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Goodbye Nokia

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James Bond has nothing on new Nokia HERE ads showcasing LiveSight, My Commute and Transit

In the future, Nokia will be a services company instead of making phones. Of course, that’s glossing over the fact that their hardware division will live on, just under the Microsoft banner. It’s also important because their HERE mapping technology is quite impressive.

Nokia has now released three videos highlighting some of the core HERE technologies, many of which you Lumia owners will be familiar with. LiveSight, My Commute and Transit are all standard apps on Lumia Windows Phones, though we bet that the company will be extending them to other platforms in the future.

In the entertaining videos, featuring HERE employee Alex Osaki (who is also a ‘superhero’), we get to see those aforementioned mapping technologies demonstrated. Instead of a boring narration though, we see Alex in somewhat real-life situations using HERE maps to solve everyday problems.

The ads are stylish with a James Bond theme, shot in black and white (with a color pop effect, put to hilarious use in the third video) and are to the point. That’s all the makings for a solid commercial in our view and hopefully we’ll see these on TV someday.

Source: Nokia (YouTube); Thanks, @zaid, for the tip!


Reader comments

James Bond has nothing on new Nokia HERE ads showcasing LiveSight, My Commute and Transit


Dann solltest Du lieber auf Deutsch schreiben. Die Entwicklungsabteilung von Nokia Karten sitzt in Berlin. Die jeweiligen Fahrpläne müssen aber die Verkehrsunternehmen zur Verfügung stellen, nicht Nokia.

No, dude, you are doing it wrong. You gotta add lot of D's, E's, L's etc. not xyzzy, then it just becomes chinese, neither dutch nor german 

I quit using My Commute because I was tired of having to open the app, then quit out, then go back in before it would pick up the current "direction" of my commute (to work or from work).  It also doesn't work right when its backgrounded.

That MAY have already been fixed, the "working properly in the background" thing. I stopped using it because it only seemed to catch all of my route if I kept the screen on my entire commute, so 60-90 minutes later my phone was dead. I've noticed that now HERE Drive holds my GPS position with the screen off, where that used to not happen. I haven't tried My Commute again though to test it out.

Doesn't work right for me. I have to open and close the app twenty times before I get traffic updates. It normally just takes me to the edit route page. Many times it flat out will never work.

Works fine for my family: 3-HTC 8X's, 2-NL920's without having to do any of the things described.

Anyone find it ironic that he gets on a bike after pulling up map directions when HERE maps doesn't support bike routes yet?...

Really I like HERE maps but my two complaints are that it's hard to turn on directional facing and still figure out where you need to go because the map zooms out too far and won't let you zoom in and the fact that they don't have bike routes. 

Yeah, well. After resetting my HTC 8X I don't longer have navigationvoice. Such a bummer. Any idea's anyone? Video also not availible on this item.

i have strange feelings about these nokia maps-they  works onlym in one small group of programists??
This is stupid that people can't upload data to maps. For example if you saw a little shop or pharmacy, you took a picture of this place and... You can't just put it on the map in easy way.
The politics in that nokia company is that only the owner of business can add info about company.

This is so wrong.... (especially where google released maps builder)
And i must say that nokia transit is a good idea but they must put MORE content to database - there should be possibility to send data about buses/metro/trains from local goverment. And that transit only works for few bigger cities in Poland :/

Nokia move your ass!

It takes time to map the world and build out these services and them actually work well. Google has been at it for a LONG time. I'm sure they're working as fast as they can on this stuff.