Joe Belfiore's Reddit AMA is now live!

Joe Belfiore

We rarely direct you away from Windows Phone Central, but today is an exception. Head over here to Reddit to read and participate in Microsoft’s Joe saka AMA thread. Who knows, he may answer something you asked?

Can’t make it? At work? No worries, we’ll give you a summary of the questions and answers later this afternoon!


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Joe Belfiore's Reddit AMA is now live!


Poor guy is being deluged by those sheer number of questions. It's gonna take way more than a couple of hours to answer all of them. I hope he gives convincing replies.

Yes, but there's a limit to how many complaints you can read before you just get worn out. Throw some encouragement and optimism in there every now and then.

I really wonder if you have read through the AMA completely..i agree there were everyday questions being asked, but let me convey this to you that there were also absolute gems in terms of quality questions.
Please stop being ignorant.

Lol! I actually stopped coming to WP Central comments because they are pure shit compared to reddit. You guys kinda prove my point.

Umm... You didn't stop coming to WPCentral, though. Kinda calls into question the validity of everything else you said, to be honest.

Off topic... I just received an email today from Windows Phone Insider promoting the new 8.1 features and basically explaining how to check for updates.

Since MS is putting out a message like that to the masses... does that mean official [i.e. consumer] WP8.1 updates are just around the corner?

There's too many stupid questions before a valid one is asked. No wonder Joe is taking his time. We should be grateful that he does this rather than jam criticism down his throat. And yes, a person did ask about WhatsApp, and was dealt with by a troll

Accent colours affect the entire OS, not only tiles. In case you never picked up a Windows Phone ;)

I've just browsed through the AMA.. The quality of questions were absolutely wonderful. But it is sad to see that Joe have hardly answered 2-3 questions, and that too were cryptic..More like nothing expressed. Hope it ends better.

This AMA is a complete joke. It's purely a marketing stunt as far as I'm concerned. I really hope the WP dev team gets a transcript of the AMA so that they can see first hand what our real wants/desires are for WP. But based on what I've seen Joe respond to so far, this platform is a joke. They have no idea what this platform really needs, how to make their built-in apps and services better. They are completely lost in my opinion.

Fun to see how people ask the developer of the shopping mall about why the guy owning the veggie shop doen't have the same apples as he has in the shop at another mall.


Because the questions are insane! Every one is typing a 1000 word essay for him to answer! What would you expect.

I wish those in protest about games that 'should be Xbox' before they buy them, were in there. Because that's the right person to ask about it, or knows about how to deal with it.

This is the biggest BS AMA... all he's saying is "performance improvements"... well no shit... everyone expects performance improvements - Android, iOS they all provide performance improvements on a regular basis. Everyone does. STOP saying MS is bringing performance improvements. This is something we all expect and not news.


I want to know if MS is stepping up to the plate to be competitive in their offerings. Xbox Music sucks because of performance issues, yes, but more importantly it sucks because it is WAY BEHIND the competition in features. Cloud and music management is a joke but he didn't touch on that at all, just said performance improvements. The ability to upload your own music is not there and he never touched on it. SMH... this thing sucks.

The question redditors are posting are toooo long. How the hell is joy going to read and answer all of this! Very bad AMA.

Guys, is it safe to assume that no new high-end Windows Phone is coming to At&t anytime soon? And that if I buy a 1520 right now, I won't regret soon because something else comes out?

Some good answers here, a few weasel responses to but hey, he is representing a huge company.
On Cortana, it's great that they will be rolling out international versions soon, and that they are working hard to not have her sound like an American everywhere (I guess she'll stop asking "Do you want fries with that?" when you tell her to find a restaurant nearby).
This is an amazing commitment, and a ton of work. Look at Canada, other than the Newfies (who speak their own language), the Quebecers (who speak three different versions of "French"), the Metis, the Indigenous Peoples, and the fact that Toronto is the most polyglot city in the world, all they have to do is get her to understand that "eh?" isn't really a question and learn to spell correctly and they're done eh?