HTC One M8

Hands-on video with Verizon's new HTC One (M8) for Windows

Today's a big day for HTC and Verizon. They just announced a new Windows Phone 8.1 handset that's available to order online today and will be in stores tomorrow. If you're curious about the HTC One (M8) for Windows, we've got a hands-on video ready for you.

A 5-inch 1080p display sits up front on the HTC One M8 for Windows and packs a 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor with 2 GB of RAM. Additional specs include 32 GB of onboard storage and one expansion card slot that supports microSD cards up to 128 GB in size. Plus you get 15 GB of Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage included with Windows Phone 8.1.

The HTC One (M8) for Windows will be available on Verizon for a promo price of $99.99 on a new two-year contract or $29.99 per month on Verizon Edge.

What do you think of think of the HTC One M8 for Windows?

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Hands-on video with Verizon's new HTC One (M8) for Windows


On the home page of the Verizon website it says 50% off smartphones so its probably that they forgot to do it for this new phone. I would think if you call and ask they would fix it for you.

The installment plans are only the way to go if you're on tmobile. If you're on att or vz, they are double dipping.

"Need to be logged in to windows phone account to use cortana. This was one of the demo units at the event." by Mark Guim, it writes down below in comments

And iPhone designs are older..what's the point..what are you looking for?

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You mentioned that Cortana is not active on the HTC. Is this because you did not activate it or is it because it is not able to use Cortana?

Not so much HTC; they're getting their phone out to a very, very, VERY limited audience, and by the time it's available to the vast majority of potential buyers, the hype will be long gone, and the next generation of Lumias announced...

I agree. QI wireless charging is a must for my future handset. I have it on the 920 and I love it. The 930's camera is also superior. Storage is another story. That 128gb is tempting!

Cyan is not part of the Windows Phone OS.  Cyan is Lumia specific firmware updates.  Firmware is the software that runs on the microchips (the ones that are specific to Lumia hardware) inside of the phone.  So Cyan has nothing to do with HTC phones, only Lumia phones.

it shoots pics so FAST!, something i'm not accustomed to on my 1020, focus looks great on it too, my cousin gonna opt for this , i gotta show him since he loves htc phones, he has a htc one m7 currently, he'll love this upgrade, wonder when it's gonna go global?

Three factors why this camera is lightning fast, when compared to the 1020. It uses its depth of field camera to focus, it only needs to process 4MP as compared to 38MP and its processor is quiet a bit snappier.

Looks like a fairly decent phone. Still not enough to make me consider an HTC or Verizon, but definitely a good option for those who are stuck with big red for whatever reason.

WP without Google services is DOA in my book. Also their app selection is still lacking, and please spare me with those 2nd and 3rd party apps. Also the Nokia Icon is a better device with a better Oled screen, way better camera, better build, camera button, and Nokia apps.

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While I personally could do without Google services forever, I feel like this is one of the biggest things holding back a significant amout of potential android users from switching to WP. They feel like they can't do without their official Google apps and Youtube. Why is that MS can play nice and kiss Google's ass and yet Google continues to hold back everything from WP? This and the carrier exclusives are killing sales!!!

I have this problem sometimes as well, When I try to open a link in MyTube or MetroTube is just goes to my last viewed video instead of the link I'm trying to open.

If I go back and try it again it works...

Stop teasing me with these articles, it's just not fair.

I can't believe none of these articles even mentions an international release. Did you not ask? Just seems such an incredibly stupid thing for MS to do.

Unless you really need the accessories, SD card and/or IR, I say keep it. I have an Icon and am very happy with it fantastic camera, great support from Nokia. I was choosing between the Ativ SE and the Icon and feel I made the right choice.That function to get rid of the Button bar on the bottom is tempting though. :)

A great (although too big) phone, ruined by a sh*tty gimmicky camera. Though for people who prefer "selfies" to normal, good photos, this is great since it will give the same 5mp camera that the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 730 but with high end specs.

Now you know what I'd like? Sony to surprise everyone and present a "Xperia Z3 Compact for Windows" on the 3 September, alongside the Android version. That's what I'd like.

Yeah I'd like that too. A Sony Xperia WP would be awesome. As long as it's not another stupid carrier exclusive or exclusive to Verizon only. But we are overdue for a Sony WP announcement.  It's been rumored a few times this year.

Taking pics was extremely fast. Wow. I didn't even think about adding the camera app to the quick view bar and being able to launch from the lockscreen that way. That's a good work around for not having a dedicated button, although I do wish there was one.

I find this to be an extremely smart play. Can you imagine in the future you can get any phone with any OS. Obviously not apple because well its apple but Tizen, Jolla, Android, WP, Firefox, Ubuntu.

This is actually pretty sleek looking. I would definitely have bought one if I didn't already just buy my 930

Okay I have 2 questions first, Will this phone be offered in a black color? and second, Is Cortana on the HTC M8 Windows Version?


Of course the camera on the HTC is much snappier than the Icon, it's only 4MP. :) But really, it would be great if the Nokia camera app could be faster. The built in Camera app is faster too.

I'm impressed that Daniel kept using the full "HTC One M8 for Windows" name for it. That's a mouthful.

OH AND FINALLY A WAY TO HIDE THE BUTTONS!! HALLELUJAH!! No more giving the phone to someone to see a picture only for them to accidentally touch Search or Start!!!!

This seems like my perfect phone but until they release it worldwide I'll be stuck with my 920. I really can't think of anything more pointless than releasing a phone on one carrier in only one country! 

Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 is a beast when it comes to battery life. My phone was able to stay on for two days on a trip. iPhones and Galaxy phones were charging their phones every half a day.

I am divorcing my NL 925 for this sexy beast no matter what. Even if i have to send my rent late. Dam I have become a tech junkie. Huh? My divorce will much sweeter if I could get this beast for free.

Excellent review Daniel.

So why isn't Cortana enabled on this phone? I'm having a hard time figuring out why it wouldn't be.

You need to be logged into a Microsoft account to activate Cortana. Most likely the Demo units were not logged into said account.

So why does the YouTube link in my wpcentral app take me to a Metallica "Enter the Sandman" video instead of the M8?

The simple answer is so that they could use the same hardware as the Android version.  Otherwise, you would not be seeing this phone.

It's a nice looking phone I'd like to play around with it even have it as a 2nd device but I'd never trade it in for my 1520 there is nothing unique about the WP version that will make me want to use it more than a Nokia oh and wondering can you make GIF.s on it like the android version?

Best review I've seen Dan do on a device in a while.  One question though, Dan was talking about Cortana not being enabled on the Dot cover right and not the M8 (W8) itself right?

Thanks, and it's just that phone was not logged into a MS Account, so Cortana wasn't active.

Stay tuned, as tomorrow I'll demo the Dot View and Cortana integration (swipe down).

That you can depend on. 

One other thing WMPoweruser reported the battery in this HTC One W8 is double of what it is on the HTC M8.  21 hours W8 vs 12 hours M8.  Maybe you'll get to this but any reality to this or is this just standard keyboard dyslexia we are all guilty of from time to time?

Really don't care for the 4MP ultra pixel.  My sis has the M8 and no matter how HTC market it.  4MP ultra pixel just don't cut it.  Why not do a 8MP ultrapixel?  It just feel like HTC has committed to 4MP ultrapixel production quantity and has use them up.

That if HTC put WP8.1 on the Desire line or the E8, or design a completely new WP handset, I would get one.

Always confused when WPCentral shows a new cover and doesn't demo how it opens. I assume it just flips around, but what does it look like item? Always seems like a major lost opportunity when you're already making a video...

Would have been awesome if they'd found a way to get wireless charging on it. Now that I've tried it, I don't think I could ever go back to NOT having wireless charging. So nice just to be able to put my Lumia on the stand and not have to bother with plugging anything in. Otherwise I'd try to get this. 

Well, that and I doubt it works on T-Mobile's LTE bands. 

Thank god there's no ugly verizon logo in the front.

But, too bad, there's no dedicated camera button.

One question: Would I be able to install Nokia Here and Drive on this?


Too bad, there's no dedicated camera button.

One question: Would I be able to install Nokia Here and Drive on this?

Dont Buy this mobile...!!!...I wont trust this htc windows phone...these guys wont support the mobile....example HTC 8X...still has many issues with windows updates and doesnt care about their dont buy this shitty mobile and nokia....very very pooor customer service with htc

I had a HTC Trophy W7 that I have given to Mum, still going strong. Question is now Microsoft have got Nokia will these Nokia only apps be available to all? This would make the this phone very attractive. IF people get behind it then HTC will response but the support is bad and apps are not developed, to limit the risk they must limit resources. 

After this thinking to move HTC from Nokia.
Nokia people means Microsoft is bring idiot. No memory slot in Lumia 930.

HTC do not have a good record at supporting their Windows Phone. Shame, because they do great phones, and used to be great early supporters of Windows Phone 7.

Only 4 icons in the notification center? Huh? Isn't it supposed to be 5 on 1080p screens, like 1520 for example?

Im so not buying it if it's like that.