion though, there is something very enticing about the huge screen and power of the 1520.

Well considering the Huawei Ascend hasn't got ANY gdr updates this news from HTC isn't surprising

Do not forget that 8x and 8s are signature devices. They cannot abandon them so easily. After 17 months mine looks and works like a new one without a case.

That's great news! I love my HTC 8x which is the main reason I switched to windows phone.

Looking forward to the 8.1 update! :D

It would be very surprising and disappointing if there is no update for WP 8S.is this our fault that we have bought 8S



What I want is a replacement for my Touch Pro 2.  When will HTC come out with a Windows Phone 8 device that has a slide out keyboard?

I have the 8x and I am happy to hear they are going to update this phone. At least I will get to experience the new update before I get a new phone in Nov. I just hope they Xbox one smart glass is integrated to the Xbox live app

With this update of Windows 8.1. Does the HTC 8X will have bluetooth smart (BTLE/Blutooth 4.0) capability?


Lumia has this during the Lumia black update

I updated my Sprint 8XT with 8.1update yesterday, it has been shutting down few times since then. I don't know if it is just my 8XT. Anyome else is experiencing this issue?

After updating my HTC 8x to 8.1 its been laggy, the power button does not lock the screen and it doesnt recognize my SIM so i dont have mobile service, does anyone have the same problem? Thanks

I would love to suffer only lag. I updated my 8x to WP 8.1 Via the Microsoft Developers Preview...
Appeared to download and run all updates.
Then BRICKED! .... so 8x owners beware....
Its now in an endless Boot loop. Hard Reset actioned had no effect. 
HTC dont provide a way to restore your firmware, which is pathetic. For a phone purchased 3 months ago, i am sorely disappointed. 
I can only hope that after they realise just how many 8x owners are having this and other issues (even with 8.0), they will smarten up and provide tools to recover the damn device back to factory settings. 


I'm so disappointed that I have a Windows Phone 8x from HTC.  Windows as a phone OS will never be at a percentage that will be of any relevance.  The web is filled with the SIM card issue examples for this model...which HTC refuses to acknowledge.  The engineers of this model should be fired.  Their managers should be fired.  The QA staff for this model should be fired.  To bad Verizon doesn't drop HTC entirely.  8.1... as if that could make any difference in any meaningful way.  Quite laughable really, only it's MY money.  Niether MIcrosoft nor HTC will get any money from my next phone purchase.  Wish I had never returned the iPhone 5, after only having it a week almost two years ago.  Will not let anyone suffer as I have.  Can't wait to upgrade in November and smash this phone.  Will send half of what remains to Remond, half to HTC.   RIP WP.