Apple underwhelms with the iPhone 5. Here's why the Nokia Lumia 920 is better.

Today's winner is...

Today, Apple finally took the wraps off of the long-awaited iPhone 5 (you can get all the dirty details at our sister site iMore). Funny thing happened along the way though to the announcement: many leaks came forward early on that turned out to be highly accurate, taking the punch out of a lot of the new features. What’s more, even the media started to get a bit bored with Apple’s plans for the next-gen device.

The question for our readers though is in terms of raw technology—who came out on top? We say that because we know Apple will win the PR and hype war, but for the first time a Windows Phone has gone toe-to-toe and in terms of specs, has beat out the next-generation iPhone.


iPhone 5 vs the world


Specifications - iPhone 5

Here is what the new iPhone 5 packs for the main features:

  • 112 grams (20% lighter than the 4S)
  • 7.6mm thin
  • 4” in-cell 1136 x 640 display (16:9; 326ppi)
  • 8MP rear camera with F/2.4 lens, BSI sensor and Sapphire crystal
  • Apple A6 Chip

The crux of the update is this though: the iPhone 5 increases the display vertically to show more, but does not make the phone wider thereby making it easier to hold. In turn, Apple have also made it much thinner and lighter, going for the super-temporary title of “world’s thinnest” blah blah. We’re sure that will change in like 3-6 weeks, knowing how fast technology moves these days.

They also added 4G LTE, re-did their proprietary connector and gave it a faster A6 processor.


Lumia 920 and 900

The Lumia 920 and the Lumia 900, chillin'


Let's compare

By comparison, the really thin Samsung ATIV S is 8.7mm thick and weighs in at 135g. Of course the simply massive 2300mAh battery on board makes up for that in our opinion. The Lumia 920, meanwhile is a monster, coming in at 185g and 10.7mm thick.

So if you want small and nimble, yes, the iPhone 5 is your choice and let’s not deny the fact that many people do prefer small, thin phones.

But it was the rest of the news that made the presentation, soporific. That’s because Apple either didn’t reveal anything new or what they did say was quite unexciting.

For instance, the in-cell display is neat—they put the touch sensitive components within the display directly, making it super thin. But it’s not Nokia’s Super-sensitive display. That means you have to take your gloves off to use it. That's sooo early 2012.

That's a killer commercial right there for Nokia: Show someone wearing their gloves while using the Lumia 920. Next, have the iPhone 5 with someone mashing their gloved phalanges on the screen in frustration. Sold.

Lumia 920

Lumia 920 looks good on paper

What’s more, Nokia’s PureMotion HD+ has a 60Hz refresh rate, making it “blur free” and the fastest display on a phone.  Throw in ClearBlack for super saturated colors, 4.5” inches in size and a massive 332ppi that dwarfs the iPhone 5 and we know the winner.

But that didn’t stop Apple from exclaiming, "This is the world's most advanced display and I couldn't be prouder of it."

Sorry, but bullshit.

Next up was the camera. Here, Apple could have snuck in some new tech that none of us would have predicted. But no they gave users an updated iPhone 4S camera--a very solid camera—but not ground breaking. With an F/2.4 lens, BSI sensor and an improved chipset, the iPhone 5 will be good but it's not pushing the boundaries.

Nokia though has an F/2.0 camera (more light for the sensor, more ‘bokeh’ blur), 1/3” BSI sensor and optical-image stabilization (OIS) with that last one being a first for a smartphone. Toss in Nokia’s algorithms plus Scalado’s software and in terms of raw specs, Nokia crushed Apple.

Yes, we need to do side-by-side comparison, but any photographer worth their salt would reach for the Nokia’s PureView camera over the iPhone 5 just based on specs.

Even on battery life and talk-time, Apple did not fair so well. Talk time over 3G is just 8 hours versus the 10 hours claimed by Nokia. When it comes to standby time, it’s even worse: Apple – 225 hours versus Nokia at 400.

iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5. Not bad but not great.


Where Apple wins

Apple of course does win a few areas—super thin, super light, as mentioned above. They also announced a pre-order date (September 14th), shipping date (September 21st) and of course prices starting at the regular $199 and up.

For many, that’s a huge win for Apple as they always out do their competition that way. And while it would have been nice for Nokia to do the same, the fact of the matter that probably won’t happen. Ever. Microsoft makes the software, OEMs make the hardware and carriers have to sell it.  To get all three of those to line up to make global availability announcements is just too hard, especially since Windows Phone 8 has not been RTM’d (released to manufactures aka final build).

The fact is, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huwaei etc. all play by those rules on Android and Windows Phone too. Sure, it’s not ideal but Nokia is not the exception here—Apple is. And Apple can do this for two reasons (1) they strong-armed carriers, who will never allow that to happen again and (2) they have the clout to demand things.

Microsoft? Not so much.

Having said that, look for a November release for Nokia.


Nokia's PureMotion HD+ is real innovation


Where Apple loses

Excitement. There, we said it. The new iPhone 5 with its longer look is not that sexy to be honest and the new features did not cause us to have a ‘wow’ moment. Not once.

Maybe that’s too much to ask from Apple. Not every Pink Floyd album can be Dark Side of the Moon, right?  But Apple has set the bar for magical technology and the iPhone 5 failed to impress. Not because it's a bad phone, it just didn't push the industry that forward. Thinner and lighter with worse battery life? We went through that years ago.

No NFC, no inductive wireless charging, no OIS for the camera, no Super-sensitive touch screen, no Gorilla Glass 2, no exciting colors, no HAAC rich recording.

Lower pixels-per-inch (PPI) on the display, smaller display, worse battery life, mediocre camera specs, slower display refresh-rate. And you can't wear gloves while using it.

Will it be a nice phone? You betcha', we’re not knocking that. But will the media and fans be impressed with this when it is eventually put up against the Lumia 920 (or even other high end Android devices)? Probably not.

The fact of the matter is Nokia showed that their research & development team has a lot more up their sleeve than Apple and Nokia is just getting started.

Lumia 920 in grey

The Lumia 920 in grey (via our Forums)


The Take Away

The iPhone 5 will sell well and will be reviewed well but it’s losing its power to impress, to set the bar for technology. It's starting to feel old. For the first time, competitors have a real chance to blow by Apple and we’re excited to say that the Lumia 920 is leading that charge.

Will it matter for sales? Not immediately but this could be the start as people begin to get excited for something different, again.


Read more about the iPhone 5 at Tell is comments what you thought of today's announcement and the chances for Nokia.


Reader comments

Apple underwhelms with the iPhone 5. Here's why the Nokia Lumia 920 is better.



+2 good review. Daniel does the new 920 still have the least reflective screen in the world like the N900? Its something I love, to be able to see my phone in the sun. And its another thing better than iPhone.

Definitely... I've enjoyed reading other articles on WP Central but this has got to be the best one yet... He even said "Bullshit."

kind of the exact reason i didnt like the article. i like the site, love the mobile app, but honestly cannot stand the way daniel writes. every article hes involved with comes off as an angry fanboy rant. its silly. leave that kind of stuff to the angry pre teens on the boards. 

Here's why I think Apple will succeed where Nokia and MS fail. Go up to any teen pre-teen or just about any young person between the ages of 12 and 25 and ask them if they would rather have a brand new Iphone5 or a brand new Lumia 920. And I can almost guarantee that atleast 99% percent will say Iphone5. Why? Because they recognize the brand. Specs,,,screen,,,camera don't matter. All that matters its a NEW Iphone.

That's not true in my kids' circle of friends. IPhone is their parents' phone and they don't want any part of that!

I have to agree, my  girls and all there friends not one of them have a iPhone. macpro laptops yes. my three plus another three all have WP7 devices the rest android and of a few of them they want the lumia 820. They like the bold colors, they like the live tiles feeds, so WP8 is really going to have a great fighting chance the only ones who can screw it up will be Microsoft and not the users.

Well you need to teach ur kids about better choice in life, and writting comments like this doesn't help. There are much better phones than the iPhone ,920 being one, so educate them on better specs, not just iPhone sh*t

I wasn't refering to my kids,,,I don't even have any. I was making an observation of what I see while out and about shopping and what not.
I tend to notice that most young people all have iphones along with a few android.

This is lame, the phone has not even been reviewed or tested and everyone is already trashtalking it???   If they made the Apple logo glow you would all be stunned in aww and would drop money on it just because it has a new feature. 
I like the 920 but it will probably not sell very well, they innovated a ton on it which is great!!!, messed up on marketing and presentation, then messed it up by not making it thin and removing the premium feel with a glossy case.  They should have come out with a few more guns blazing, making it thinner, using an aluminum casing, while going edge to edge on the display to make it smaller while maintaining a huge screen.Awesome phone but they need to provide a realse dat, pricing, and show how it will integrate with Windows 8 and the Xbox, not leave us with the hope that it will.
Apple puts all of their ducks in a row and gets it done then and there, no uncertainty.

Not true with me, people see me titan and their like "damn, thats big, what phone is that?" and I explain and they like to look and the smoothness. :)

Daniel I think today's best news has been the fact that Nokia (indirectly WP8) has been in the news without effort from MS and Nokia. I was very happy to see the Iphone 5 been compared to a windows phone. I do not know when it ever happen, maybe you can help me with that Daniel.
Now most tech journos will look at the Nokia 920 first for comparison purpose. I think that was a benefit of announcing great tech before Apple.

Most tech journalists don't have any interest in Windows Phone. The ones who follow MS will certainly compare the 920 favorably to the iPhone 5. But NY & Silicon Valley tech journalists who write for the largest publications won't even regard the 920 as an iPhone 5 competitor, much less believe that anyone would want to buy it instead of the iPhone 5. That can only change if WP8 succeeds, and puts many Lumia phones into the hands of mainstream consumers.

What's missing is a comparison against the lumia 900, iphone5 seems to fall short of many wp7.5 phones. Im shocked, they've exposed their queen to a double attack!

I absolutely refuse to get the iPhone because its "what everyone is doing". Look how they mind f*** their customers. Somehow they turned having to buy new adapters into a good thing. That's nothing but money in their pocket. I'll be getting myself a 920 so its a pass on this thing.

This is taken from my Facebook:
My post: iPhone 5 = Dud.

Friend 1: Not bro.

Me: Yes, bro. Thinner, taller, faster but beyond that it was more of the same. You want a killer phone get the Nokia Lumia 920 later this fall ;-)

Friend 2: Comes with LTE. Not excited about the taller screen, but the new processor rocks. I have the 4S and I'll just stay with that. The new iOS 6 upgrade will be nice.

Me: My buddy ...... will likely answer: "I don't care." ;-) (see note below)

Me: @Friend 2: LTE was an obvious addition. Other phones have it already.

Friend 1: well I have to say I like apple and I stay with it because over all is a good product.

Friend 3: I have no idea what any of this talk means. I have an iPhone..... Don't ask me what type or any other specifics because I don't know!!

Note: The "I don't care" is a reference to the HTC EVO vs. iPhone 4 YouTube video from 2 years ago. Feels like forever, no?
I haven't even brought up the camera or PureMotion to the discussion, hahaha!

Hey Daniel,
    You forgot the battery life  Nokia has 10 hrs compare to iCrap 5 8 hrs. That is why Nokia is a little thicker.

I love how they brag about the thinness and weight. Thin doesn't mean it's comfortable to grip. Thin is going to cause more structural problems and ease to crack the screen. And the aluminum back plate might just cause more signal degradation.

Compared with Iphone 5, Nokia 920 is better by a long shot across the industry.
Now, if we have more powerful apps/games and multiple payment methods..

CNET actually sided more with android today. After comparing to android only, a flood of tweets came through about Lumia 920 and they finally responded with the positive aspects of the phone.

Hey Daniel, good work on the article... I just noticed a couple of typos - "loosing" instead of "losing". "But it's Nokia's super-sensitive display" is missing a "not".

Well, if Anandtech is correct about the CPU being Cortex-A15 based, the iPhone5 CPU is much better than the competition.
But honestly?  None of this matters.  It's all about mindshare, and Apple is in a position where they dominate the market and they can do iterative upgrades to 'perfect' (to them, I can't stand it) their interface.

I'm almost definitely getting a Lumia 920 (unless HTC shocks me).  So are a lot of people here.  I just don't see this changing anything for the public at large.

Yeah they need like a redbull event or something, where a guy on a motorcycle has to jump 1,000ft over a giant Lumia 920 or something. 

On a side iPod comes with a "loop". Heads up electronic manufacturers... If you made a device in the past ½ decade that has a tether on it, Apple is going to sue the hell out of your $@#%ing ass.

"Sorry, but bs." Took the words right out of my mouth. Hahaha. I think not announcing price gave Nokia edge. Just put the 920 out at $150, I think you have some roasted Apples on a stick.

Are you saying that the only wins of the new iPhone are shipping dates and availability plus that is lighter and thinner?...I understand that this site is bias because is WPcentral, so why even worry about the new iPhone.

A lighter and thinner phone is better, made of metal instead of glass or plastic is better. 28mpx panorama...way better, 700.000 apps and support at least until the iPhone 7(im making this up, but since 3gs is supported...) way way better than the months that the L900 turn into legacy.

Can't wait to get rid of this legacy brick called L800... No matter what you guys say the legacy thing still burns like hell...the no multitasking in this piece of crap is driving me mad.

28mpx panorama is just a marketing thing.  It's really no different from what a million apps can do on every platform.

@ migueltoro

"Are you saying that the only wins of the new iPhone are shipping dates and availability plus that is lighter and thinner?"

Oh c'mon, the first thing I mention is how much thinner and lighter it is, especially compared to the L920.

Look, I heap a lot of praise on the iPhone but we're talking INNOVATION. The creation of NEW TECHNOLOGY.

Thinner, faster, lighter are nice. They're also the same things everyone else is doing. Motorola started that craze with the Razr. 

The iPhone 5 did not add 700,000 apps from this announcemnt. That has nothing to do with physical technology.

What you're doing is confusing your preference for a phone with the thrust of my article: that there was no "wow" technology invented or introduced by Apple today.

Nice phone? Sure. Pushing the boundaries on mobile technology? Not really. 

Support until forever? What exactly do you mean?  You certainly aren't saying that every feature updated between iOS updates is available on every phone version from 3G > 3GS > 4 > 4S > 5?  Especially those that are dependent on hardware that can only possibly exist on the newer models.  Nokia didn't leave pre-WP8 devices behind and neither did Microsoft.  They are just not using the same trixie dixie naming to pretend that they are offering everything... after all, pre-WP7.5 devices that didn't have gyros, NFC, microSD, etc, when they launched won't suddenly grow them!  For features which are strictly software and that can be made available, they've committed to doing in-as-so-much as has been announced.  This is logical.  They just are calling it a different version number (for better or worse) - that is what is confusing you.  You clearly don't know anything about prior or newly announced WPx phones with all of the other "home-run" points you mentioned.  I'll add that the SaaS company I work for is full of iPhone developers and though they have had plenty to say (criticisms) about WPx over the past few months, they are all mysteriously mum on this launch.  Sorry, my friend, the overall message is that this iPhone iteration is and was a total bore.  

The only new, valid thing in there you pointed out was the app count. And I guarantee you won't feel any apps lacking in the WP Marketplace after the OS is out there for 6 months.
Native code support and the interest boost that the Nokia hardware brings will get everyone drooling and developers will be porting their apps to WP in no time.

so, im going to call u a troll based on a few things
1. 28mpx panorama? marketting term that lies in your face, just use photosynth and it achieve the same if not more, and if u really want to compare, the lenses feature is much better and much more important than these mega pixel non-sense
2. watch the old ones burn as they update their software, mark my words
3. really? wp has the exact same type of multitasking that ios have, talk about a joke

just good marketing? yes, but it works. I've just seen an article about the iphone and they wrote this: "new iphone bla bla bla...with a camera with panorama function that takes pictures with 28! megapixels." and they even added the"!" in the middle of the sentence, so it's just Marketing, but it works. everyone reads this and consumers believe this.

Do they not realize that is just the combined resolution of the 4- 8MP photos that were taken? Technically that isn't a 28MP picture, but I guess it could be. I keep forgetting that Apple is the greatest and innovate everything. 

I remember back to when the camera industry made the switch to plastics, everyone was up in arms. However, so many of those old metal cameras got banged around and dented. I like when a maufacture uses the proper material for the job. I think the apple looks great, but do you really think the Nokia is somehow weaker because its made of polycarbonate? So many proffessional cameras are wrapped in polycarbonate, it's a very durable material.
Sorry about your issues with the 800, I had really wanted one. I have the 710 and love it. If I had to buy a cell phone TODAY and couldn't wait another month or two. I would buy another 710. I enjoy haw the phone works, It's not perfect but fits my uses.
Displaced WebOS lover

*Sigh* - I am quite pleased with Windows Phone, but still find myself trying to swipe close applications in WP 7.5s pseudo multi-tasking screen. When I see a text message at the top of my screen, I continually try to swipe away the notification. I hear the "ding" of a new e-mail and look to the bottom of my screen for the topic, only to see a little "1" pop up next to an envelope. Nothing else comes even close to WebOS. Best mobile OS ever. RIP, WebOS

Since I had my Palm Pre I have had an Android, Blackberry and 2 Windows Phones. When I am in a hurry I still make WebOS gestures all the time.
Glad to hear I'm not alone
Having said that, there's alot to love about WP, reaally looking forward to a WP8 phone when my contract comes due, sometime in January. I don't think I would switch but I will give Blackberry an honest look, I have heard great things about QNX and I'm not a power app user anyway

In windows phone 8 I think they  are adding task kill button on the multi-task screen and if you swipe the text notification to the right it goes away

I'm not trying to throw fuel on the fire and as an HD7 user I too have experienced my share of problems, but who hasn't?  Has there ever been a perfect OS or phone, no.  If there was it would be the only one.
Finally, before you decide to twist words from an article and quote fictitious specs about a phone that only a handful of individuals have had hands on time with look to see how the article has been labeled... Editorial, I'd sure as hell hope there's at least some bias there.

Lol. 28 megapixel panorama doens't mean anything. It's just taking 4 8 megapixel images and mashing them together. The Lumia and virtually every android phone out there can already do this.

The iPhone 5 announcement was more than underwhelming. The only positive coming out of the entire event where the new headphones (think they'll work with my Lumia 900 or the 920 later this year?? ;) ).

The presentation was nothing over the top.  Nothing was "wow".  Some "pretty cool" moments but the 920 presentation, dull as it was at times, had "wow" moments because the tech was so nice.  Media is gushing and fawning over this I'm sure but nothing really stands out that other guys aren't already doing.  Now, lets hear something about a 920 release date eh? :)

I don't care for that two-tone design on the back, but otherwise I'm sure it'll be the best, and best-selling, iPhone yet. Decent specs boost, and probably excellent build quality. iOS still looks as boring as it did nearly 2 years ago when I switched over to WP, and there's nothing that was revealed today that would make me switch back. It's a fine phone, but my wallet is waiting for the Lumia 920.

I wish they would have announced NFC and wireless charging. iPhones with NFC would have skyrocketed adoption and accessories for the masses including the Lumia 920. Sux to be an apple fan boy today... Still wish the 920 was thinner and has a higher battery capacity.

That's probably why Apple didn't go with NFC: No need for a proprietary connector so no way to make money licensing the connector to device makers.

hello.. Lumia got more power capacity than the IP5.. 2000 mAh
P.S. The more thin you are, the less durable to drops you'll be

Surprised the 920 will have more pixels per inch, but it is a hefty thing really at 185g. Pretty sure I'll still love it!

Yes, I wish it was thinner and lighter... 920 might be too bulky for me, wish it was the size of the 820

plus aren't apple phone users sick of buying a phone that can't be insured by thier carrier. Sucks to b them. Nokia 920 for sure babyeee!!! :D

Damn the iphone5 is RUBBISH... I find people to be dumb to buy this phone.... Omg apple is done... They don't know what to do any more no wonder they really want to ban the hell out of Samsung..... Now after seeing what 5 does and has.. Im very proud to say I'm a LUMIA!!!

Exactly. You don't expect us to fawn over something non-existent. Nokia is getting the props that they deserve atm.

One thing that drives me crazy is that Nokia completely fucked up their event by giving presentation duties to people who make other people fall asleep. Nokia could've really gotten world's attention by having a presentation worthy of their phone.

Indeed, I went crazy every time I watched the keynote.
Apple can present a trashcan better than Nokia presented the Lumia.
Some key points Nokia had to put on the slides:

  • 332 ppi
  • LTE 100 Mbps
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 400 hours stand by (almost as twice as shown today by Apple)
  • 10 hours of 3G and 17 hours at 2G talk time
  • Navigation (although a known feature, nice to show again)
  • On the camera, put actual photos and video from the device
  • Front camera at 960p (compared to 720p on the i5)

And finally, also make sure all demos work.
The guy presenting NFC was so nervous he didn't wait enough for the phone to pair with speaker (twice!) and it looked like it was the phone's fault.
The gloves demo was a good idea but maybe a video made in some ski resort would have been better.
They have to learn it's all about the presentation, not the device itself. At least not during the keynote.
If you look how the VPs talk in the iPhone video that is now on Apple's home page you might think and believe the iPhone 5 is the only smartphone out there. (Well, if you are completely blind to other facts but we are mostly talking Apple fans anyway :) )

I agree that is my biggest gripe with the iPhone, the os is just old and plain. I think the hardware is great though, just imagine an iPhone 5 running wp8!

This device will not help it with its war with the SIII in fact those sitting on the fence may now jump towards the WP or Android devices. I have been saying all along when November comes and the dust has settled you will finally be able to select a phone and tablet that can not only complete but overhaul Apple in almost every department.
The iPhoneStretch will sell yes but I do wonder how much more the Apple fan can take. They complained bitterly about the 4S and then we had AerialGate but still they bought it in even greater numbers. It is diffilcult really not to label them iSheep because from the outside looking in this is certainly what it looks like.
I think the 4S could do pretty well out of this as well. Lets face it if you have not already purchased the 4S and you are dead set on an Apple device now is a good time to snag that phone and save some money.

what do you say to them everytime they bring up Ad-Gate? the commercial where they "simulated" OIS and Low Light pictures but the media calls it faked and Nokia lied?

I say, yes the ads are faked and that was stupid of them but the phones are for real. They didn't promise anything that the phones can't actually do.

I wonder if I asked Siri what phone has the best screen,  would she lie to me?!?!?!  Whatevers in november I'm getting a Nokia 920.  What happened to Apple's innovation?  I was not surprised in the least.

I think the lumia is a stong choice for me.  i have the benefit/curse of my upgrade becoming availble on Christmas this year. i have the ability to see what else comes out and hoping for some out of the blue price drops. (but to be clear, i fully expect a $199 phone) 
I am a samsung focus user now and I am like 90% leaning towards the Ativ S because i want a larger screen.  If they some out with a note version on WP8 i would be leaning towards that too.
I like the lumia and the tech. i am a tech guy so i like the specs.  i like a nice camera, but i dont really care too much. as long as it is not blurry and fast.
the iphone bothers me in general. i mean they proect it as the best phone ever.  personally, my samsung focus can rock an iphone 4/4s hands down.  alot of this has to do with the efficency of the OS.  WP just rocks.
i love when apples used the terms "we reinvented this or that for a smart phone"  one example is the facebook integrations.  Hello, WP7 had facebook and twitter.  way to finally catch up.
Not to knock on my wife, but she was so giddy when i was watching the live blogs when they announced the phone. the problem with her is she like the simplicity of the iphone.  and it is just that.  she needs rows of icons, she needs the lack of custimzation.  the folders  on iphone are good, but i mean, its so...stale.  live tiles is so much cooler.  the gestures are cool for iphone.  But in the end if that is why your iphone is better, you need some new comparisons.
maybe i am talking out of my ass an i have no clue what i am talking about. but to me, the iphone is so over rated.  give me a real phone.  like WP8

Also, you make a very important point about the price. The 920 HAS to come out at $199 (subsidized) or less. I don't see how Nokia can convince people to pay more than the iPhone 5's base subsidized price for something a lot of people aren't sure about.

$199 would be great, but given that it will have all of that innovative technology included in the device, not to mention the 32GB of on board storage, I think that $249 would be appropriate (albeit, not welcomed in this economy).

Nokia should definitely try to close the gap in weight (<150g) with its next version of Lumia.  That is the only thing iPhone 5 impresses me.  Merging the 808 Pureview specs with 920 on a Quad-Core processor would ensure the superiority.

While not magical by any means its impressive they managed similar specs to the Nokia 920 in about half the volume, which is impressive engineering. That said ios just looks dated to me.

I would love an iPhone 5 with wp8 instead of ios. A high end thin and light phone with a 4" screen. Not everyone wants a giant screen.

Do you think apple will release boot camp for iPhone?

I did, and its a bit sensationalistic about small differences. For example, the two phones screens are both high quality IPS LCD screens. Nokia' is a bit higher resolution and a bit bigger. Monikers like "pureblack supermotion +" mean about as much as "retina" does. Pureblack refers to an antireflective polarizing filter over the screen, I'm sure the iPhone has an antireflective coating. Also puremotion plus just means a 60hz refresh rate which is pretty standard for any lcd display, its been the gpu that bottlenecks the framerate of devices.

The cameras of the two are also similar, both have the same sensor size and megapixel count. The Nokia has a 1/2 stop advantage which is nice, and ois is a huge deal if you are taking photos of things that aren't moving, but the cameras aren't that different.

I'm not saying the Nokia isn't better all around, but it's also way bigger and designing a compact phone with high end specs will result in compromises.

60hz is most definitely not standard for Phone LCDs.
And the only thing similar about the cameras IS the sensor. The Nokia camera is far better.

A couple of problems with what you said. I agree that the superior resolution won´t be very noticeable, but pureblack makes a great difference while outside in the sun. Weather or not the iphone has a antireflective filter over the screen or not, tests have shown that even the lumia 900 reflects considerably less light than any screen out there. Also don´t forget the fact the the 920 besides being much brighter than the iphone´s screen, will also automaticaly adjust its brightness to sunlight. The screen can also be used with gloves and fingernails and is considerably more resistant than the iphone´s. I might be mistaken but i´m pretty sure 60 hz is a first for smartphones. The biggest problem with your post however is thinking that the cameras are comparable when they are not. Nokia´s pureview camera, despite only slightly higher count of megapixels, is far superior to the 4s because it has optical image stabilization and superior software. The different will be very noticeable

60hz is and has been standard for LCD displays in smartphones, but there is much more to a phones display then refresh rate, pixel ghosting can lead to a blurred look and it may well be that the Nokia 920 is much better in this regard then any phone on the market, but we don't know yet. My point was that you can't tell much about performance from specs, as nobody releases actual performance measurements on consumer devices so comparing two unreleased devices based on press releases is futile.

Ofcourse we all think the 920 beats the pants off of the iphone were all WP fans,,,but I'm sure iff you look at it from an apple and iphone fans perspective its the best thing since sliced bread. I can just picture the apple fans asking there friends,,,,"soooo when are you getting your 920 because I already preordered my iphone and its on its way".

Remember the 4S was REALLY disappointing. Then Steve Jobs died the next day, and some of the tech press said Apple limited the improvements to announce it while he was alive. No such excuse for the iPhone 5. But regardless of what improvements it had, it still sold in the scores of millions. iPhone 5 will probably be the same.

Do you have a link for that? I know the chipset supports it and Samsung has it but I can't find any documentation for the 920 that says it has it.

This is not the thinnest smartphone. What about the Oppo Finder phone with android ICS and only 6.6mm and huwawi Accend P1. Both are below the 7mm mark. Apple FAIL MARKETING

everyone will say "damn this phone is the best, it gets better every time, apple phones are the best phones" then I will say "did you here that from nokia, they made a phone that's better in the most ways than the iphone" then they will say "nokia? what do you want with that? the iphone has a retina display" me:"the nokia has a sharper display then the iPhone" them:"but it's no retina."
but in 2 or 3 years nokia will be on top, when they've got more awesome devices like the 920 and more great features like maps, and their fu**ing cool design.

I don't know if non-geek Apple iSheep really use the Retina argument. Most of them don't even know what it is.
Yeah, it's going to take a while.

If Nokia doesn't market the shit out of Lumia 920 before iPhone launch by showing that 920 is better, then Nokia and WP in general will have serious difficulties getting new users.

Better yet- Nokia and MS need to ramp up the completion of the Lumia's and get them to market - work 24/7 if need be, hell, ill come help to!

Because this is a crucial period when majority of consumers start to look at new phones and given the fact that many people will look into iphone5, now is the time to strike showing that Lumia 920 is a superior phone

Lol!  Market what?  The device?  Well, they can't exactly do that at the moment given that the fire is just beginning to die down over the supposed 'faked' images.  And they can't market the image stabilization as it isn't finished yet.  And those things aside, what else can they market?  WP8?  Well, WP8 isn't finished yet, either.
Yes, they need to market their offerings, but when their offerings are finished, fully backed, and soon to be available for purchasing (which we know won't be until WP8 is ready for launch).

Apple smart. Making little additions to keep "them" coming back for more. Why change what the masses want and love. They'll have plenty of ammunition for years while others will soon run out of trick, besides WP. Apple will never disappoint with the millions of its dedicated and uneducated user base.

Apple has made some really nice improvements to the iPhone 5, no question. I've had three iPhones now, and they have all performed flawlessly for me, so I can't complain. I also have an aversion to knocking products that other people seem to like, so I just wish everyone the best of luck with whatever phone they choose.
I'm choosing the Lumia 920, cuz it is gorgeous, fresh, and I think will provide for an awesome experience. 
So Nokia, please please please, give us a release date soon, so's I can decide which family member gets my 4s, and skeedaddle myself to the AT&T Store that very day.
Why no Cyan Blue on release, only Nokia can say. But white'll be fine.

I feel the EXACT same way. My first smartphone was an iPhone 3gs and now that I'm on Android, I still use that phone as an iPod Touch (And it still works fantastically in spite of being 3 years old). The iPhone is a good product. But what impresses me about the WP and the Lumia line is that together they're showing me something different and exciting. Today's Apple press con was very underwhelming. Just basically reiterating that they're still rock stars of tech with sales numbers, and saying, "Oh, BTW, the new phone is coming out in two weeks and you should get it, because...ya know...rock stars over here."

I am wondering about that too. I know Samsung hold patents on LTE. If i'm Samsung I will sue them and that will kill their iCrap phone for not having LTE.

Nice article.  The L920 wins in all respects IMO.  One thing worth mentioning as ar as wieght and thickness goes.  The L920 may be thicker and heavier then it's competetion but then it wont require the body armor most people will end up putting on thier phones.

One thing I found annoying about the iAnnouncement was inability to find a direct web cast. All I could find were a faces of commentators watching the event. (Sorry, sister site iMore, but yours was the worst. Don't plant your gaping-mouthed faces so close to your web cams.) Was there some kind of Apple restriction that only screen shots of the web cast could be posted on Twitter-like feeds? If so, at least Nokia had the testicular fortitude to let everyone see, even if their presentation skills are lacking.

Apple rarely does a livestream of their announcements. Last time I remember they allowed a video livestream but you needed to be using an Apple device (how fitting). That was about a year ago, I think.

The iPhone 5 will no doubt be the no.1 smartphone worldwide. You can't stop the masses from picking what they know and are comfortable with.
I, however, will go for Windows Phone. IMO the best software, now within undoubtedly the best hardware. My current WP7 suprises a lot of people in terms of functionality but hardware-wise the iPhone was better.
That is gone now, Windows Phone closed the gap and even created a small new one. So that's one less reason to ignore Windows Phone. So not just a win for Lumia but a win for the entire platform.

Just read an article that said one of the great additions is that you can sign into Facebook from the settings and will never have to sign into the app to get notifications and your Facebook calendar will be linked to your calendar!!! What?!?!?! You going crazy over that?!?!?! One thing that Microsoft should be envious about is Apple can get away with everything and sell crappy sh*t whilst they can't.

The FB integration in ios 6 is way better than in WP. Facebook provided new private API calls for apple. You can activate/deactivate fb for ALL apps using it over the phone. No more need to sign in with a new app. That's way better than the WP Facebook integration where you have to manage your account in every single third party app again.

Can't wait to upgrade to the 920. The 800 has served me and continue to serve me well. Nokia is just way ahead. But they really need a good marketing strategy and shoot canons instead of bb guns.

I think the tech savy iPhone users are going to jump ship.'s forums shows a ton of comments from users that are quite disappointed with this "iPhone spec bump", stating that they are going to pick up an S3  or Lumia 920 instead now.  This could be a great thing for Windows Phone. 

Macrumors people were disappointed when apple introduced the first iPod. The thread about it is still there: 'What just an ordinary mp3 player?'

It's not even a real contest. The latest iPhone is just garbage. And yet it'll probably still sell millions and there will no doubt be idiots camped out in front of stores for it.

Too bad we don't know when new Window Phone 8 devices, Windows Phone 8 software, or Windows Phone 7.8 will be released. 

I was more exited about the iPhone touch they announced. I think it will be a great gift for my son's 11th birthday.
NL 920 beats not only iPhone 5 but even iPhone 6 anyday... 

wow, i just found out Lumia 920 is going to be thinner than my Lumia 800 ( 10.7 vs 12.1 ) and only a bit heavier than my 800, and heft to me actually means quality build :)
so this essentially means that im going to get a thinner phone lol, iPhone 5 totally underwelming, going to be great getting the 920 and convincing people to join wp!

Do you guys believe this?  from KNowyourMobile.  Apple wins in screen display??? whaaa

As was previously rumoured, the iPhone 5’s screen has expanded from the earlier models’ 3.5-inches to a full 4-inches, it’s not a huge leap, but it’s enough to make a difference in terms of visuals, usability and the overall look and feel of the device.
The screen is an IPS LCD Retina and its resolution clocks in at 1136x640 pixels and with a pixel density of 326 pixels-per-inch (ppi).
The Nokia Lumia 920 uses a 4.5-inch IPS display which can even be operated while wearing gloves.
It has Corning Gorilla Glass, an improved version of Nokia’s ClearBlack technology to improve dark colours, blacks and contrast, and Nokia’s new PureMotion HD+ for supposedly ‘better than HD’ image quality with a faster refresh rate than conventional displays.
The 920’s display has a 1280x768 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 332ppi.
Both handsets are on the cutting edge of mobile display tech, but we think Apple may just have the advantage here.
Regardless, we doubt many users will be disappointed by Nokia’s display if they find it placed alongside the iPhone 5’s.
Winner – iPhone 5

um... ok.... how the hell did they end up with that conclusion after listing the spec of Nokia's PureMotion HD+??? someone is drinking on the job again...

I have come to the conclusion that these guys don't let facts get in the way of their opinion.

I haven't seen the screens side by side but there is way more to a screen then it's published specs. I'm not sure if this site actually measured things like color rendition and accuracy though, so im not sure why they even said that

And this one from the same site..  Apple wins with its 8MP vs 8.7MP purview camera??  Whaaaa??

The Lumia 920 is the first Windows Phone device to sport Nokia’s Pureview label, but it’s not a direct import of the 41-megapixel oversampling camera tech we saw on the Symbian-powered 808 Pureview earlier in the year.
No, instead what we have is an 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a large aperture.
Nokia says it’s designed to allow in as much light as possible and the company has paired this with some advanced stabilisation technology to ensure high-quality imaging isn’t compromised. It also sports a dual LED flash and 1080p video capture.
The iPhone 5 features an 8-megapixel camera with Panoramam mode. it also includes the Sapphire lens which goes some way to improve pictures. Around the front, there's a camera from Facetime HD which can now be streamed over cellular data.
Winner: iPhone 5