Like the Indie music scene in India? Artist Aloud is the app for you!

Artist Aloud

Launched in 2010, ArtistAloud.com is a comprehensive media-cum-distribution platform that not only makes content available for download as full songs but also promotes the artist through various online and offline channels. ArtistAloud.com is owned by Hungama, one of the biggest digital music services in India.

Few weeks back, the official Artist Aloud app arrived on the Windows Phone Store. The app offers fresh independent music and video content from world over each day and week to your Windows Phone devices.

Artist Aloud

The app allows you to experience independent music with top 10 songs, artists, languages, and genres. Each week, the top 10 playlists are refreshed. The app also includes top 10 music videos, live performance videos, and interviews of the week. The app features radio with a fresh playlist each week comprising of back to back independent music that is spread across genres, languages, and styles. 

Apart from serving as your indie music jukebox, the app gives information about the upcoming live gigs, concerts, and parties in your city.

The app works pretty well, and has a functional user experience. The overlapping music player is a little awkward though. Download Artist Aloud for Windows Phone 8 devices for free from the Windows Phone Store. If you indulge in independent music, give it a whirl, and let us know how you like it. 

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Like the Indie music scene in India? Artist Aloud is the app for you!


I might check it out too. I like a lot of music from around the world. I don't know anything about indie music in India, but maybe I'd like it.

Because India is a part of the world. It's not just about America dude. There's a whole world out there that isn't America, and guess what, they're people too.

Yeah you'r right, by the way i'm French half Japanese, but WPC is only talking about India, and not about others country...

So far I have seen a growing WP awareness in India and India seems to be the only country churning out official app in the country almost every week unlike rest of the world. This is one of THE main reason. Also, this is a WP news site so if there is news to cover it will be here. If you have news about apps in countries you can always tip WPcentral.

Maybe this author writes a lot about India......because he lives in India????  Maybe you (Thomas Ozawa) can submit an article about what's happening in the WIndows Phone world in France or Japan or wherever you live??

The word "indie" in music is so basterdized. Many metal bands are without a record company. And many more so called "indie" bands are with a record company. :/

The app and the service should be good as its owned by Hungama which is the best Indian music app.

Because as Daniel had once revealed, the 2nd largest percentage of visitors to this website is from India-15%. Kindly don't let that teeny weeny bit of racism hiddent somewhere remote in your heart rear its ugly head and cloud your deductions.

India is one of the biggest WP markets and every now and then we see official apps being launched from this place..more than USA or any other country..also the site ropes in a lot of visitors from India which gives this incredible country a special place!

At the beginning of the second paragraph, the phrase should be 'A few weeks ago' and not 'few weeks back'.

My ex-boss is from India, and he says it exactly like that. :)
It is actually the exact translation of the Hindi phrase "kuch haftay pehlay".
Kuch = Few
Haftay = Weeks
Pehlay = Back/Before

we were at the beach here in philippines, there were a party and a drunk indian tourist guy took the stage from the dj and played his MP3s... nobody got hurt don't worry

I just want to point out that the link mentioned has to be edited. It is directs the users to artistcloud[dot]com instead of artistaloud[dot]com.

As far as the app goes, I like the look of it, but I dunno if I am going to use it for a long time. But I dunno why it requires access to photos, phone dialler and movement and directional sensor. Could somebody tell me are they required to genuinely run the app or is it just data mining on their part.