HTC's first octa-core 64-bit smartphone is on the way

HTC's next phone might have even more cores and and bits

HTC's next smartphone might surprise us with some high-powered specs. In a post on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, HTC says that they will have the world's first octa-core 64-bit smartphone. The current HTC flagship, the One M8 (available in both Android and Windows Phone flavors) packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, a 32-bit chip with a measly four cores clocked at 2.3Ghz. An eight-core 64-bit chip? That would be new.

HTC's not saying which phone will see this new chip, or even which chip we'd be seeing in said phone. Qualcomm has started production on multiple 64-bit 8-core chips, including the mid-range Snapdragon 615. The higher-powered Snapdragon 808 and 810 aren't expected until later this year. All use the ARM big.LITTLE format (four high-power cores for the heavy lifting and four low-power cores for mundane work).

For what it's worth, the corner render of the phone in HTC's teaser also seems like it might be mid-tier as well. It's clearly HTC design, but there might be something plasticky to it. We'll see soon enough, we suppose. What do you think?

Source: HTC (Weibo)


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HTC's first octa-core 64-bit smartphone is on the way



Well WP8.1 has multiple updates coming out before end of 2014 so it's totally possible that a future update will support 64 bit and octa-core setups.  WP8 was designed to be scalable to up to 64 cores, but of course updates would have to be applied to the OS as that hardware becomes available.  I like this idea of splitting the cores since phone apps don't have much need for octa-core access, except for maybe a camera or video editing app like Nokia's Pro Camera on the 1020 which is a heavy app that has a massive camera to draw power, which a dual-core SD CPU isn't really equipped to handle in quick-response situations.

I wouldn't be surprised if HTC goes after the mid-range market to compete with the 600 and 700 series phones.  They could make a killing as those off-contract phones that are under $300 seem to be popular on the WP platform right now.  Introducing the HTC One M8 may change the tides though since that phone has good reviews already and has a footprint in the smartphone world already.

Doubt it , they were definetly not revolutionary in any sense in the main stream PC world  , an even lesser chance they would be for phones.

Sure, and the battery will last 1 hour!!  


Better battery technology is what manufacturers should be focusing on.

If an app takes 0.1 sec. less to open doesn't really matter...



And here I was thinking the iPhone 5S had a 64-bit dual-core processor. Wow didn't realize it has a 64-bit octa-core processor! It's revolutionary then that the iPhone 5S can run half-a-day of full use before charging!

Like Apple's 64-bit processor? That was more like a gimmick. Isn't the main purpose of going from 32bit to 64bit to accomodate for more than 3GB of RAM?

Exactly.  As software gets more bloated, you'll need the hardware to run it.  Personally, though, I find it ridiculous for a phone.

I'd argue that software has been getting LESS bloated for most of the past decade.  Windows Vista was kind of a turning point.  Not only have I seen every new release of Windows use less resources, but I feel I've seen that trend across most major software brands.

I've been developing software since the '70s.  Development tools today are designed primarily for fast development cycles, not necessarily efficient code.

No, there's more benefits to 64bit than just addressing more than 4GB of RAM. That's why the CPU in the iPhone 5S is one of the fastest (if not the fastest) for a phone. 

It's impressively fast for a dual core, but I don't know if you can really trust benchmarks. It can easily be cheated by manufacturers, and results vary based on what benchmark you're running. Both iPhone and Windows phones I believe don't have as many benchmark tests as Android.

I would say having a pc/laptop, tablet, and phone all running 64 bit operating systems would be quite revolutionary for Windows.

It wont revolutionize anything in my opinion. The S4 already had an octa core like this. The iPhone has the 64 bit processor. This phone will only put those two together.

Last time I used Android was on a Nexus 4 last year. It never froze or lagged. To be honest my Lumia 925 lags (resuming issue) and also freezes occasionally. I think the Android lag comment needs to be put to rest.

Agreed . Lets be honest . Android really doesn't freeze and lag much . My brother has a Oppo Android phone , 512Mb and dual core . Just like Lumia 620 , but it's smooth and the multitasking is good . No resuming and apps crashed problem that exist in Lumia 620 . Freeze ? Yes , the Android phone does freeze , but sometimes . Especially when you're using a launcher . Plus , Microsoft still has the 99 count tile limit . Which sometimes is quite annoying .

Android lags because it keeps tasks in the memory that is why the multitasking is faster but the browsing of apps is slow because windows doesn't store them in the memory and that's why it resumes. So both os have their advantages and disadvantages.

I don't know about low end Android phones, but I haven't seen any Windows Phone come close to the speed of something like the Nexus 5 (especially when running ART). I've owned a Lumia 925, 1020 and 930 - my other half has a 1520. I'm a fan of WP, but none of them perform as well as a Nexus 5 and probably not even a Nexus 4 in terms of both speed and smoothness under thumb.

I can only speak for myself, but as far as stock Android high end is concerned, it's been a few years now since I've felt WP to be a smoother and speedier OS.

Agreed, but Lawd could there ever be a more boring phone UI. Thank God there are launchers, but most of these aren't optimize for performance. So even with the Nexus you can get a glitchy experience if you want to jazz up the UI a little.

If you are using pure Android it will work better, the shined ones like touchWiz lag, the lighter the customization on it, the better the performance. That's why Windows phone works smooth, OEMs can't add their shit skins in top of it in order to make it lag.

Nexus phones do lag my friend My Nexus 7(2013) does IMO Motorola is the new nexus coz my mom has a Moto E being having low specs it didn't lag even my friend's Moto X doesn't lag.Nexus 5 does lag.

my GS4  lags and freezes very often whereas my 925 never did this. So dont even think about putting those lag comments to rest.

True. I have a Moto G as a second phone. It's cheap as shit and has no lags. Apps like Waze are smoother than on my L920, multitasking is faster and battery runs for 30h. Tho I still prefer WP in terms of user experience, Androids of today have none of the past problems. 

Well the discussion was about the misconception that cheap android phones are crap. I gave a counter example. Moto G is very cheap and still provides better performance than the Lumia 925/1020 which are considered high ends and they are still actively selling today. On my carrier the Lumia 1020 is almost 5x more expensive than the Moto G 4g. 

No they don't. On my high end new Galaxy S5 on TMobile for work, I get too much typing lag for this new of a device.

Every Android lags, Android does a poor job of multitasking. The more apps you have on it, the more it lags. That's reason number one why I switched to windows. I can't stand the fact I can't even dial out or answer a call. All my damn androids would freeze.

The resuming thing is a bug not a lag. Also when people say they use Android ad a secondary device they tend to not abuse it with apps and programs like they would a primary phone. Load up a recent Android with all the apps your heart desires and watch the lag commence. Just swiping home screens takes longer than stock/barely used Droid does. Yes the lag isn't as blatant as it was back in the day but its definitely present. You get used to it after a while but once you try a new bare Droid you'll realize that it is present.

Actually I'm using the Android as my primary phone. I installed pretty much everything i have on the Windows phone (almost 90 apps installed). I've been using it for a month now. Although I am now considering switching the sim card back to the Lumia the reason is definetely not lag or poor performance. Maybe it's OEMs fault that some Androids starts to fail after a while. The number of bloatware they install is imense but as far as stock Androids are concerned I never heard any of my friends complaining.

Exactly. Calling Android "lagdroid" is kind of ignorant, unless you're using Android 2.2 Froyo or some old version. When WP fans see one high end Android phone lag, they call it "lag Droid." When I complain about my 925 lagging, they say it's just a bug or I need a hard reset.

Actually there is a technical reason for it. Until very recent and even not on all versions, Android does not implement TRIM so over time it gets slower and slower and the lag is more present.

Unfortunately I agree that "the laggy Droid" excuse not really accurate any more. I was testing out an old T-mobile my touch 4g (came out around HD7 days) running Droid and it ran pretty smooth I was switching between apps and it ran fine.and I'm sure they have only gotten better due to hardware and o.s updates.

My Sons Lumia 920 has led lag than many Galaxy S3s and 4's I see every day. The Nexus models trend to be better, but the Androids I see around me are still a laggy mess.

Android lagged on Samsung galaxy s3 when I tried, but that's not to say that WP doesn't lag even on higher end phones. Resuming lag is really annoying sometimes, yes, but that is more app dependent than OS.

Dude Samsung is the shittest & cheapest Oem sorry to say that but Samsung's Galaxies spoil Androids name.Use a Moto E,G or X no lags whatsoever.

Samsung is what I used on Android and it was a piece of shit from build quality to performance, it ran ok for one day until I got a few apps installed that it started to lag even when I was writing an SMS. Also the support is crap, you get one updated, two at most and that's all. I had on one 1 Windows phone now updates than on 3 Android phones.

Considering your ability to see the future with such absolute certainty..... Could you please give me this week Lottery numbers?....

Yea if I were to go Droid it would be nexus, my old lady has a 5 and 1st and 2nd Gen 7, they run smooth for the most part but my windows phones runs circles around it still, but customizing and the options available are enticing

It's mostly Samsung and LG that lags because of their software. Those with little modification over the stock android don't lag. And although HTC sense is quite different from stock is not full of sh*t like touch wiz.

Now that would be revolutionary, your Windows Phone running Hyper-V, allowing the true use of separate operating systems for kids zone, work, and play!

Dude Wp OS ain't properly optimized for 2 gigs of ram & snapdragon 801 processor I'm sayin it because Lumia 1520 being a beast has the resuming issue of Xbox music having such raw power of Snapdragon 800 & 2gigs of ram.

It kind of looks like HTC and Microsoft are getting cozy, but it would seem strange for that to happen after Microsoft bought Nokia's phone division. 

Microsoft bought the devices side to help bolster and super their platform. The second the OEMs get their act together, they will stop producing hardware.

HTC is helping windows phone still its like a nice third party for them I allows HTC to do all the r&d while they focus on software more , devices under 7 in get free software, and HTC isn't a best seller with Droid, they might even try firefox before its all said and done,

Microsoft & the guys over there are dumbasses the Xbox music even lags(resuming) on L1520 being having so much power.Microsoft is always late in the race until wp9 doesn't come there will be no 64bit support or hardware for us.

8 core Intel Xeon already exists on PCs, but its more needed on a phone so that the phone can use the low four when off or browsing and high four when you play games or use a 41 MP camera and what not.
Edit: And yeah, big difference between the two types of processors.

There are already octa core processors on phones from media tek (mtk). And a version of the S4 already has an octa core from exynos. 4 low clocked cores and 4 high clocked cores. I think the mtk ones have the 8 cores clocked at the same speed, but not sure.

There are several phones with octa core around too.
It's just the first time they'll come together on a phone.

Duh i have an Laptop with Intel i3 processor running at 2.0Ghz the Snapdragon 800 kicks my i3 variant Ass apart even the Galaxy note 4 launching on IFA has 4gb ram which my laptop has.

Edit: My laptop is just 2yrs old.

And why does it kicks your laptop's ass ? Just because it's clocked higher and has more cores ?
That doesn't matter at all. You just can't compare.

Yeah, phones are nowhere near as powerful as a desktop/laptop. You'd have to be comparing a phone to some mighty old hardware to believe they are even in the same league.

oh yeah tell us dude. You do know your shit very well. Its not like the NT-Kernel is x64 compatible since version 5.2.

Just show some love for your 8x and 8s phones and comment on when future updates are released it won't kill you it makes us happy and more loyal to HTC

While true maybe not until after the next full release of windows phone. The windows 8.x and soon Windows 9 supports 32 bit and 64 bit versions, I would suspect the same for mobile devices.

MS can develop support for any feature an OEM needs, at anytime... They are not bound to what an consumer release of an OS contains... Dispel that update cycle notion of what a WP device is capable of doing... You guys should understand this by now.

The Kernel already supports all of this... But, you guys must remember one thing... It doesn't matter what the current version of WP supports.. If an OEM is serious about making a WP device they will work with MS to do whatever it takes to get that device to market.... Look at the Lumia 900, and the fact that it was the first smartphone with LTE.. That phone was developed by MS working close with Nokia right here in Irving TX specifically on the LTE technology... There was no updates for other phones... And, there's a few things that the M8 has that's not included in the DP of WP8.1.1, as it's not necessary for other devices to have....
In short, never think that MS, and its partners, are limited by what version of software is available to you...

This won't make them more powerful. PCs use completely different family of processors, in layman's terms. A dual core Intel processor for desktop (running at 1.8-3.4 GHz) will beat any mobile processor, including 8 core future devices.

i3= newer dual core.Snapdragon 805 quad core 2.5Ghz.

Clock speed & cores matter my laptop has i3 but the sad part is it is clocked at 2Ghz only.

Cores and clock speed matter when comparing two similar processor. Otherwise they don't mean much. Mtk already has octo core processors. And they are a lot weaker than the quad core processors from snapdragon. Go see some benchmarks

And yet your i3 can run a full desktop OS complete with full PhotoShop and all which your Snapdragon 805 can't do.

Clock speeds are mostly irrelevant. You'll notice Haswell in a laptop has a faster CPU than one that has the first Core processors. You will also notice that clock speeds have gone done while they've been able to make them work faster.

Well, just imagine that new mobile version of Office, and how it can benefit from this... Or a new "1030" that could process 60mp pictures as fast as an iPhone 4s's camera does 8mp photos.. Apps that start practically instantly. Boot up times cut in half. Way more powerful games with faster load times, and better 3D graphics...... You know, the usual benefits of having a faster, more efficient, processor..... Battery life❓❓❓❓
I can't believe at this point we still have to even ask these questions..

Did you even read his comment. He said mobiles faster than PC. Now would you be kind enough to tell me how is that gonna happen. Apps that start practically instantly blah blah blah.

Faster yes.. That's already the case... Does your smartphone open apps faster than your PC. Mine does.. Games can, and will actually be more graphic extensive on mobile devices.. Faster cameras, especially ones like the 1020's...
Now, as far as how is it useful? The first thing that comes to my mind is that new full featured universal version of Office for mobile devices... What do you mean what can we do with I
It? Are you saying that a smartphone could never do exactly what is totally capable on a PC? That's entirely wrong.. And, I could get a lot done on my 1520 with it's larger screen.. There's no reason we shouldn't be able to run full version's of software on our mobile devices.. No reason..

Your 1520 isn't even capable of half the things a PC can do. The graphics quality of the games you play on your 1520 is like Mario when compared to that of a PC. Video editing, browsing and don't forget the time your device takes to boot up is like twice the time taken by a PC running Windows 8.1, so right now 1520 or any other phone is nowhere near a PC.

Duhhhh... But, whose talking about right now❓ this article is talking about the future of Mobil.. What kind of argument is that?

I am pretty sure the article says HTC's first octacore smartphone and just so you know I wasn't the one to start this argument.

I'll believe a phone can open a cold app faster than a PC if that particular PC still involves sliding around beads on rods.  Only if you are comparing the startup of Windows 8 "Metro" apps on a PC to the equivalent apps for the phone, you'd be right.  This is because the "Metro" apps for the PC are horribly un-optimized.  I refuse to use them for that reason.  

As for being able to accomplish everything on a phone you can on a PC, the jury will still be out on that one for a loooong while.  ;-)

It's that a smartphone should, and could, be able to accomplish what a PC can.. It's about what is possible in the near future.

Granted.  But it will still ultimately depend on what the application is.  It is highly unlikely a phone will ever be able to do the type of real-time financial analysis a farm of [very strong] PCs in my office is doing now.  I guess it comes down to what everyone's definition of "work" really is.

Back in the 60's those computers you have, doing all that work, would've taken up a whole room... But, you, back in the 60's would've doubt that it would've ever been possible on a few personally computers...
Wow! The amount of closed mindedness on this article is downright amazing....

A farm of 32 PCs, each with 4 Nvidia Titan Blacks, running a custom CUDA application is not going to be done on a phone anytime soon.  I'm not closed-minded, just real.  Moore's law is not running at the same rate it once did.

Ok... You're stretching the situation to far to prove your point... Be realistic.. You know I'm not saying that a smartphone will be able to run a system like that.. Get real.. I used your system as an comparison to what it would've taken back in the day.... I'm just saying that it's possible that a smartphone can be just as capable as a PC, offering the same amount of productivity, in the near future... Nobody ever said that NASA was going to run the next major launch completely with a GS7... That's a stupid argument you're trying to make.

Seriously, my dear young friend, I'm "stretching" it no further than you have.  I was just truthfully responding to your assertion that my "few PCs" could be someday replaced by a phone merely because a room-filling computer had been replaced by a desktop computer over a period of decades.  Besides, what makes you think that by the time a phone could be "just as productive as a PC" that the power of a PC (or similar device) wouldn't be proportionally stronger as well?  Also, I never suggested that NASA was going to run a launch on a GS7 either. That was simply an absurd statement to make.

My point, that you have clearly missed or are willfully ignoring, is that there will always be a need for different levels of computing power for different tasks.  If everything you need to do can someday be accomplished on a mobile device, I would only be too happy for you to be able to enjoy that convenience.

As for the stupid argument remark, I honestly thought you were better than that.

I see... You totally don't understand the concept of examples... You know "for example"??? Does that not register with you?..... Then it's a pointless argument with someone on your level.. Really? You think I'm young? Lol!.. Well, if you're older than it's really a shame... SMH.

So the best you could do is suggest I don't understand the concept of examples.  If you really aren't young, you certainly post as if you were.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Lol!! I'm not suggesting that you don't,, I'm saying that it's obvious that you don't.. Every example that I used you took literally, and totally missed the point.. It's like talking to a woman, and I know that you've heard that before... Lol! What a fool....

There is really no need for all that processing power... Since your not going to be playing console like games on your phone lol (which would drink your battery like a thirsty elephant :P). Never the less, high end specs pushes sales.

Well if HTC puts out the android version and windows phone version at the same time globally then that could potentially be a turning point for windows phone. Otherwise the competition is going to remain in the android space lol, therefore only better if your in the android camp :P

They would be smart to do that, that way they can get the best of both worlds in terms of advertisement, a new feature to both Droid and windows phone, if they get the design right could be epic

True, what we really need is better and scratch resistant screens, longer battery life, faster (less latency) touch, etc...

Indeed, we do... Not many are innovating in the battery space. We don't need all that processing power... We have reached an inflection point where most of the time SOCs / CPUs are just sitting idle and twiddling their thumbs. As most people run some games, some apps, browse the web, listen to music, send some emails, calls, probably use SMS here and there or use something like WhatsApp occasionally / daily and on the off chance watch a movie. Plus office mobile (plus onenote are not cpu intensive), all these are incredibly mundane tasks for a high end soc. This is why RT was made and is perfectly adequate for these consumption tasks for 90% of the populous who own on a tablet.

Do we know if this will be more powerful than the quad-core? It still has to fit in the same space as the previous processor, they may have to reduce size and power for that. It will be more efficient for sure, but doesn't necessarily have to be more powerful.

That's what you said about dual core.
That's what you said about 720p.
That's what you said about larger screens.
You said WP doesn't need more ram..........
When will some of you guys ever learn...
Now, look at current high end WP devices.. Everything they have now you said was unnecessary, and would drain the battery to fast..... My 1520 has the longest lasting battery ever❗

It isn't necessary but it is nice to have all the latest bells and whistles ;), plus the 1520's battery will make any sub 6" phone appear dwarf like when stood side by side :P.

Actually we need proper optimizations rather than being a part of spec race which Microsoft fucking is now.Wp's are more smother than iOS the earlier wp's kicked iOS's ass apart.

Do we really need 700 horse power family sedans❓ Well, no... It is possible to get back and fourth to work on a 100cc scooter...
We're humans, dude!

For gaming honestly speaking there's no need for it till 2016 in wp's if Microsoft would optimize wp like iOS.iOS having a dual core & a clock speed of 1.3 ghz in its flagship model beats all Lumias like small bitches so we need optimizations.

No, more than gaming...
Think of a 60mp photo being processed faster than 8mp photo on a future Lumia "10xx"... Way faster boot up times, and so on... We can use that now, and the devices can't cone soon enough..... Back in the day when WP only had single core you guys said that dual core had no use outside of gaming, and that it would kill our batteries in minutes... Now, I have a device (1520) with QC, 1080p, 2gb of ram, and a 6" screen, and the best battery life of any WP device.... Lol!

Having a huge battery is also a factor. For such specialized devices as the 10xx series, I'd think it would be more effective to have a dedicated chip, but that is outside my expertise. So, for gaming, Ok. Most people don't reboot their phones that often. And what else falls under "and so on"?

Said the guy bad in 2008 with the Samsung Black Jack...
At this point why should anyone have to explain why newer, more modern processors, have their benefits over older ones❓

Am I the only person who thinks this is a little unnecessary? At least for now? Even quad core phones, I mean, in terms of speed I really haven't noticed much of a difference between my 920 and my 1520.

Your not the only one as you will find most will agree, but to compete in the high end - you need high end specs and nothing is easier to push than a device with big numbers. In the end, numbers (profit, loss and units sold) is all that matters really.

Too true, I'd like to think that people care about battery life over specs but Motorola proved that isn't the case, their smart phones had phenomenal battery life (relative to other smart phones) yet they went bust.

Consumers are stupid.

Haha, 90% of the consumers that step into a phone shop fall into the following categories:

1) Naive & gullible

2) Clueless about what they really want

3) Both the above

Pro-sumers and techies fall into that last 10%.

I agree, Motorola phones did have phenomenal battery life but when you get down to the nitty gritty - Battery life is a touchy subject lol.

Microsoft hasn't optimized wp to its limits bro there's alot of difference between a quad core & a dual core the difference would be easily noticed if properly optimized.Same goes with the ram 1gb vs 2gigs.

This phone kinda will still be a quad core phone cause the 8 cores will never run at the same time. And it's cool to have another 4 cores with lower speeds to save battery in some circumstances

I think this is stupid.  Specs for specs sake.  Overkill.  A waste.  Costly.  With minimum benefit to the user.  Just an excuse to sell more phones and convince the clueless public that this kind of crap is needed.  We don't even need 64 bit processors!  Extra specs just makes it easier for developers to produce shitty, inefficient, craptastic, buggy code.  A tightly written optimized app will run smoother on a 32-bit single core CPU than a shitty app on a 64 bit octa core. 

And the purpose for posting this on wpcentral when WP doesn't even support 64bit is?
Unless ofcourse, MS with its new strategy of moulding OS into OEMs need might support 64bit hardware with update 2 and we may see 64bit octacore windows phone from HTC as well. Will somebody pinch me already?

People are appreciating windows phone now. We are gaining momentum and so our partners are showing interest too. So one way we can say that as per public demand it will show up. Or else it would be depended upon HTC or oems to deploy Windows or android as per their schedule and prioirty. Good to see such device, it will be android at first sight.

Wow. These next Nokia /Microsoft phones better be something nice, because it sounds like HTC is going to be offering some very nice devices.

and yet 99% of apps are more sensitive to performance of a single thread than taking advantage of more than two, let alone 8. ARM should concentrate on single thread performance. double that and app speed will really double instead of doubling the cores for a device that is not really suited to multi-tasking beyond just background tasks, and 2-4 cores is plenty for that.

So, everyone, what are the eight cores for? Well, simply put - improved efficiency, functionality, performance, AND battery life. Don't believe me? Don't take my word for it; look at the trend. The argument used to be that Windows Phone works great on single core processors. What changed? The advent of dual, quad, and now a step up with DUAL quad sets of core processors. The trend has been upward in all of the aforementioned areas - EXCEPT price. The latest entry level phones even have quad core processing now, and generally, better battery life than their predecessors. So bring on the upgrades, Microsoft and Qualcomm!