Instagram client 6tag gets multi-account support, notifications and more in latest update

Users can now manage multiple Instagram accounts in 6tag with version 1.2

The popular Instagram client 6tag has a new update now live in the Store. Version 1.2 is now available to download and while it is still only for Windows Phone 8, it brings along with it a handful of useful new features.

The big one that is truly unique is the ability to support multiple Instagram accounts. As far as we know (as we asked), that feature is not available on Android or the iPhone, making this a first for Windows Phone. The feature is what it seems: users can add numerous accounts to the app and dynamically switch between them. It’s intuitive and easy to use. For sites like us, it sure makes using 6tag a breeze as we can now change between our personal and WPCentral Instagram accounts on the fly.


6tag version 1.2 changes and additions

  • Fast video upload mode (use 3 times less data and 2 times faster)
  • Toast notification every 30 minutes
  • Display notification page faster, no more loading
  • Keep in memory the last posts to access them offline
  • Improved 'full picture' feature with better image quality
  • Use accent color for Live Tile
  • Settings to disable double-tap to like and remove stripes
  • Tap-to-focus improved

That’s not too shabby of a list and we know Toast notifications were a huge want for many of you, so now you should be all set. We’re also a fan of the “remove stripes” feature as we think the plain light grey background looks swell.

Even more good news? Version 1.3 is on the way and should be available this week too. Rumor has it that people who prefer to swipe (over tapping) will have a new UI option available. We should find out more soon enough.

Pick up 6tag version 1.2 for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums (Kevin D.)

QR: 6tag


Reader comments

Instagram client 6tag gets multi-account support, notifications and more in latest update


Still cant add images to a queue though when I have no data (i.e when sailing)... Everything else is top, but this is crazy!

Lol. I think the opposite is true. She is the one existing on a separate reality plane. Her Nokia Lumia 1020 review says it all hahaha.

WP7 can't support the current design (with swipe), next update of 6tag includes a new design, WP7 compliant, so one more step to have a wp7 app

Ummm, what about we donate for a dollar per month and each month a developer takes a big money reward?
For example we could manage to get 50,000 people to donate each month. That means $50k each month. We take that money to encourage developers to create awesome apps, and no limit for a developer, which means if you have 4 awesome apps you can win the money 4 times!

The only thing missing from the official app is push notifications, which is impossible.
I really wonder how Rudy will further update this app, it really is amazing!!!

Has anyone else noticed that the flash turns on when you switch to video capture mode? Is this the proper functionality?

Wouldn't it be great news if Instagram turned to Rudy and said, we are so impressed with this app that we are gonna lend our name to it. . That would shut a lot of people up.

That's exactly what I was thinking.  They should move to formally adopt it as the official client and support it where it's needed.  Then all the noise from our iOS and Android friends would stop.  Microsoft and Nokia would immediately have one less big hurdle to get over and could concentrate their lobbying on other things.  I wouldn't want to see Rudy acquired as well in that way, he's way too important to be sucked into one development stream.

BTW Daniel, when will WPCentral comment system will have likes or vote up/down? Or will let us order the comments?

You know what would be really great? Having a double tap on comment threads collapses the thread, like how Baconit does it. It would be so awesome if I could collapse the long-*** comment threads on the top of the page for nearly every article...

Now, when try upload a photo and not possible, on mensage on top say "Não é possivel enviar o video" (Portuguese), but...i'm sending a photo...

can they make Instavid upload from camera roll? i really wanna test out the new features that's currently unavailable.

Love the "Use accent color for Live Tile" feature!  It's a small feature but can really go a long way!  Thanks again, Rudy!

+100000000  absolutely.  I prefer all my small tiles to be uniformly the same colour.  Especially when i get the 1520 i want it to be less busy I prefer leaving the contrast for the large tiles that give relative info like weather or music playing... yup OCD!

Update!! I didn't realize the accent colour option is available.  Must learn to read better. Just gotta wait for 6sec now

I'm a little concerned about new reports of ads coming to instagram. Hopefully this won't be something that "breaks" our instagram clients.

Follow my new public account bk_lumia1020. All my pics will be unedited, unfiltered(occasional cropping) taken with with the Lumia 1020. I live in SC so most pics will be of our beautiful surrounding area.

Question, if someone likes a pic on my private account and someone likes a pic on my public account, will the live tile show 2 or 1 based on what account is selected within the app?

I bought the app as I was pretty happy thus so far. Now this update happens to address pretty much every single one of my frustrations! Thanks, Rudy.

So for a few days now, the "following" activity doesn't show anymore. I tried reinstalling, nothing. After this update, nothing. Anyone else?

awesome rudy!! thanks!! 
next step, be able to share videos stored in the phone :D
ohh im going to brag the multiuser feature to my friends so much! :D

when is for 7.8? can you at least provide a clear ETA? like 4 months from now or early nxt year... pretty pleaseee! :)

no rush, though. jst want to know the date.

I'm loving these frequent updates! Rudy is the absolute best developer! Not even the official app is this good! I prefer 6tag over every other version... I paid to remove ads to support him.

Its kinda weird that I can't make the live tile colour match with the phone theme. And the app shows me notifications from last week.

I even tried uninstalling then installed the app again, but it does not help at all. So I have to disable notification instead.

Can somebody try this with 6tag 1.2. Set autoplay video to disable, then goto your profile stream and play one of your video post, while playing, start scrolling down to see your other posts. Notice that the video you played re-appears several times in the stream. I saw the one video like 5 times when scrolling down. Lumia920 amber

Emailed Rudy, he got back to me, he says it only happens if you have auto play disabled for videos (which I do) and he's going to issue an update. Cool work Rudy ☺

After the update the find friends function isnt working anymore. Also it seems like the search is broken. I cant search any of my followers or people im following by their name, only by their username. Does anybody else have this problem?

Thank you Rudy for removing the stripes in the background. ;-) Now if we could only use the space a little better, something like WPGram, that would also be great.

I don't know if it's just me...but after I updated the app, from time to time I get toast notification telling me that someone tagged me, but once I open the app, there is no new photo which has me tagged...very weird

There is a bug, when i play one videos, several other picture post get duplicated to the video i played..
please fix this.

Guys stop asking for 7.8. Just read comments above. Rudy commented that he will focus on WP 7.8 version after the release of NEXT patch for 6tag 1.3. There are some issues with 7.8 and it may take longer but it will come eventually. Just be patient. 

Yes, the switching feature is awesome. I'm in charged of our church IG account, and this feature helps me alot!!!;. Rudy!!!Rudy!!!!

Great job, Rudy! 
You're always impressing us with your wonderful apps! 
Keep up the great work!

Idk for some reason is try to click on other peoples grey tags in the pic description and it won't load up their pages??? :(

I miss the smooth transitions which are now substitued by a black screen. And the "Find Your Friends" feature doesn't work anymore!

Can anyone please help me to set-up my account in 6tag? I wrote to Daniel Rubino, and even contacted Rudy Hayn via Twitter with no repsonse. I am using a Lumia 925 smartphone and every time I try to create an account, I get a message to say either that there is another user by the same name or there is a problem with open proxy. Please help!