Jessica Alba looks pretty happy with her Nokia Lumia 900

Jessica Alba sporting a cyan Lumia 900

It looks like Windows Phone has another celebrity admirer out there. Jessica Alba was recently spotted in the wild happily sporting a cyan Nokia Lumia 900. Windows Phone, most notably the Nokia Lumia 900, has started making its rounds in Hollywood circles of late. Last month, it got a close-up in the CBS Sherlock Holmes reboot series "Elementary."

It's certainly not the first time Windows Phone has cropped up in the media world. The HTC Titan partied with .fun in the video for their summer blockbuster "We are young" (around the :24 mark) and Nokia got crunk with Flo Rida in his "Wild ones" video (around 1:04).

Source: Pink Tech (Pinterest); Thanks for the tip, Hector!


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Jessica Alba looks pretty happy with her Nokia Lumia 900


WP or Lumia's ;) I think its a great strategy for Nokia to not use the term Windows and just focus on Lumia its not about Windows its about your brand.

Agreed.  Just like Apple with the iPod/iPad/iPhone product names.  From Microsoft's standpoint they shouldn't really care as long as products are being sold and people are buying apps, music and movies.  It's smart of Nokia to continue with the Lumia product name.  If you had heard about it in the past and you hear there is a new one you might want to check it out.  HTC 8X/8S and Samsung Ativ S come out of left field.

the ativ is out of left field (in that it's a new brand, a continuation of the focus line would probably have been better) but the 8x/s is a variant of the 1x/s line which represents HTC's new flagship handsets, so it's a good association.

people underestimate how much something as simple as color can influence the general public.

too bad Alba is a tease.  Neat to see it in her hand but that's about it.
I'd pay to see Salma Hayek carrying a pink one.....in her cleavage.

Ninel Conde is alright and so is Salma but I would like to see the meteorologist from Univision, Jackie Guerrido with the 920.

It always amuses when someone thinks you can't disagree with someone that's black, otherwise you're a racist. Sorry, but you're the racist, Dame.

Go girl!

I have liked this girl ever since I first saw her in dark angel. And now she looks even prettier with that beautiful cyan phone in her hand :-)

This is cool. I wonder if it was a paid "endorsement". I just checked her Twitter account and the last thing she Tweeted was an Instagram photo, which we all know didn't come from the Lumia.

One for their private life, the other one for work. I know, you could simply use a single WP with multiple accounts, but it's not the same thing. Or maybe they don't know how to use it.
Btw: hello kid, it's been awhile :D

Celebrity tweeter accounts aren't really private and I bet they're even PR-moderated. That means she has a work iPhone and a private Lumia. Makes perfect sense.

except it's a picture of her baby, so probably a private phone (could be her 2nd or her husband's) or maybe her lumia just looked better as an accessory

I checked her twitter account and see was twitter by Windows phone so yes she uses her lumia to tweet.

Wow she's really flashing that phone. Best possible product placement for Nokia. Somebody better get her all Nokia 920 phones, one for each color, so she can mix and match to her outfit.

It's funny how the paparazii drool over what skirt and shoes she's wearing but completely omit that huge blue thing she's caring around in her hands. I wonder how much they'd be orgasming if that was the latest boring phone 5.

Now Dark Angel can hit somebody in the face with her phone. We've seen the videos. We know it can take it.

Sorry to say but my wife's 900 smacked me in the jaw and broke the screen... So there's that info too think about...

Nokia or Microsoft should give her a cyan 920 when it comes out. She's the perfect demographic, spokesperson.

Microsoft should use Jessica for spokeswoman for windows phone instead using kourtney kardashian before. I bed you that biotch kourtney went back to her stupid BlackBerry

Nah, it's just a magenta 900. But really, she looks like she's posing for a happy family Nokia ad. She must be really in love with that phone or just got a sweet endorsment deal.

What is her official twitter @jessciaalba has 4 million+ followers but it doesn't have the official check. Anyone know what it is?

Hey what about all the cool Microsoft stuff they use on Hawaii Five 0? I really wish I had that surface table in my room haha.  They were promoting the lumia phone pretty hard this week.  So many close up shots.

I dont understand why this is a news.. I mean hello..Jessica Alba and 'Into the blue'.
Made for each other!!! Loved that movie!! ;)